A Review of Winter Session’s Snap Wallet – $90

Winter Session was founded in Chicago in 2010 by Roy Katz, Tanya Fleisher, and Tristan Coulter. They began sewing together bags and aprons, with their project slowly gaining momentum as they began working with leather. In 2013, they uprooted and moved west to Denver, Colorado, where Winter Session is now based. Roy and Tanya describe their mission as “to design and produce thoughtful, well-made things in a responsible manner. Operating on a flexible scale, we combine traditional methods and innovative technology to find a balance between utilitarian function, durability and aesthetic appeal. We work hard to create affordable, high quality products meant to last.” And they have succeeded at that, with this, the newest iteration of their Snap Wallet.

Handsome and well worn in after a few months of heavy use.
Handsome and well worn in after a few months of heavy use.

construction and materials

The Snap Wallet from Winter Session is made of 4oz waxed Horween Dublin leather and stitched together with Irish waxed linen thread. The wallet features a single flap with a brass snap.

Horween Dublin is a vegetable tanned leather which is struck through (dyed uniformly through the piece). Dublin is a soft, smooth leather which will continue to soften with time and age, as well as obtain a beautiful patina (as you can see with my wallet after 3 months of constant use).

Beautiful Tobacco Dublin leather from Horween.
Beautiful Tobacco Dublin leather from Horween.

Irish waxed linen thread is actually a specific type of thread, something I did not know of prior to writing this review. I did some Googling and found that Irish waxed linen thread is very popular with jewelry making, as it is easy to slide through small holes and holds a knot very well, as well as its tensile strength. These qualities make Irish waxed linen thread an ideal leather working thread. It is a natural, braided, and waxed cloth thread, which is dyed in this case to an Olive color. Irish waxed linen is a very strong, natural thread which looks handsome and does its job well.


The Snap wallet is, in a word, gorgeous. The leather, in my case, is the Horween Tobacco Dublin, which is a lighter brown, but not as light as you might expect. It has a very beautiful richness to it. This placed with the dark green thread and the brass snap makes this wallet very appealing in a down to earth sort of way.

Two interior pockets.
Two interior pockets.

The wallet has a very simple, clean aesthetic which I am definitely drawn to. Very clean lines, good angles, very simple, very classy.

After a few months of heavy use, it has developed a beautiful patina, which has enhanced the beauty tenfold.

design and function

The Snap wallet features three pockets, two inside the flap and one on the back of the wallet itself. The pockets are all cut with the same angle, an obtuse rounded sort of thing. I really like this. The pockets are uniform and well thought out, as you can reach all of your cards easily without too much hassle. Not to mention it juxtaposes a classy modern touch to a rustic piece of leather, which really adds to the beauty of the piece.

One exterior pocket on the back.
One exterior pocket on the back.

This is an essentials wallet. What I mean by essentials is that you will not be able to truck around 50 cards in this thing. But do you really need 50 cards? I have found that by using a minimal wallet such as the Snap wallet, I have simplified my life. I do not need 50 cards; I really just need 5 or 6 cards and a few bills. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

BestLeather conclusion

The Snap wallet from Winter Session has become my go-to, everyday carry wallet. It holds exactly what I need and nothing more. It has been with me to Europe (Euros as well as GBP and Suisse Franc fit well in this wallet), Seattle, Portland, the Sawtooth Mountains, the Bitterroot Mountains, the Northern Cascades, and it has not looked out of place anywhere. The Snap wallet is classy, functional, beautiful, durable, and overall a great piece to add to your collection. If you are a fan of minimalist wallets, this is for you. If you are a fan of bifolds but want to simplify, this is for you. If you have 50 cards and are insistent that you need all of them, maybe this is not for you, but I would still recommend it as a treatment for your hoarding habit. At $90, the Snap wallet fits right into the usual price range for wallets of this type. You are paying for handmade quality with some of the best materials available and it is absolutely worth your money.

Check out the Winter Session Snap Wallet here.

Winter Session Snap Wallet Review3

Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet Review – $90

Leatherworking can be art. Each leather company is looking for a way to do something different. Everyone wants to be unique, to stand out for doing things better. Because there are only so many things you can do with leather, it’s not uncommon to see similar designs (sometimes with fancy expensive letters being sent from lawyers). The eye for design escapes many who punch and stitch, but not Kenton Sorenson. Vegetable tanned leather is what Kenton does. You could say he specializes in it. Frankly, design wise, he is my favorite. And I’ve seen a lot of leather. Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet3


The leather is a tight grain 4 oz vegetable tan cowhide. High quality. You can feel the quality in how dense the leather is. The microscopic strands that make up the leather are very small and tightly packed together. This is because the leather is taken from the best part of the hide, which is generally the midsection and the rear quarter. The rest of the hide can be fine for use but premium leather goods are generally cut from this area because there are less stretch marks or scars. Stretch marks are where the hide has to absorb the impact of movement. The stomach of the cow has the most stretch marks. Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet2 Thread is bonded nylon which is extremely strong. A groove is cut into the leather that the thread sits in so it doesn’t wear a lot as you pull it out. The edges are very well burnished. My style preference is for any sophisticated leather piece to have well burnished edges Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet4


Dimensionally this wallet is no bigger than any other wallet and yet for its minimal design you can fit a lot in it. It has a large center slot pocket and slit pockets on each side. At the moment I have 6 credit card-like cards, several bills of cash, and eleven business cards without feeling like there is too much in it. Normally a wallet that can pack that much has so many layers of leather that it is more like a booster seat. Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet 12 I like to have my oft-used credit card in one side slit, cash and frequent buyer coffee card in the other, and business cards and ancillary credit cards and DL in the center slot. The main advantage over other minimal wallets is speed. With two quick access pockets you don’t hold up the checkout line sorting through your wallet. Kenton Sorenson modern man front pocket wallet 21


There are four defining features, in my opinion, that imbue this design with class: the well burnished edges, the perfectly curved outer pockets, the inlaid stitching, and the excellent vegetable tanned leather. Burnishing is time consuming and often overlooked; it’s rare to find leather cut this perfectly. The inlaid stitching is a nice functional touch, and the vegetable tanned leather only gets better with use. Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet5 A fine feature of veg tanned leather goods is the patina the item will acquire. As you use your wallet it will turn a golden brown hue. Kenton Sorenson modern man front pocket wallet 22


You very much get what you pay for with this wallet. Some will charge you this kind of money for a much sloppier wallet and call it rustic. Whatever their reasoning, few match this level of craftsmanship and skill. For $90, you can have a beautiful and entirely usable minimal wallet. Oh, and it fits in more than just your front pocket. Check out the Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet. Kenton Sorenson Modern Man Front Pocket Wallet1

Born and Bred England Biker Wallet Review – $152

Born and Bred England is a maker of premium leather goods for both men and women.  Based out of Brighton, England (about an hour south of London), the company produces goods with four simple principles in mind: style, practicality, simplicity, and durability.  The company was founded in 2009 by Paul De Nagy, a Brazilian native, who is a self-taught leather craftsman.  All of their goods are handmade–never by machine.  The company was formed after Paul was asked by a number of his biker friends to make a wallet worthy of their travels and what he came up with was the Biker Wallet, which we will look at for this review.

Born and Bred England07


In the classic movie Forrest Gump, Forrest quotes his mother, saying, “There is a lot you can tell about a man by looking at his shoes … where he’s goin, where he’s been”.  Similarly, you can tell a lot about a company by how they package and prepare their products to be seen for the first time.  Born and Bred is one of those special companies that take the packaging of their products seriously.

When I first opened the box with the Biker Wallet inside, I was greeted by black packaging paper, neatly folded and pressed over the wallet.  Upon taking off the packaging paper, I found the wallet wrapped inside a tan cloth bag, with Born and Bred’s logo imprinted on it.  After pulling the wallet out, I also found a small black envelope with the standard Born and Bred guarantee card.  It is a card that indicates what type of product you purchased (Style), when it was made (Born), and who it was made by (Bred).

Born & Bred Biker Wallet2

The wallet sent to us was born on March 14th, 2014 and was made by Paul himself.  It also contains an ID number specific to each product, as well as the company’s contact information and guarantee policy, which is a lifetime guarantee.  This all made for an experience that was unique and pleasurable.  It is an indication of a company that takes great pride in what it sells and, in my opinion, is an indication of a high quality item.


The Born and Bred Biker Wallet is indeed a high-quality item made of durable vegetable tanned leather that is four ounces thick.  Vegetable tanned leather is known for its durability.  The tanning process for veg tanned leather takes significantly longer than the most popular tanning method (chrome tanning), and results in a product that is arguably superior.  A benefit of veg tanned leather is that it patinas well over time, meaning that the color can change slightly and often darkens a bit, which gives the leather a beautiful, worn appearance.  Chrome leather does not patina; it wears.

Veg tanned leather can also be burnished, which Born and Bred did to all of the edges of the Biker wallet.  Burnishing is the process of waxing the unfinished edges of leather, and then applying the leather to hardwood spinning at a very high RPM.  The exposed edges tighten and become hard.  It is process that takes time and effort and that many companies do not employ, but results in a more finished and refined product.

Born and Bred England10

The color of the wallet is a light brown, what Born and Bred calls whiskey.  The wallet also comes in black, but I have to say that I love the whiskey color.   The color of the leather is also struck through, meaning that the leather has been drum dyed until the desired color saturates the leather all of the way through to the middle.  It is a more time consuming process that is therefore more expensive, and again results in a superior product.  As is common for vegetable tanned leather, the wallet is fairly stiff when brand new.  That is to be expected and appreciated, as you will have the opportunity to soften and work the leather through continued use, like a brand new baseball glove.

Born and Bred England12


The Biker Wallet is a classic bi-fold, where you open and have a large pocket for storing your cash, receipts, or other paper.  The wallet also has a coin pocket, with a snap, that is generous enough to hold a fair amount of coinage.  On the other flap are two pockets for credit cards.  I was able to slide a couple cards into each slot, which, as the leather stretches a bit over time, will probably hold two more if desired.

Born and Bred England02

The Biker Wallet is not a minimalist wallet.  It is made for hauling plenty of cash, cards and coins.  It is meant for traveling on the open roads, and carrying everything you need for a trip.  The only drawback to that function is that the wallet is thick.  When folded over and pressed down, it is just over 1.5 inches thick.  It is seven layers of beautiful veg tanned leather.

Born and Bred England16

When I first pulled the wallet out of it’s packaging, I was reminded of a scene from the first Crocodile Dundee movie. A hooligan approached Dundee and his girlfriend and asked for his wallet, after pulling out a small switchblade knife.  Dundee smiles and casually pulls out his huge knife (presumably the same one he has used in hunting crocodiles) and says “That’s not a knife. This is a knife”.

My first impression when I pulled this wallet out was that all of those wallets you see at department stores and retail shops are not real wallets; THIS is a wallet.  It is big, but it is beautiful and very well designed.  You may not want to sit on it while working on your computer for hours at a time, but if you are traveling, or on your bike, or if your job requires a lot of standing and moving around, this wallet is perfect.


Similar to the leather used for the Biker Wallet, the thread and hardware Born and Bred uses is also premium.  The thread is a waxed nylon thread, which Born and Bred waxes in house.  Nylon thread is very tough, and is the type of thread that many premium leather goods makers use.  The snap used for the coin pouch is solid brass, as is the small D ring on the outside spine of the wallet, which can be used for securing to a belt loop with a chain or similar tethering method.

Born and Bred England17


The Biker Wallet from Born and Bred England is made with premium raw materials and is expertly crafted.  The wallet has plenty of style.  It is fully practical.  It is simple in design and once you pick it up, you immediately know that it is going to be durable.  It is an excellent wallet whether you are a biker or not.

Born and Bred England14

The Classic Bifold from Orox Leather Review – $110

Orox Leather is a family owned company in Portland, Oregon. They build a full line of cool, interesting leather goods, including a line of leather/canvas lunch bags, bags, totes, and wallets. This is their take on the bifold wallet, the Classic Bifold from Orox.

The Classic Bifold from Orox
The Classic Bifold from Orox


The Classic Bifold is made of the renowned Chromexcel leather from Horween out of Chicago that is stitched together with nylon thread. It features cut out pockets to hold your cash and multiple cards.

Rugged stitching and burnishing.
Rugged stitching and burnishing.


The wallet functions as a wallet should. It is relatively thin, it has the capability of holding all of your essential cards and cash, and it fits in your back pocket without causing your spine to warp out of alignment.

All the essentials.
All the essentials.

At first, it was a little tight fitting all of my cards and cash, but after about a week of use, it broke in and the cards fit snugly, but not too loosely either. Perfect fit.


Upon first receiving this wallet from Orox, I was slightly disgruntled by the appearance. At first glance, it appears roughly cut, the edges not sanded well, and the stitching not straight. But after talking with Martin at Orox, I realized that this was actually the aesthetic they were going for — a pre-worn in, rugged, rough and rowdy look. And in this light, they achieved this aesthetic perfectly. It would not look out of place in an old western movie. After my conversation with Martin, I took a few new looks at the wallet and realized that it actually is beautiful in its ruggedness. This is a very unique aesthetic.

Ruggedly cool and beautiful.
Ruggedly cool and beautiful.

BestLeather conclusion

If you are looking for a ruggedly beautiful, pre-worn-in, aesthetically balanced, and well constructed wallet, then you have struck gold with the Classic Bifold. Look no further. At $110, you are getting what you pay for — a handmade wallet using high-quality materials.

The Classic Bifold from Orox
The Classic Bifold from Orox

Ewing Dry Goods Minimalist Wallet – $60

Ewing Minimalist Wallet

Bear Fat and Beeswax. This got my attention. The Ewing Dry Goods store prides themselves on products Made in USA and burnishing the edges with a mixture of bear fat and beeswax. The mixture gives the leather that extra edge standing up to moisture and abusive elements. This is what you would expect from a leather crafter in Alaska.

Ewing Minimalist Wallet
If this has your attention too, you probably are not interested in ordinary, plain products you can purchase from your local big-box store. You enjoy merchandise that represents adventure, character and quality. This is a good time for you to learn about the Minimalist Wallet by Ewing Dry Goods. They call it the “perfect little wallet that holds only the essentials: your cards and some cash.”


The Minimalist Wallet is made from one piece of 7oz Horween Chromexcel. This is some of the finest leather made in America. It is folded in half and hand-sewn with artificial sinew and the edges are burnished and rubbed with bear fat and beeswax. This is heavy construction and build to last.


Ewing claims the Minimalist Wallet is “the perfect little wallet” but if it were, it would be expandable to daily use. It is a great wallet for on-the-go; dashing out with just a driver license, a card or two and some cash. When Best Leather received the wallet, I stuffed five cards in it and some cash and was quite impressed.

Ewing Minimalist Wallet With Cards
The wallet is fun. It makes you rethink what you need to carry on a daily basis and it seems to be reshaping me into a true, if not reluctant, minimalist. But, then, in my pursuit to make the Minimalist into a daily wallet, rather than sacrifice entirely, I set out to see if it could carry more and found the wallet holds eight credit cards, gift cards and license and still has room for cash. This was amazing because even one or two cards by themselves remained snug in the wallet, yet when stuffed with eight, the cards could still move in and out with ease.

At this point, this reviewer was convinced. I have had several thin wallets but none that could hold eight cards. The Ewing Dry Goods Minimalist Wallet is, indeed, the perfect little wallet. But, then again, business cards. . . how do we get the wallet to hold eight cards and a dozen business cards, as well? Just wondering.


Seven ounces of Horween Chromexcel leather has a good look and feel and it is most assuredly durable, even if taking a lot of abuse. As mentioned before, the edges of the leather are burnished with bear fat and beeswax. This gives it a smooth, almost melted appearance and highlights the matte black color of the wallet we reviewed.

The Ewing Dry Goods Minimalist Wallet comes in Black, Burgundy, Brown and Dark Olive. This reviewer likes the black and it goes well with the black Survivor Clip.

Minimalist Wallet and Survival Clip
All Ewing Dry Goods products are stamped with their logo – if size permits. The logo is handsome, featuring the horizontal portions of a large capital “E” set into the right side of a Spruce tree.


The product is good. This reviewer enjoys the look and feel – and the fact it holds enough cards to be a daily wallet. It is built of the finest leather and will last many years. It is a fine little wallet and is well worth the investment.

Saddleback Leather Small Bi-fold Wallet Review – $47

Saddleback Leather has multiple styles of wallets to choose fron. This review will cover the Saddleback Leather Small Bi-fold Wallet in Tobacco and Black (and it seems they do not even have the black color available any longer). The wallets come in two other colors; chestnut and carbon (a grayish color). I do plan on purchasing the other colors to see which I like best, especially after they have developed a nice patina. Patina is a shiny or dark surface that forms naturally on something such as wood or leather that is used and or worn for a certain period of time. Here is a great example of patina. DSC00750.jpg Upon the six month and year follow up reviews there will be pictures posted so you can see the developed patina.


Some companies have awesome packaging that somehow sends you back to your favorite Christmas, yet this is not so with Saddleback. But even though the packaging may not be overdone the product you receive certainly will be.

Some Initial Details

The first thing that stood out was the smell. That true leather smell is so delicious. Among many things, the smell was what I kept showing and telling people about. Then after some odd looks I would explain that the wallet only cost about $36. I could not get over the fact that I had purchased a full grain leather wallet that people were raving about for less than 50 bucks. Saddleback did not disappoint. The wallet has aged for about three months and the smell, unfortunately, has worn less pungent than I would like. Yet as the smell has declined the quality of craftsmanship is really starting to show off.


When you receive your wallet do not be shocked by the stiffness of it. This is how a lot of good leather starts off before the user breaks it in. At first, barely any bills fit into the slot (unless you put some strength and finesse into it); yet that has slowly gotten easier over the last three months. The bottom right corner on the face of the wallet has “Saddleback” stamped on it and the bottom right inside flap has Blue, Dave Munson’s (the founder and owner of Saddleback Leather) late dog stamped on it.Saddleback Leather Bifold Wallet Tobacco Review3


Six cards can barely fit in each card slot (more will go in if you really want them to). There are two card slots. When accessing cards be aware that you might be tempted to take out all of the cards, shuffle through them, and then pick which one you want. It is possible to leave all the cards in the slot and nimbly pick through them depending on how many cards you are going to put in each slot. The wallet is geared more toward a minimalist tool and I normally carry four cards max in each side and it fits them perfectly. Currently I have four bills in the bill slot with 4 paper punch cards, one stamp, and a receipt from Papa Murphy’s. All of it fits great with room for more. The bills have enough room to go deep enough as to not stick out, which is admirable. For those of you who usually put a giant rock-sized thing called a wallet in your back pocket, this might be the cure the doctor has for you to minimize the things you carry and be a little easier on your body. When I received it I definitely had to go through and prioritize the things I actually need to carry.Saddleback Leather Bifold Wallet Tobacco Review 308

Quick Aside of Dave’s Deals

So how was this product obtained for only $36? Dave’s Deals. Since his products are hand made (another star for him) sometimes small mistakes are made, usually in the stitching. He will then mark down the product by as much as 25%, depending on the flaw. Each flaw will be different. On the wallet I purchased, the only flaws were about four places where the stitch must have been messed up so they re-stitched it. Now it looks just a little thicker than the normal stitch. There is slight fraying from one of the stitching flaws but if it ever breaks I will happily let them uphold their warranty.

BestLeather conclusion

I will add some thoughts and updates as time goes on to see how this wallet ages but these three months make me think that there is going to be much enjoyment of this great product for years to come. My family just might fight over it when I am dead. This is a great purchase for a wallet especially since it is in the lower price range for such a good quality product, Dave’s Deals or not. Make sure to check back in the following months for updates and let me know your thoughts if you own or have had a significant encounter with the wallet. Overall the Saddleback Leather Small Bi-fold Wallet was a great purchase.

Click here to see everything that is discounted on Dave’s Deals today.


Waskerd Slim Strayer Wallet Review – $55

As time progresses it seems that many of the materials and skills that our ancestors used are falling away. Of course they are replaced with more easily produced, less expensive products and materials. We could assume that this is better, but Waskerd has a different philosophy. They make all of their products by hand, and all their materials are from the US. It’s a throwback to the days when most of what you owned was built by someone who you knew. I can say that having the Waskerd Strayer Wallet has proven to me that the old way has advantages. In comparison to my life filled with mass-produced generic products it is fast becoming one of my favorite possessions.

Waskerd Strayer Slim Wallet Review2

Construction Technique

Derek, the owner at Waskerd, has made a point to keep his construction processes as far away from the mechanically produced as possible; the result is very high quality leather goods. Everything that he makes is by hand, and just as the old days he emphasises knowing where everything that goes into his products comes from. As a purist he avoids templates, opting to cut and stitch by eye. The wallets can be ordered with custom leather and thread colors as well. Both of these features lend to the town leathersmith aspect of his business and certainly makes each wallet an original.

Waskerd Strayer Slim Wallet Review4


The Waskerd Strayer is made out of full grain leather. Full grain leather is the best quality available meaning that this wallet will last for years. In addition it is chrome tanned and after only a few weeks use it is already developing a nice patina. In years to come it will develop personality through my habits of use. A nice touch is the unfinished edges that highlight the way the leather wears. In some cases a manufacturer will leave edges raw in an attempt to skip a step. Since this leather is chrome tanned, the edges fit the look and feel of the wallet.

Waskerd Strayer Slim Wallet Review1


Waskerd uses waxed polyester thread. As opposed to cotton it is much more durable (less likely to rot, break or come unraveled, and impervious to ultraviolet rays). Each hole is punched by hand. This is great because even though the stitching is extremely straight, it has a nice bespoke look and feel to it. He uses a saddle stitch for better durability and the corners are cleverly double stitched for better wear.

One of the endearing features of Waskerd’s unique designs are the intricate W sewn into the front of their wallets. This is fantastic and a level of creativity we don’t often get to see.

Waskerd Strayer Slim Wallet Review3

Bestleather Conclusion

This is a good wallet. At $55 it is reasonably priced especially since it will last for so long. The one drawback that I have found is that your bills must be double folded in the front. As a result they all need to be pulled out every time you pay cash. For someone who uses less cash and more cards the Strayer is worth looking into more. Their other wallets are also well worth a look.

Click here to check out the Strayer Slim wallet on Waskerd.com.

Waskerd Strayer Slim Wallet Review6

Ashland Leather Johnny the Fox Bi-fold Wallet – $200

The Ashland Leather company is maker of fine, small leather goods.  Based in Chicago, Illinois, they specialize in making high quality wallets, key fobs, key cases, and leather watch straps.  Ashland Leather was formed by two tanners from the Horween Leather Tannery.  With a knowledge of how to make superb leather, they decided that they needed to also make great products from great leather and their company was born.  BestLeather had the opportunity of reviewing their Johnny the Fox bi-fold wallet.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet49

the name

Your first question might be, “Johnny the Fox, what’s up with the name”.  That’s a good question.  Named after a 1920’s Chicago gangster who was tough as nails, this wallet is similarly tough, with a never say die construction.  All of Ashland Leather wallets have similar names from unique Chicago history. For more info on the inspiration behind the name, read here.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet70

the leather

The Johnny the Fox is a classic bi-fold wallet, but the fact that it is made with genuine shell cordovan from Horween, ratchets up the uniqueness and quality of the wallet a few notches.  My first impression of the wallet was that it is a very simple bifold, but as I held it, and thumbed over it, I could tell that it was not an ordinary bi-fold, and the main reason was the leather.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet42

Shell Cordovan is a very unique and fairly rare leather.  A small section (the shell) is taken from a horse hide and tanned by Horween to perfection.  It’s a process that they have perfected over many years, and the end product is a piece of leather that is beautiful, looks rich, and as a distinctive feel.  In fact, it takes Horween over 6 months to complete the tanning and finishing process for their Cordovan.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet61

Shell Cordovan is known for it’s durability, denser grain, and resistance to abrasions.  What I did not initially know about Horween’s Shell Cordovan was its high gloss finish.  This makes the wallet pop when you whip it out of your back pocket and pull out the green.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet16

the function

Johnny the Fox has a main compartment for your bills, along with three slots on each side of the fold for your cards.  It also has a sleeve where you can slide in additional cards or necessities.  Though not a minimalist wallet where you slip in a few cards or cash and that is it, this is a simple wallet.  Using it this past week, there was something pleasing in using a classic wallet where there was sufficient room to carry some bills, plus all of the cards that I need to use.  It is a little too thick to also be used as a front pocket wallet, but it was never meant to be.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet37

Ashland Leather also has high attention to detail in the crafting of their products.  This wallet had precise stitching placement, clean lines on all of the cut leather, and perfectly symmetrical.  The fine craftsmanship is a great complement to the fine leather.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet26

BestLeather conclusion

Ashland Leather’s Johnny the Fox bi-fold wallet is simple, it is classic, and the leather is beautiful.  The quality of leather used on this wallet will ensure many years of use and abuse.  If you are in the market for a classic bi-fold, with a high degree of class, look no further than the Johnny the Fox from Ashland Leather.

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet39

Ashland Leather Shell Cordovan Wallet Box1

Waskerd Pinnell Money Clip Wallet Review – $78

Derek Shaw, located in Philadelphia, really exemplifies the spirit of Philadelphia in his designs and business model. They are simple and effective. He realized that life was much better in the old days, when people knew the process behind everything they consumed and knew exactly where everything came from. In other words, true hand-crafted quality. Not to mention he values simplicity and minimalist qualities in his designs. His company is actually called Waskerd Slim Wallets, which should really say enough. His products are designed with simplicity and attention to detail in the quality and construction.

constructionWaskered Pinell Wallet Review3

The Pinnell is created from a single strip of full grain leather, which is then stitched together using a durable polyester thread. This wallet features a simple, hand-forged stainless steel cash hanger, and can hold, according to the Waskerd website, 4 cards and 10+ bills at a time. I’ve managed to fit 5 plastic cards and a few paper punch cards to the local coffee shop, and it is snug.

The stitching is done entirely by hand. Entirely. Derek punches all the holes and sews the thing together himself, which takes a considerable amount of time, patience, and effort. The quality and the craftsmanship of the Pinnell becomes evident upon closer inspection of the stitching. It’s arrow straight, but with the slight abnormalities that are present with hand-stitched items: i.e. a bump here, a divot there.

Waskered Pinell Wallet Review6

The cash hangar is a hand-forged piece of stainless steel and it serves its job well. It grips the bills well and features the timeless look of stainless steel.

Waskered Pinell Wallet Review7


The Pinnell is clean. Simply put, it is clean; however, it is a different kind of clean, one that features a personality. What I mean is that this is not a clean cut, stainless steel and black stone modern Swedish building. It is not black and white. Rather, this wallet is simple, clean, and yet somehow teeming with color and energy, which speaks to the soul of the designer, and features a bit of its own soul.

Waskered Pinell Wallet Review4

The stitching is a major part of the aesthetic and contrasts the leather really rather well. I have the Hereford Red with white stitching and the contrast is really striking.

The wallet is designed with simple lines. Right angles, rectangles, simple and timeless. The subtle curve of the card pockets really adds to the effect as well, bringing yet another aesthetically pleasing contrast to the piece.


Waskered Pinell Wallet Review2

Right now, I have about 5 cards, a few punch cards and 8 bills or so, and the pockets don’t seem over-stressed or stretched. The Waskerd website says that it’ll hold 4 cards and 10+ bills, but you can definitely fit 6 or 7 cards, and a surplus of bills with no issues. The leather will also stretch if required.

The cash hanger is snug, which I suppose is a good thing, unless you are OCD about your bill placement like I am. If you are the type of person who likes to have all of his bills facing one direction and placed in order of value, this wallet could be a bit frustrating for you. For instance, if you have a twenty, a ten, a few fives, and a few ones and you want to insert another ten, the only really way to do it without crumpling/tearing the bill is pulling all of your cash out, re-organizing, then re-inserting your cash into the hanger. This really is not an issue, though, as long as you are patient. And it’s non-existent if you are a normal and sane person, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

BestLeather conclusion

I am new to the world of money clip style wallets. Aesthetically, it’s a great way to do things. Really simple, clean, functional. As I have quickly learned, minimalist wallets are really the way to go. The Waskerd Pinnell is a gorgeous approach to minimal wallets and a great approach to money clip wallets. The price, at $78, is very reasonable considering the amount of time and effort and care it takes to put this thing together. So, if you are in the market for a money clip wallet, this is a solid option. If you are in the market for a minimal wallet this is also a great option. BestLeather.org has a surplus of reviews on cool, minimal wallets, most of which are in or below this price range, including the Craft & Lore 5 Port, and a few from Saddleback. However, if money clips are your game, then game on because this wallet is for you.

Check out the Pinnell Money Clip from Waskerd here.

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Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review – $119

Avund Goods is an artisan leather goods maker with a singular focus on designing and crafting the finest leather goods. I have had the opportunity of spending the last few weeks with their Forsta V Wallet.Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review09


Packaging is often not a major consideration of most goods makers. There are exceptions to this though, and often when there is a lot of attention spent on the packaging of a product, you know that the product itself is going to be special (think Apple products or the Nest thermostat). Elegant packaging, elegant products.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11901

After opening the UPS package from Avund, I was welcomed by simple brown packaging paper, with the Avund Goods stamp, tied with blue lace. After opening the packaging, I was welcomed again with the wallet wrapped in a small burlap pouch. I immediately thought that this is a company that knows what it is doing and how to set itself apart. Needless to say, I was excited to get to the goods.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11904

attention to detail

It was clear after spending a few minutes with the Forsta V Wallet, that Avund spares no attention to detail. The wallet is made from 100%, full grain vegetable tanned leather, which arguably produces the most durable leather. The wallet is a gorgeous light golden brown leather, with a V-shaped slot in the middle, where you can keep several credit cards on each side. I currently have 4 cards per side and I could probably squeeze one more to each side if I wanted.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review12

The wallet is a classic bi-fold, with the bill compartment just tall enough for your cash. If I had it my way, I’d make the wallet about ⅛ of an inch taller, so I could carry a few more bills without them hanging over the edge, but this design forces me to not try and stuff more than I should in my wallet. The wallet is intentionally slim, but substantial enough to carry the necessities.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11917

Porsche of wallets

You can tell a big difference when you drive a finely tuned, precision machine like a Porsche and when you sit behind the wheel of a Chevy Sedan. Similarly, you can immediately tell a big difference between the Forsta V and your run of the mill leather wallet. The Forsta V is leaps and bounds more sophisticated and crafted. Every edge of the wallet has been either highly burnished with beeswax, or beveled to create an elegant look, and in most cases both. Even the finely beveled edges have been burnished to a crisp black. The blue, waxed linen thread is stitched evenly and is straight as an arrow. In fact, it took Avund three weeks of testing and prototyping to determine the appropriate hole configuration for the most pleasing aesthetics and performance.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11913

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11910

The Forsta V is made from one solitary piece of leather, folded over twice. This eliminates the need for unnecessary stitching and therefore less chance of a stitch coming loose or a seam breaking. This simple design further ensures that the wallet will last a lifetime. Also, the V that is cut out of the middle of this piece of leather, is actually used to craft another product that Avund sells, the Changer V. Talk about efficient use of materials.


The confluence of these details is analogous to the crafting and putting together of that famous little sports car, a product that is sure to please and is sure to work just like it is supposed to.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11918

bestleather conclusion

The Forsta V from Avund Goods is an expertly crafted wallet with high attention to detail and design. You would be hard pressed to find a wallet this is better made and that is more sophisticated. It really is the Porsche of wallets.

Click Here to Visit Avund Goods

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Filson & Horween: The Movie

Filson has released a new line of wallets in conjunction with Horween and has also released a beautiful movie about Horween. It is so facinating to see the old world methods used to tan leather at Horween when some of the other tanneries are using completely modern machinery.

Their new wallet is very interesting in that it seems to have many ripples in the leather. It almost seems very thin from the photos. We sent an email inquiring about reviewing this new wallet. We’ll see what they say.

The Horween Leather Story from Filson on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.06.51 PM

Craft & Lore Port Wallet Review – $55

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is a small town in the Panhandle of Northern Idaho, surrounded on all sides by natural beauty. Rugged peaks to the north and east, an enormous lake to the south, another enormous lake the north, another lake north of that, completely and totally surrounded by forest — you get the point. Coeur d’Alene is wild.

It is from this wild, rugged landscape that Chad von Lind draws his inspiration for the products of Craft & Lore. Chad started the company with his own two hands on his kitchen table, after realizing his want for a sheath for a large German hunting knife. What hunting knife is complete without a rugged leather sheath? Chad incorporates the simplicity of the landscape into his products, by designing them with simple, clean functionality in design and long lasting durability in quality and build. Continue reading “Craft & Lore Port Wallet Review – $55”

Mmmm… New Leather Products From Marlondo Leather

Ma, the owner of Marlondo Leather, has been busy the last few months redesigning their website and product line to be more durable and usable. It’s gone well as you can see. Marlondo Leather has upgraded the quality of leather they use (imported from the United States), added durable pigskin lining, and implemented some hefty brass hardware.

Expect to see more from Marlondo in the coming months as they get all the products listed on their website and develop new ones. I love that golden brown hue of leather. Sign me up!

It will be interesting to get our hands on the new product line to examine the changes in construction and material. The photos sure do look amazing.

The Marlondo Leather Messenger Briefcase – no longer offeredMarlondo Leather Briefcase Thin

The Marlondo Classic Briefcase – $398 to $428Marlondo Leather Briefcase Classic

The Marlondo Leather Classic Briefcase (single space) – $269 to $339

Marlondo Leather Briefcase Single

The Marlondo Leather Brass Buckle Belt – $44.50 to $47Marlondo Leather Briefcase Belt

Passport Wallet – $24

Marlondo Leather leather_passport_wallet_4_1024x1024

 What do you think?