Best Leather Kickstarter Campaign Promotion

Best Leather Kickstarter Campaign Promotion

Using a crowdfunding service such Kickstarter or Indiegogo is a great way to launch a new product, or an entirely new brand in the leather industry. If you are looking for an extra promotional push for your campaign Best Leather can help you out. We have a large audience of leather lovers that are always eager to check out new and innovative leather items. We are your direct source to reaching this audience.

How Can We Help?

Our Kickstarter campaign promotion service is a package of marketing strategies that utilize Best Leather’s unique position in the leather industry¬†to help you maximize your reach. The following services are all included in this package:

Product Review and Campaign Announcement Article

We will review the product that you are running a Kickstarter for and write up an article that will go onto our website. This article serves the purpose of announcing the launch of your campaign as well as giving people an idea of what they can expect from the product. If you choose not to send in a product for review then we will still do an announcement post telling our audience about your Kickstarter campaign. However, we would highly recommend sending in a product as it gets the best results.

You can view past articles we have done for Craft and Lore, Arrow and Board and Speakeasy Leather Company.

Banner Advertising

For the duration of your Kickstarter campaign you will be able to run a banner ad that shows up on every post of our site. This will create awareness and drive targeted customers to your landing page. We offer the featured ad spot on our site which is a 700px by 100px banner ad that displays at the top of each page. This spot gets the most eyeballs and clicks. If you want more info about banner advertising you can read our page on that here.

An example of a past banner ad that was used for a Kickstarter campaign can be seen below:

You can create something similar for your Kickstarter campaign as well!

Regular Social Media Promotion

Throughout your campaign we will regularly share and promote across our social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. All of these accounts have thousands of followers as well.

Featured in our Email Newsletter

We will feature your campaign in our email newsletter where we currently have over 5,000 email subscribers. In the past, this has driven large amounts of traffic for past campaigns because our email list is your ideal audience.

Quick Recap

When you opt for this Kickstarter camping promotion package you’ll get the following:

  • Review article + campaign announcement published on our blog
  • Banner advertising for the duration of your campaign
  • Social media promotion
  • Featured in our email newsletter

What’s the Cost?

We offer all of the above mentioned services for a flat fee of $149.


What if I am using a crowdfunding service other than Kickstarter?

No problem! We are able to help promote your campaign no matter what service or platform you are using

Do I need to send in a product for the sponsored article?

Short answer, no. However, we have seen companies have a lot more success when they are able to send in a product for us to review and then we use that review to help promote your Kickstarter campaign. People are more liekly to donate to your campaign if they have heard good things from a 3rd party (us).

Ready to Get Started?

You can shoot Josh Shogren, the owner of Best Leather, an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact form below to get started. We will be in touch with you shortly after. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact as well, we are happy to explain things further for you.

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