Featured Leather Company Listing

If you’re interested in improving your company’s presence within the leather industry a premium listing within our leather company directory is a great option. You will have any advantages over the regular listings within our directory and will provide your company with increased exposure on one of the most trusted resources within the leather industry. 

What Does a Featured Listing Look Like?

Below you can see what it looks like when you become a featured company within our directory:

Benefits of a Featured Listing

Our leather company directory (http://bestleather.org/leather-companies/) is our second most visited page on our entire website and having your company on this page is going to drive targeted traffuc back to your website.

The main benefit of having a featured listing is that you’ll get to list your site above the 300+ other companies already within our directory. Not only do you get to put your listing above everyone else, but you also get to have a company logo and a company description for the readers to see. Standard listings to not get these features.


  • List your company at the top of the directory page above the rest of the companies
  • The ability to add your own 250×250 company logo to your listing
  • The image you choose will be clickable (meaning it will allow people to click on the image and they will be taken to your website)
  • A more detailed company description

Leather Directory Stats

Below you can see that our leather company page is the second most visited page on the entire Best Leather website:

Pricing – $25/month

There will be a $25/month charge to become a featured company.

Things Needed to get Started

If you’re interested in becoming a featured company we will need a few things in order to get you setup. The things we need are as follows:

  1. 250×250 logo you wish to use for your company
  2. Website URL of your company
  3. Location of your company
  4. Description of your company (limit of 250 characters)

Once we have these things from you we can add your company as a featured listing.


If you’re interested in becoming a featured company then you can get in contact with us by email [email protected]. Or you can fill out the contact form below We look forward to hearing from you!

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