A Comprehensive List of American-Made Footwear

There are many reasons to buy American-made – from creating jobs to reducing your carbon footprint to enjoying safer, higher-quality products. We’ve compiled a list of footwear brands that are manufactured right here in the US of A. Several of the companies below do not manufacture their entire product lines in the U.S., but we’ve linked to their American-made lines.

Made in America Cover

Alden – Men’s dress and casual shoes made in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

Allen Edmonds – Men’s dress and casual shoes made in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Anbu Safety  – one professional leather safety shoes manufacturer and supplier, mainly produce leather work shoes and work boots.

Aurora Shoe Company – Men’s and women’s casual shoes made in Aurora, New York.

Bates Footwear – Men’s and women’s military and uniform shoes and boots. Select styles made in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Beck – Men’s and women’s cowboy and work boots. Made in Amarillo, Texas.

Belleville Boot – Men’s and women’s military and law enforcement boots and shoes. Made in Arkansas.

Broken Homme – Men’s casual boots and shoes, made in Los Angeles, California.

Brooklyn Boot Company – Men’s casual boots and shoes, made in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Chippewa – Men’s and women’s casual and work boots, made in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Cobra Rock – Men’s and women’s casual boots, made in Marfa, Texas.

Cord Boots & Shoes – Men’s and women’s shoes and boots made in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cordoba – Men’s and women’s sandals handmade in Lebanon, Ohio.

Crary Shoes – Men’s and women’s boots and shoes, custom made in Portland. Oregon.

Danner – Men’s and women’s work and outdoor boots, made in Portland, Oregon.

Double H Boots – Men’s and women’s western boots. Select styles made in Martinsburg, PA.

Eastland – Men’s and women’s casual boots and shoe, made in Freeport, Maine.

Frye – Men’s and women’s casual boots and shoes, made in Marlboro, Massachusetts.

G.H. Bass – Men’s and women’s casual and dress shoes, made in Wilton, Maine.

Helm – Men’s and women’s casual boots, made in Maine and Arkansas.

Johansen – Men’s and women’s casual and dress shoes made in Gretna, Virginia.

Johnston & Murphy – Men’s and women’s dress and casual shoes. Select models made in Nashville, Tennessee.

Justin Boots – Men’s and women’s western boots. Select styles made in Spanish Fort, Texas.

Julian Boots – Men’s casual boots, made in Los Angeles, California.

Keen – Men’s and women’s work, casual, and outdoor shoes. Select styles made in Portland, Oregon.

LL Bean – Men’s and women’s casual and outdoor boots and shoes. Select boot models made in Freeport, Maine.

Luchesse – Men’s and women’s western boots, made in El Paso, Texas.

Hoffman’s – Men’s work boots made in Kellogg, Idaho.

Mara and Mine – Men’s and women’s casual shoes, made in California.

Munro – Women’s casual shoes and sandals made in Clarksville, Arkansas.

New England Outerwear Company – Men’s and women’s casual boots and shoes made in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Nicks Boots – Men’s work and casual boots manufactured and custom made in Spokane, Washington.

Oakstreet Bootmakers – Men’s casual boots and shoes made in Chicago, Illinois.

Onex Shoes – Women’s casual shoes made in Southern California.

PS Kaufman – Men’s and women’s casual boots and shoes, made in Los Angeles, California.

Ranch Road – Men’s and women’s western and casual boots. Select styles made in Texas.

Rancourt & Co. – Men’s and women’s casual boots and shoes made in Lewiston, Maine.

Red Wing – Men’s work and casual boots and shoes, made in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Rider Boots – Men’s casual and dress shoes and boots, made in Richmond, Virginia.

Rios of Mercedes – Western boots made in Mercedes, Texas.

Russell Moccasin – Men’s casual and outdoor boots and shoes, made in Berlin, Wisconsin.

San Antonio Shoes – Men’s and women’s work and casual shoes made in San Antonio, Texas.

Sbicca – Women’s casual boots and shoes, made in Los Angeles, California.

Schnee’s – Men’s outdoor boots made in Bozeman, Montana.

Sofft – Women’s casual boots and shoes, made in Pennsylvania.

The Brothers Crisp – Men’s casual boots and shoes, made in Hartford, Connecticut.

Thorogood – Also known as Weinbrenner Shoe Company. Men’s work and casual boots. Made in Merill, Wisconsin

Tony Lama – Men’s and women’s western boots. Select styles made in Texas.

Truman Boot Co. – Men’s casual boots made in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Walkover – Men’s and women’s casual boots and shoes, made in Pennsylvania.

Wesco – Men’s and women’s work and casual boots, manufactured and custom made in Scappoose, Oregon.

White’s Boots – Men’s work and casual boots, made in Spokane, Washington.

Wolverine – Men’s and women’s work and casual boots, made in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Yuketen – Men’s dress and casual boots and shoes. Select styles made in Los Angeles, California.

Zuriick – Men’s casual boots made in Spokane, Washington.

*Did we miss someone? Please contact us or leave a comment below and let us know. 

Election 2016: Who Gets the Next Presidential Johnston & Murphy Shoes?

If you are familiar with footwear brand Johnston & Murphy, you probably know that the brand has been responsible for providing footwear to every president since Millard Fillmore in 1850. Most recently, they provided President Obama with a pair of black oxfords and an updated version of President Lincoln’s lace-up boots.

Now, with election season in full swing, we’re asking the important questions: who gets the next pair of presidential Johnston & Murphy shoes? There’s a chance America may have its first woman president. This video from CNN Money discusses this possibility with J&M’s CEO Jon Caplan, and explains a bit about Johnston & Murphy’s presidential tradition. Check out  J&M’s history page to see some more presidential styles throughout history.

Made in Wisconsin: See How Thorogood Boots are Made

The Weinbrenner Shoe Company (known primarily as Thorogood Brand) has been making footwear in Wisconsin since 1892 and in this factory since the 1930s. Their local ABC affiliate recently featured them in their “Made in Wisconsin” special report series, giving us a peek into the inner workings of an all-American shoe factory. You can see employees inspecting the American-sourced leather, cutting the hides, assembling the uppers, attaching the soles, and getting each pair ready to ship out.

WAOW – Special Report: Made in Wisconsin

About Weinbrenner Shoe Company

Iconic American success stories are awesome and the story of Albert Weinbrenner, son of a German immigrant and cobbler, holds true to form. Albert began his apprenticeship at age 13 working for his father. By his early 20s, in his spare time, Albert was designing work boots specifically for the trade jobs his friends had around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1892, at the age of 27, Albert started his own cobbler business with partner Joseph Pfeifer.


Weinbrenner and Pfeifer enjoyed immediate success – becoming well known for their “jobber” boot. Today Weinbrenner Shoe Company is still based in Wisconsin and employs over three hundred people in the local area.

In addition to making sturdy workwear, their 1892 Wisconsin line is beloved in mens casual footwear. We’ve reviewed the Portage CXL Roofers and the Dodgevilles, and found them to be extremely well-made with an American heritage flair.

Best of Las Vegas Trade Shows 2016 – Fall Preview

Spring fashion weeks around the world are coming to an end, solidifying trends for the upcoming season, and delighting buyers and bloggers alike. A team from Best Leather visited several fashion trade shows in Las Vegas, including MAGIC, Liberty Fairs, Capsule, and MRKT, which featured everything from household global names to small handmade items to up-and-coming clothing labels. We wanted to share some of our favorite new looks from fall 2016 lines. Keep an eye out for these items and trends once fall comes around.

Alpha Industries – The military outerwear company will be debuting the new Phantom jacket, in both black and white leather. It’s a lighter jacket with great features like an arm pocket and knit cuffs.

LV ALpha 1


Hammitt – LA-based Hammitt has some fun designs coming for fall. Look out for their shiny new printed leather, called Curacao, on crossbodies, handbags, wallets, and more. Hammitt showcases their ingenuity with a new line of handbags featuring removable front panels that act as both a clutch and a fun addition of texture.

LV Hammit 3
LV Hammit 4


Mario Latorre – Ever-stylish Mario Latorre will be debuting some new briefcase designs, a deep crossbody tote, and their first women’s wallet. They also feature a gorgeous red ethically-sourced alligator duffle. Check out our recent review of their Voltaire Litigation Briefcase, which will be coming out in matte black.

LV Mario Latorre 1
LV Mario Latorre 2


Steve Madden Mens – Mixed media and contrasting textures were a common theme throughout many different lines, but Steve Madden’s fall line showcased some, which included some wedge heels and lots of brogue toes.



Thorogood – We were privileged to have a preview of Thorogood’s beautiful 1892 Wisconsin collection, of which we’ve reviewed the Dodgeville and the Portage CXL Roofer. Keep an eye out for more cushioned outsole styles as well as a gorgeous green boot in both men’s and women’s(!).



Timberland – Timberland will be debuting a limited run line of their iconic 6-inch boots in jewel-toned suede for fall. Featuring translucent tread and hairy suede, these fun boots are sure to be a hit. Also keep an eye out for several boots from their premium Timberland Boot Company line, featuring Horween leather and lineman toe details made with motorcycle riders in mind.



Gordon Rush – California-based Gordon Rush has several smart new designs coming out for fall, including slim chukkas, brogue dress shoes, and sleek Chelsea boots.


Dr. Martens – British footwear giant Dr. Martens showcased lots of suede designs, including some Blue Suede Shoes. Look out for lots of suede, fun prints on the 1460s, and some lighter footwear options for people who aren’t ready to commit to hefty Air Wair soles.


W Durable Goods – We forgot to shoot some pictures, but we loved some innovative products from W Durable Goods out of Fort Worth Texas. They repurpose vintage materials like Kevlar fire suits and canvas transport bags, as well as large and small bags made from new materials.

W Durable Goods Las Vegas

Fjallraven – The Swedish outfitter’s iconic Kanken backpack is getting a sleek new makeover with all-black leather and G1000 material. An eco-friendly version of the Kanken will also be available this year, as well as additions to their line of sustainable, ethical down jackets.




Ekster Announces High Tech Wallet with Security and Trackability

Ekster was founded in Rotterdam and inspired by a bird called the “Magpie”, also known as an “Ekster” in the Netherlands. Magpies are often referred to as “thieving magpies” due to their tendency to track down shiny objects such as jewelry and coins. This inspired their trackable wallet with anti-theft measures.

The Ekster Wallet is now on Kickstarter, featuring spring loaded card access, a slim profile, RFID/NFC blocking technology, and a tracker that synchronizes with your smartphone. Their goal has been met, but you can still take advantage of discount Kickstarter prices that are slated to ship mid-2016.


Tracking App

The tracker inside the Ekster wallet synchronizes with your iOs or Android phone via Bluetooth. The PROTAG app connects to your wallet — providing two-way protection. You’ll be alerted when you leave your wallet behind and can ring or locate it with the map function. Lost your phone? When pressing the reverse tracking button on your wallet, your phone will start ringing — even when on silent mode. Ekster’s crowd GPS network will help you find your wallet when out of range. When a PROTAG user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update. Ekster’s tracker battery lasts up to six months and is easily rechargeable using the slim, built-in USB port.

RFID Blocking
Credit and debit cards issued within the past decade have RFID and NFC technology embedded in them. Cards with this technology can be activated and duplicated from a distance, making your data vulnerable. The Ekster wallet blocks out all signals with its aluminum cardholder, keeping users protected against data theft.

Instant Card Access
Ekster wallets provide storage space for up to eight cards in the Senate edition and up to 12 cards in the Parliament edition. Users can enjoy quick access for up to five cards with the click of a button using Ekster’s spring-loaded mechanism.

Ekster smart wallets are available for preorder on Kickstarter. Early-bird pricing starts at $79 for the Senate model and $89 for the Parliament model in either coffee brown or black leather. Check out their Kickstarter for more details.



Best of 2015 Awards

It’s December, and you know what that means on the Internet. It’s Best of 2015 time, baby. You know the drill — Best Albums, Best Movies, Best Drake Memes, Best Crazy Politician Quotes, etc. Our end-of-the-year contribution involves what we know best: leather. We’ve compiled a list of the most stand-out products we’ve reviewed this year. For each category, we’ve chosen a winner and one or two honorable mentions. With over 140 products reviewed this year alone, there was some tough competition. It’s been an incredible year for the leather industry. We’ve seen some amazing companies produce beautiful products and really hone in on their craft. It’s been great fun to see more and more people discover the value of making thoughtful, lasting purchases, and we hope that trend continues in years to come.

Best Briefcase:

Winner: Basader Handmade Classic Messenger Bag with Gusset

The Handmade Classic Messenger Bag with Gusset is a very, very nice bag that will last you a lifetime due to its high quality materials and superior construction. It’s worth every penny; possibly more. It’s American-made from high-quality leather and handmade exactly to your specifications. The simple and timeless style will never go out of fashion, and the leather will get even more beautiful the longer you carry it. What more can you ask for?


Honorable Mention: Mario Latorre Bottini

The elegant aesthetic is the Bottini’s most dominant asset. The clean black leather, contrasted with the soft, red suede lining gives the Bottini a professional attitude. The metal hardware is consistently flashy, but gives the Bottini a fashionable appearance.


Honorable Mention: OliverGe Metropolitan 505

The Metropolitan’s sleek, minimalist design, impeccable quality, and impressive versatility make it a dream.


Best Backpack:

Winner: Marlondo Backpack

The Marlondo Backpack is gorgeous in its full-grain leather, brass rivets, and nickel-plated hardware construction. Equally at home in the office or on the trail, the craftsmanship and durability of this pack will serve you for years to come.


Honorable Mention: Hidesign Hector Large 17″ Backpack

If you are looking for a bag that will really make an impression, the Hidesign Hector backpack is the perfect bag for you. Its elegant construction, handsome materials, and graceful feel make this backpack perfect for the modern gentlemen who appreciates purpose. Priced at $299.99, it also won’t break your budget.


Best Boot:

Winner: Red Wing Iron Rangers

The construction, fit, finish, and heritage behind the Red Wing Iron Rangers are all fantastic. In the realm of quality footwear, their price of $319.99 is a great value. You will receive a pair of boots that will be enjoyed for years, will continue to perform well, and will become a daily companion on all of life’s adventures.


Honorable Mention: Thorogood Dodgeville Boots

Weinbrenner’s Thorogood Dodgeville Boots will truly last you a lifetime. With each component made and assembled in the United States, you know you are getting tip-top quality when you purchase a pair of Thorogood Boots.


Best Shoes:

Winner: Dr. Martens Made in England Weaver Shoes

Attention to detail on the Weaver shoes is fantastic. The build quality is excellent, and the styling and versatility make them unique standouts. Made in the original Dr Martens factory in England, you’ll wear these shoes for many, many seasons.


Honorable Mention: Cordoba Leather Sandal

At Cordoba Leather, you are getting all leather, handmade sandals made in the USA precisely to your foot’s specifications. $177 is great deal for these sandals, especially considering how comfortable and sturdy they are. You and your Ladies’ Hudsons or Men’s Holidays will be taking long walks on the beach for years to come.


Best Ladies Shoes

Winner: Johnston & Murphy Maggie Penny

The Johnston & Murphy Maggie Penny is crafted from thin, glove-soft nubuck, constructed on a rubber driver sole and features hand-stitching around the vamp and back seam. The Maggie Penny is a classic driver, with a timeless look and feel. Their low profile and lack of a penny loafer style heel keeps them casual, comfy, and easy to wear. The blue color I have is bright and fun, perking up outfits that would be boring with regular flats. The Johnston & Murphy Maggie Penny is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that you can wear casually or at the office.


Honorable Mention: Hanwag Tatra Ladies’ Boots

Hanwag’s Tatra Lady boots are an excellent choice for the frequent hiker. Their stability and expert construction speaks well of Hanwag’s legacy, and their unique color sets them apart from other similar boots.


Best Belt:

Winner: J Michael Ashland Steerhide Belt

The J Michael Ashland Steerhide Belt, with its high standard of build quality and superior components, definitely qualifies it as a Buy It For Life item. With its $70 price tag, it’s also a bargain. The deep, smooth black color contrasting with the silver buckle on this belt combines to create a very classy look. The quality of the leather combined with the high level of workmanship also exudes a commitment to your desire to purchase and use products designed to last.


Honorable Mention: WestEast Armory Everyday Leather Belt

The Everyday Leather Belt is a natural vegetable tanned strip of 10-11 ounce leathery goodness, sourced from Hermann Oak Leather Co. This hand made, hand finished high quality leather belt will allow you to wear it every day for decades.


Best Wallet:

Winner: Trayvax Element Wallet

The Trayvax Element is a great option for those who are tired of traditional wallets and want a new and interesting addition to their everyday carry. With a money clip, bottle opener, paracord integration, keychain attachment, and more, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.


Honorable Mention: Norman Cahn Leatherworks Cabrio Wallet

The Cabrio Wallet is simple yet sophisticated, minimal yet capable of satisfying most traditional bifold wallet carrying folks demands. The design, the leather quality, the artisanal build quality all combine to create a very pleasing product.


Honorable Mention: American Bench Craft Men’s Brown Hammer Riveted Leather Wallet

The construction of the Hammer Riveted Leather Wallet is what is going to separate it from the traditional wallet you’ll find in a department store. Single-piece premium steer hide bridle leather sourced in the USA? Check. Rust-resistant plated steel rivets eschewing the tradition of stitched seams? Yep. Compact design weighing only 50 grams and measuring an average of 1.4 millimeters in thickness? You got it.


Best Travel Bag

Winner: Satchel & Page Suitcase

In keeping with Satchel & Page’s dedication to quality, the suitcase is extremely well built, looks fantastic, and will serve regular or occasional travelers with panache and ease. It’s definitely a Buy It for Life item and comes highly recommended.


Honorable Mention: Whipping Post Weekender Bag

The Whipping Post Weekender Bag is a particularly attractive travel bag, with its combination of two leather colors, copper rivets, and the antique brass hardware. It’s simple in design, but it turns heads and draws attention.


Honorable Mention: Bryer Leather The Barrel

The Barrel is an excellent choice for a weekender, especially if you are looking to customize certain aspects, particularly the liner. It’s handmade in the USA, using beautiful, high quality materials. The price is high, but the gorgeous Horween leather and excellent construction will serve you well for years and years, especially considering Bryer Leather’s lifetime warranty.


Best Tote

Winner: Conestoga Leather Amia Tote

The name Amia in French means “beloved.” Made with bison leather and copper rivets, the Conestoga Leather Amia Tote is a versatile bag that is quickly becoming “beloved.”


Honorable Mention: Waltzing Matilda Market Tote

The Market Tote is handmade in the United States with top-notch materials that get noticed. It’s a tote that you’ll be proud to carry wherever you go. It’s simple, but the beautiful Horween leather stands out and gets compliments everywhere it goes.


Best Leather Jacket

Winner: US Wings Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket

If you often find yourself between tracking down historical artifacts and going out for a night on the town with no time to change, the US Wings Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy Style Adventurer Jacket is an investment that will serve you for a long time. The American made heritage and quality construction will prove to be a great asset to your wardrobe.


Honorable Mention: Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Jacket

Every fashionable man needs a good leather jacket in his wardrobe. If you are looking to make a statement and harken back to the leather loving armed forces of the day, the Alpha Industries MA-1 Leather Flight Jacket is an appropriate choice.


Best Ladies Product

Winner: Maxwell Scott – The Sabina Coin Purse

The Sabina Coin Purse from Maxwell Scott has a lovely vintage, feminine aesthetic. It can function as an everyday carry wallet or a clutch for a night out on the town. Crafted from gorgeous leather and constructed beautifully, this can be a cute alternative or companion to a traditional wallet.


Honorable Mention: Hammitt Roxbury Fringe Crossbody Purse

The Roxbury’s fun, bohemian style is trendy and of-the-moment. Its exceptional construction, hardware, and beautiful leather feel extremely luxe, striking the right balance between bohemian and classy.


Best Watch Band

Winner: Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO Watch Strap

The DaLuca Straps 1 Piece NATO Watch Strap is a solid choice for the first time strap buyer. You can’t go wrong with NATO simplicity and luxurious Chromexcel leather. If you want to compliment your timepiece with a comfortable, timeless design, this strap is certainly worth your consideration.


Honorable Mention: SNPR Leather Works Custom Watch Strap

The SNPR Custom Watch Strap will compliment any large faced timepiece. With a huge variety of leathers and thread colors offered you’re sure to find something to your liking. These straps will last you for years to come, and only look better with age.


Best Accessory Product

Winner: Spencer Collection by Design Unsanctioned

The small Spencer Collection is a blend of classic materials with a modern design. Precision milled solid brass bottle openers and key hooks, with beautiful walnut inlays and top-grain leather straps.


Honorable Mention: Iron & Resin Elk Bobber Gloves

It is obvious that passion, time, and superior materials went in to the making of the Iron & Resin Elk Bobber gloves. At $72.00, the Elk Bobber is a reasonable investment that will absolutely last a lifetime of riding.


Best Tech Product

Winner: Colonel Littleton No. 18 Tablet Portfolio for iPad

What really stands out about the No. 18 Tablet Portfolio is the attention to detail. The double snap closure, the business card slot, the penholder, even the included legal pad and pencil are unique and customized for this piece. It’s American made, it’s full-grain American leather, and it does its job beautifully.


Honorable Mention: The Goods – The Loop

If you’re a MacBook user, The Loop is a must-have accessory for keeping your charging cord organized. It’s a great price, unique construction, and will last longer than your Macbook does. The Loop is a sleek little accessory that saves you both the time and frustration of untangling cords. It also saves space in your bag because it wraps everything up so compactly.


Best Camera Bag

Winner: Holdfast Gear Small Roamographer

The Roamographer’s customizable insert, wide-mouth opening, and lobster-claw straps are all details that have obviously been thought through by people with experience hauling camera gear. This is a bag that gets noticed. There’s a reason the Roamographer is making a splash in photography circles – it’s unique, it’s extremely functional, and it’s constructed impeccably. The Holdfast Small Roamographer Bison Camera Bag will keep your camera (and many more after it) safe and secure, while looking incredible.


Honorable Mention: ONA Bags “The Brixton”

If you are an established professional photographer or even an amateur, taking a look at ONA Bags and investing in a quality leather camera bag will not be a decision you regret. With beautiful full grain leather and easy snap brass hardware, The Brixton is a fantastic choice and will outlast your expensive camera gear.


Most Innovative Product

Winner: Westward Leather Double-Tray Dopp Kit

The Westward Leather Double-Tray Dopp Kit is a very unique, standout product. It’s handmade in the USA, features double-stitched seams, copper rivets, and a genius design. For $180, you’re getting a great dopp kit as well as a valet tray that’s sure to last a lifetime and more.


Honorable Mention: HoldFast Gear Money Maker Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap

The Money Maker Multi Camera Strap is a great gear system for on-the-go photographers carrying multiple cameras and lots of gear. If you want a camera support system designed and built by a seasoned photographer that is attractive and functional, Hold Fast Gear has got it right.  With twelve models, there is plenty to choose from when trying to satisfy your sense of adventure.


Best Value

Winner: Turek Leather Works Horween Front Pocket Wallet

If you appreciate minimal and simplistic designs that get the job done, look no further than the Horween Front Pocket Wallet. Being only 2.5” wide and 4.5” high when folded, Turek did a great job of creating a sleek little wallet to hold your essentials. Its sleek and minimal look, high quality construction, and genuine Horween Leather make it an excellent deal, at just $32.


Honorable Mention: Thirteen 50 Leather Belt

This is a belt you could tow your truck home with. The Thirteen50 leather belt is fashioned from 12-14 ounce leather, which means it is incredibly thick and durable. The edges of the belt are nicely burnished and beveled. The hardware used is solid brass. This belt, which definitely meets our Buy It for Life criteria, is just $70 and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


‘Tis the Season – Save Big With Holiday Sales & Coupon Codes

We here at BestLeather.org would just like to say how much we love the Internet. In 2015, thanks to the world wide web, we can get 100% of our Christmas shopping done without ever stepping foot in a crowded mall or getting stampeded by crazed shoppers at Best Buy. Online shopping comes with an added bonus – coupon codes and site-wide sales. We’ve gathered a few of the best deals for you to peruse when shopping for leather goods for friends, family, and, of course, yourself.

We’ll be adding to this post when we discover new sales, so be sure to check back often.


Save up to 25% when you use the code “BFSALE”



Save 15% and get free shipping when you use the promo code “SIMPLE15”

Marlondo Simple Sale 6


Get a natural wallet, belt, key clip, and conditioner for just $99. Also, save 20%  when you use the promo code “HOLIDAY”



30% off Weather-Ready line for men and women

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.58.26 AM

LederMann Leather

Site-wide sale, up to 50% off

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.03.36 AM


Save up to 50% and get free shipping through Nov 29th



Discount rucksacks available on Cyber Monday starting at 9 AM EST


Iron & Resin

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Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.11.09 PM

Johnston & Murphy

Up to 50% off men’s and women’s shoes

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.09.44 PM

Waltzing Matilda

Free “Made Here” Tote with $300 purchase and free shipping on all purchases

2bff808b-266a-4077-af8f-cc63ba5b7e08 a58cb7ce-9333-4014-8ccc-8772a6181eed

Oak Street Bootmakers

20% sitewide through Cyber Monday


Grifter Company

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Trayvax Wallets

Get 10% off your order when you spend $50 or more. Free shipping on all U.S. orders. Use promo code “WEEKENDSPECIAL”



10% off all items over $100 on Black Friday only12308675_1033480166673454_7951592818928386130_n

Bold Lead Designs

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Hold Fast Gear

Non-US residents get 10% off purchase with promo code “CHRISTMASINTL”

US residents get free shipping with promo code “CHRISTMAS”


Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.10.28 AM

Helm Boots

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Tanner Goods

Free gifts with purchase 11/27- 11/29



Top 13 Wolverine work boots on sale through Cyber Monday



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Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.19.45 AM

J Peterman

Top selling J. Peterman items on sale


Lotuff Leather

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Blue Claw Co.

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Save up to 20% off the Ona Collection

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.32.01 AM

Satchel & Page

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Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.36.11 AM

Dr Martens

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Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.43.09 AM


Never Been Better Co.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.37.25 AM

Loyal Stricklin

The entire site is 20% off with code LOYAL at checkout, (if using PayPal wait until the end to select Paypal, don’t click it immediately) and all domestic orders over $75 get free shipping.


Mr. Lentz

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American Bench Craft

American Bench Craft is offering 15% off plus free shipping through 12/1/15. Use the code BLACK15 when you check out.



Ruitertassen is offering 5% off of any bag with the code “Black Friday” on their site.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.42.40 PM

Will Leather Goods

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Ernest Alexander

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Intrepid Bags

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Ladies, Check out Maria Fano’s Kickstarter

Maria Fano has recently announced their debut Kickstarter, featuring luxury women’s bags, passport covers, and more in a wide variety of colors.

Maria’s goal is to offer luxury handbags with premium materials for an affordable price. She and seven artisans based in Lviv, Ukraine, have designed a minimalist product line made for women who want handmade, designer quality at a more reasonable price point.

11. Me with light grey Michelle bag

Currently, Maria Fano offers passport covers in 8 fun colors of French goat leather. The Michelle Bag comes in four colors: light grey, taupe, slate, and black calf leather. The goat leather interiors come in bright colors like black, purple, magenta, rose, yellow and light blue.

You can get the Michelle Bag for $350 on Kickstarter, and passport covers for just $25 if you order early. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for more information.

5. Card wallets in four collors3. Michelle bags in black, light grey and slate 1. Taupe, magenta Michelle bag front 9. Purple card wallet and passport cover

DUCKS IN A ROW Launches Kickstarter for Commuter Cycling Backpack

DUCKS IN A ROW launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week, featuring backpacks built with the cycling commuter in mind.

This unique backpack holds a laptop, combining the lifestyle and high-tech features the urban dweller needs. The backpack has a convenient touch screen pocket which means users can navigate GPS and handle music without stopping. The DUCKS IN A ROW backpack has a simple handlebar connection which leaves cyclists’ shoulders free and keeps riders’ shirts and suits wrinkle-free and tidy.09

“We set out to bring our take on urban fashion to sophisticated commuters who cycle to work,” said Anna Brosh, co-founder of Ducks In a Row. “While developing this bag, we focused on creating the best solution for urban commuters’ every day needs which include functionality, style and fashion.”

The backpacks will be available in Caramel or Dark Brown vegetable-tanned leather and each backpack comes with a designer water resistant rain cover to keep valuable contents dry.

DUCKS IN A ROW backpacks start at $189 on Kickstarter. Visit the DUCKS IN A ROW website for more information.

MEASUREMENTS: 28cm/12cm/43.5cm. DUCKS IN A ROW backpacks can hold up to a 15” laptop securely.
TOUCH SCREEN PHONE POCKET: Perfect for navigation, answering phone calls, and music handling.
RAIN PROTECTION: Comes with a water resistant rain cover for the bag and seat.
MATERIAL: Fine vegetable-tanned leather.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Flashlight connector, quick access top pocket, helmet connector, comfortable organizer.


Motorcycle Lovers, Check Out Pack Animal’s Kickstarter

Pack Animal, based in Seattle, WA, recently announced their debut Kickstarter. Pack Animal creates saddlebags for motorcycles using timeless materials that look great on any bike.

The Saddlebags are made with waxed canvas and leather. The bags attach using halter snaps that click onto d-rings on the bike mounting kit. The same halter snaps make for a seamless transition from saddlebag to messenger bag with our shoulder strap. The entire backside of the bag is shielded by a thick piece of leather that rests against the side of the bike and protects the bag and its contents as you rack up miles.


The Tool Roll is a small bag to store equipment and gear in case you need a tune-up. When rolled out completely, the tool roll is 22″ wide and 11.5″ tall. It has a flap to cover your combination wrenches and allen keys, a flat storage pocket that works great for receipts, zip ties, fuses etc., an additional flap covering a utility pocket that fits larger wrenches or pliers, and a large zippered pocket perfect for sockets, screwdrivers, bolts, and any other odds and ends you need to carry with you.

Check out their Kickstarter for discount prices on awesome gear for your bike.

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CRAVAR Announces Kickstarter for Leather Tote Bags, Travel Journals & More

Cravar is based near Jakarta, Indonesia. It was birthed out of a backpacking trip to Italy during 2005 when Yoki Baskara encountered an old stationery shop that was being operated by 3rd and 4th generation leather artisans. Yoki was also involved in wedding photography. In identifying a need for quality wedding albums, he assembled a team a craftsmen and began to assemble handcrafted leather wedding albums and tote bags. In 2012, Yoki proposed a plan to several close friends for a leather goods company and Cravar was born.

After a very successful Kickstarter in 2013 followed up with another successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Cravar has starting carving its niche in the global leather products industry. We recently reviewed (and gave away) The F.C. 15 Bag.

Cravar launched another Kickstarter last week, offering several products including two sizes of closable travel journals ($50 & $70) and three sizes of leather tote bags ($189, $209, & $239). The totes feature full grain veg-tanned leather, adjustable handle lengths, double stitched seams, inside pockets, and lots of customizable features. You can also get Cravar passport holders, pouches, and cardholders. While the Kickstarter was funded within the first 24 hours, you can still pick up these great-looking pieces for discount Kickstarter prices, so check them out!

Backers can:

  • Choose & mix leather colors
  • Add optional upgrade details like a zipper closure on the tote bags
  • Add free monogramming option to stamp the rewards with backer’s initials
  • Choose from two font options for the monogramming as everyone has different taste
  • Order a custom brass stamp

Large Fox Fox (1) FINAL0722d4cdb828dcc03107c4a78861eaf2_original  Medium Espresso Rust (1) Final Slim Fox Espresso (7) 3b Slim Rust Fox (2) Final 2

Brace Leather Announces Kickstarter

Brace Leather, out of Montreal, has recently announced their nearly-funded Kickstarter.  Founder Yann Berube writes:

“The idea for Brace came from our desire for a cohesive line of quality leather goods that would simplify working or studying on the go. We wanted these goods to be well designed, well-made and with long-lasting, quality materials that look good too. Enter Collection 001: Man Overboard, Essential Leather Accessories designed for life on the go and delivered in one simple kit.”


This first collection was based on the founders’ personal lifestyle and made for people who live and work on the go. All their leather goods are made by hand in limited runs, using full grain leather, in their Montreal studio.

But this is just the beginning. The plan is to expand the idea and begin a series of collaborations with creatives and entrepreneurs. Imagine a kit of essential leather goods made specifically for the Photographer, the Artist or the Chef. The goal is to partner with their favourites in each field and create a kit of essentials specific to the profession and lifestyle.


The products offered in their Kickstarter include snaps, key rings, card holders, laptop sleeves, and charger holsters. You can create the Man Overboard kit for just $248 USD, which saves you about $100 USD.

You can find more about us on Brace Leather’s website or Instagram.

Brace_press-8 Brace_press-3

Kendal & Hyde Classic Leather Duffel Kickstarter

With five wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, Kendal & Hyde Co. is at it again. This time around they have designed a classic leather duffel, modeled after arch top duffels from the 1940s. Their motto for designing this duffel: “Our leather travel duffel is authentically vintage looking enough to have been your grandfather’s, but with modern features you need.”


The duffel is made of full-grain, vegetable tanned leather sourced from the U.S. and Canada. Stitched with marine-grade polyester and held together with solid cast brass hardware and rivets, this bag won’t be falling apart any time this century. Even the handles are reinforced with 1/4″ steel bars. With a detachable shoulder strap, canvas lining, locking zippers and an integrated laptop sleeve, each part of this bag has been thought through with the traveller in mind. There are even pockets for your travel documents and an optional travel tag and water bottle holder.

This duffel will retail at $500, but if you snag it now, you can get it for $400. Kendall & Hyde are also running Kickstarter deals on passport covers, ID tags, and waterbottle holders. Check it out on Kickstarter!



Check out Phonster on Kickstarter

On September 8 2015, “AGE” brand launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Phonster”, premium handcrafted holster for phone, wallet and keys. Made from 100% leather, this product allows quick and comfortable access for every day carry items. “Phonster” reached funding goal in 4 hours. The team has since more than quadrupled their goal with more than a month to go.


The original inventor and Chief Designer of the AGE brand, Egor Teteria, says he made the Phonster to carry his own large-screen phone, which always stick out of his pocket. “No more bulging pockets ever, missed calls are a thing of the past,” says the team,” You can hear, see and access your phone instantly. And it provides the security often desired by consumers”.

Phonster is consist of two cases for phone and wallet, a backpart and a “Sport-Fix” clip – an additional removable fitting made from strong elastic, designed for running, training, etс.


If you decide to join in on the Kickstarter fun, backers can gain access to a different sets of Phonsters including a handcrafted wallet for as little as $25, Phonster One for $49, Phonster Double for two phones for $69, and Phonster Full starting at the super early bird price of $89. Very affordable price for early supporters. Backers can also receive a super set with three Pnonsters for a pledge of $280, and more!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page or visit their website.

1ы 20150713-DSC_6586

Show Off Your Stuff for the BestLeather Instagram Photo Contest

Show off your stuff! Enter the BestLeather Instagram Contest by posting a picture of your favorite leather item. Be sure to tag @BestLeather and use the hashtag #bestleather. The first 25 posters will win a BestLeather vinyl sticker, and our favorite pictures will be featured on our website!

Good luck! We’re excited to see your photos.

BestLeather Photo Contest

Take a look at the making of our awesome new stickers from Vinylfire:

Introducing Hunker Bag Co. from Nashville, Tennessee

Denton Hunker — drummer for Americana rock band Green River Ordinance — was on the lookout for a durable, yet stylish bag that would keep up with his touring lifestyle. When he couldn’t find one to use on the road, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Turns out, Hunker is also a rock star on the sewing machine and began Hunker Bag Co. to share his craft with others.

“I believe that a good bag does two things,” says Hunker. “It holds and protects your personal possessions and takes you on an adventure every day.”


Hunker learned his craftsmanship from his grandmother who taught him on a 1950s sewing machine. Each bag is made to order using top grain leather, Martexin waxed canvas, all-brass hardware and branded with the Hunker logo, still utilizing the techniques he learned from his grandmother.

The Hunker Bag Co. product line includes duffels, totes, messenger bags, wallets, wristlets, and more, for both ladies and gentlemen. Take a look at the video below to see how each bag is crafted.

Hunker Bag Co. | How It’s Made from KEJProductions on Vimeo.

DSCF0232 DSCF0223 DSCF0212

Meet Looptworks: An Environmentally Friendly Design & Production Studio Out of Portland, OR

Looptworks is a Portland-based bag and pack company made entirely from pre-consumer upcycled materials. Instead of sourcing brand new materials, Looptworks takes perfectly usable “waste” materials from around the globe to create unique products. You can find some more information about this process on their blog. The holy grail for Looptworks is to become a completely closed-loop company. We are impressed with these guys and their true commitment to sustainable product manufacturing.

Looptworks has two lines of all-leather products, the Loopt Classic Line, and the Luv Seat Line, as well as small leather goods made with repurposed Italian leather from the accessories industry.


All of the Loopt Classics styles are made with excess leather from the motorcycle jacket and chaps company, Langlitz Leathers. Langlitz is a 68 year old custom motorcycle gear company based in Portland, Oregon. They have a large amount of scrap leather as a result of their manufacturing, and the partnership with Looptworks keeps that high quality leather from going to waste.

Loopt-Duffle-Front Loopt-Tote-Three-Quarters Loopt-Toiletry-Case-Open



In order to conserve fuel, Southwest Airlines wanted to replace its heavy leather airline seats with a lighter weight material, and they wanted to ensure that the 40 acres of iconic blue and tan leather went to good use. Looptworks upcycled this material into the LUV Seat Collection. Each LUV Seat item has its own visual personality acquired from the seat’s journey. By repurposing the leather, this bag conserves over 4,000 gallons of water and avoids 72% of CO2 emissions.

Three-Quarters_grande Southwest-Backpack-Three-Quarters_grande SW-TOTE-SIDE_grande

Satchel & Page’s Belt Kickstarter Reaches First Stretch Goal

Satchel & Page, based in Austin, Texas, has quickly made a name for themselves in the leather world. After successfully funding two Kickstarter campaigns for their leather bags and belts, they recently launched a third campaign for their leather belts. We’ve reviewed several Satchel & Page products, including their Mailbag and Bomber Jacket, and found their products to be top-notch.


For $62, you will receive a leather belt that comes in four colors and four hardware finish options, detailed in the graphic below:

b23b07f1af1996242602c654cb358730_original (1)


Here are some of the features of their belts, as listed on their Kickstarter:

1. Custom made for you. For any occasion. – With two width options (1.5 + 1.25), you are covered for casual wear with jeans, and formal/office wear with slacks. And with 4 leather and 4 hardware options, you can create a belt just how you want it. They all come with the same exceptional quality and lifetime guarantee.

2. The highest grade leather hides – 10 -12 oz. full-grain, vegetable tanned leather from only US origin cows. It’s simple: The best hides make the best belts. See below infographic.

3. Military grade brass hardware – We offer the standard antique brass and silver matte finishes, but we also wanted to offer some unique finishes that you can’t find anywhere else. So we developed our own process to hand antique finish the Iron Rust and Copper Patina hardware, which makes each one of these buckles just a little different.

This Kickstarter has blown past its original goal of $5,000 and reached its first stretch goal, which is a hand-stitched journal cover. They’re just a few hours away from meeting their second stretch goal, which would allow them to offer their belt in a Chestnut color. Be sure to keep an eye on Satchel & Page’s Kickstarter and for other updates we encourage you to like their Facebook page.

59d8e0eb6d49274743016458bf1919e5_original 43a4894285ccc16b1cd7375843dbb1a4_original


Thirteen50 Leather Announces Kickstarter for their Full Grain Leather Belts

Thirteen50 Leather, based in Oceanside, CA, has just announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their full-grain leather belts. From their website:

Thirteen50 is a leather company with a passion to create quality leather goods, made in the USA. The saying, “they don’t make em’ like they used to” is said far too often in this day in age. This is sad, but so very true. At Thirteen50 we wanted to do as our ancestors did, and make a quality product at an affordable price (not to mention, offering a killer traditional look).

Each full-grain leather belt is made by hand in the United States. If you fund their Kickstarter, you can choose to be rewarded with a leather bracelet, leather key fob, or one of their belts. The belts, priced at $50 on the Kickstarter, come in the following colors: Chestnut, Black, Dark Brown, and Natural. You can also choose your hardware finish color: Silver Matte, or Antique Brass. Sizes 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 4, 48 and 50. Each Thirteen50 product comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Check out their Kickstarter now, as you can save $20 or more on their sturdy belts. Thirteen50 Leather will also be debuting a line of bags and accessories in the near future. Be sure to keep an eye out for a BestLeather review of Thirteen50’s belts, coming soon!

Thirteen50 Belts Cover




7b0889de7feccbb32efb115b2d4b298d_original (1)

6 Favorite Etsy Stores for Ladies

With its hand sewn dresses, vintage furniture, and Barry Manilow pillows, Etsy can be quite overwhelming. Finding the perfect backpack, purse or wallet can take a bit of time and research, so we’re here to help! We’ve curated a few of our favorite Etsy stores that specialize in products for women. We’re always on the lookout for more great shops, so be sure to tell us about your favorites in the comments!

Blue Drop

Sandals, backpacks, camera bags, and more, all made in Greece and priced very reasonably.il_570xN.731284813_mokhil_570xN.712498740_t6fb


Tox Leather

Wallets, electronics cases, tote bags, and much more from Tox Leather. We’ve reviewed several of their products here at BestLeather, including their Shiny Macbook/Document Case (which made our Graduation Gift Guide for 2015) and Cigar Cases.

il_570xN.790675738_iudh Tox-Leather-MacBook-Air-Case-6 Tox-Leather-Cigar-Case-16

Aurora Shoe Co

Aurora Shoe Company sells ladies’ shoes handmade in Aurora, New York. Their simple designs are sweet and timeless.

il_570xN.368394889_lt1o il_570xN.368101216_9tcs il_570xN.368368150_b2wf


Jenny N Design

Gorgeous genuine leather backpacks, tote bags, purses, and more, from a one-woman operation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We’re big fans of her waxed canvas and leather backpacks.
il_570xN.666619546_e6fh il_570xN.710274398_75vs il_570xN.785458254_n3yh

Awl Snap

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Awl Snap makes unique designs in fun colors. They feature roll-top backpacks, bucket bags, clutch purses, and more. They were recently a featured shop on Etsy, and you can read a bit more about them here!

il_570xN.747953118_2eum il_570xN.599647625_gczl il_570xN.661520476_p5c0


Crow SLC

Crow SLC is a shop in Salt Lake City Utah that designs modern bags and clutches with a very angular, minimalist look. I purchased the Mini Crossbody Bag in black for my mom, and she loves its unique look. They just released some new designs for pre-order, so check them out!

isa_760xN.22327203297_iq6p il_570xN.771533919_rj8c il_570xN.631999232_fl31