74Street Bags Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness Review – $269

One of my favorite things about working with the leather industry is that I get to see firsthand how different companies create and design products with a similar function. Leather photography accessories have been a staple of any young or seasoned photographer for a while now, and 74Street Bags has contributed to the offering with an excellent piece, the Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness.

Mircea & Daciana Bule are the powerhouse …

Holdfast Gear Small Roamographer Review – $525

Photography has a special place in my heart. I have always been interested, I have invested thousands of dollars into high-quality camera gear, and I actively attempt to get better everyday. But, when I first purchased my camera, I entirely forgot about a strap to hold it and a bag to safely and beautifully secure it. Thankfully I have the opportunity to review the Holdfast Small Roamographer Bison Camera Bag. This luxury, vintage inspired …

Buffalo Jackson Everett Leather Camera Bag Review – $149.95

Buffalo Jackson sells a multitude of your classic leather goods – wallets, belts, and briefcases. Today we will take a look at a more unique leather item – the Everett Leather Camera Bag specifically designed to carefully hold your camera and accessories.

The Everett series of bags including this camera bag are made in India using goat leather tanned through their local traditional tanning and …

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap Review – $215.00/$400.00

I moonlight as a photographer and have shot everything from portraits and weddings to sporting events.  I prefer full-frame DSLR cameras and the accompanying glass that goes with them for all my shoots.  However, carrying that much equipment can make you feel like you’re carrying Sisyphus’ rock at the end of a long photography session.

When I was offered the chance to review Hold Fast Gear’s Money Maker Luxury Leather Multi-Camera Strap, I took it …


In our last review with Wotancraft, we were introduced to their striking Ryker camera bag which combined a compact sized carry with excellent craftsmanship and detailed features. Unlike Biz Markie, Wotancraft is no one trick pony, they offer a full selection of carry options. We were very excited to review one of their larger and more rugged bags, The Wotancraft  Ranger Camera Bag + Waterproof Insert Combo Set.

ONA Bags “The Brixton” Review – $439

About a month ago I decided it was time to invest in a quality camera for all my photography escapades. I wanted a professional quality camera that didn’t require 20lbs of clunky, additional gear to haul around. I decided to go with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. I have thoroughly enjoyed the camera and lenses I have. But I did forget one thing: a quality camera bag. I began searching for leather camera gear …


Photography can be a very rewarding hobby and just about everyone dabbles in it at some point. So if you’ve mastered the Starbucks macros and decided to get into some serious picture taking, you’ve likely bought a camera body, lens, SD cards and a plethora of other gadgets. Now you’ve got all this great gear and no place to carry it!  Before you buy that cheap black nylon case from Best Buy, I’d recommend researching …

2CentsLeatherShop Custom Leather Camera Strap Review – $46.90

The stock strap on my trusty Nikon was becoming a pain. The nylon edges were starting to fray, causing a very uncomfortable rash on the back of my neck. The adjustable buckles were nearly impossible to adjust to on the fly as well. Looking for a better option to carry my camera, I tried out the 2centsleathershop custom leather camera strap with great results.

2centsleathershop is an Etsy store …

Gordy’s Camera Straps – $19 & $49

As a society, we benefit dramatically by those folks who look to solve a problem for themselves and then see their solution blossom into a successful business. Often times this seems to occur with the simplest of items – items that seem to get overlooked because they solve a common problem and blend into life’s activities with ease. Such is the case with Gordy’s Camera Straps.

Cecilia Camera Strap

Cecilia Alpaca Wool and Leather Camera Strap Review – $90

Cecilia manufactures and sells alpaca wool and leather camera straps. They have a unique website and it is interesting even if you are not in the market for a camera strap.

At their website, you can purchase from a diverse assortment of alpaca wool and leather camera straps or you can peruse the unique photo gallery they have collected. The photo gallery consists of narratives or photo essays. These narratives are a collection …

E3 Supply Co. DSLR Wrist Strap Review – $23

David Browning and Mai Kato, owners of E3 Supply Co. come from two separate fields of business. David owns and operates a custom motorcycle shop, East Third Motorcycle Club, and prior to that he was shooting fashion and editing music. Mai was a graphic designer. These two minds came together and, using the inspirations found from the simplicity of vintage motorcycles, the recognition that simplicity is necessary and better in photography, and the …