Olpr. Leather Goods Natural Leather Watchband Review – $49

Watches and leather..two luxurious things many luster over. The two combined makes for quite the fashion statement. Although I own only 2 watches, I love to interchange the bands based on season, formal attire or just fun!

Besides specializing in bags, wallets and other leather goods, Olpr’s watchbands have been quite popular due to the customizable nature with leathers and a wide range of classic and colorful thread colors.

Olpr. Leather Goods makes custom leather and thread watch bands using rich Horween leather that is sure to spice up your wrist wear.

About Olpr. Leather Goods Co.

Olpr. Leather Goods Co. is a small family business, started in Ukraine. All of the items are made to order, but they also have a showroom in the workshop where the customers can come and choose something from stock.
One day, Viktor, the company’s tailor, decided to sew the kind of wallet he had always wanted—a simple pocket wallet with a straight seam. It was so well made that he sold it the next day. He made another; he sold another. Soon, we were making leather goods for all of their friends. Their goods became so popular that they were invited to the arts markets. They sold everything they made. They had found their calling—creating leather goods.
The Internet gave Olpr. the exciting opportunity to sell their goods outside Ukraine. They could share their passion all over the world. But the distance caused a problem-shipping to the U. S. could take up to a month. That was not the type of service they wanted to provide, so they moved to North Carolina to be closer to their many American friends who value the handmade leather products.


All of the leathers used are the full-grain cowhides sourced from Horween tannery. High grade thread comes in several different colors ranging from the classic white, brown and black to more fun colors like orange, blue, green. The buckle is stainless steel. The bands are available in various widths and lengths. They also carry bands tailored to fit apple watches.


I absolutely love the fact that not only are these watches made from high quality leather, but you can customize them to fit your skin, wardrobe, or just overall style. I personally wear a lot of blues and light colors so chose a sky blue thread color that compliments the natural Horween brown and has a gorgeous pull up effect. I can’t wait to see what this leather looks like through age. The buckle is very basic and lightweight which is one thing to keep in mind. I actually prefer this. I own some watch bands with a very clunky and heavy hardware and although that is a statement, it is nice to have a buckle with a low profile to put the attention on the leather band and, of course, the watch.


At $49 for a Horween leather customizable watch band like this, I truly believe it is a great value. Other customizable bands I have come across can easily go for $100 and over. The leather is gorgeous with some natural marks and scars from the hide and the thread colors are fun to mix and match. I am already contemplating another color combination! Check them out -Here-.

E3 Supply Co. Leather Cuff Band for Apple Watch Review – $99

Have you ever had a product speak to you? The moment you see it, even on a webpage, it just has this immense draw? That’s what happened to me when I saw E3 Supply Co.’s Leather Cuff Band for Apple Watch. Incredibly, when I finally got to see it in person, it was better than I imagined. I’m happy to introduce this killer Apple Watch accessory to you today.

About E3 Supply Co.

E3 Supply Co. began from a passion for building custom motorcycles, and has now extended to creating killer leather accessories for their riders. This company prides itself on hand making each product from start to finish, all at their headquarters in Brooklyn. As far as companies go E3 is as cool as they come. I highly recommend following their Instagram, which includes cross-country camper adventures, musical pursuits, and, of course, plenty of leather (and sometimes discounts on said leather!). It’s been my pleasure to get to know David, Erin, and their crew over at E3 over the course of several reviews (with many more to come!).

Leather & Construction

The leather and construction of the Cuff Band are based on E3’s non-cuff Watch Band for Apple Watch. It’s made with legendary Horween Chromexcel leather. This means it’s tough, soft, looks great, and will only get better with time and use. Complementing the Chromexcel is military grade steel hardware and a few high quality, hand stitched threads.

The stitches are very discreet.

Note that Chromexcel will stretch some at first and isn’t as bulletproof as some leathers, but I find both of these to be trivial concerns.


I’m a big fan of using Chromexcel for a watch strap. It’s incredibly soft and simply feels fantastic on your wrist. The thick cuff doesn’t make you sweat or pull at your skin at all. As a result, it has a comfortable second-skin sort of feel that stays comfortable all day.

Everything operates smoothly on the Cuff Band. There’s plenty of size adjustment holes to get a just-right fit and tighten things as the leather breaks in. E3 offers two strap lengths, as well. The hardware slides along the leather nicely, which makes it that much easier to get off and on.

Cutout allows Apple Watch sensors to track your activity.


Disclaimer: this band fits my style preferences to a T. Perhaps that means I’m a little biased, but let’s be honest. The E3 Cuff Band is downright gorgeous.

It’s made with Chromexcel, which looks good no matter what. In addition, the styling of the cuff in conjunction with the strap give this incredibly masculine, devil-may-care look. It’s “like Indiana Jones decided to become the lead singer of The Strokes.” Perhaps Uncharted’s Nathan Drake decided he needs a smart watch. Either way, E3 nailed it, and this strap is stunning. Other leather straps help me tolerate the unfavorable square look of the Apple Watch. The E3 Cuff Band makes me love it.


Pros: Chromexcel, great construction, smooth operation, downright stunning looks, very reasonable price

Cons: Nothing noteworthy

I sincerely tried to think of something worth noting in my “cons” list, but none come to mind. E3 Supply Co. offers great construction, great materials, and killer style with their Leather Cuff Band for Apple Watch. What’s more, they’re aggressively priced at only $99! I highly recommend this strap as a huge upgrade to your Apple Watch. Swing by E3’s online store and check out their variety of leather goods, many of which would make fantastic and well-priced Christmas gifts this season.

Buffalo Jackson Dakota Apple Watch Band Review – $84.95

A quality leather strap is a fantastic upgrade for your Apple Watch, and I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several in recent months. Today we’re going to be looking at Buffalo Jackson’s Dakota Apple Watch Band. This strap is assembled well with quality leather, breaks in nicely, and has a look that fits in just about anywhere.

About Buffalo Jackson

Buffalo Jackson company goal is “to create a clothing line that fits a man who knows how to tie a bowtie as well as a dry fly.” Founder Xan Hood was inspired to create their men’s clothing line by seeing a contrast to the styles of masculinity that existed in the world. On one side there’s the polo wearing city man, on the other, the flannel wearing mountain man. He calls the overlap of these styles the rugged gentleman.

The company creed, Honor Your Wild, is described on the Field Guide included with every purchase.

Leather & Construction

The Dakota strap is constructed with top-grain leather, nylon stitching, nickel hardware, and a reinforcing copper rivet.

Top-grain leather isn’t as tough as full-grain, but the Dakota is made with two layers and is nice and thick. Strength won’t be an issue. In addition, the look of the leather is very uniform. My Saddle Tan color strap looks great and has a small amount of pull-up. The leather is also nice and soft, and edge stitching minimizes stretch. A copper rivet is used near the buckle for extra reinforcement at what is probably the highest stress point on the strap.

This strap is going to hold up well compliments of the good materials used and skillful assembly.


When the Dakota was brand new, I had a bit of a hard time using the buckle. I was nervous the strap was a touch too thick for the size of the buckle, and therefore difficult to thread. I was very impressed by how well it wore in, however. After a couple weeks of wear the leather began to shape to its use and was much easier to work with.

The Dakota only has a single floating keeper strap. I personally prefer this paired with a static one near the buckle, though the advantage is that there’s less underneath your wrist when you’re sitting at a desk or using a computer. In addition, the keeper is the same soft leather as the rest of the strap, so even more comfort when typing. Though sometimes the keeper would rotate so I couldn’t see the cool Buffalo logo!

As far as simple strap function goes, the Dakota does a great job. Buckle holes are tightly spaced and two lengths of strap are included to make sure you’ll get a good fit.


I’ve found that rarely do I feel that I need to switch straps when I’m wearing the Dakota. I love the Saddle Tan color I have here. It matches formal attire as well as rugged outdoors gear, perfectly adhering to Buffalo Jackson’s idea of the rugged gentleman.

The uniform contrast stitching complements the color nicely. The Buffalo logo is a nice touch to the keeper. I love how the copper rivet looks, but it’s sadly hidden behind the excess strap when wearing. I think my favorite part is the patina development. The saddle tan has deepened nicely.


I’d definitely suggest the Buffalo Jackson Dakota Apple Watch Band for anyone hoping to upgrade the look of their Apple Watch (particularly if you’re still wearing the awful one Apple provides!). It’s tough, versatile, and the price is right.

Arrow & Board Simple Apple Watch Band Review – $149

I love watch straps, I love shell cordovan, and I love unique products. The Arrow & Board Simple Apple Watch Band in Shell Cordovan Reverse offers all three. This strap showcases the unique green underside of black shell cordovan, is lightweight and comfortable, and features top notch materials and construction.

About Arrow & Board

Arrow & Board is a family owned and operated company out of Austin, Texas. Zackary and Jackie Brown began the company inspired by a love of heirloom-quality watches and tech accessories. They actually began the company with Apple Watch straps, and have grown to include other tech accessories, classic leather products, and home decor. Their company aims to break the modern mold of disposable products by offering timeless pieces of their own.

Leather and Construction

The Simple Apple Watch Band is made with Horween shell cordovan leather. If you don’t know much about the granddaddy of leathers, make sure to check out our page about it. Here’s the brief version: it’s incredibly strong and looks amazing! One of the big advantages of using shell on a watch strap is that it can be quite thin but still be stronger than most straps at twice the thickness. This means it’s very lightweight, which I appreciate.

The hardware used is also a bit more lean than other similar watches I’ve used. It’s stainless steel and brass, so there won’t be any durability issues, but it does save a few grams.

Construction is well done. Cutting is done by laser for precision. Stitching is done by hand with polyester and is very uniform. Burnishing makes the sleek shell even more classy.


Like many products we review, a watch strap is a relatively simple product. So we have to look at some of the subtle aspects that make the use experiences better or worse. Long story short, it nicely holds your watch to your wrist!

The lightweight construction makes this strap more lean, less noticeable, and therefore more comfortable. The strength of the shell cordovan means minimal stretching. The shell is fairly thin and nicely burnished on the edges. These attributes combine to make the strap more easy to use than thicker cow leather straps I’ve used. It’s easier to thread through the keepers as you pull it on and off.

Speaking of the keeper straps, they’re leather on this Arrow & Board strap! I’m a fan of this, as it means less things to push into your skin if you’re using the strap while typing at a desk in comparison to metal keepers. I wish the sliding keeper was a bit smaller, though. I wear my watch straps a bit loose and this keeper tends to float around a lot.

The quality construction and shell cordovan leather work together to enhance the experience of using this strap.


If I’m honest, I don’t know why Horween’s black shell cordovan is green on the underside. I’ve inquired Horween about it, and will hopefully have an answer soon (perhaps in time for our upcoming review of Arrow & Board’s minimal wallet in the same color!). However, I do know that it looks awesome!

If you want to see the classic shell cordovan sheen, you’ll have to look at the inside of this strap. The green reverse side is much more matte, with a gentle texture to it. It’s muted enough to not have an overly loud appearance, but being green, still has a unique look that can catch attention.

I feel that the appearance of this strap is very well balanced. It’s subtle, yet stands out. As a result, I’ve used this as an all-occasions strap. I’m just as content using it to go outdoors as I am to wear it with the right suit.


The Arrow & Board Simple Apple Watch Band in Shell Cordovan Reverse is a fantastic high-end watch strap. I love the unique green look of the reversed shell that helps it both stand out and fit in. Shell cordovan allows the strap to be both strong and impressively lightweight. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to use.

The price may seem high for a watch strap, but some research into shell cordovan will show it’s roughly in line with the market. This particular strap features a few small enhancements, such as hand stitching and burnishing, that further enhance the value.

I highly recommend this strap to make using your Apple Watch an even more enjoyable experience.

Shell on shell

Da Luca Straps – Pauscovitz, Brennan, Blundtund

We’ve recently had the opportunity to team up as watch-wearing BestLeather writers to show you a few different offerings from Da Luca Straps. You may remember Da Luca from our review of one of their NATO straps a few years back. Da Luca is still hand-making high caliber watch straps, and today we’d like to show you the Pauscovitz, Brennan, and Blundtund.

Pauscovitz Watch Strap Review – $220

The Pauscovitz is a 22mm Swiss Army ammo pouch leather strap. I received this strap to be paired with my 42mm Apple Watch. The leather is incredibly thick and rugged! This might be a good thing, since the vintage leather may not last as long as freshly tanned leather. This strap should last for ages. The leather is skived significantly near the watch so it can fit around the pins.

I love the marks and stitches that came from the ammo pouch, and was bummed when a couple of these stitches fell out after a few weeks. The stitching actually done by Da Luca is done well and has held strong. I had to clip off the ends of the thread, but I wondered if this was intentional to match the vintage style. Overall it looks fantastic, and I’ve received quite a few compliments.

The buckle is very large, and matches the incredible thickness of the leather well. I thought it would press into my wrist, but it’s never once bothered me. Originally the strap’s width actually struggled to slide through the buckle, but over time the strap has worn in and things have become more smooth. While I did get a good fit right in the middle, I wish there was more sizing holes.

The pricing on the Pauscovitz is definitely on the luxury end, which makes sense, as Da Luca originally made their straps for Panerai brand watches. In comparison, this strap would seem like a pittance, though it’s over half the cost of my Apple Watch! It is made quite well and looks fantastic. The vintage ammo pouch leather is somewhat rare, as well. If the look suits your fancy this sort of strap may be for you.

Review Written by Bobby

More Pictures of the Pauscovitz Watch Strap

Brennan Watch Strap Review – $170

This watch strap from Da Luca is particularly adept at fitting in almost anywhere. Made of premium Horween color 8 shell cordovan means it’s built to last. It’s made of a single layer and unlined so the stitching is purely for aesthetics, but it looks great and stays lightweight. One nice touch, that I haven’t seen on many bands, is the edges of the band where it’s folded for the spring bars of the watch are skived to be a bit thinner. This gives the band a very uniform thickness.

If there was fault to be had it’s that there is only the single floating keeper. I typically prefer two keepers, one stitched and stationary and the other floating. As with all luxury goods, value is arbitrary and I’m of the option that if it’s what you want it’s worth the price. Da Luca has tons of designs and leathers to pick from so check them out and see if you can find the next accessory to go with the mechanical marvel on your wrist.

Review Written by Caleb

More Pictures of the Brennen Watch Strap

Blundtlund Watch Strap Review – $205

The Blundtlund strap is one of the vintage straps Da Luca offers to accommodate watches with 22mm lug widths. It is made from Swiss Ammo Pouch leather with notable thickness. This is a much thicker strap than your typical two-piece leather strap. The specific color is a light caramel color that I presume will eventually patina to a darker brown color. It goes well with black or white dialed watches. Being that this is a full stitch strap and not particularly dressy, I’d say it makes a great strap for everyday and casual wear. With that in mind, I suggest it pairs well with field watches such as the Hamilton Khaki models as well as big-faced watches such as Panerai and aviation-style watches.

The buckle has a nice brushed finish with signed logo. The strap uses two keepers to secure the excess strap when wearing. I’ve got about 6.5 inch wrists, and usually used the second to smallest hole when sizing. For a watch with a larger lug to lug length, the middle hole served me well. The strap does come with spring bar tubes for certain panerai models, but unless your watch is made to handle spring bar tubes or has drilled lugs, I would avoid trying to use them.

In contrast to other quality leather straps I own, I’d say this one is built tough enough to handle more than just fall-winter wear without fear of rapid degrading. The thickness of the strap is very solid, able to easily withstand cold winters as well as a little bit of sweat during the summer. Throughout my months of use, the strap holes have held up with no fear of expanding past expected limits. As with any leather strap, I’d suggest not swimming with it.

As has been mentioned, value for luxury items like this is relative to the watches and owners it will be attached to. Quality straps can be had for less, but likely not on par with Da Luca’s buckle, full stitching, and somewhat rare leather. I honestly am impressed with the Da Luca Blundtlund strap. It has held up, its stunning, and seems like an excellent daily strap for me.

Review Written by Mike

More Pictures of the Blundtlund Watch Strap

SNPR Crazy Horse Strap Review – $265.00

I was at Costo awhile back stocking up on gallon mayonnaise and 48 pack Cliff bars. Between pilfering the Ferrero Rocher sample stand and looking for my wife, I came across the jewelry cases. Looking through the glass I saw the watches steadily climb in quality and price until I hit the grail piece at the end, a Panerai listed at a cool $10k. Scrutinizing the piece I noticed the strap and was unimpressed. I mean, it was nice of course but looked a tad skimpy and sterile. My humble Hamilton had a much nicer strap, a SNPR Crazy Horse Strap.

This piece tends to exude a spirit of adventure


We’ve reviewed one of SNPR’s designs in the past, so we were no strangers to the solid build quality. However, the Crazy Horse leather is new to SNPR’s lineup.

When asked about the leather itself, SNPR replied Crazy Horse Leathers are made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been buffed and smoothed out. The type of wax used rests independently upon the leather fibers allowing the coloration of the leather surface to change if rubbed without the colors immediately reversing back. This process of rubbing and altering the color shades is what causes the antique appearance and is exactly what the craze for this leather is all about.

Tons of character exhibited in the handmade craftsmanship

This American sourced leather is about 4mm thick, or roughly two  Washington quarters stacked. The thread is 4 ply nylon cord. The watch features 4 arbor pressed notches which should accommodate anywhere from a 6” to 7.75” inch wrist. The buckle is a torched stainless steel.


I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes a thick leather band isn’t always the most comfortable feeling on the wrist. Thankfully though, the Crazy Horse leather is remarkably pliable. In about a week it was already as flexible and soft as my Horween SNPR strap that is more than 2 years old. My wrist is about 7” and I was between notches but previous experience led me to use the tighter fitting and the leather accommodated to my wrist in no time resulting in a very custom fit.

The thick leather helps keep the collar of my shirts back for easy time reading

It’s been pretty frigid on the east coast this winter and the Crazy Horse had a lot of wrist time in low temps, I’m happy to report no chaffing on the wrist or stiffening of the leather in the cold. Since the weather here is as predictable as my ex, I also got to wear this watch in 70 degree weather and handles warm weather nicely. Usually I switch to a NATO strap when Summer hits but thanks to the high quality leather and the notches, it breathes quite well and I can expect all season wear.


The Crazy Horse is a seemingly understated strap at first glance. It lacks a glossy finish and exhibits a more matte coloring. I really like how it adds to the appeal of my watch, rather than competes with it. I can liken it to a 1969 Camaro with classic American Racing Torq Thrust rims as opposed to 20” chromes.

The pull up on this leather is exquisite. You can bend the strap and see the oils disperse and then rub them back over. The leather almost seems pre distressed and lends well to the vintage look. One of my favorite features on this strap is the torched buckle. It has a pearlescent quality as the colors seem to morph when exposed to light. If torched is a little too exuberant, you can opt for stainless steel, PVD, Vintage PVD or polished.  Another note, this particular strap is 22mm at the lugs, but tapers to 20mm for a less bulky and more refined presentation.


I won’t beat around the bush, $265 is a very costly figure, and some won’t understand how a strap can cost more than a decent watch. However, these straps are usually paired with watches that range into the thousands. The quality is there, the craftsmanship is there. SNPR Straps Crazy Horse is the quintessential rugged brown leather strap.


E3 Supply Co. Horween Leather Watch Band for Apple Watch – $69

Continuing E3’s trend of making very cool gear aimed at the riders of their custom motorcycles, today we’ll be looking at E3 Supply Co’s Horween Leather Watch Band for Apple Watch. This rugged strap features chromexcel, military style hardware, and a great look for most occasions.

About E3 Supply Co.

E3 Supply Co. began from a passion for building custom motorcycles, and has now extended to creating killer leather accessories for their riders. The company prides itself on hand making each product from start to finish, all at their headquarters in Brooklyn. As far as companies go E3 is as cool as they come. I highly recommend following their Instagram, which includes cross-country camper adventures, musical pursuits, and, of course, plenty of leather.


Hand construction on this watch strap is extremely well done. This is a fairly simple product, but in many ways this makes the little things stand out even more. Edges are cut well, the pair of stitches are seamless, and the skiving and glueing are smooth. I see no flaws in the assembly of this strap. 

The chromexcel leather and steel, military style hardware are carefully selected for quality control and should endure a lifetime of abuse. This leaves the stitching as the weakest link (true of most leather products), but the minimum amount of high quality waxed thread should hold up equally long.


The great construction extends to a well functioning strap. Buckle holes are placed over a wide range and with minimal separation–which is good, as the strap will stretch a bit with use, and you’ll probably need a tighter hole or two over time. The quality leather and hardware make it easy to get your watch off and on, and it feels great on your wrist. Chromexcel isn’t waterproof, but this strap has endured rain and spills with no issue.

If you work a computer job like I do, the hardware can become painful when your wrist is resting on a desk. This is an issue most any watch strap, short of a button stud, will face, and the heavy duty hardware on the E3 strap is no exception.

Overall, the E3 Apple Watch strap functions very well.


I won’t lie; I’m not a big fan of the Apple Watch’s look. Never have been. The square watch doesn’t suit my fancy. Thankfully, a good strap can do a lot to compensate for this. E3’s Horween strap executes this well. It adds a rugged, masculine feel to the watch. The lines of the leather add rigidity and the curves of the hardware complement the curves of the Apple Watch. It all works together really well.

I have the silver Apple Watch, and the natural chromexcel strap is great for a more casual look, where the black chromexcel version feels a bit more classy for dress up occasions (black on silver). E3 has options that fit whether you want a unique feel, something to match your outfit, or something to match your watch.


I’ve been using E3 Supply Co’s Horween Leather Watch Band for Apple Watch for several months. I still enjoy putting it on every day. It feels both rugged and refined simultaneously. It enhances the look of the Apple Watch significantly. It’s not completely ideal for use while at a desk, but otherwise works well in nearly every situation. I highly recommend this Buy It For Life product.

E3 Supply. Co. makes their Apple Watch straps in a variety of styles out of numerous Horween leathers. Check out the selection in their shop!

North Star Mystery Braid Leather Button-Stud Watch Band – $16

Being a leather enthusiast has a habit of leading you into many different expensive hobby’s. It doesn’t take long before you find some really excellent watch straps and subsequently to an expensive watch. Luckily I’m about to introduce you guys to what I believe is one of the best values you could hope for in a watch strap.


The North Star Mystery Braid Leather Button-Stud Watch Band is a new take on a fairly common idea. It is just a single piece watch strap held together with a button stud. When making something simple like this it’s crucial that the the materials be top notch. North Star Leather has turned to Horween and SB Foot (Red Wing Boot’s in house tannery) and solid metal hardware to construct their watch bands.

They use several different colors from each tannery ensuring that there is a color to fit your preference. Each band is woven into a braided design, and depending on the level of commitment you make to their Kickstarter can include a small leather bag.


I’m quite an enthusiast of the button stud watch band design, since like many others I spend a large portion of my day on the computer. Due to the lack of a clasp, and the closure of the band sitting above your wrist, resting your wrist on a desk all day with this band isn’t going to cause any discomfort. You can be free to move your wrist in any manner and you’ll still be comfortable throughout the day.


The braided design of the band lends itself to a more casual watch, and casual wear. While it may look out of place on a diver or dress watch it looks right at home on field watches and any thing else with a casual look.

The simple design of the button-stud band paired with the extra effort to braid the band gives it true beauty while still being understated. By being constructed with tried and true hard wearing materials there shouldn’t be any issue with durability or longevity.


If you can’t tell by the overall tone of this review I’m quite smitten with these watch bands. They are a phenomenal watch band made with top tier materials at an incredibly low price. North Star Leather has been in business for over 40 years so their Kickstarter is something you can fund with the utmost confidence. Go place your order now and get a great deal on a great watch band!

Total Watch Repair Black Genuine Alligator Watch Strap Review – $134.95

When you get a nice watch, one of the most important things to do is finding yourself a good watchmaker. You can easily take it back to the brand for a repair (if they offer it), but it will typically cost you a fair amount to get any type of service done. Because of this, independent watchmakers abound. There are many good ones, but there are also a lot of bad ones who will take your watch, spray it down with WD-40 and call it a day. For this reason it is a good idea to do your research and find a watchmaker who has what it takes to do right by your timepiece.


Total Watch Repair is a stellar watch repair business that’s been located in Los Angeles for nearly 25 years. Many in the watch community trust them with their precious watches including a few who are authorities on the luxury watch industry. But I’m not here to talk about their watch repair capabilities, though they are great, I am here to let you know about the straps that they offer.


After a few years of constant wear, the strap or bracelet can look less than presentable. To give your watch a fresh look or simply to shake things up a bit, all it takes is a new watch strap. By changing the strap, you can dress up or down your watch, making it a way more versatile piece of your wardrobe without too much cost or effort. Total Watch Repair offers a wide selection of straps as well as the option to change it during a service. They have all of the major watch strap manufacturers along with almost any style you could want. I decided to try and dress up my Omega Seamaster by changing the bracelet out with Hadley Roma Black Alligator leather strap.


When you purchase a watch band from Total Watch Repair, you can expect to get a quality strap. This gator strap is no exception. Hadley Roma is the standard of watch strap makers. They produce sturdy leather bands that will take a beating and still look good and they do it at attractive prices. The one I received is made from an excellent cut of black Louisiana Alligator leather top and tan calf skin backing and is stitched with black thread. I have several alligator and crocodile straps at varying price points and this one has a similar feel to the best of them.



There were a few corners cut, such as burnishing of the edges and the thickness of the thread and edge. I definitely think that these are acceptable sacrifices since the leather itself is of excellent quality and the price of the strap itself. If I were to get this specifically for a dress watch, especially a high-end dress watch, I would splurge and get something with a little more refinement, but for the majority of buyers, these small imperfections will not be noticeable nor will they affect the sturdiness of the strap.



If you are wondering, “why alligator?” the answer is simple. Alligator is quite possible the most comfortable watch strap leather. It takes no time at all to break in and it doesn’t break down like cowhide does after repeatedly bending the tongue back and forth through the buckle. On top of being extremely comfortable, alligator leather can make almost any watch ready to be paired with a suit. It is a naturally dressy leather, especially when it is black.



The Hadley Roma band is pretty classy. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing this with a t-shirt and pair of jeans because, in my opinion and the opinion of many others in the watch industry, black alligator is strictly a dress material. Even though dress standards have laxed since the Carter administration, this code has stood the test of time. With that said, the black alligator really dresses up the tool watch and makes it ready for my next black-tie event. The scales add a nice texture too.



Hadley Roma is the best major, all-purpose strap maker out there. Their straps are bargains for the quality and craftsmanship and they tend to hold up quite a long time with typical use. The Hadley Roma Black Alligator Strap is no exception. The leather and materials are quality and feel of wearing alligator is worth the price tag alone. I would definitely recommend anyone who is wanting to spice up their watch and give it a more luxury feel to check out Total Watch Repair’s strap selection. While you are at it, take a look at their services, especially if your watch is in need of a little TLC.


Total Watch Repair Honey Genuine Alligator Leather Watch Strap Review $249.95

Purchasing a new watch band is a great way to add some renewed interest in an old timepiece. A lot like going into your closet to find an outfit for a special occasion, simply changing bands can add a whole new character to your wrist watch. We’ve reviewed a number of watch bands so we were particularly excited to test out a Banda Honey Genuine Alligator Leather Watch Strap offered by Total Watch Repair.

Alligator (3)


Established in 1992, Total Watch Repair is a family owned business located in Los Angeles. Members of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, they specialize in watch repair. You can also purchase timepieces at their retail outlet, and with an A+ rating from the BBB, they’re about as legit as any horophile could hope to be.

Alligator (7)


The strap is made from…you guessed it, genuine alligator skin. It’s a matte finish with a honey color. Matching thread keeps the color uniform and a silver plated buckle completes the look. The alligator leather is pretty flexible and shows some interesting scaling, but aside from that looks almost identical to cow’s leather from a distance. It is a really thin leather with an almost synthetic smoothness. The buckle feels a bit cheap and doesn’t exude quality. The watch’s backside indicates it is made by Banda, a global strap manufacturer so I don’t place blame on Total Watch Repair.

Alligator (2)


Alligator (9)

The strap does it’s job of keeping the timepiece secure on my wrist. There is one fixed strap keeper and one floating keeper that keep excess strap neatly contained. There is no discomforting pinch from the buckle when moving the wrist, and the notch spacing allowed for a good fit. A watch strap’s main purpose is to keep it on your wrist, and this strap carries this task out like any other.

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The strap doesn’t offer the “wow” factor I was expecting. I would have liked to have seen deeper scaling, and perhaps some scarring. Just something that gave testament to the fact that this was made from the hide of one of nature’s most deadliest predators. Aside from the creases, this just looks like a very subdued, cheap leather strap. It’s a formal design, I chose to wear it with my suit and found it could barely pull off the look. Much like the Big Mac at McDonalds, this strap looks better in staged pictures than it does in person.

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Here at BestLeather we like to give every product received a fair chance. I personally cannot recommend the Banda Honey Genuine Alligator Leather Watch Strap. Priced at a premium of $249.95, there are such better options out there from skilled crafters. However, Total Watch Repair continues to stand out as an exemplary timepiece service center and offers many other promising bands at very affordable prices.


Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO Watch Strap Review – $135

Watch straps get little credit. Most of the focus is on the time piece itself, which is understandable. Although, for an accessory most use everyday, overlooking the strap can compromise your enjoyment of the watch. Most stock bands are boring, cheaply made and uncomfortable. It’s like cruising in your Bugatti on Firestone 500s.  Investing in a quality strap will only add to your watch wearing enjoyment. That’s where the 1 Piece Nato Watch Strap from DaLuca Straps comes into play.

Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO (3)

ABOUT DaLuca Straps

DaLuca straps has been in business since 2009. Based out of San Diego, the brand was born with the mission to provide owners of high end timepieces with quality alternatives to the otherwise stagnant selection on the market. They boast an impressive selection of straps, all handmade and individually named. They also work with discerning customers by offering to tailor the length/width of the strap and options to change the stitching color or buckle finish. DaLuca Straps also carries a wide assortment of other leather goods including belts, wallets and travel cases.

Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO (1)


The band received was the 1 Piece Nato in Brown Chromexcel. The strap is thin and this is a requirement for all NATOs in order to fit between the spring bars and under the case. There are 9 notches along the band that will cover just about every wrist size. Stainless steel hardware is used for the buckle and the 4 ply waxed linen thread stitching is very tidy. The brown Chromexcel offers great contrasts and exhibits that signature pull up wonderfully. The leather is also surprisingly elastic, being able to stretch and conform to my wrist. The simple straightforward fabrication reassures the end user that the strap will last and last.

Daluca Straps 0 Piece Nato


NATO straps have British military origins. The 1 piece strap might confuse first time buyers but it actually couldn’t be more simple to install. Just feed the notched end through the spring bar and under the case and back up through the bottom spring bar. No tools needed. After wearing this watch I realized in the first 5 minutes this was simply the most comfortable strap I’ve ever wore. The buttery soft Chromexcel leather is very supple with zero break in needed. Thanks to the amount of notches I was able to find the perfect fit and the watch felt very secure on my wrist with little to no slip.

Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO (12)


The 1 Piece Nato is a very simple design that blends in perfectly with just about any analog watch imaginable. This strap could pair with a Timex Weekender just as well as it could with a Rolex Explorer. The white thread provides just the right amount of contrast to give character and style to the strap without being too loud. The strap does not have a  floating keeper so the excess band is tucked into the metal loops much like a  D-Ring belt, while not very streamlined this method keeps the “tail” of the watch in place.

Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO (9)                          
Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO (10)


The DaLuca Straps 1 Piece NATO Watch Strap is a solid choice for the first time strap buyer. You can’t go wrong with NATO simplicity and luxurious Chromexcel leather. Thanks to the easy installation you can swap this strap to other watches depending on the occasion or your mood. Priced at $135 also makes it more affordable than most handmade straps.  If you want to compliment your timepiece with a comfortable, timeless design, this strap is certainly worth your consideration.

SNPR Leather Works Custom Watch Strap Review – $170

I recently acquired a Hamilton Field Khaki watch that came with a stainless steel bracelet. It was nice, but much too formal and I was in the market for something more casual while still maintaining the classic appeal of the time piece. That is how I found and purchased a SNPR Leather Works Custom Watch Strap.



SNPR Leather Works has been around since 2011 and operates out of New Jersey by the owner, designer, and maker, Joe D’Agostino. In addition to watch straps, SNPR offers wallets, keychains, belts, and even shirts. All the leather goods are handmade by D’Agostino. I’ve had the chance to correspond with Joe via email several times during the course of my order and I can say that his customer service is great and response times to inquiries are fast.



The strap received was the Horween Chestnut Dublin. As the name implies it is a chestnut color which displays beautiful contrasts and exhibits some natural scarring for added character. The vegetable tanned leather is beefy, measuring in around 4.5-5mm in thickness. Nylon bonded thread is used on the strap. Stitching is very clean and tight, no loose ends in sight. Arbor pressed holes for the threading and notches are smooth. Edges are natural cut which leaves the full grain exposed for a rugged allure. The buckle is brushed stainless steel. The floating keeper is cut from the same hide to ensure proper color matching. Overall presentation of the strap is nearly flawless but with enough coarseness to give evidence to its handmade fabrication.



Upon first use you can’t help but notice the stiff, stubborn nature of the strap. This is perfectly normal of new leather and will become more pliable with use. I have a 7” wrist and found myself switching between the third and fourth notches, one being too tight and the other too loose. However the leather will stretch with wear and I suspect the tighter fit will eventually become comfortable. When on the wrist the fit is comfortable but noticeable. This is an inherent trade off with thicker straps, but not enough to forgo their use. The large buckle can sometimes be felt on the tendons of the inner forearm when performing wrist movements but a looser fitting will correct this. I like my watches snugly fitted with little play on the wrists so an occasional pinch from the buckle is expected. Once on and about my daily business the strap performs admirably. The large 44mm Hamilton feels secure and looks confident.




The size of the strap will overpower smaller watches but I feel it will compliment any large faced timepiece. I found myself checking the time more often than necessary just to admire the quality and visual appeal. Even my wife who wouldn’t notice me wearing a Patek Philippe remarked on how good the watch looked and that speaks volumes. It’s rugged and yet subtle, imagine Tom Selleck chopping wood in a wool blazer. The waxed pull up (a term referring to the lines in the leather caused from pulling and stretching) leather will only get better with age and I anticipate a beautiful patina in a short while.



The $170 price might not be for everyone but you certainly get what you pay for in quality and looks. With a huge variety of leathers and thread colors offered you’re sure to find something to your liking. These straps will last you for years to come, and only look better with age. So if you’re in the market be sure to consider a SNPR Leather Works Custom Watch Strap.

Form Function Form Button-Stud Watchband Review – $48

Perfection—pərˈfekSHən: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

It’s something that nearly everyone strives for, and something that everyone fails at achieving. So when there is something that it close to perfection but not quite perfect, it’s almost easier to simply lump it into the “perfect” category.


The adjustable Button-Stud Watchband (in brown Chromexcel) from Form-Function-Form is simply the best watchband I have ever used. For me, it was something like searching for the Holy Grail. Some were too expensive for my tastes – others were too thick. Some were too stiff…but not this one. This one perfectly suits my every need and want.

This watchband is made of time-tested Horween leather. To me, having Horween leather is important. Horween is one of the few leather tanneries left in the USA. They’ve been around for over one hundred years and have practically written the book on how to make excellent leather. Their videos about how they make leather are simply mesmerizing. The leather of this band is so soft that I just take if off to play with it at times!


Form-Function-Form also includes a paper note-tag that has includes the Horween stamp at the top, and FFF’s description beneath it. At the bottom it says, “Do not handle with care. We can take it.” Yes and amen.

I didn’t want a watchband that was thick. It could be because I have short hands, but my previous watchbands would always rest awkwardly on the edge of my laptop when I typed. (My apologies to Ms. Jensen, my 8th grade typing teacher, for so frequently violating the rule that you should always keep your hands elevated above, rather than letting them rest on the space in front of the keyboard!) But this band’s thin profile is barely noticeable when I go back and forth from reading and typing.


The design is creative and brilliant. With conventional watchbands you pull the band tight, find the right notch, secure it with a buckle, and slip the end through a strap loop. Not a bad approach, for sure since it has served many a generation and is still going strong. With the design of this strap, however, the notches are on the inside and it’s held in place by a metal screw/stud. So unless you’re gaining and losing weight frequently, you will likely find one notch that fits your wrist well and stick with that setting. The two metal pieces of the stud you place into the hole do occasionally become loose, especially if you are moving around a lot. But on the whole—or more precisely, in the hole—the peg and hole feel secure.


There is some overlap of the leather, but not nearly as much as there is on a normal band. And since the stud and hole are right beneath the face of the watch, it won’t ever bulge on the bottom of your wrist where you might rest it on a desk or laptop.

I love the unique yet classic logo for Form Function Form. I do wish, however, that it wasn’t hidden as much. I wish the logo was on the outside of the band, rather than being covered up by the strap wrapping around. But for those who don’t care whether the nifty logo is visible, you’ll be just fine.


If you’re looking for a low profile watchband for everyday use, I cannot recommend the Form Function Form Button-Stud Watchband highly enough. It comes in a variety of colors, widths, and stud choices so that you’ll easily be able to match it up with your favorite timepiece. At $48, it certainly won’t bust your budget and you’ll have a well-made, stylish way to brandish your watch.

~ Dustin Battles, Guest Contributor

Pulcher’s Leather Stallion Watch Strap Review – $130

One of the greatest and easiest ways to revitalize an old watch is to change out the bracelet or strap for a brand new custom leather strap. Even if your watch isn’t old, a new strap can make it a more versatile piece of your wardrobe or give it a personal flare. Over the past several years, options for aftermarket watch straps have boomed.

Today we look at the Pulcher’s Stallion Watch Strap. Pulcher’s is an online leather company based out of Indonesia that specializes in jackets, bags, and straps for both cameras and watches. They have a stylish site and an overwhelming selection of leathers and thread allowing the buyer to customize designs with whatever colors and leathers they can dream up. Even though they are based in Indonesia, their shipping is incredibly fast and turn-around time is equally speedy.



The standout feature of the strap is the leather itself. It is a thick, soft calfskin with a rich, dark brown stain; a winning combination. Everything is held together with high quality hand stitched thread and nicely finished with a brushed, pre-V style buckle. Overall, the quality is pretty nice compared to the average strap, but there are a few imperfections.


The most noticeable issue is the uneven stitching. This is something to expect from most hand-stitched items, but there were some stitches that were a bit more out of place than I would like. The second and bigger issue was that after a few days of use, a stitch fell out close to where the spring bar loop is located causing the strap to move around more during wear. I imagine that both of these issues are not inherent flaws of the design or materials, but speed at which the artist completed the band.



The strap performs exactly how it is supposed to. Due to the incredible thickness of the leather, I never worry about it breaking allowing me to confidently let the leather accent any of my watches for years to come.

Pulcher’s 8


As I said before, this strap is quite stunning. I got it for my Vintage Seiko Speedtimer, which has a 70’s brown dial; a perfect fit for this strap, but unfortunately it had to go to the shop. So instead, I paired it with my trusted blue dialed Omega.


The brown color really makes the blue pop and the rough edges give the watch the rugged, adventurous look that it deserves. Usually I like nice burnished edges but the rough look has grown on me.

Pulcher’s 6

The biggest downside for me is the thickness. I have a skinny wrist and only wear watches that are smaller than 42mm across so the beefy strap looked a bit ridiculous on me. The area where the strap overlapped with the buckle is thicker than my watch and since my wrist is so small, I look like I have a handcuff on.

If you have a wrist larger than 7 inches or wear big watches, this will likely not be a problem, but if you are like me, you may want to look at a different style.


Pulcher’s 8

The bottom line is that Pulcher’s uses good quality leather to produce unique products. Due to the relatively high price for the average craftsmanship, at least of the product I received, I would maybe shop around a bit more if you are looking for a more traditional strap. However, if you are looking for something truly unique and custom made, Pulcher’s has a lot to offer.

Check out this strap and other great gear from Pulcher’s here!

The Strap Smith’s Italian Vintage Style Watch Strap Review – $189

So you got yourself that fancy watch you have always wanted. As time goes on, you wonder what could you do to make it just a little more special. Unfortunately, the majority of wristwatches that do not come on metal bracelets are accompanied by leather straps that don’t speak to the quality of the watch they are securing. Getting a custom band can quickly remedy this problem by making that watch look like a million.

Strap Smith 1

There are many custom strap makers online, but few have as good a reputation among watch lovers as The Strap Smith. Robert Farrington, better known as Rob Montana is the man behind the operation. Each of his straps are hand cut, stitched, and finished, creating a truly unique strap that is worthy for a priceless timepiece.

Strap Smith 2


Right from the start I could tell the difference between Rob’s strap and the mass produced strap that was already on my watch. The leather is extremely thick Italian leather with the straight and even stitching and high quality, brushed hardware.

Strap Smith 3

There is only one area where the stitching varied, but it is such a small amount that I realized it only after a close inspection. I was most surprised by the superior quality edge finishing compared to the old strap. Clearly, Rob takes a lot of time getting these straps perfect.

Strap Smith 4

Strap Smith 5


Without much trouble, I was able to quickly get The Strap Smith’s band on. What I’ve found with a lot of thick straps is that they are a bit cumbersome and never really break in. This wasn’t the case with Rob’s watchband. After a week of wear, the strap comfortably conformed and my watch rested neatly on my wrist. Unlike most bands, Rob’s hasn’t shown any sign of breaking down after repeated buckling and unbuckling giving me a feeling that this strap will be in my arsenal for many years to come.

Strap Smith 6


Getting a well-made custom band makes any watch shine. Rob’s does this exceptionally well. I went for the Italian Vintage style because of the unique, but subtle texture. It works perfectly on my Omega Seamaster.

Srtap Smith 11

The robust size of the strap compliment the tool watch and the subtle texture and fine finish work bring out the classy, more refined side of the watch. Even the large buckle and holes, which at first struck me as too big, give the watch more character than any of my previous straps.

Strap Smith 10

BestLeather Conclusion

The Strap Smith makes one amazing strap. Not many makers provide the leather selection, the craftsmanship or the care that Rob puts into each one of his straps.

Strap Smith 9

Although the price may seem steep to most outside of the watch enthusiast world, the quality of the product and the aesthetic value that it adds to any watch makes it more than worth it. On top of it all, Rob provides great customer service and will answer any question you have.

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your watch or give it more security on your wrist, check out The Strap Smith here.

Greg Stevens Design Custom Watch Strap Review – $175

If you are looking to buy a custom made leather watchband, you should look at Greg Stevens Design.  The various leathers and styles are impressive, as is the attention to quality, detail, and customer service. Whether a Rolex, Panerai or just your favorite Timex, Greg Stevens Design watch straps can really make a statement and compliment a timepiece.


I was looking for a strap to give a Fossil watch that I received as a gift a boost of personality and confidence. With Greg’s recommendation, I chose a strap made with vintage looking leather and stitching complimenting the face and antique design of the watch.



This strap is constructed with 3.75 mm thick Horween Leather’s Dublin Coffee Brown with light bronze polyester thread stitching. The edges of the leather are finished in a glossy and smooth black edge coating. The hardware is a brushed stainless steel buckle (PVD, brass, and polished steel are also options). Having a standard size wrist (7 ½ inches or so), I left it to Greg to size the strap how he saw fit. The longest end measures about 5 inches and the shorter side measures about 4 inches (including the buckle) for a total length of about 11 inches with the 44mm diameter watch. The strap comes with one free-floating band holder that is constructed from a strip of the same leather and thickness.




My first impression of the strap upon taking it out of the box was that it was a thick and stiff band. One might think the thickness might be too much and would be stiff and uncomfortable but, like most leathers, it started to bend, stretch and soften after the first few wears. One will definitely appreciate the thickness and heft of the strap.


There are 5 buckle holes and after the strap stretched a bit after the first few wears, I am now at the third hole. This is a nice fit for me without my wrist feeling constricted but also not having my watch dangle down around my forearm.



 When looking for a strap for my watch, Greg recommended a vintage looking leather (Horween Dublin Coffee Brown) and stitching (light bronze), a perfect compliment to the face and antique design of the watch.


This particular leather has a slight ‘pull up’ (when bent, changes to a lighter color) and gives way to a cracking effect that gives the leather an old-world vintage look and feel. As the buckle hole end stretched, the leather around the holes lightened and wore in faster than the rest of the strap. The wear from this type of leather attributes to its aged and antique appeal.


 The large band fastener on the strap at first seemed too bulky, stiff and a tad flimsy feeling as it just floated on the unbuckled strap.  Like the rest of the strap, it started to bend and wear a bit and soften up.  When buckled, the fastener stays firmly in place and is very comfortable.


BestLeather conclusion

 For $175, this is well worth the price to pay for a custom-built leather strap. Greg has about 3 dozen different, high-quality leathers from Horween leather as well as some vintage French, Swedish, and Swiss leathers to choose from and many different thread colors as well. You can choose a buckle finish, thickness and length of the band, stitch pattern and even add some custom rivets (additional charges). Of course, if you’re not completely sure about sizing, leave it to Greg.  After giving him the size and make of the watch, he sized the strap how he saw best complemented the watch. It’s like having your own personal watch tailor!

This is a very comfortable watch strap. Although a bit stiff at times, I suspect it will continue to wear and soften quite nicely. Judging from the quality of the leather and craftsmanship, this strap is built to last. There was only slight worry about the stress marks on the hole end so I asked Greg about care for the product. Greg recommends using a little leather conditioner over time if the leather appears too dry.


Lastly, the customer service Greg gave me through the process was very sincere and friendly. Having been my first time having a custom leather strap built for me, I needed a little guidance through the process. Greg answered all questions and requests I had and left me feeling fully satisfied on how I wanted my strap to look. It exceeded my expectations when I first opened the box.

The products are also backed by a 100% guarantee. If it falls apart, Greg will replace it. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, he will fully refund you. Greg even states, “I feel that you should be 100% happy with your purchase.  If you’re not, then something happened along the way and I’ll bend over backwards to make it right.”

Even though the picture gallery and customer testimonies on Greg’s site are featuring higher-end luxury watches, I am convinced that even my Fossil fits the bill for Greg’s beautiful watch straps.

Custom Leather Work – A Few Thoughts On Getting Your Desired Product


Recently I had a custom leather strap made for my favorite Seiko 007 automatic (which is a rock solid tank, I might add). I’m not that happy with it and some of that is my fault, so here’s some thoughts on custom leather work to prevent making my same mistakes and being unhappy.

I don’t plan to complain because I don’t think it will be helpful for this particular proprieter. Some people welcome constructive criticism and some take it like water on a duck’s back. I sense he is the latter.

This brings up the first point: Ask to see examples of previous work. I didn’t do this. You know what assuming leads to…

Second: Get the order in writing. I asked for a light tan Zulu strap, custom sized, and one band hole. What I got was a dark brown, wrong-sized, wrong-fitting, poorly stitched, conventional strap.

Third: Ask for a time target and hold them to it. I kinda-sorta did this but didn’t ask for a hard date and I didn’t check up consistently. 2 months went by. I called to see “how it was going” and wonder-of-wonders my band was being “started” that day because they had been so busy. Yeah right. What I should have done is asked for a reasonable time frame that the project would take.

Fourth: Don’t rush it. Otherwise it may look like this. Crap.

Fifth: Be clear with your expectations of quality. Obviously I failed. What kind of thread you would like? What kind of leather? Their best work? Spare no expense? Keep in budget? Be precise. This will be very helpful to the craftsmen who may not know or feel comfortable asking these questions.

Sixth: Pay attention to the questions asked. These will reflect the competence (and perhaps intelligence) of the craftsmen in question. My Mr. Leatherworker was hurried and not easy to talk with. Another mental warning I shouldn’t have ignored.

For your information, this lesson cost me $35. This fraying thread occurred nearly a week after I took the strap.






Instead of struggling as I did, save yourself the effort and check out these well-respected leather watch band makers.

BJ Straps




Paolo18 Straps

Vintager Straps