Waltzing Matilda Market Tote – $375

Waltzing Matilda got its start making sandals, which we reviewed this summer. Now, Waltzing Matilda is a full-fledged leather outfitter based in Wayne, Pennsylvania – making everything from shoes to bags to laptop cases to wine carriers.

“Everything we make is handcrafted in the USA in small micro-factories and meant to last forever. We make a strong effort to use repurposed and recycled materials found during our travels. We don’t compromise. We are creative, adventurous, and humble, and sincerely want to stimulate the senses with our pieces. Every hide is handpicked and has unique features and marks that add to the character and beauty of each product. We hope you love your new piece of art, and that it travels with you for a long time. Please let it age gracefully.” – Waltzing Matilda website

Today we will be taking a look at the Waltzing Matilda Market Tote, a simple multi-purpose tote with WM’s classic boho look.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 1


The Market Tote is simply constructed with beautiful 5mm Horween leather, which you notice instantly. The leather is smooth, waxy, and smells wonderful. Its rectangular construction allows it to stand up on its own while still being floppy enough to carry extremely comfortably. The leather looks amazing from afar, and feels even better once you touch it. It’s so soft. I’ve occasionally handed it off to a friend to admire and they immediately gush about how nice it feels.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 10

In classic minimalist Waltzing Matilda style, the straps are hand stitched directly to the body of the tote. A small hanging pocket is attached to one side with copper rivets at the top.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 7

My tote is a beautiful rich black, with a lovely Horween sheen. The Market Tote also comes in Brown, Medium Brown, Grey (with black straps), and Navy (with brown straps).


The Market Tote is 13.5”H X 14.5”W X 4.5”D, making it large enough to carry pretty much anything. You can use it as an everyday carry bag or for a quick trip to the farmer’s market. The inside is unlined and undyed, but any wear adds to the charm.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 4

The small inside pocket is slim but plenty deep, and great for stashing keys and a phone so you don’t have to fish around the bottom.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 3

The leather for the straps is struck through, which is a nice touch. The straps are long enough for comfortable over the shoulder carry. They’re not particularly thick, but have plenty of strength as long as you’re not carrying around an anvil.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 5


I absolutely love my Waltzing Matilda Market Tote. It’s simple, but the beautiful Horween leather stands out and gets compliments everywhere I go. If you’re looking for a bargain, the Waltzing Matilda store is probably not the best choice for you. However, the Market Tote is handmade in the United States with top-notch materials that get noticed. It’s a tote that you’ll be proud to carry wherever you go.

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 8Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 9  Waltzing Matilda Market Tote 11

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