Pad & Quill Oxford Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Case – $120

Looking for a flashy yet stylish way to carry and protect your iPad Pro? Look no further than the Oxford Leather iPad pro case from Pad & Quill.

With a simple a slim design, this case doesn’t add the unwanted bulk. Perfect for an office setting, travel and anywhere else you’d take your iPad pro to work and show off!

About Pad & Quill

Kari and Brian, founders …


E3 Supply Co Passport Notebook & Tactical Keychains Review

The first time I went to E3 Supply Co’s website, I thought my web browser had auto-filled in a website from my history–why was I going to a page about motorcycles? I was in the right place though. E3 began by making custom motorcycles, and carried that spirit of freedom into making killer leather accessories. We’re going to look at a couple items that would fit right in with any biker’s every …


Andrews Leather Monarch Shoulder Rig and Holster Review — $250

I’m not in law enforcement, and I don’t wear a gun on a daily basis. The truth is, my interest in holsters comes primarily from Indiana Jones and Uncharted.

In other words, I was imagining a quest for Shangri La instead of considering functionality. I spent a lot of time looking for a certain style, something with a renegade panache. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Andrews Leather Monarch Shoulder Rig and Holster, which …


Intrepid Bag Co. Leather Tech Roll-$139

Picture this scenario: You’re traveling with a cellphone (as most would), a laptop, tablet, camera, and perhaps a kindle. You open your briefcase to retrieve the said cord to charge the right device and the inside of your briefcase is a tangled knot of cords and wires. Even worse, you can’t locate where one cord begins and the other ends.
Well in our age of multiple devices and other digital equipment, a …


J. Ryan & Co Leather Shaving Strop Review

All strops are not created equal. As a matter of fact, I have heard countless times throughout my years in the wet shaving and barbering industry that a shaver’s strop is quite irrelevant, and “the cheaper the better”—a partial truth, to be sure, because who doesn’t like to get good quality products for good prices? In some cases, individuals will have gone out and found a quality vintage or used strop for a decent price, but with …


Brookes & Hyde Burnt Amber Sunglass Case Review – $70

We’ve reviewed a lot of great and varied leather products here at BestLeather, but, somewhat surprisingly, this is the first sunglass case we’ve ever seen! Brookes and Hyde’s Burnt Amber Sunglass Case is a great first entry into this category, made with a gorgeous Horween Bandit pull up leather and utilizing a unique wrap-around closure design.

Connor Sambrookes started Brookes & Hyde as a senior thesis …

Range Leather Cover

Range Leather Travellr with Razor Case Review – $105

I am one of those guys that has a ton of grooming products. I like to try the crazy new grooming trends, switch up my cologne for the seasons, and stay on top of the best products the industry offers. It’s just the way I am. That being said, I also happen to appreciate quality leather products, so why not have a quality dopp kit like the Range Leather Travellr with a razor case …

Range Leather Pipe Case

Range Leather Sanford Pipe Tobacco Case Review – $145

I have recently taken up the hobby of smoking tobacco pipes. A good friend of mine introduced me to this classy and timeless pastime, and I instantly fell in love. But being the leather-loving guy that I am, I knew that if I was going to invest in smoking tobacco, I needed to have an equally classy and refined leather case to store my smoking essentials. Today I am reviewing the Sanford Pipe Tobacco Case


Range Leather – The Range Mug Review – $30

The Mason Jar was invented in 1858 by John Landis, a Philadelphia tinsmith responsible today for billions of well-preserved canned fruit and re-gifted dry soup mixes. When Mr. Landis invented the jar and sealing lid, he may not have envisioned using the sturdy jar as a precursor for a handy mug.

Kyle Koster of Range Leather, however, did have this vision: he created the Range Leather Range Mug.  As a combination of high quality, …

Walnut Studiolo Cribbage Board Cover

Walnut Studiolo Travel Cribbage Board – $45

Back in the dark ages, before video games, we used to sit down by the light of the fire and play a nice game of cribbage as a family. I’m mostly kidding – while I don’t get to play board games as much as I’d like these days, we still break out the cribbage board from time to time, usually while camping or on vacation. My parents had this fancy cribbage board carved into an elk antler …


Range Leather Announces Kickstarter

Range Leather, from Spokane, Washington, recently launched their Kickstarter campaign on October 7th to introduce their newest offering, the Range Mug. Their campaign runs through November 6th, and while it has already exceeded its original goal, they’re looking to their “stretch goals” to be able to offer additional enhancements and features customers have been asking for. Kyle Koster, owner and creator of the company, put it best with this direct quote from their campaign:


Iron & Resin Elk Bobber Gloves Review – $72

Riding motorcycles is definitely one of my favorite things in this world. There is nothing like hopping on my bike and cruising in to town or hitting some twisties. Every motorcyclist knows that he/she needs several things before they are truly prepared to ride. A helmet, protective jacket, and a solid pair of gloves are the three items, in my opinion, that are essential to every rider. Today we are going to check out the …


Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Coasters (Square – Set of 4) Review – $25

Thrux Lawrence is one of the first companies BestLeather has had the pleasure of working with, and also the first company to pique my interest in leather. Because my barber is connected to the Thrux Lawrence flagship store, I repeatedly find myself perusing their leather goods, the outstanding collection of antiques, and generally longing to buy one of everything. Thrux Lawrence is a solid company who “builds them like they used to.” Even when …

Maxwell Scott The Sabina Coin Purse COVER

Maxwell Scott – The Sabina Coin Purse Review – $100

Women’s wallets can be kinda goofy. I’m not a huge fan of giant checkbook-sized wallets, but pockets on women’s jeans and pants are never big enough to fit a pocket sized wallet. It’s a lose-lose. So I am always on the lookout for interesting women’s wallet idea. Maxwell Scott offers up a cute alternative with their ball clasp coin wallet, dubbed The Sabina.

Westward Leather Double Tray Dopp Kit Cover

Westward Leather Double-Tray Dopp Kit Review – $180

Every once in a while here at BestLeather, we see a product that makes us think “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Westward Leather Double Tray Dopp Kit is one of those products. It’s both a great idea and a great execution. Let’s take a look at what makes this dopp kit so exceptional.

About Westward Leather Company
Based in …

Moore and Giles No 33 Leather Conditioner Cover

Moore & Giles No. 33 Luxury Leather Conditioner & Restorer Review – $40

Whether you’ve spent $100 or $1000 on your leather bag, it’s going to need conditioning. There are quite a few products on the market, with ingredients that range from almond oil to beeswax to unicorn tears. We recently received Moore & Giles No. 33 Luxury Leather Conditioner & Restorer.

Moore & Giles has been firmly entrenched in the …


Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters (Round – Set of 4) Review – $25

I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t thought much about coffee coasters in quite some time before I got my hands on the Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters. In this case, what you see is what you get: a set of four dark brown leather coasters with the Thrux Lawrence logo embossed on the edge. No frills – just quality, attractive leather to protect your furniture from the unwanted ablutions of a mint julep in …

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases Cover

Colonel Littleton No. 60 Leather Phone Holster – $93

I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I was the moment I opened up my package from Colonel Littleton. The No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster’s luscious black leather may be spectacular and the ball stud closure may be impeccable. But the Moonpie is really what sold me. All jokes aside, I am pleased to be able to review another product from this unique leather company. The Colonel Littleton No. 60 Phone Holster …


Loyal Stricklin Aviator Mug Review – $30

When people are out and about I tend to observe what types of items they are carrying. For the majority of the population I have noticed that mugs are a requirement. Michael Stricklin, of Alabama based company Loyal Stricklin, has taken the idea of what a mug has always been and introduced a design that is simple, versatile, and downright clever. I have been completely impressed by the Loyal Stricklin Aviator Mug and use it …

The Best Made Gfeller Document Case3

The Best Made Gfeller Document Case Review – $325

The Best Made Company was brought to my attention by Steve Derricot, the Owner of Gfeller Casemakers.  I was visiting his shop discussing some other projects, and I noticed a very unique looking case that was under production.  My inquisitive nature took over and Steve happily showed me the case they were making for a New York company called Best Made.  When I say case, I mean a large brief that is capable …