DUCKS IN A ROW Launches Kickstarter for Commuter Cycling Backpack

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DUCKS IN A ROW launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week, featuring backpacks built with the cycling commuter in mind.

This unique backpack holds a laptop, combining the lifestyle and high-tech features the urban dweller needs. The backpack has a convenient touch screen pocket which means users can navigate GPS and handle music without stopping. The DUCKS IN A ROW backpack has a simple handlebar connection which leaves cyclists’ shoulders free and keeps riders’ shirts and suits wrinkle-free and tidy.09

“We set out to bring our take on urban fashion to sophisticated commuters who cycle to work,” said Anna Brosh, co-founder of Ducks In a Row. “While developing this bag, we focused on creating the best solution for urban commuters’ every day needs which include functionality, style and fashion.”

The backpacks will be available in Caramel or Dark Brown vegetable-tanned leather and each backpack comes with a designer water resistant rain cover to keep valuable contents dry.

DUCKS IN A ROW backpacks start at $189 on Kickstarter. Visit the DUCKS IN A ROW website for more information.

MEASUREMENTS: 28cm/12cm/43.5cm. DUCKS IN A ROW backpacks can hold up to a 15” laptop securely.
TOUCH SCREEN PHONE POCKET: Perfect for navigation, answering phone calls, and music handling.
RAIN PROTECTION: Comes with a water resistant rain cover for the bag and seat.
MATERIAL: Fine vegetable-tanned leather.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Flashlight connector, quick access top pocket, helmet connector, comfortable organizer.



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