Quick Look: J. Ryan & Co. Legacy Horsehide Key Fob – $25 (Indiegogo Campaign)

Certain artisans excite no matter what product they present you with, and J. Ryan & Co. has done it again with their simple but beautiful Legacy Horsehide Key Fob. It’s currently being run as an Indiegogo campaign, but Jim has provided us with an early model so we could show it to our readers.

About J. Ryan & Co.

J. Ryan & Co. has developed a rock solid reputation for refined small leather goods, from gun holsters to wallets to shaving strops–the latter two we’ve had the privilege to show you here at BestLeather. Using some of the best leathers from Horween and ensuring every aspect of their products are highly refined, J. Ryan items are a pleasure to own and use.

Matched with J. Ryan & Co.’s Minimalist Wallet in Horsehide


Most of the assembly for the Legacy Horsehide Key Fob will actually be done by the user! A variety of posts and spacers are included to accommodate your own set of keys. I sat down with all the options and my keys and decided how best to arrange things. Irregular key shapes and sizes (such as my large car key) can make it a bit tricky, but I managed to get a pretty good layout to work for me. Plenty of included spacers and spring washers (which help keep keys from loosely spinning around) make it easy to balance everything just right on whichever post size you choose. Once you’ve got everything stacked, you place the top piece of horsehide and screw it down–snug, but not so tight you damage the leather.

Putting everything together

The horsehide itself is well cut and crafted with smooth, burnished edges. The leather has a feel similar to chromexcel, but more waxy and sturdy.


Having been used to either lanyards or other typical leather “key chain” methods of holding my keys, the fob was a bit of an adjustment. Since it holds your keys stiffly in place, it becomes a sort of extension to your keys. Overall I’d say I like it more than the methods I was used to. I was nervous that turning the key for my car, which takes more force than a house lock, could eventually break the posts, but it’s held strong so far. Otherwise you’ve got a quiet, extremely compact way of holding your keys that makes you feel pretty cool as you get better at rotating keys in and out of the fob.


The Legacy Horsehide Key Fob is very simple, but does look fantastic. The rich red color, like J. Ryan’s wallet I prefer to pair it with, exudes a royal feeling. The horsehide is stiff enough for the job but has a soft surface feel, enhancing this effect. The fob is as much a pleasure to see as it is to use.


I highly recommend J. Ryan & Co’s Legacy Horsehide Key Fob. Like other products from J. Ryan, it’s built in such a way that you aren’t left wanting. There’s a royal feel to both the look and feel, and it’s a great way to keep your everyday carry more compact and highly usable. For only $25, this is a great Indiegogo campaign to support.

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