KeySmart CleanKey Brass Hand Tool Review – $24.99

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, we’ve come to realize the “New Normal” that surrounds us. Wash your hands, limit contact, wear a mask, etc – It’s can be overwhelming, and we’re seeing a lot of new products to help alleviate the common concerns of limiting chances of contracting Covid 19. One tool in particular is the KeySmart CleanKey Brass Hand Tool – 



The CleanKey is composed of 70% Brass and 30% Zinc this combination of metals produces the alloy Brass. One of the most pertinent properties of brass is that it’s antimicrobial. There are countless scientific studies backing this up, microbes just can’t sustain themselves on brass surfaces, so much so that Laboratory testing has shown that copper and its alloys, brass and bronze, kill more than 99.9 percent of bacteria, such as the superbug Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, within two hours.

The Cleankey measures about 3.5” long and weighs 1.8 ounces, or about as much as a pack of gum for all you metric folk. It has a large trigger for leverage and knurling along the top for grip. The machining is actually pretty decent and smooth.



I just want to get possibly my biggest caveat out of the way, your hands will smell like pennies from handling this. It’s perfectly ok, but that’s just the price you pay for Brass. I’ve been using the KeySmart CleanKey almost non stop for a month now. I’m out and about quite a bit for my secular job, and this has been great for opening doors and punching buttons at gas stations. 

With a little finesse you can even get some turn knob doors to open. I find the stylus capabilities a little lacking. It sometimes takes a few tries for a touch screen to register a punch, but it does work. The included retractable carabiner makes it so accessible it becomes second nature using the CleanKey.


The CleanKey is actually pretty good looking. It’s simplistic design and solid brass construction really leave no kinks in the looks department. It doesn’t seem out of place and looks pretty slick hanging from your belt loops. I think it fits in with my EDC quite well. They say form follows function, but here we’re rarely treated to both in equal measures.



I am very pleased with the Keysmart CleanKey. It’s small footprint and ease of use really makes it a formidable weapon in the war on cooties. At just $24.99 I think it’s more than a bargain, considering it will last you for years. The natural properties of brass means this tool will also never lose its antimicrobial properties. They’ve been selling like hot cakes, so if you want one, I’d suggest visiting the site often. 


Trayvax Summit Wallet & Trek Field Knife Review – $34.99 & 169.99

I’ve been following Trayvax since the beginning when they offered just one extraordinary wallet. Since then they’ve grown and expanded their product line with tons of other cool gear. I wanted to spotlight on one of their original designs as well as one of their totally new offerings. We’re big on EDC here at Bestleather so taking a look at a couple core components was a rare treat. Read on for the full scoop!


The Summit Wallet is one of Trayvax marquee products. A no nonsense card and cash carry device in a radical design.  Constructed of solid steel with a mil-spec nylon strap, the Summit is a simple, durable wallet. The wallet is also treated with a melonite finish which hardens the metal without adding another layer to it.

The Trek Field Knife is a skeletonized frame composed of CPM S35VN Stainless Steel – This steel has a respectable 58-61 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. CPM S35VN Stainless Steel also has superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. Blade length is 3.5”


The Summit is a minimalist wallet in function. The updated version now offers RFID blocking, a seeming must have feature in today’s technologically advancing society. You can fit about 5 or so cards comfortably and about 6 or so cash bills. If like me, you don’t handle cash that much, this isn’t an issue. However if you’re constantly in and out for cash, I’d consider it a little more closely. It works great as a front pocket carry.

The Trek Field Knife is definitely a unique knife and follows Trayvax’s signature line of innovative designs. It’s an ambidextrous design that allows several retrieval options from the supplied holster.

I’m a big fan of the steel used, but not a fan of the handle. I’m thinking of wrapping it with paracord to give it better grip and ergonomics. The slim profile is definitely unobtrusive and really blends in with your everyday attire. This knife can cut rope as well as it can peel an apple.


The great thing about Trayvax, is that their designs are almost instantly recognizable.  Even a knife and a wallet, two very unrelated objects and you can tell their kin. The skeletal structures are very industrial but polished as well. They’re so different from the norm, I find myself just fidgeting with my wallet sometimes – appreciating all that metalloid goodness.


Trayvax is a great American company. Their innovative products have spawned a legion of copycats. The design isn’t for everyone, but you can’t deny the unique angle of both the Trayvax Summit Wallet and Trek Field Knife.

Kodiak Leather Buffalo Leather Pilots Bag- $249

A quality and stylish briefcase is a real attention grabber and is a key element to a fashionable men’s and women’s wardrobe. Briefcases can hold the minimal – laptop and a few folders or the carry all – books, tech, folders and even cloths as an indispensable travel companion. 

Kodiak Leather’s Pilot Bag seems to fit the bill for both office and travel in its style, function and durability. 

About Kodiak Leather Co.

Kodiak Leather Co. of Utah is a startup in Lehi, Utah founded by Jared Morse, an outdoorsman who was frustrated by the lack of reasonably priced leather bags that would hold up through all the wear and tear of daily use. This inspired Jared to create Kodiak Leather Co. and our custom leather bags. After finding only the highest quality leather and hardware, he set out to build a bag that would last a lifetime.

Fast Forward 4 Years…
After having 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns, the Buffalo Leather Satchel, The Classic Weekender Duffel, the Sitka Leather Messenger, and the most recent Yukon Garment Bag,  they have come full circle on offering a wide variety of travel bags , briefcases (similar to the satchel and the messenger), as well as some smaller, everyday carry items like journals and wallets.


The Pilot Bag is made from a thick top grain buffalo leather and a high grade thread. Premium brass hardware and YKK zippers are used in the bag.

The bag is available in 2 leather finishes: antique brown and dark walnut (pictured). The dimensions of the bag are 5 “deep x 18″ length x 14″ height. The bag has 2 zippered exterior pockets and 2 pouch pockets with a magnetic snap closure. Behind the flap that covers the pouch pockets there is a pocket that has a velcro tab to keep it closed.

There are 2 zippered main compartments with a laptop pocket and dividers. There are also interior side slots for cards, a device pocket and 2 pen holders.

The interior of the bag is lined with a dark brown fabric liner. On the sides of the bag is a strap and buckle system to cinch in the bag.

The removable strap is a combined use of quality nylon and leather. In addition to the removable strap there are two regular top handles with a 2 snap closure.


This bag can easily serve as your carry all office and travel companion to hold a laptop, cords, accessories, books, folders, clothes, and even camera gear. The outside pockets and flaps make ideal spots for wallets, passports, keys, passes, newspapers and other small gear to place in while traveling. Heck, having a newborn son, I would even consider it as a very convenient and classy baby bag that could make many other dads envious.  


The buffalo leather used for this bag is soft and lightweight and has a very stunning antique distressed finish. The zippers, as stated above, are of high quality making it easy to zip and open when full. Although some many prefer more buckled hardware as opposed to the magnetic snap closures on the front pocket, I appreciate the convenience of getting in and out of the pockets quickly. I’m not a huge fan of the velcro tab in the front pocket but understand why it was put there. I see the velcro wearing out in time but it is a very small detail that does not bother me in the grand beauty and construction of the bag. 

The bag overall has a great feel to it when carried with the snapped handle or the shoulder strap. The weight is evenly distributed and as mentioned before, is not super heavy like a lot of leather bags on the market. I feel confident in saying that my shoulder and back will not suffer if carrying this bag for a longer period of time (unless of course you have very heavy cargo).


Let’s be real- most leather briefcases come with a hefty price tag. Understandably so given the materials and labor that goes into making them. What I am very impressed with about this pilots bag and all of Kodiak Leather Co. products is a very fair price that does not, in my opinion, sacrifice the quality or integrity of the product. The Pilot Bag is a welcome addition to my leather bag collection and one that I look forward to using for many years and handing down to my son. Check it out this bag -here- as use code: ‘ABANACH20’ to receive a generous discount for taking the time to read this review!

Olpr. Leather Goods Natural Leather Watchband Review – $49

Watches and leather..two luxurious things many luster over. The two combined makes for quite the fashion statement. Although I own only 2 watches, I love to interchange the bands based on season, formal attire or just fun!

Besides specializing in bags, wallets and other leather goods, Olpr’s watchbands have been quite popular due to the customizable nature with leathers and a wide range of classic and colorful thread colors.

Olpr. Leather Goods makes custom leather and thread watch bands using rich Horween leather that is sure to spice up your wrist wear.

About Olpr. Leather Goods Co.

Olpr. Leather Goods Co. is a small family business, started in Ukraine. All of the items are made to order, but they also have a showroom in the workshop where the customers can come and choose something from stock.
One day, Viktor, the company’s tailor, decided to sew the kind of wallet he had always wanted—a simple pocket wallet with a straight seam. It was so well made that he sold it the next day. He made another; he sold another. Soon, we were making leather goods for all of their friends. Their goods became so popular that they were invited to the arts markets. They sold everything they made. They had found their calling—creating leather goods.
The Internet gave Olpr. the exciting opportunity to sell their goods outside Ukraine. They could share their passion all over the world. But the distance caused a problem-shipping to the U. S. could take up to a month. That was not the type of service they wanted to provide, so they moved to North Carolina to be closer to their many American friends who value the handmade leather products.


All of the leathers used are the full-grain cowhides sourced from Horween tannery. High grade thread comes in several different colors ranging from the classic white, brown and black to more fun colors like orange, blue, green. The buckle is stainless steel. The bands are available in various widths and lengths. They also carry bands tailored to fit apple watches.


I absolutely love the fact that not only are these watches made from high quality leather, but you can customize them to fit your skin, wardrobe, or just overall style. I personally wear a lot of blues and light colors so chose a sky blue thread color that compliments the natural Horween brown and has a gorgeous pull up effect. I can’t wait to see what this leather looks like through age. The buckle is very basic and lightweight which is one thing to keep in mind. I actually prefer this. I own some watch bands with a very clunky and heavy hardware and although that is a statement, it is nice to have a buckle with a low profile to put the attention on the leather band and, of course, the watch.


At $49 for a Horween leather customizable watch band like this, I truly believe it is a great value. Other customizable bands I have come across can easily go for $100 and over. The leather is gorgeous with some natural marks and scars from the hide and the thread colors are fun to mix and match. I am already contemplating another color combination! Check them out -Here-.

Loucks Leatherworks Personalized Cigar Case Review – $45

What could be finer than the rich smell of leather and cigars? I had the upmost pleasure of reviewing and gifting these custom handmade leather cigar cases for my groomsmen and I can say without a doubt that every one of my brothers loved them like I couldn’t have even imagined.

About Loucks Leatherworks

in 2016, David Loucks  set out to buy a new wallet and found himself unhappy with the typical department store offerings. After researching higher quality wallets, David decided to take on the challenge of making his own. Of course, at first attempt, it turned out hideous. He then became obsessed with all things leather. David spent the next two years absorbing everything he could about different types of leather, tanning processes and crafting techniques.

In 2018 David combined his passion for cigars and pipes with his newfound love of leather and created his first cigar case. At the urging of friends and family he created Loucks Leatherworks and began selling the cases online.
It starts with the materials. The highest quality, oil-tanned leather and the strongest thread on the market. Every piece is cut, assembled and stitched by hand. The result is an attractive case that will last . Also what sets Loucks Leatherworks apart is customer service. They personally work with each customer, customizing and personalizing each item to their specifications. They then provide updates and photos throughout the process. Loucks Leatherworks believes to do all this while maintaining a price point that is competitive with mass produced items.


All cases are made with full-grain, oil-tanned cow leather. All stitching is done with braided polyester waxed thread. Specifically the tiger thread by Ritza. Monogramming is done by laser. In addition to monogramming there is an option for personalized notes on the interior of the product, which is great when the item is intended as a gift. The case’s dimensions are 9” X 3.2”.


This case was designed to perfectly hold two, fifty gauge Churchill size cigars or shorter. The flap is held in place by a stitched holding band.


This is a very stylish and compact cigar case perfect to throw in your briefcase, overnight bag, glovebox, or even golf bag for that weekend away. The leather is stunning with the pull-up, the smell, and the feel of oil tanned leather.  It is naturally moisture resistant, and extremely durable making it the perfect material to protect expensive hand rolled cigars.

The personalization touches on both the exterior and interior are unique as they add so much character to the piece. I chose a specific cigar inspired quote that reminded me of each gentleman who it was intended for.


Whether  a groomsmen gift or just a special personalized gift to give to someone (or yourself), these leather cigar cases will surely impress. And just like a great friendship, they will get better and ‘uglier’ with age but only in the way leather enthusiasts and close friends will know about..Check them out -here-.

Olpr. Leather Goods Co. Pocket Moleskine Journal Cover- $29

In studying the lives of great men, I’ve noticed a common trait: they were all consistent journal writers. I, myself, consider myself an avid and consistent journal writer.

My grandpa kept a journal his entire life. His journal was quite simple. He just kept a small notebook in his pocket of his shirt and jotted down a short description of the things he did and the people he did it with. This is something he did pretty much every day for his entire life.

Whether or not you want your future grandkids to read it or you just want an attractive piece to store some notes or important information, I loved giving these leather journal covers as groomsmen gifts to my brothers. I do believe that our grandkids will get a kick out of the fact that we once had to go into a shop to rent movies or that phones used to have cords attached to them.

About Olpr. Leather Goods Co.

Olpr. Leather Goods Co. is a small family business, started in Ukraine. All of the items are made to order, but they also have a showroom in the workshop where the customers can come and choose something from stock.
One day, Viktor, the company’s tailor, decided to sew the kind of wallet he had always wanted—a simple pocket wallet with a straight seam. It was so well made that he sold it the next day. He made another; he sold another. Soon, we were making leather goods for all of their friends. Their goods became so popular that they were invited to the arts markets. They sold everything they made. They had found their calling—creating leather goods.
The Internet gave Olpr. the exciting opportunity to sell their goods outside Ukraine. They could share their passion all over the world. But the distance caused a problem-shipping to the U. S. could take up to a month. That was not the type of service they wanted to provide, so they moved to North Carolina to be closer to their many American friends who value the handmade leather products.


All of the leathers used are the full-grain cowhides sourced from Horween tannery. High grade thread comes in several different colors.

The pocket sized cover measures 3.5″ x 5.5″ and fits the small Moleskine hardcover journal.

Products can be customized with the colorful stitching and personalization. Olpr. Leather Goods Co. offers two types of personalization – the embossing and laser engraving.


This leather journal is perfect for that everyday carry item for your briefcase, car or just to carry around with you without having a larger sized journal. The back flap has a perfect cut seam to fit the elastic holder in place. The front and back inside flaps can also serve as perfect places for loose papers, receipts or cards.


Each leather offered for this journal cover is as rich and beautiful as they come. They smell great too! Although only a month old, My journal is getting some nice wear, ‘beauty marks’ and patina. I suspect it will look really stunning and weathered in the years to come.


At $29 this pocket sized journal cover is well worth the money given the materials used and the handmade nature. As another famous man once said, ‘One cannot put a price on a journal for the text and contents of one’s journal is priceless’. Believe me when I say, the contents of my journal will surely exceed the amount the journal and cover originally costed. Check them out -here-.

Koch Leather Custom Tote Review

Joshua and Jen Koch have been booming with new designs in their store lately. We’ve reviewed a few of their products before but never a custom one. Outside of BestLeather, I consider Koch Leather to be one of my go-to companies to contact when I want a custom piece made. One of the most recent products is this custom tote with a masculine edge to it. Josh and I spoke via emails to come up with a tote that had some risky modifications: side straps to cinch the bag, a drop-down key leash, d-rings for shoulder straps and a stitched bottom 1/4th of the way up. After carrying it over the last few months every day, I figured it would be a great showcase for review.

Koch Leather Custom Tote, breaking in nicely but still able to stand on its own due to reinforced bottom.


One thing I can always count on Koch (pronounced “coke”) leather for is quality leather and materials choice. This bag is fully made of Horween Chromexcel with plenty of pull-up and pretty decent resistance to scratches. The hardware used is mostly stainless steel, with a few hammered copper rivets that add a nice touch. For the side cinch straps, a stud closure is used as well as an optional stud closure at the top of the tote, which would help secure the contents.

I didn’t purchase a shoulder strap with this tote design, but could easily pick one up in matching leather from Koch leather, or use any of my straps from other bags. Exterior D rings accompany the sides of the bag, as well as the extended key latch inside the bag. A standard pouch that seems customary to all Koch totes was also included inside.

Detachable key strap also nicely finished with a logo and copper rivet.


The tote has been a great secondary every day carry option for me. I believe that the design and function of a tote-style bag is underappreciated amongst men, and certainly underrated in terms of quick, no zipper/closure access to your goods. Typicallyy, I carry my DSLR camera, a small pouch with extra memory cards and batteries, and a light jacket. There is still plenty of room for a water bottle, wallet, keys etc. I mainly chose the tote design because I didn’t want to have to unbutton or unzip any closures to access my camera. There is that optional stud closure up top, but I find myself rarely using it, in fact tucking it behind the inside pocket often.

It is very useful however, on rainy days. I have also carried a full size notepad along with my regular set up with no issues or bending of the pad. As I stated previously, I didn’t order the optional shoulder strap with the bag, but for this review I did spend a few days carrying it via a shoulder strap. The less amount of bulky items in the tote, the more it will lean in towards your body. Even with my big camera inside, it did not bump up against my side enough to cause any discomfort.

Cinch straps on the side make it easier to increase or decrease the opening and capacity.

Fully packed for the next trip with room to spare.


With Horween leather and copper rivets, what’s not to appreciate about the look? As this bag has been used, it has gained some floppiness, and scratches and scuffs have been kept at a minimum. I intend on utilizing a shoulder strap more, to add some shiny patina to the sides of the tote. The accent stitching and reinforced bottom also add to the overall beauty. Two small logos occupy the bag minimally and pleasantly, and I had to search for them to notice.

I believe the most masculine or gender-neutral feature is the shortened straps as opposed to traditional totes with a longer strap drop length. When I propositioned Josh to make the tote, I knew beforehand I didn’t want a bag to sling on my shoulder via the straps, so the design modification shines. In hindsight, the only modification I would add, which I could still do, is request a snap button handle wrap, to make carrying via the straps a little easier and more uniform looking.

Minimalist logos are my favorite.


As you can tell, I couldn’t quite find anything negative to say about this custom tote from Koch Leather. Custom designs are done by Koch on a made to order basis, so its best to figure out what design ques and functionality you’re looking for prior to purchasing. Costs may vary but I highly recommend Koch Leather Totes, and adding your own modifications to get a bag unique to you.  Josh is also a great help at providing guidance if you are unsure and would like to ask questions prior to him putting the needle to leather.

TheGoodLifeLeather Transformer Valet Tray Review – $129

As my past reviews might indicate, I’m somewhat of a frequent traveler. Whether through the week on work trips or weekend trips for leisure, I tend to put my travel equipment through frequent use. Through a discussion with some friends, I got word of the Transformer Valet Tray/Travel pouch created by Luis at The Good Life leather. Truthfully I had no idea what the product looked like so I went ahead and contacted Luis about the product. He was happy to make and send one to BestLeather, having confidence that it is a product that myself as well as readers would love. 

The large size tray holds a good amount of everyday carry items.

About TheGoodLife Leather Co.

 A little about Luis Estrada, he owns and operates TheGoodLife Leather as a part-time project and specializes in handcrafted, made-to-order goods. A one man shop, he creates quality pieces using some of the best materials available. With leather craft as a side business to his primary career, it was made clear to me that he cuts no corners in getting great products out to customers in a reasonable time span. His standout product, the Transformer, is the candidate for this review. When I asked about the design and overall concept history, he explained it was very much a trial and error design process. Having been dissatisfied with valet trays he owned, he developed the idea to make the tray also perform the role as a pouch; storing all of those catch-all items when frequently traveling.

Super clean placement of snaps and solid stitching sets the Transformer out as a luxury piece.


The Transformer at its simplest form is constructed of full grain leather, in this case Horween Natural Chromexcel. It is also available in other Horween leathers based on the shop inventory at the time. It is best to inquire current leathers and suede cikris available through contacting Luis.  The interior is lined with blue pigskin suede, also available in multiple colors. Pigskin is known for having a tough tensile strength while being soft on your items. The suede lined Transformers come fully stitched using a saddle stitch and polyester thread. If you desire an unlined Transformer, that can be made and does not come with the full stitching shown here. Being that my favorite color is blue, I chose those colors. Aged brass snaps complete the pouch configuration as well as the valet tray function. 

With a variety of EDC setups, the transformer can fit a variety of pocket dumps while the dimensions resist piling up of items in the center.


As the Transformer name states, it is able to quickly transition from a travel pouch to a valet tray. This is perfect for home or travel settings, as valet trays give a dedicated space for pocket dumps of your daily pocket items. A valet tray of some sort is a must-have to store all of those EDC (Every Day Carry) items in one dedicated place. When using it as a travel pouch, it carries well and closes tight to keep contents secure. 

The pigskin suede really protects everyday items when transporting them via the pouch setup.


As you can likely tell, the craftsmanship on the Transformer translates to clear beauty. Being hand-stitched with a saddle stitch and careful attention to details led to perfect lines. It is always warming to see a unique design paired with quality craftsmanship; often times one of those two elements is sacrificed for the other. The snap button placement is also spot on, and the brass snaps used add a nice match to the natural Horween Leather. The blue pigskin suede gives a nice “pop” and also makes for added rigidity and resistance to items “washing out”, as seen in trays with dark colors. Writing this review is tough not to sound bias but I am confident Luis has put just that great of a  product.

The Good Life Leather logo lends itself to great appearance whether the pouch is folded, or spread out into the valet tray.


Throughout my time learning about leather, I’ve always been interested in products that stretch creative limits. With the hundreds of high quality valet trays in the market, the Transformer clearly takes a lead in uniqueness and added functionality.  Priced at $129 for the pigskin lined, full stitch version and $79 for the unlined, I definitely recommend spoiling yourself with the premium offering. Not only does the suede feel great, but it adds to the overall durability of the Transformer. In the past I’ve enjoyed referring readers to contact the shop owners via other communication besides a website, and Luis at GoodLife Leather is another one of those owners. You can inquire about leather options, designs, and ordering by contacting Luis through his Instagram social media account or by directly emailing him via [email protected]. I opted for the email dialogue and received frequent and timely responses.  I do not hesitate to call this a Buy-it-For-Life product. I’ve seen and owned quite a few valet trays throughout my young life, and this is definitely one I may have to buy multiples for gifts and one to keep at home or the office. 

North Star Mystery Braid Leather Button-Stud Watch Band – $16

Being a leather enthusiast has a habit of leading you into many different expensive hobby’s. It doesn’t take long before you find some really excellent watch straps and subsequently to an expensive watch. Luckily I’m about to introduce you guys to what I believe is one of the best values you could hope for in a watch strap.


The North Star Mystery Braid Leather Button-Stud Watch Band is a new take on a fairly common idea. It is just a single piece watch strap held together with a button stud. When making something simple like this it’s crucial that the the materials be top notch. North Star Leather has turned to Horween and SB Foot (Red Wing Boot’s in house tannery) and solid metal hardware to construct their watch bands.

They use several different colors from each tannery ensuring that there is a color to fit your preference. Each band is woven into a braided design, and depending on the level of commitment you make to their Kickstarter can include a small leather bag.


I’m quite an enthusiast of the button stud watch band design, since like many others I spend a large portion of my day on the computer. Due to the lack of a clasp, and the closure of the band sitting above your wrist, resting your wrist on a desk all day with this band isn’t going to cause any discomfort. You can be free to move your wrist in any manner and you’ll still be comfortable throughout the day.


The braided design of the band lends itself to a more casual watch, and casual wear. While it may look out of place on a diver or dress watch it looks right at home on field watches and any thing else with a casual look.

The simple design of the button-stud band paired with the extra effort to braid the band gives it true beauty while still being understated. By being constructed with tried and true hard wearing materials there shouldn’t be any issue with durability or longevity.


If you can’t tell by the overall tone of this review I’m quite smitten with these watch bands. They are a phenomenal watch band made with top tier materials at an incredibly low price. North Star Leather has been in business for over 40 years so their Kickstarter is something you can fund with the utmost confidence. Go place your order now and get a great deal on a great watch band!

Quick Look: J. Ryan & Co. Legacy Horsehide Key Fob – $25 (Indiegogo Campaign)

Certain artisans excite no matter what product they present you with, and J. Ryan & Co. has done it again with their simple but beautiful Legacy Horsehide Key Fob. It’s currently being run as an Indiegogo campaign, but Jim has provided us with an early model so we could show it to our readers.

About J. Ryan & Co.

J. Ryan & Co. has developed a rock solid reputation for refined small leather goods, from gun holsters to wallets to shaving strops–the latter two we’ve had the privilege to show you here at BestLeather. Using some of the best leathers from Horween and ensuring every aspect of their products are highly refined, J. Ryan items are a pleasure to own and use.

Matched with J. Ryan & Co.’s Minimalist Wallet in Horsehide


Most of the assembly for the Legacy Horsehide Key Fob will actually be done by the user! A variety of posts and spacers are included to accommodate your own set of keys. I sat down with all the options and my keys and decided how best to arrange things. Irregular key shapes and sizes (such as my large car key) can make it a bit tricky, but I managed to get a pretty good layout to work for me. Plenty of included spacers and spring washers (which help keep keys from loosely spinning around) make it easy to balance everything just right on whichever post size you choose. Once you’ve got everything stacked, you place the top piece of horsehide and screw it down–snug, but not so tight you damage the leather.

Putting everything together

The horsehide itself is well cut and crafted with smooth, burnished edges. The leather has a feel similar to chromexcel, but more waxy and sturdy.


Having been used to either lanyards or other typical leather “key chain” methods of holding my keys, the fob was a bit of an adjustment. Since it holds your keys stiffly in place, it becomes a sort of extension to your keys. Overall I’d say I like it more than the methods I was used to. I was nervous that turning the key for my car, which takes more force than a house lock, could eventually break the posts, but it’s held strong so far. Otherwise you’ve got a quiet, extremely compact way of holding your keys that makes you feel pretty cool as you get better at rotating keys in and out of the fob.


The Legacy Horsehide Key Fob is very simple, but does look fantastic. The rich red color, like J. Ryan’s wallet I prefer to pair it with, exudes a royal feeling. The horsehide is stiff enough for the job but has a soft surface feel, enhancing this effect. The fob is as much a pleasure to see as it is to use.


I highly recommend J. Ryan & Co’s Legacy Horsehide Key Fob. Like other products from J. Ryan, it’s built in such a way that you aren’t left wanting. There’s a royal feel to both the look and feel, and it’s a great way to keep your everyday carry more compact and highly usable. For only $25, this is a great Indiegogo campaign to support.

Rugged Material Slim Bifold Review – $60-65

Stepping away from department store wallets and into the world of handcrafted, built-to-last goods is a difficult step. Even before I came to write for BestLeather, I had taken a dive and purchased multiple styles of high quality wallets, as I like rotation and variety. When it comes down to suggesting one wallet for friends and colleagues I give advice to, I’m torn between two styles – the traditional bifold, and slim front pocket designs. At that crossroad, the user ultimately will have to let me know which way they want to go. Tyler Condie of Rugged Material recently threw a wrench into my usual advice given. He developed the Rugged Material Slim Bifold that comfortably can carry large or small amounts of cards while remaining slim enough to carry in the front pocket of most men’s jeans.

Tyler Condie and the folks at Rugged Materials pride themselves in being able to make goods in the USA, guaranteed for life.  Based out of Utah, Rugged Materials has been in the business of offering wallets, bags, and other leather accessories at a direct-to-consumer price. This means that instead of outsourcing production, they make their products in-house using materials made in the USA. This saves the consumers costs significantly and ensures a better value.

The slim bifold is constructed of two relatively thin pieces of Horween Chromexcel leather in burgundy. It is also offered in a variety of other Chromexcel colors. The aroma and quality of Horween Chromexcel is the perfect choice for Rugged Materials to utilize. The thin profile of the leather allows for flexibility while remaining strong and durable like full grain leather should be. Marine grade polyester thread is used to stitch together the pieces of leather. The interior sports a Made In USA stamp in the cash slot and a mountain logo on the exterior. Over my use, the exterior logo has started to fade or smear slightly, making me wish it was laser-burned like the logo on the messenger bag I gave first impressions on. Nonetheless, both logos are subtle and very appealing. The outside edges are nicely burnished and have held up over my use.

The inner setup of the wallet is where the slim characteristics of the bifold are accomplished. Going with a horizontal setup to the cards, as the card pockets stretch from accommodating multiple cards, they appear to be less likely to have cards slip out of the top of the wallet, and instead slip in towards each other. This is the idea behind Rugged Material’s design and so far it has proven to be functional in providing minimal layering that avoids unnecessary bulk. Each side sports two card pockets as well as a slot behind for storing extra cards. For my setup, I chose to put one card in each pocket and the rest of my cards behind in the bigger slots. You could easily stack two cards in each of the four slots, but I choose to carry a minimal amount of cards. For the cash slot, I don’t usually carry a lot of cash but over the course of use, I did at one time have 14 bills in and it did not add unnecessary bulk. At all times I was able to carry in front or rear pocket of jeans.

Comprehensively, the Rugged Material Slim Bifold Wallet is a great candidate to upgrade the wallet of yourself or a dear friend. The inner card setup is definitely a change from traditional wallets, but with good thought process towards its design. Priced at $60 I would consider it a bargain for those stepping away from department store wallets. At just $5 more, the same wallet but with RFID blocking materials can be purchased which is well worth the protection against card scan thefts. Accompanied by a lifetime warranty, this is the perfect gift for the holiday season or upcoming birthdays and celebrations.  With the ability to arrive before Christmas, the RFID version of the wallet can also be purchased through Amazon.


Koch Leather Company Horween Leather Sleeve Review – $58

koch sleeve

Field notes have always been a part of my daily carry. Despite the advancement of cellphones and tablets, to me, nothing beats a hard pencil or pen and a notebook. From tracking spending, writing to remember or revisit, or to exchange information, the field notes journal is my go-to medium. When using covers to protect small notebooks such as Field Notes or Moleskine, there are plenty of options to choose from. Josh and Jen Koch of Koch Leather Company offer a Horween Leather Sleeve that provides a nice breakaway from traditional covers. By utilizing a design in which you insert the journal between the leather, the product provides dual functions and protection.

Koch leather goods come packaged nicely which adds to the overall presentation

The field notes sleeve is constructed of three pieces of Horween Natural Dublin. Koch Leather Company refers to this as their chestnut color. Natural Dublin is a vegetable tanned leather which gives a bit more toughness in feel compared to its Chromexcel counterpart in my opinion. Koch also offers Horween Chromexcel in burgundy, black, and brown, and a vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak. The sleeve is hand stitched with waxed thread and edges come in nicely burnished.


The front of the sleeve presents two pockets. One is for a pen, which I thus far have carried a variety of averaged sized pens in from Pilot G2’s to Parker Jotters and Fischer space pens. The secondary pocket fits a few cards, a single AAA flashlight, or a small to medium sized knife. The design protects both accessories in a way such that I was not worried about breaking a plastic pen while sitting on the sleeve. As you can see, the pull-up in the leather is great once flexed and reveals the lighter color as the oils are spread out. The color settles from the lightest color once items have been regularly stored.


I normally carry my field notes in a messenger bag, but for the purpose of this review, I also implemented carrying it in my back pants pockets. Though the Natural Dublin is vegetable tanned, it is soft enough to form to your backside, but not to an extreme bending degree. On a few occasions it also fit into the breast pocket of my suit jackets. The sleeve design allows the back of the sleeve to be used as a writing surface. This worked fairly well when making sketches wresting the sleeve on my knee.


With a lot of companies using Horween their leather of choice, products must rely on design and craftsmanship to separate themselves. While Koch Leather also offers more traditional notebook covers, this sleeve offers a nice separation from the pack. The finite details such as the thumb slit to remove the notebook is properly placed and adds a touch of ergonomics. The burnished edges have held up nicely over frequent use and it has done its standard job of protecting my Field Notes. The logo on the back end blends itself in with this particular leather finish, but can easily be felt.


The Koch Leather Company Horween Leather Sleeve offers solid protection for your journals with an alternative design and dual functions. I could easily see this piece being used with a passport and travel identification. Being able to carry a Swiss Army Knife or flashlight has led to me favoring this setup over a traditional cover. At the price of $58 it presents itself well, especially with the quality of materials used and overall craftsmanship. As it continues to darken and gather small scratches and abrasions, I can only see it becoming more beautiful.


Offene Meer Leather Company Gun Deck Wallet Review – $45

I have to admit; I am very much a wallet aficionado. I’ve owned nearly all styles of wallets, and constantly rotate a few of my favorites. Though I do tend to carry minimal cards, I appreciate wallets having the space to accommodate minimalists and traditional users alike.  Every time I see an innovative design, I’ve got an itch to take a closer look. Michael Bluth of Offene Meer Leather Company crafted the Gun Deck Wallet which scratches the itch for this review.


Just in case you’re curious like me, Offene Meer is a German phrase which translates to “open sea.” Michael Bluth is an active duty Navy sailor, and has taken on bespoke leather craft making goods in Monterrey, California since 2015. Aside from wallets, he has also taken a dive into other goods such as shoes, belts, and bags. When I asked Michael about the name behind the Gun Deck Wallet, he related the term “Gun Decking” to Navy qualifications having a quick and easy, though tongue-in-cheek option some sailors may take. It also signifies the asymmetry of the wallet, with sharp cutting of the corners leading to pleasing aesthetics. Lastly, he says, and I agree, that the name purely sounds cool.


My particular wallet is crafted from a single piece of full grain, vegetable tanned bridle leather. Initially, I was shocked by the thin cut in leather. It is thin – but not in a cheap or poor quality sense. It is more than thick enough to withstand the abuse a wallet will take, and I actually think it would be a complaint if the leather was thicker due to its folded construction. Being made from one piece of leather, it resembles a document folio, hand stitched on the left edge with waxed white thread. The wallet is also offered with various thread color options and multiple shades of hand-dyed vegetable tanned leather as well as Horween Chromexcel and Dublin. There is also a stitch-less variant, which looks and functions equally as pleasing while allowing cash to be stored on the outside of the wallet.


In a market filled with various snap, card, and thin wallets, the Gun Deck does make a nice improvement in design. Built to accommodate around 10 cards and folded cash, it can be slim with less cards and not overly bulky if stuffed. The closing flap easily folds in behind the logo, and over my use it has not slipped out nor do I think I will have issues with such slipping. The primary features I enjoy in the Gun Deck are that it can handle bills folded once, and also has a card slot for cards you use most often. In mine, I keep a bank card and driver’s license. In contrast with wallets that only offer one undivided space, this is nice for quick access for cards you frequently use. I immediately felt relief in the checkout lines at Walmart quickly grabbing my debit card or using cash at the gas stations; no more fiddling hands trying to twice fold cash into a minimalist wallet. The wallet fits euros and US bills folded in half easily, and can be requested bespoke to accommodate British notes.


In terms of the interior finish, I have seen smoother finished pieces of leather. The suede fibers show up mainly near the fold crease, and sparingly through the interior. This is not so much as a negative as it gives the wallet a slightly rugged or edgy look, and it does not compromise the construction. I have belts with a similar finishing that have lasted years. The exterior is very smooth, feeling good in the hands, and well prepped to take on patina. The logo is nicely finished and does not take a commanding presence in terms of overall aesthetics. The wallet weighs in at about 35 grams empty; comparatively, three full grain bifolds I have weighed in at an average of 78 grams each. The thinness of the leather definitely is a weight saver.


Overall, I am very pleased with the design, durability, and function of the Offene Meer Leather Company Gun Deck Wallet. The wallet speaks for the people looking to transition from classic bifold or trifold wallets into minimalism and alternative designs. At $45.00 I would say the price is certainly reasonable. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, I don’t think I’ll ever have to activate it. I actually may look into purchasing another to consolidate my grandfather’s nearly exploding bifold into something more manageable. This one is breaking in nicely and I look forward to potentially providing a long-term update as it darkens and softens up. You can check out Offene Meer Leather Company via the website, etsy store, or through his instagram account which may announce special releases such as shell cordovan wallets.


Guarded Goods Shell Cordovan Vanguard

In my never ending search for the perfect front pocket wallet you’d be hard pressed to find a small store or leather operation I haven’t heard of. The shell cordovan Vanguard from Guarded Goods may have finally put an end to my search with a truly astounding wallet made with top of the line materials and unparalleled construction.

guarded-goods-shell-cordovan-vanguard-5 guarded-goods-shell-cordovan-vanguard-2

Guarded Goods is a one-man operation based out of Minnesota. Jesse is the man behind the whole operation and is an awesome guy who will go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy his customers. He has been slowly growing his business and designs which include wallets, lanyards, watch straps, leather shoe laces, leather care items, and other accessories made out of almost any leather you can think of. He has shell cordovan in almost every color under the rainbow from working directly with Horween.

This particular wallet is his Vanguard design and is made out of unglazed natural shell cordovan from Horween. Typically shell cordovan has a shiny finish but this special run lacks that but is still buttery smooth. I’ve only had the wallet a few weeks and its already starting to darken and develop an astounding patina.


The Vanguard design can hold up to 8 cards in each card slot as well as keep your cash secure in the gold plated money clip. All the edges are hand sanded and burnished with beeswax making it a pleasure to hold in the hand. The wallet is stitched together by hand using the tried and true saddle stitching method.

guarded-goods-shell-cordovan-vanguard-7 guarded-goods-shell-cordovan-vanguard-4

If you’re looking for the last wallet you’ll ever need definitely visit Guarded Goods and I’m sure you’ll find a design and leather you’ll be happy with. Make sure you visit regularly since he’s currently awaiting a baby boy so I’m sure his time will be limited but he is excellent about closing his store when he’s covered up with orders and getting his orders taken care of. It may be awhile before you can get your order in but sign up for his email list and purchase a truly astounding piece of craftsmanship.


Guarded Goods and by direct association, Jesse, believes in buying high quality and buying once. Something you can certainly do at his store.

FormFunctionForm Charette Wallet

I’m a big fan of front pocket wallets and I also enjoy pairing that with a small notebook. In our digital age it’s easy to forget how handy a small notebook can be. Whether it’s for jotting down quick notes, a to-do list, or one of my main uses which is as a checkbook register, it’s hard to beat pen and paper. The Orlando Florida based company FormFunctionForm makes an excellent fusion of the notebook wallet that I’ll be covering here.


Both of the models here are versions of their Charette wallet designed to carry a Rhodia A5 notebook. To me this is the perfect sized notebook for a front pocket wallet since for me Field Notes are a little large and the mini Moleskin Volant is slightly too small. It doesn’t hurt that Rhodia’s paper quality is legendary and truly a pleasure to write on.


FormFunctionForm use a unique construction method on most of their goods. They laser cut the leather and hand sew it together so it is made from one whole cut piece of high quality Horween goodness. Both of these are made out of natural Horween horsehide which is why there is a slight color difference between the two.


My initial wallet was modified at my request to leave off the pen holder and shortly after receiving it they updated their design to have 3 vertical card slots so I picked one of those up as well. While you can’t go wrong with either design I do prefer the vertical card slots since I carry 4-5 cards most days. If you do opt for a pen slot they can include a space pen in the color of your preference and all models include a notebook.

formfunctionform-charette-wallet-3 formfunctionform-charette-wallet-10

The quality and finishing on both wallets is truly superb and you can’t go wrong with any of their designs. In addition to wallets they make phone cases, some of my favorite watch bands, and other leather accessories. Check them out and get some high quality leather in your pocket.

formfunctionform-charette-wallet-14 formfunctionform-charette-wallet-13

Pad & Quill Oxford Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Case – $120

Looking for a flashy yet stylish way to carry and protect your iPad Pro? Look no further than the Oxford Leather iPad pro case from Pad & Quill.

With a simple a slim design, this case doesn’t add the unwanted bulk. Perfect for an office setting, travel and anywhere else you’d take your iPad pro to work and show off!


About Pad & Quill

Kari and Brian, founders of Pad & Quill, are out to make their mark on the world of eCommerce. Instead of outsourcing their products to the lowest bidder, they have a strict code that they want all of their products to adhere to, which you can read about here. They have a 25-year warranty on their bags, showing their commitment to longevity. From their website:

“We think there are folks out there who have the same sense of awe as we do when they behold a beautiful thing. Who marvel at how a handful of seeds can become a majestic stand of Baltic Birch, that are then transformed, in artisan hands, into a gorgeous, organic product. There are friends who share our sense of adventure and love to have a bag they pull from their closet with 15 years of travel written upon it, and miles to go. Pad and Quill products will never resemble a trinket pulled from a fast food bag.”


This case is crafted from a single piece of full-grain bridle leather with a soft black colored American leather interior. The stitching is marine grade nylon and the closing strap is a sturdy elastic band.



There is also a magnet stitched into the interior front cover to trigger the iPad’s ‘sleep’ function.

Residue free adhesive technology keeps the iPad securely in place. Although you can easily remove the iPad from the case, it is recommended that you do this minimally to preserve the adhesive strength. Otherwise, replacement adhesives can be ordered -here-.


An optional Apple pencil accessory is available as well and can be purchase separately -here-.


Closed the case measures 10 inches by 7.5 inches and .75 inches think with the iPad in it. Opened, the case measures 14.5 inches.


The overall basic function of this case is to offer basic protection to your iPad’s screen. Similar to a leather book binder, the cover acts more as a cover than a protection case. Sure it will protect the case and screen from dust and minor drops and bumps, but I do not see it protecting it in a more rugged environment. The inside pocket also serves as a handy place to put notes, receipts or other loose papers. The elastic band holds the case very secure when closet.

There is also, of course a wide rectangular cut out for the iPads rear camera on the back cover.



As mentioned previously, the look and feel of this case is like a leather bound journal. Of course, it will bound to get more of those desired leather beauty marks ad patina with age and surely outlast the electronic devise(s) it holds.

Although I do not own the keyboard attachment for the iPad, I can see that it will work quite nicely with the design of the case and the ‘prop up’ design.



The interior flap makes a great hand pocket for carrying although you couldn’t use it for taking pictures since it blocks the back camera lens.


At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the adhesive feature in the case and thought for sure that this may be a less desirable way to hold the case over time and especially if you wanted to remove the ipad from the case or swap cases from time to time. However, the adhesive system is very sturdy and well designed to stay hidden and add less hardware or bulk to the case.

I also don’t own an Apple pencil but the added accessory (that attaches with the same adhesive system) seems very useful to keep the iPad and pencil conveniently together.

BestLeather Conclusion

Although at first glance, the piece does appear to be expensive, further examination of the quality craftsmanship, materials used and design validates the price. If you want quality, you usually have to pay for quality and that theory applies here.

Cases are made for both the 9.7 inch and the larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro models and is available in two different colors.

Check it out -here-.

Intrepid Bag Co. Leather Tech Roll – $139

Picture this scenario: You’re traveling with a cellphone (as most would), a laptop, tablet, camera, and perhaps a kindle. You open your briefcase to retrieve the said cord to charge the right device and the inside of your briefcase is a tangled knot of cords and wires. Even worse, you can’t locate where one cord begins and the other ends.

Well in our age of multiple devices and other digital equipment, a professional and functional solution is needed to save time and perhaps embarrassment.

Intrepid Bag Co. has just released a new set of leather accessories to complement their original designs. Among them is this beautiful full grain saddle leather tech roll.



The leather used in this piece is full grain USA saddle leather with a rich Mahogany color. The interior features a gray canvas lining with 3 cord slots, one middle pocket with a leather flap closure, and a large zippered pocket on the opposite end of the cord pockets. The entire piece is stitched with top quality nylon stitching.



The roll is secured with two straps that fasten into simple leather closures.


Rolled, the tech roll measures 7.5 inches long by 5 inches across and 1.5-4 inches deep (depending on how much you stuff in there). Unrolled it measures about 15 inches.

Having never really owned or used a tech roll before, I can say that at first I as hesitant to give it a fair shot in my daily carry as I usually like to pack as light and minimally as possible. But as I recalled SEVERAL incidents when traveling where I got slightly frustrated that I couldn’t find a cord or the cord I needed was wrapped around an article of clothing, so I decided to give it a fair chance.

One thing that was a little awkward was getting the cords in the pockets, but I imagine that in time it won’t be a big deal at all for the time and headaches you save on the road.


 The function of the piece is to neatly organize cords, chargers, battery packs or external hard drives as well as a few other accessories like adapters or cleaning clothes. The interior’s 3 cord slots have slits in the bottom to allow the cord to feed through so it can be used without having to remove the whole cord.

The center pocket is large enough to hold a smart phone or thin battery or external hard drive with, again, a small slit in the bottom to allow a cord to feed through. As the zippered side pocket is all canvas, a good amount of small accessories can be stuffed in. However, the more stuff in the roll and pockets, the bulkier the piece is when rolled.



 The mahogany saddle leather on the roll is very sturdy and already is breaking in nicely. As mentioned above, the roll does get bulky when crammed with a lot of stuff but what doesn’t? I really love the simplicity of the case and can tell it will age for many phone and device updates.

 At $139, I feel the tech roll Is well worth the money considering the material used and the design. Anyone who is looking for a solution to organizing varies electronics while maintaining a look of elegance, professionalism, and function will be happy with this piece. Check it out -here-!

Brookes & Hyde Burnt Amber Sunglass Case Review – $70

We’ve reviewed a lot of great and varied leather products here at BestLeather, but, somewhat surprisingly, this is the first sunglass case we’ve ever seen! Brookes and Hyde’s Burnt Amber Sunglass Case is a great first entry into this category, made with a gorgeous Horween Bandit pull up leather and utilizing a unique wrap-around closure design.



Connor Sambrookes started Brookes & Hyde as a senior thesis project. Hoping to design shoes, he began work for a company designing products for some of the biggest names out there. It was at this job the opportunity to apprentice under a highly experienced leather craftsman came about, leading to creating his own products and founding the company.


Today Brookes and Hyde continues as a one man show with big aspirations. Each product is handmade and has a personal touch reflective of its artisan: colors are named for favorite craft beers, and “Cincinnati, Ohio” is stamped on each item in homage to its origin. By sticking to the principles and passions that built the foundation, Brookes & Hyde intends to become a well known name in the industry.



The entire case is made with reasonably thick but very soft Horween Bandit leather, with brass closure studs (leather and studs are offered in various colors). Edges are machine sewn with bonded nylon thread, and are given a high-gloss, painted finish.


The inner leather is unfinished, with a soft suede-like feel. No rigid structure is used, but the pocket is folded and sewn such that a space is created for sunglasses.


Construction is overall top-notch, with no noticeable irregularities. This case should last a lifetime.



This sunglass case is both a pleasure to use and a great way to add some protection to your favorite pair of sunglasses.

I’m a huge fan of the wraparound closure design. I’ve never been a big fan of snap closures on most sunglass cases (mostly because they often end up tearing the cheap faux leather the case is made with), so the stud closure is a refreshing new take. Pulling the case open and even closing it is done easily with one hand with no strain on the leather.


The obvious tradeoff with this case is that there isn’t a rigid structure inside, so there’s somewhat minimal crush protection. The upside is that the case remains soft to the touch and pliable, fitting in smaller spaces, and provides all the scratch and drop protection you could need.

This sunglass case should fit most styles of sunglasses easily. It’s a bit roomy for my Wayfarers, but I’ve never worried they’ll fall out. Also, while certainly unintended, I’ve even found this sunglass case to be a great protection for my iPhone 6s, in a pinch!



Brookes & Hyde’s Sunglass Case definitely travels in style. The Bandit leather has some absolutely stunning distressing right from the start, and since it’s a pull up leather, you can quite literally customize the look to your liking. I gently crinkled my case in my hand when I got it to create some killer distress lines around the edges. If you don’t like the changed colors, create a bit of friction by rubbing the leather with your thumb, and the original brown color returns.


The overall aesthetic has a rugged feel, with the distressing adding an asymmetric and irregular beauty.



My sunglasses have enjoyed the protection of the Brookes & Hyde Burnt Amber Sunglass Case, and I’ve enjoyed using it. The pull-up leather is beautiful, and the wraparound design is refreshingly unique and easier to use than standard snap designs. I highly recommend this case as a Buy It For Life product.

Be sure to swing by Brooke’s & Hyde’s shop and check out the Burnt Amber Sunglass Case and their other great leather goods.



Pocket-sized notebooks have always been around, but recently more and more people seem to have these handy little things to whip out and quickly write something down. While some people have their phone do the job, I personally prefer writing it down. The Thirteen50 Leather Whiskey Traveler Wallet not only conveniently holds my Field Notes; it also functions as a wallet. This is the type of functionality I see so many people needing, and this high-quality item is sure to impress.

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 4ABOUT THIRTEEN50 LEATHER

Thirteen50 Leather was founded after a successful Kickstarter campaign that concluded back in July of 2015. After beginning with belts, their impressively priced selection of leather goods has expanded to various wallets and accessories. The brands name is derived from the 13 stripes and 50 stars on the American flag, where all of their products are crafted and materials originate from.

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 15CONSTRUCTION

The Whiskey Traveler is constructed out of full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. The leather is not your average cheapo, flimsy, mass-produced product you would find in a department store. This stuff is the real deal, and I was blown away at what you get for the price. The team at Thirteen50 Leather machine-stitch their wallets, and the end result is a quality item that encourages confidence that it will last a very long time, and look even better after use. The Traveler Wallet that I reviewed quickly started to darken and age making it an even more personal product.

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 11FUNCTIONALITY

I personally really enjoy these types of wallets that function as a cover for my Field Notes, as well as being a true wallet, without being too bulky. I am a college student so I am always needing easy, quick access to what is in my wallet. This wallet definitely delivers, because of the ability to hold at least 4 cards initially, folded cash, and business cards. I found that it simplifies things quite a bit if you tend to have multiple wallets to carry all your stuff.

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 29AESTHETIC

I love the simple look of this wallet. The Thriteen50 logo is neatly and subtly placed in the bottom-left corner inside along with uniform, contrasting white stitching to hold it all together. As mentioned above, the leather is a beautiful Whiskey color that darkens a bit over time as you use it, making the aesthetic even more pleasant to show off to your friends. And then they will probably buy one too because of the great price of this piece.

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 2CONCLUSION

After several weeks of use, I can confidently say that the Thirteen50 Leather Whiskey Traveler Wallet is a steal for what you can get at this price for a product of this quality. Thirteen50 offers this wallet in Whiskey, Black, Natural, and Natural Horween Chromexcel. Don’t forget to check out the other quality products they offer on their website and keep up with all the action over on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 7

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 9

thirteen50-leather-whiskey-traveler-wallet-review - 8

Anchor Leather Co. Custom Cast Bottle Opener Review – $20

Well, as the saying goes, ‘It’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ and this solid brass and leather bottle opener form Anchor Leather Co. is the perfect tool to use anytime of day and at any occasion.

The minimal design with signature engravings makes it an heirloom piece for sure. The design and engravings make a perfect gift or token for an avid rock climber and/or beer drinker.


Ethan Martin, the lad behind AnchorLeatherCo, hand makes all of his unique and customizable leather goods on his Etsy shop. From wallets to cases, accessories and even bags, Ethan has the eye for quality and detailed design.

Each product from Anchor Leather Co is made by hand in the USA, outside Charlotte, in the great state of North Carolina. The inspiration for Anchor Leather Co came from many childhood hours spent watching artisans craft objects by hand at Colonial Williamsburg, a historical park in the state of Virginia.



The materials  selected were chosen for longevity. Silicon bronze was custom cast for the opener itself, and Horween Dublin leather is the strap material. The length of the opener, leather and all, is about 4 inches long.



The 5O’clock Rescue8″ design was inspired by a piece of equipment used by high angle rescue teams and rock climbers, known as a figure eight descender, also called a spurless rescue eight. The real thing is used in rappelling to ease the lowering process into a manageable rope force. This version is used to ease into the end of the day or weekend by opening your favorite drink, so the concept and name was very fitting.

While this version of the figure eight descender is not made for rock climbing, it performs its other duty – bottle opening – like a charm. I can keep it on my keys or on a peg in my kitchen and it looks great even while it’s not in use.




The desire with this piece was to offer an affordable and long-wearing opener that would be a nod to the Anchor Leather Co. brand’s ‘get you there’ mentality. The 5 O’Clock Rescue8 will be your companion through many, many six-packs, and the price is right at $19.98. It has a clean design that was achieved with made in the USA components and craftsmanship. Cheers to that! Check it out on their Etsy store..