Waltzing Matilda Avery Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review – $160

Sometimes you don’t need a messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack. Yes, that’s probably an odd sounding statement to read from a guy who spends a great deal of time reviewing and testing bags and backpacks. But, seriously…think about it. There are those occasions that crop up when all you really need is your laptop. But, carrying your laptop “in the raw” or “naked”, without some type of protection is just not a wise decision. This is the great thing about laptop sleeves. And, if you’re an Apple fan who also happens to appreciate handmade leather products, you’re in luck thanks to Waltzing Matilda’s Avery Sleeve for MacBook Pro.


About Waltzing Matilda

This is the third piece from Waltzing Matilda that we’ve reviewed here at BestLeather. Their first piece was the amazing Tom’s Bag (which has turned into my daily carry bag. It works splendidly and continues to garner attention and questions from those around me). And, we recently reviewed the BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier – a unique, attractive bag designed to carry two wine bottles (or other beverages packaged in bottles of a similar size and design).

As a quick refresher, Waltzing Matilda is located in Wayne, PA (suburb of Philadelphia). Mike Balitsaris and his team expertly source all of their materials here in the USA and craft each piece by hand. Mike’s passion for his craft shines through in every piece. In my opinion, his pieces hearken back to greater days gone by of industry and pride of workmanship here in the US. It’s refreshing to see that those attributes are still alive and well–represented by Waltzing Matilda and a growing number of makers/crafters here in the US.

The Avery Sleeve for MacBook Pro is no exception. It’s a simple piece, with a simple mission, but it does it oh so well. The Avery Sleeve I received is sized for a 15” MacBook Pro. This is a fortunate thing for my middle son, who uses a 15” MBP at the college he attends in Montana. It’s unfortunate for me, because I use a 13” MacBook Air and do not get the opportunity to use the sleeve. But, I appreciate the fact that my middle son has an appreciation for products designed for longevity and a style that isn’t defined by gaudy logos, nylon, and other low quality materials.



The Avery Sleeve is constructed of a thick, yet supple leather sourced from a tannery in Maine. The sleeve is made from 3 pieces of leather: the main body piece that wraps around to form the sleeve, the closure strap that wraps around it to secure it, and the slip through closure. In keeping with Waltzing Matilda’s other’s pieces, it sports their signature exposed waxed thread stitching.



As mentioned earlier, sometimes all you need is to slip your computer into a sleeve and run off to a meeting. Or, you might want to insulate your expensive laptop from other items rolling around in your bag or backpack and prevent them from dinging or damaging it. The Avery Sleeve performs both of these roles ideally. The sleeve is streamlined and doesn’t really increase the overall bulk of your computer.

It is worth noting that upon arrival the sleeve is a little tight. Slipping your MacBook into and out of it will take a little effort. However, after performing this routine a few times you’ll notice that the sleeve has stretched a little and your laptop will go in and out of the sleeve with ease, but still maintain its form.

The closure strap is easy to use and works without issue. It’s not complicated, it’s simple, keeps the overall bulk reduced, and stylish.



I received the brown version of the Avery sleeve. It also comes in black and I’m sure it is equally as stunning with the contrasting thread on it. As with other Waltzing Matilda pieces, it sports a unique style. It’s rugged, yet it’s somewhat refined too. Refined, simplistic ruggedness? That description works for me.

The Avery Sleeve is purpose built. It has a single job to perform. But in doing it, it still exudes quality and a certain style that I appreciate. Personally, I would be comfortable carrying this into one of my local coffeehouses or into any boardroom.



If you own a MacBook Pro, chances are you made a significant financial investment when purchasing it. And, as is the custom with most MBP owners, you plan to keep it around for a while (especially since it will work well for many years to come). Protecting your investment for the long term is a solid decision. Protecting it with a Waltzing Matilda Avery Sleeve for MacBook Pro is a great choice if you’re looking for protection, durability, and style. Plus you’ll be using a 100% Made Here in the USA product. At $160, it’s a fantastic choice. It is also available for 13″ versions of the MacBook Pro. And, if you’re a diehard Apple Store fanatic, you can purchase the Avery Sleeve directly through the Apple Store.


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