North Star Mystery Braid Leather Button-Stud Watch Band – $16

Being a leather enthusiast has a habit of leading you into many different expensive hobby’s. It doesn’t take long before you find some really excellent watch straps and subsequently to an expensive watch. Luckily I’m about to introduce you guys to what I believe is one of the best values you could hope for in a watch strap.


The North Star Mystery Braid Leather Button-Stud Watch Band is a new take on a fairly common idea. It is just a single piece watch strap held together with a button stud. When making something simple like this it’s crucial that the the materials be top notch. North Star Leather has turned to Horween and SB Foot (Red Wing Boot’s in house tannery) and solid metal hardware to construct their watch bands.

They use several different colors from each tannery ensuring that there is a color to fit your preference. Each band is woven into a braided design, and depending on the level of commitment you make to their Kickstarter can include a small leather bag.


I’m quite an enthusiast of the button stud watch band design, since like many others I spend a large portion of my day on the computer. Due to the lack of a clasp, and the closure of the band sitting above your wrist, resting your wrist on a desk all day with this band isn’t going to cause any discomfort. You can be free to move your wrist in any manner and you’ll still be comfortable throughout the day.


The braided design of the band lends itself to a more casual watch, and casual wear. While it may look out of place on a diver or dress watch it looks right at home on field watches and any thing else with a casual look.

The simple design of the button-stud band paired with the extra effort to braid the band gives it true beauty while still being understated. By being constructed with tried and true hard wearing materials there shouldn’t be any issue with durability or longevity.


If you can’t tell by the overall tone of this review I’m quite smitten with these watch bands. They are a phenomenal watch band made with top tier materials at an incredibly low price. North Star Leather has been in business for over 40 years so their Kickstarter is something you can fund with the utmost confidence. Go place your order now and get a great deal on a great watch band!

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