Uhl House Leather Classic Women’s Belt Review – $49

Women’s belts can be a bit finicky. A belt that’s too skinny might get overlooked. A belt that’s too thick might be overwhelming. A belt that’s too shiny might not go with a casual outfit. A belt that’s too long might look funny. But Uhl House Leather has hit just the right casual note with its Classic Women’s Belt.


Uhl Leather was founded by Ross Uhl, currently based based in Texas, and is dedicated to creating heirloom quality products. We recently reviewed their men’s Latigo leather belt. If you’re looking for a thicker version of the belt check out the review article here.



The Leather

The Classic Women’s Belt is made with Latigo leather, hand-dyed and USA sourced. It’s not burnished or struck through, which gives it a bit of a rough look. This look, of course, is subjective. If you’re going for a super polished or dressy look, this is probably not the belt to choose. But for a more casual, everyday look, this belt does the trick. The Latigo leather is extremely soft and supple, without feeling like it will wear out. As you use it, the belt gets even softer and more flexible. You can learn a bit more about Latigo leather from an informative article we wrote earlier this year.



At 5/8ths of an inch, the Classic Women’s Belt is definitely on the thinner side. It’s a very classy, subtle size. It looks its best at the waist, belting a dress or accenting high-waisted pants. I personally love the oxblood color, but it also comes in natural veg-tan, ivy, navy, and chocolate. The navy and ivy colors would be very cute in this skinny size. The small, oval-shaped polished stainless steel buckle is one of my favorite aspects of this belt. The Horse Shoe Brand buckle has an undeniable western flair, with its floral engraving, but it’s not over-the-top cowgirl style, either. The buckle comes in a round or rectangle shape, both very cute and dainty. As I said before, this belt has a more “rustic” look, as you can see the unburnished edges.



The only complaint about the function I have is that there is no strap loop to hold the belt flush against the waist without belt loops. I find myself tucking it under the side or else the end of the belt sticks out pretty far. If you have an outfit with belt loops, or you get a smaller size that doesn’t have much belt left over, this won’t be an issue. You could also trim the end to your liking, if you’re a DIY type.



The Uhl House Leather Classic Women’s Belt is a cute addition to your closet at the reasonable price of $49. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference. If you like a more polished look, this might not be the belt for you. But for casual wear, this is a great, sturdy belt in an attractive color. The engraved belt buckle and Latigo leather are both unique features that will add an understated charm to your outfit.


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