Best Leather Authors

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Best Leather Writers

J Washburn

J really is my first name. Nope, not J-A-Y and not J with a period. (Abbreviating it makes it longer.) It starts and ends with J. Cool, huh? Aspiring to be a renaissance man, I've worked as a concrete pourer, a street preacher, a graphic designer, a warrior poet, and even an English teacher. Now I write adventure novels, including SONG OF LOCKE, an epic fantasy inspired in part by The Legend of Zelda, and ECKSDOT, which readers have said is "The Sandlot meets Inception." (Yes!) You can learn more about these awesome books at

Austin Banach

My career and passion is centered around artisan products, the people, and stories behind them.  I used to be a cook in fancy restaurants but then decided that I wanted to work up front and really grow relationships with producers.  Besides writing and cooking, I also a private chef and fitness entrepreneur in my small town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Caitee Cooper

Caitee is a lover of hiking, hunting, archery, horses, writing, photography, music, and classy leather. She currently lives in Wyoming with her husband and their family where she writes for the marketing agency they own.

Josh Shogren

Passionate about helping people make smart leather product purchases. Owner of Best Leather.

Mike Hawkins

Everyday carry enthusiast slowly transforming into a leather, canvas, and denim aficionado. Lover of horology, cycling, photography, and research.

Robert Hale

Computer engineering graduate student, research assistant, DJ. Lover of music, volleyball, good conversation, cold milk, corgis, and the work of passionate leather artisans.

Casey Stoddard

Student, wife, graphic designer, writer, reader, traveller, hiker, cat lover, and coffee addict. I love products that have a minimalist and timeless look, as comfort, functionality, and quality are most important to me.

Victor Peoro

I'm just your average guy with an appreciation for above average goods. My goal is to introduce you to products that will see you through thick and thin, and then some.