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A Comprehensive List of American-Made Footwear

There are many reasons to buy American-made – from creating jobs to reducing your carbon footprint to enjoying safer, higher-quality products. We’ve compiled a list of footwear brands that are manufactured right here in the US of A. Several of the companies below do not manufacture their entire product lines in the U.S., but we’ve linked to their American-made lines.

Alden – Men’s …

Election 2016 Post

Election 2016: Who Gets the Next Presidential Johnston & Murphy Shoes?

If you are familiar with footwear brand Johnston & Murphy, you probably know that the brand has been responsible for providing footwear to every president since Millard Fillmore in 1850. Most recently, they provided President Obama with a pair of black oxfords and an updated version of President Lincoln’s lace-up boots.

Now, with election season in full swing, we’re asking the important questions: who gets the next pair of presidential Johnston & Murphy shoes? There’s …


Made in Wisconsin: See How Thorogood Boots are Made

The Weinbrenner Shoe Company (known primarily as Thorogood Brand) has been making footwear in Wisconsin since 1892 and in this factory since the 1930s. Their local ABC affiliate recently featured them in their “Made in Wisconsin” special report series, giving us a peek into the inner workings of an all-American shoe factory. You can see employees inspecting the American-sourced leather, cutting the hides, assembling the uppers, attaching the soles, and getting each pair ready …

Best of Las Vegas Trade Shows 2016 – Fall Preview

Spring fashion weeks around the world are coming to an end, solidifying trends for the upcoming season, and delighting buyers and bloggers alike. A team from Best Leather visited several fashion trade shows in Las Vegas, including MAGIC, Liberty Fairs, Capsule, and MRKT, which featured everything from household global names to small handmade items to up-and-coming clothing labels. We wanted to share some of our favorite new looks from fall 2016 lines. Keep an eye out …

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Ekster Announces High Tech Wallet with Security and Trackability

Ekster was founded in Rotterdam and inspired by a bird called the “Magpie”, also known as an “Ekster” in the Netherlands. Magpies are often referred to as “thieving magpies” due to their tendency to track down shiny objects such as jewelry and coins. This inspired their trackable wallet with anti-theft measures.

The Ekster Wallet is now on Kickstarter, featuring spring loaded card access, a slim profile, RFID/NFC blocking technology, and a tracker that synchronizes with your smartphone. …

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Best of 2015 Awards

It’s December, and you know what that means on the Internet. It’s Best of 2015 time, baby. You know the drill — Best Albums, Best Movies, Best Drake Memes, Best Crazy Politician Quotes, etc. Our end-of-the-year contribution involves what we know best: leather. We’ve compiled a list of the most stand-out products we’ve reviewed this year. For each category, we’ve chosen a winner and one or two honorable mentions. With over 140 products reviewed this year alone, …

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‘Tis the Season – Save Big With Holiday Sales & Coupon Codes

We here at would just like to say how much we love the Internet. In 2015, thanks to the world wide web, we can get 100% of our Christmas shopping done without ever stepping foot in a crowded mall or getting stampeded by crazed shoppers at Best Buy. Online shopping comes with an added bonus – coupon codes and site-wide sales. We’ve gathered a few of the best deals for you to peruse when shopping for …

Maria Fano Kickstarter

Ladies, Check out Maria Fano’s Kickstarter

Maria Fano has recently announced their debut Kickstarter, featuring luxury women’s bags, passport covers, and more in a wide variety of colors.

Maria’s goal is to offer luxury handbags with premium materials for an affordable price. She and seven artisans based in Lviv, Ukraine, have designed a minimalist product line made for women who want handmade, designer quality at a more reasonable price point.

Ducks In A Row Cover

DUCKS IN A ROW Launches Kickstarter for Commuter Cycling Backpack

DUCKS IN A ROW launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week, featuring backpacks built with the cycling commuter in mind.

This unique backpack holds a laptop, combining the lifestyle and high-tech features the urban dweller needs. The backpack has a convenient touch screen pocket which means users can navigate GPS and handle music without stopping. The DUCKS IN A ROW backpack has a simple handlebar connection which leaves cyclists’ shoulders free and keeps riders’ …

Pack Animal Kickstarter

Motorcycle Lovers, Check Out Pack Animal’s Kickstarter

Pack Animal, based in Seattle, WA, recently announced their debut Kickstarter. Pack Animal creates saddlebags for motorcycles using timeless materials that look great on any bike.

The Saddlebags are made with waxed canvas and leather. The bags attach using halter snaps that click onto d-rings on the bike mounting kit. The same halter snaps make for a seamless transition from saddlebag to messenger bag with our shoulder strap. The entire backside of the bag is shielded …

Cravar Kickstarter

CRAVAR Announces Kickstarter for Leather Tote Bags, Travel Journals & More

Cravar is based near Jakarta, Indonesia. It was birthed out of a backpacking trip to Italy during 2005 when Yoki Baskara encountered an old stationery shop that was being operated by 3rd and 4th generation leather artisans. Yoki was also involved in wedding photography. In identifying a need for quality wedding albums, he assembled a team a craftsmen and began to assemble handcrafted leather wedding albums and tote bags. In 2012, Yoki proposed a …

Brace Leather Kickstarter

Brace Leather Announces Kickstarter

Brace Leather, out of Montreal, has recently announced their nearly-funded Kickstarter.  Founder Yann Berube writes:

“The idea for Brace came from our desire for a cohesive line of quality leather goods that would simplify working or studying on the go. We wanted these goods to be well designed, well-made and with long-lasting, quality materials that look good too. Enter Collection 001: Man Overboard, Essential Leather Accessories designed for life on the go and delivered in …

KEndall and Hyde Kickstarter

Kendal & Hyde Classic Leather Duffel Kickstarter

With five wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, Kendal & Hyde Co. is at it again. This time around they have designed a classic leather duffel, modeled after arch top duffels from the 1940s. Their motto for designing this duffel: “Our leather travel duffel is authentically vintage looking enough to have been your grandfather’s, but with modern features you need.”

The duffel is made of …

Phonster Kickstarter

Check out Phonster on Kickstarter

On September 8 2015, “AGE” brand launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Phonster”, premium handcrafted holster for phone, wallet and keys. Made from 100% leather, this product allows quick and comfortable access for every day carry items. “Phonster” reached funding goal in 4 hours. The team has since more than quadrupled their goal with more than a month to go.

The original inventor and Chief Designer of the AGE brand, Egor …

Hunker Bag Co Cover

Introducing Hunker Bag Co. from Nashville, Tennessee

Denton Hunker — drummer for Americana rock band Green River Ordinance — was on the lookout for a durable, yet stylish bag that would keep up with his touring lifestyle. When he couldn’t find one to use on the road, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Turns out, Hunker is also a rock star on the sewing machine and began Hunker Bag Co. to share his craft with …


Meet Looptworks: An Environmentally Friendly Design & Production Studio Out of Portland, OR

Looptworks is a Portland-based bag and pack company made entirely from pre-consumer upcycled materials. Instead of sourcing brand new materials, Looptworks takes perfectly usable “waste” materials from around the globe to create unique products. You can find some more information about this process on their blog. The holy grail for Looptworks is to become a completely closed-loop company. We are impressed with these guys and their true commitment to sustainable product manufacturing.

Looptworks has two lines …

Satchel Page Belt Kickstarter

Satchel & Page’s Belt Kickstarter Reaches First Stretch Goal

Satchel & Page, based in Austin, Texas, has quickly made a name for themselves in the leather world. After successfully funding two Kickstarter campaigns for their leather bags and belts, they recently launched a third campaign for their leather belts. We’ve reviewed several Satchel & Page products, including their Mailbag and Bomber Jacket, and found their products to be top-notch.

For $62, you …

Thirteen50 Belts Cover

Thirteen50 Leather Announces Kickstarter for their Full Grain Leather Belts

Thirteen50 Leather, based in Oceanside, CA, has just announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their full-grain leather belts. From their website:

Thirteen50 is a leather company with a passion to create quality leather goods, made in the USA. The saying, “they don’t make em’ like they used to” is said far too often in this day in age. This is sad, but so very true. At Thirteen50 we wanted to do as our ancestors …

Best of Etsy Ladies Edition

6 Favorite Etsy Stores for Ladies

With its hand sewn dresses, vintage furniture, and Barry Manilow pillows, Etsy can be quite overwhelming. Finding the perfect backpack, purse or wallet can take a bit of time and research, so we’re here to help! We’ve curated a few of our favorite Etsy stores that specialize in products for women. We’re always on the lookout for more great shops, so be sure to tell us about your favorites in the comments!
Blue Drop
Sandals, backpacks, …