Form Function Form Button-Stud Watchband Review – $48

Perfection—pərˈfekSHən: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

It’s something that nearly everyone strives for, and something that everyone fails at achieving. So when there is something that it close to perfection but not quite perfect, it’s almost easier to simply lump it into the “perfect” category.


The adjustable Button-Stud Watchband (in brown Chromexcel) from Form-Function-Form is simply the best watchband I have ever used. For me, it was something like searching for the Holy Grail. Some were too expensive for my tastes – others were too thick. Some were too stiff…but not this one. This one perfectly suits my every need and want.

This watchband is made of time-tested Horween leather. To me, having Horween leather is important. Horween is one of the few leather tanneries left in the USA. They’ve been around for over one hundred years and have practically written the book on how to make excellent leather. Their videos about how they make leather are simply mesmerizing. The leather of this band is so soft that I just take if off to play with it at times!


Form-Function-Form also includes a paper note-tag that has includes the Horween stamp at the top, and FFF’s description beneath it. At the bottom it says, “Do not handle with care. We can take it.” Yes and amen.

I didn’t want a watchband that was thick. It could be because I have short hands, but my previous watchbands would always rest awkwardly on the edge of my laptop when I typed. (My apologies to Ms. Jensen, my 8th grade typing teacher, for so frequently violating the rule that you should always keep your hands elevated above, rather than letting them rest on the space in front of the keyboard!) But this band’s thin profile is barely noticeable when I go back and forth from reading and typing.


The design is creative and brilliant. With conventional watchbands you pull the band tight, find the right notch, secure it with a buckle, and slip the end through a strap loop. Not a bad approach, for sure since it has served many a generation and is still going strong. With the design of this strap, however, the notches are on the inside and it’s held in place by a metal screw/stud. So unless you’re gaining and losing weight frequently, you will likely find one notch that fits your wrist well and stick with that setting. The two metal pieces of the stud you place into the hole do occasionally become loose, especially if you are moving around a lot. But on the whole—or more precisely, in the hole—the peg and hole feel secure.


There is some overlap of the leather, but not nearly as much as there is on a normal band. And since the stud and hole are right beneath the face of the watch, it won’t ever bulge on the bottom of your wrist where you might rest it on a desk or laptop.

I love the unique yet classic logo for Form Function Form. I do wish, however, that it wasn’t hidden as much. I wish the logo was on the outside of the band, rather than being covered up by the strap wrapping around. But for those who don’t care whether the nifty logo is visible, you’ll be just fine.


If you’re looking for a low profile watchband for everyday use, I cannot recommend the Form Function Form Button-Stud Watchband highly enough. It comes in a variety of colors, widths, and stud choices so that you’ll easily be able to match it up with your favorite timepiece. At $48, it certainly won’t bust your budget and you’ll have a well-made, stylish way to brandish your watch.

~ Dustin Battles, Guest Contributor

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