Aestus Gear Vegetable Tanned Card Wallet – $32.50

The simple wallet is so refreshing. Cards and cash. That’s all you need. If you have more, get a wallet like this and your butt won’t look like it’s been gorging on receipts.

It’s been rumored (by me) that tri-fold wallets were invented by chiropractors as a part of a shady plan to rule the world by indenturing us to their services. That’s what my sources say. Incidentally they were all recently killed in freak spinal adjustment accidents.

So, don’t let these chiropractors get out of control. Go slim.

the operation

Quinn & Leah, of Aestus Gear in Vernal, UT operate a small simple operation on Etsy selling simply sophisticated vegetable tanned leather items. They make two camera straps and a very simple wallet at exceptional prices.

I have had the distinct pleasure of carrying this wallet for the past few months. It’s not fresh anymore. It’s been lived with. That’s the beauty of vegetable tanned goods, they just age with their environment. Hence the ink imprint from a sticky-note I left in it for a while.


Aestus Gear is using top quality beeswax thread and solid 2mm vegetable tanned leather. When the wallet arrived it engulfed the room in that newly-opened-leather perfume.

Fine handcrafted leather googs

At this point, four months into daily use, the wallet shows no signs of poor construction. Since there is only one side that gets stitched there isn’t much to get wrong with such solid thread. Very well made.

Fine handcrafted leather googs


Card and cash. Nothing more, nothing less. Light and easy to carry. Perfect.

Simple is the ultimate sophistication.

– Leonardo DaVinci

Fine handcrafted leather googs

Fine handcrafted leather googs Fine handcrafted leather googs Fine handcrafted leather googs

use photos

Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review2 Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review3 Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review4 Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review5 Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review6 Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review7

BestLeather conclusion

For an inexpensive minimal wallet that will hold up well, thumbs well up.

Kitty approves. Check it out.Aestus Gear Minimal Wallet Review1


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