E3 Supply Co. Leather Cuff Band for Apple Watch Review – $99

Have you ever had a product speak to you? The moment you see it, even on a webpage, it just has this immense draw? That’s what happened to me when I saw E3 Supply Co.’s Leather Cuff Band for Apple Watch. Incredibly, when I finally got to see it in person, it was better than I imagined. I’m happy to introduce this killer Apple Watch accessory to you today.

About E3 Supply Co.

E3 Supply Co. began from a passion for building custom motorcycles, and has now extended to creating killer leather accessories for their riders. This company prides itself on hand making each product from start to finish, all at their headquarters in Brooklyn. As far as companies go E3 is as cool as they come. I highly recommend following their Instagram, which includes cross-country camper adventures, musical pursuits, and, of course, plenty of leather (and sometimes discounts on said leather!). It’s been my pleasure to get to know David, Erin, and their crew over at E3 over the course of several reviews (with many more to come!).

Leather & Construction

The leather and construction of the Cuff Band are based on E3’s non-cuff Watch Band for Apple Watch. It’s made with legendary Horween Chromexcel leather. This means it’s tough, soft, looks great, and will only get better with time and use. Complementing the Chromexcel is military grade steel hardware and a few high quality, hand stitched threads.

The stitches are very discreet.

Note that Chromexcel will stretch some at first and isn’t as bulletproof as some leathers, but I find both of these to be trivial concerns.


I’m a big fan of using Chromexcel for a watch strap. It’s incredibly soft and simply feels fantastic on your wrist. The thick cuff doesn’t make you sweat or pull at your skin at all. As a result, it has a comfortable second-skin sort of feel that stays comfortable all day.

Everything operates smoothly on the Cuff Band. There’s plenty of size adjustment holes to get a just-right fit and tighten things as the leather breaks in. E3 offers two strap lengths, as well. The hardware slides along the leather nicely, which makes it that much easier to get off and on.

Cutout allows Apple Watch sensors to track your activity.


Disclaimer: this band fits my style preferences to a T. Perhaps that means I’m a little biased, but let’s be honest. The E3 Cuff Band is downright gorgeous.

It’s made with Chromexcel, which looks good no matter what. In addition, the styling of the cuff in conjunction with the strap give this incredibly masculine, devil-may-care look. It’s “like Indiana Jones decided to become the lead singer of The Strokes.” Perhaps Uncharted’s Nathan Drake decided he needs a smart watch. Either way, E3 nailed it, and this strap is stunning. Other leather straps help me tolerate the unfavorable square look of the Apple Watch. The E3 Cuff Band makes me love it.


Pros: Chromexcel, great construction, smooth operation, downright stunning looks, very reasonable price

Cons: Nothing noteworthy

I sincerely tried to think of something worth noting in my “cons” list, but none come to mind. E3 Supply Co. offers great construction, great materials, and killer style with their Leather Cuff Band for Apple Watch. What’s more, they’re aggressively priced at only $99! I highly recommend this strap as a huge upgrade to your Apple Watch. Swing by E3’s online store and check out their variety of leather goods, many of which would make fantastic and well-priced Christmas gifts this season.

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