Anchor Leather Co. Custom Cast Bottle Opener Review – $20

Well, as the saying goes, ‘It’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ and this solid brass and leather bottle opener form Anchor Leather Co. is the perfect tool to use anytime of day and at any occasion.

The minimal design with signature engravings makes it an heirloom piece for sure. The design and engravings make a perfect gift or token for an avid rock climber and/or beer drinker.


Ethan Martin, the lad behind AnchorLeatherCo, hand makes all of his unique and customizable leather goods on his Etsy shop. From wallets to cases, accessories and even bags, Ethan has the eye for quality and detailed design.

Each product from Anchor Leather Co is made by hand in the USA, outside Charlotte, in the great state of North Carolina. The inspiration for Anchor Leather Co came from many childhood hours spent watching artisans craft objects by hand at Colonial Williamsburg, a historical park in the state of Virginia.



The materials  selected were chosen for longevity. Silicon bronze was custom cast for the opener itself, and Horween Dublin leather is the strap material. The length of the opener, leather and all, is about 4 inches long.



The 5O’clock Rescue8″ design was inspired by a piece of equipment used by high angle rescue teams and rock climbers, known as a figure eight descender, also called a spurless rescue eight. The real thing is used in rappelling to ease the lowering process into a manageable rope force. This version is used to ease into the end of the day or weekend by opening your favorite drink, so the concept and name was very fitting.

While this version of the figure eight descender is not made for rock climbing, it performs its other duty – bottle opening – like a charm. I can keep it on my keys or on a peg in my kitchen and it looks great even while it’s not in use.




The desire with this piece was to offer an affordable and long-wearing opener that would be a nod to the Anchor Leather Co. brand’s ‘get you there’ mentality. The 5 O’Clock Rescue8 will be your companion through many, many six-packs, and the price is right at $19.98. It has a clean design that was achieved with made in the USA components and craftsmanship. Cheers to that! Check it out on their Etsy store..


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