Timberland Men’s Newmarket Boot Review

When fall approaches, there is no combination more classic or comfortable than chinos and boots. This combination works in both casual and professional settings and qualifies as a staple in any stylish man’s wardrobe. A contender for this autumn wardrobe staple is Timberland’s Newmarket Ankle Boot in brown full grain.


Timberland can trace its roots all the way back to 1920s Boston, where Nathan Schwartz began his career as an apprentice stitcher. Schwartz and his family grew the company and, in the 1950s introduced an injection-molding technique that allowed them to waterproof their boots. In 1973, they introduced the “Timberland” brand, and the rest is history. Timberland is now a huge clothing and footwear brand that operates stores worldwide. Their company headquarters are in Stratham, New Hampshire.


The Newmarket Ankle Boot is made with a full grain leather upper in a ruddy brown color. The leather is contrasted with a black woven cotton panel and a cream colored rubberized foam outsole that tapers from heel to toe. The outsole is attached with a differentiating tan cemented layer. The construction of these boots is nowhere comparable to that of a Goodyear welt or similarly constructed shoes. However, these land in the $100 dollar range, and the quality of the construction is proportionate.


The stylishness of these shoes is definitely their strong point. The moc toe design on a foam sole is very on-trend. The brown leather and black fabric details make the shoe very versatile. The Newmarkets feel at home in many situations, whether it be a casual night out or an average day at the office. They look smart without being overly formal, and complement a range of pants styles.


Out of the box, the boots have no issues with fit. They aren’t stiff or uncomfortable, and there’s no real break-in period. They have no padding along the ankle, but the top of the uppers are mostly fabric and do not rub or become sensitive.

The laces have four eyelets followed by two hooks that continue up the tongue of the boot. The flat-woven laces are somewhat difficult to thread through this hardware. I ended up changing the laces to a simpler round lace because the flat laces took too long to tie.


The Timberland Newmarket Ankle Boots are a comfortable, stylish buy, and at $100, the price is right (even less on Amazon for certain sizes). Definitely plan to change the laces to a thinner, rounder type that will fit the hardware better. They won’t last you forever, but you’ll get several seasons out of them and look great doing it.

Timberland Boot Company Wodehouse Captoe Oxfords – $289

When I think of Timberland, I almost always picture the classic 6-Inch boots, or a pair of hiking boots. But I’ve recently been able to see quite a bit of their product line, which includes almost every conceivable type of shoe for men, women and kids. Their most impressive collection, however, is known as the Timberland Boot Company, which was launched about a decade ago. This line is focused on craftsmanship, using Horween leather and higher quality materials. We’re taking a look at Wodehouse Captoe Oxfords from the Timberland Boot Company line.

TImberland Oxford 3


Timberland can trace its roots all the way back to 1920s Boston, where Nathan Schwartz began his career as an apprentice stitcher. Schwartz and his family grew the company and, in the 1950s introduced an innovative injection-molding technique that allowed them to waterproof their boots. In 1973, they introduced the “Timberland” brand, and the rest is history. Timberland is now a huge clothing and footwear brand that operates stores worldwide. Their company headquarters are in Stratham, New Hampshire.

TImberland Oxford 2


The Wodehouse Oxfords are made with a waxy full grain leather from Horween, welted onto a leather sole. The sole is reinforced with rubber panels at the heel and toe for traction. The inside is lined with a molded leather insole that is removable.

The shoe has a classic oxford construction with rustic details to make them unique. The vamp is made of thick strips that are attached with contrasting stitching with matching cotton laces. There are extra panels sewn along some of the seams to give it an old-fashioned, patchwork appearance.

TImberland Oxford 5


The Wodehouse Oxfords have a very old-world feel to them, with waxy, marbled leather, textured details, and leather soles.  They’re available in Burnished Dark Brown, Burnished Black, and Dark Russet Full-Grain (which is this pair).

These shoes are extremely comfortable out of the box. I like that you can wear them with semi-formal attire as well as a pair of jeans. The leather is soft, the sole is extremely durable, I have no complaints about these shoes. The soft leather scratches easily, but also buffs out easily. Even so, the marks add character to the leather and any minor scuffs do not compromise the shoe’s integrity.



The Timberland Boot Company Wodehouse Cap Toe Oxfords are a unique choice in the world of oxfords. The full grain leather will hold up well, and don’t require a ton of care. If you’re looking for a quality all around duty oxford and one that elicits a slightly different look than the bevy of traditional oxfords that are out there, I encourage you to consider the Wodehouse Captoe Oxfords. They’re well made, durable, and will get better with time and use.

TImberland Oxford 1

Red Wing 2948 Roughneck 6″ Boot – $269.99

Today we’ll be taking a look at the 2948 Roughneck Boot from Red Wing. This is the second pair of boots from Red Wing to be featured here on BestLeather. You can read about their iconic Iron Rangers here, if you’d like. The Roughnecks are part of Red Wing’s Heritage footwear line, which relies heavily on boots designed decades ago that have proven their worth in hard working environments. Today, most of the heritage line of boots are worn in casual settings. But, they’re certainly made well enough to withstand the rigors of any type of manual labor you may throw at them…and you’ll be looking darn good while you’re at it!

Red Wing Boots 5

Red Wing Boots 1

About Red Wing

Red Wing has its roots in the early 20th century Midwest, a rugged place dominated by hardworking people in industries like logging, mining, and farming. These tough jobs required tough footwear that would stand the test of these cold, harsh working conditions. A Red Wing, Minnesota shoe merchant by the name of Charles Beckman understood this and developed a line of tough work boots. He and his investors opened a factory in 1905, and Red Wing Shoes was born. From the Red Wing website:

“Over one hundred years has passed since our founding and our commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear remains as unwavering as Beckman’s vision. Our products consistently perform in environments spanning from the Mideast oil fields to the Midwest corn fields. Red Wing boots protect workers in more than one hundred countries across the world, an accomplishment built by years of hard work, endurance and the promise to never compromise on our quality.”

Red Wing Boots 2
The spitfire leather with several months of wear on the toe


The Red Wing Roughnecks are made with a waxy, polished leather they refer to as Spitfire Leather. It has a smooth, shiny look to it, enough to look somewhat dressed-up but not overly fancy. It looks very similar to what is commonly called rough out leather. It has a rugged, somewhat pebbled look to it. Right out of the box, it looks like it’s been worn and aged, which definitely is in line with Red Wing’s heritage vibe.

It’s quite an undertaking to create a pair of Red Wing boots. They utilize over 230 steps in their production. The end result is a solid, sturdy, well built boot. The boot is built onto a hefty Vibram lug sole with a Goodyear welt construction. It’s a pretty no-frills boot, with the contrasting welt and stitching being the main features that stick out. The boot has a rounded toe with no embellishments. The Vibram sole, as always, is bulletproof and provides excellent traction.

Red Wing Boots 3


I have been surprised at how comfortable these boots are given the minimalistic design. There is no padding in the shoe, which was intimidating at first, but the leather and the welt all break in well to the foot and provide a solid, comfortable, supportive base.

The boots are somewhat challenging to put on since they do not have speed hooks and must be laced through traditional eyelets. The only addition I might make would be a tab or loop on the back of the boot you could use to assist with pulling them on. I’ve found that the boots work well in a wide variety of situations. The black spitfire leather looks best with jeans or chinos – great for getting just a little dressed up. Their style and sole design is a bit too rugged for any type of formal or semi-formal setting. They’re best used in a work or casual environment.

Red Wing Boots 4


For a boot that’s under $300, it’s hard to beat the Red Wing 2948 Roughnecks. This is a tried and true, time tested design with lots of solid customer satisfaction behind it. If you’re looking for a boot to serve in multiple roles and looking for one that will last for many years to come, I highly recommend that you consider the Red Wing Roughnecks.

OluKai Men’s Moloa Kohana II – $130

If you live in a temperate area summer probably isn’t such a big deal to you. It’s just a notable demarcation on the calendar. However, for those of us who live in areas that are definitely marked by four distinct seasons, summer time is always something that’s anticipated and greeted…warmly. It’s time for shorts, short sleeves, shoes without socks, a visual inspection of how pathetic your tan is, and it’s time to get outside and soak up some much needed sunshine!

With that being said, it was great to receive a pair of shoes from OluKai. After visiting their booth during Fashion Week in Las Vegas in February of this year, I was excited to have spring and summer get here so I could begin wearing the Olukai Moloa Kohana II shoes.

Olukai 7


OluKai is a footwear company that takes its inspiration from the beaches of Hawaii. Their motto is that “everybody, no matter where they are, can live Aloha.” They offer footwear for men, women, and children, all inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand.

“It started as a different approach to a footwear company. We wanted to create footwear that combines durability for the waterman, ocean lifestyle, and a brand that has strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship.”

We have had the privilege of reviewing for Olukai in the past too. If you’d like, you can check out that review here.

Olukai 2


The Men’s Moloa Kohana II is a beachy slip-on, made with laser cut full grain leather. The outsole is a combination of leather and rubber for traction and durability. It’s stitched with contrasting nylon thread with the flexes at the ankle via embedded elastic.

Olukai 5

The insoles are a contoured polyurethane gel covered with cork. The footbeds are totally removable and washable, which is great since I tend to wear these barefoot most of the time. The contoured insoles are made to imitate the feeling of bare feet in wet sand, I must say they have achieved their goal. The shoes are incredibly soft and the insoles make the shoes comfortable to wear without socks in most casual environments.

Olukai 6

One of the most unique aspects of this shoe is what OluKai calls the “Drop-In Heel”, an angled seam at the back of the heel that allows the wearer to slide into the shoe with ease. This is a great function for beachgoers and I’ve found it to be incredibly useful…in spite of the fact that I don’t live anywhere near a beach. It’s just a nice feature to have…slip ’em on, slip ’em off with ease.

I have experienced a few stray “threads” popping out here and there…but nothing that has compromised the integrity of the shoe or the aesthetic. I’ve simply trimmed it back and moved on. Sizing seems to be pretty spot on. I’m always on the border between sizes with an 11 or 12. I received a size 11, which was a little snug at first. But, they have stretched a little bit and are now extremely comfortable.

Olukai 4


The Moloa Kohana has a very relaxed, beachy look, which is a natural given the overall Olukai vibe. The shoe elicits a sort of huarache style with geometric cutouts on the vamp that add ventilation and visual interest. It’s the perfect go-to summer shoe and is at home in any low-key environment. It comes in two colors, rum and khaki. My khaki pair is a nice sandy brown color that wears well with any casual outfit.

Olukai 1


The OluKai Moloa Kohana II is a great option for summer footwear, with thoughtful details and a sturdy construction. Competitively priced at $130, you will get several comfortable summers out of these unique shoes.

The Sandast Debbie Backpack – 17 Months Later

Francis Bacon said, “Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” He’s certainly spot on…but, I’d add one more element to the list and that is fine leather goods. Age is not an enemy to well made leather, but a welcomed ally who helps take what is beautiful when new to spectacular as it ages.

Back in September of 2014, I unboxed my first piece of Sandast’s leather goods. And, I’m extremely happy to say that since then I’ve added several more beautiful pieces, which will be reviewed here in the next few weeks. Since producing the initial review on the Debbie Backpack it has been a constant companion for my wife and has traveled many, many miles with her. It has accompanied her several times on travels throughout the Pacific Northwest, trips to New Jersey and Florida. And of course it has accompanied her locally on hundreds of occasions.

Sandast Gregory Update 1

After consistent use in the past 17 months here are some highlights of the Debbie Backpack:

  • Plenty of storage
  • Plenty of pockets/pouches for organization
  • Ease of entry – this is a big deal for my wife. She pretty emphatic about her lack of interest in using buckles or lobster style clasps to get in and out of bags. She wants egress that’s quick and easy. Sandast delivers just that for her with the tuck lock closure on the main flap and the magnetic closures on the outside pockets.
  • Ease of carry and comfort. This may trump style and appearance for her at times. Ultimately, the Debbie Backpack meets these needs and scores big time on the aesthetic side of things too. While on a family reunion/vacation to Disney World in the fall of 2015 she carried this bag for miles and hours at a time traipsing through the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Springs, and Hollywood Studios. Naturally, it performed flawlessly for her and ne’er was a complaint ever mentioned.
  • It gets noticed. In spite of the hordes of people standing in line after line while at Disney multiple people commented and questioned her about the pack. The same holds true of flight attendants, TSA workers, and desk clerks at hotels…the Debbie pack garners attention.

Sandast Gregory Update 3

The Debbie Backpack was beautiful right out of the box. But, I must say it’s looking much more awesome now. Time and use…these are great companions for quality leather goods. As mentioned in the initial review article, Sandast uses vegetable tanned leather from Horween. One of the great hallmarks of vegetable tanned leather is its ability to develop a patina unique to the user. Typically vegetable tanned leather darkens with use and develops a much deeper and more robust color. The Debbie Backpack has ‘matured’ nicely. The cognac color is a bit deeper and the grain of the leather, which was already beautiful, is just much more prevalent and takes center stage when you take time to truly examine the bag.

The interior plaid fabric is still in pristine condition and I expect it will stay that way for many years to come. The hardware on the backpack is aging equally well too. This is the benefit of utilizing true, high quality hardware. The Riri zipper, the French made buckles, the drawstring end caps, and the Italian made tuck lock all continue to perform flawlessly and maintain their classy appearance.

Sandast Gregory Update 5
The Debbie in line at Magic Kingdom

As far as maintaining and caring for the leather, this is certainly not laborious. The Debbie Backpack has only had a couple of treatments with an all natural cleaner conditioner (props to DropForge Leather Care’s Leather Cream) and that’s it. Really, not much more is necessary. There are folks who will disagree – even companies who ascribe to the idea that you must “feed your leather” with their products. Perhaps that’s so with their particular bags…but, that would make me question the true quality of their leather’s tanning process if it dries out that easily.

Remember, one of the hallmarks of great vegetable tanned leather is the patina. Time and use are the way that is developed properly. To think your bag will maintain the “as new” look forever by applying copious amounts of conditioners, creams, oils, and the like is really misguided. Your great vegetable tanned leather bag is supposed to change with age. Let it. Yes, protect it – but don’t work feverishly on it in the fruitless attempt to keep it in “new” condition. “Live Your Legacy”, which is Sandast’s mantra, is exactly what I’m talking about here. Let your bag develop that legacy…it’s designed to do it. The cool part is the role you play in that legacy and what it becomes.

The Sandast Debbie Backpack is truly an outstanding product and as mentioned in the initial review, it’s well worthy of the Buy It For Life title. It’s worth every dollar. As you use it and appreciate it over time, you’ll never regret your decision to purchase it.

Sandast Gregory Update 2Sandast Gregory

Russell Moccasin “TLC” Toe – Lace Hunter Custom Boot Review – $527-$655

When most folks hear me say, “I’m from Idaho”, the first image that they always seem to conjure up is potato fields, french fries, and tater tots. Well, alas folks, I’m here to tell you that Idaho is much more than just a spud field – especially North Idaho (yes, I also know that most people feel the urge correct me and say, “it’s Northern Idaho”…but, we say North Idaho here). We’re surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers, apex predators, and game of all kinds. Most of us who live here fondly refer to it as “God’s Country”. It’s simply gorgeous and just about every outdoor activity you can possibly partake of happens here, including hunting of all kinds. When we were introduced to the opportunity to review a pair of custom hunting boots from Russell Moccasin, we jumped at the chance!

Russell Boots 1


Like many Midwest shoemakers, Russell Moccasin began in the 1890s in Wisconsin during the booming logging days. W.C. Russell’s hand sewn boots quickly became sought after by locals, and was eventually purchased by former employee Bill Gustin in 1924. Gustin was an avid hunter and fisherman and expanded the product line for outdoorsmen, as well as offering a line of casual shoes and oxfords in the 1930s. The business is now led by Gustin’s son-in-law, Ralph Fabricius, who has preserved Gustin’s vision of hand-lasted and hand-sewn footwear for the outdoorsman.

Russell Boots 5


The TLC Boot is fully handmade and handlasted. Everything about this boot is thought through for the outdoors. It uses full-grain waterproofed leather, and comes fully leather lined. The TLC Boot actually has a triple vamp construction, meaning there are three layers of leather surrounding your foot. Needless to say, this boot is insanely waterproof.

The boot is constructed so that the counter (side panel) is extra long, and is very, very thick. This gives the boot extra ankle stability for rough terrain, and the cushioned collar helps keep the boot comfortable against the lower calf. The laces come about midway to the toe, giving you good control over the tightness of the laces on the foot.

Russell Boots 3

The TLC Boot is highly customizable, with options for everything from the leather color (the TLC Boot comes in five color options: Black, Reddish Brown, Tan, Chocolate, and Green) to the type of sole. You can choose how much insulation you want (and whether you want it on the whole boot or just the foot). You can add extra cushioning in the sole, or a reinforced toe cap for rough/rocky terrain. The boots come standard with a very hefty Claw Airbob sole, but you may also choose from several other Vibram soles, all of which are slightly heavier. An in-depth explanation of all of Russell’s custom options can be found here. They are extremely happy to work with customers to create their perfect boot, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

To order the TLC Boot, you have to send in pretty involved measurements of your feet.The process for tracing and measuring to have a pair of boots made is interesting and time consuming. But, the end result is well worth the modest amount of time you’ll spend providing the necessary information for your boots. You can even send photos if you have any irregularities (bunions, differently sized feet, etc.) and they will accommodate you. Your foot measurements will stay on file at Russell for 10 years in case you order a new pair or need repairs. And, I’m sure some of the thinking there is they are confident that once you order one pair of boots, you’ll find another reason to order some shoes or a different pair of boots. If you have particularly wide or narrow feet, you can even order your own last for a fee. All of this just goes to show just how much Russell wants to ensure that your boots fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Russell Boots 2


The TLC Boot is surprisingly attractive for such a functional piece of footwear. The tread is rather chunky, but I’m not afraid to wear these around town here in addition to hunting deer or elk up in the mountains. They’re easy to slip on thanks to a hearty finger loop on the back of the boot and lacing them is a quick, simple task. The footbed is extremely comfortable making them an easy choice for all day wear in rugged terrain. This past winter was a very wet, cold one here. I was consistently comfortable wearing these boots with just a medium weight sock thanks to the 200 gram Thinsulate that lined these boots. And, never once were my feet wet, in spite of trudging through snow all day. Up until this last season, I wore the same pair of hunting boots from another reputable company (at least 7 years straight). However, this year I consistently chose the TLC boots from Russell Moccasin. They’re super comfortable, look great, and keep my feet in great shape – even after miles of hiking.

Russell Boots 9


The Russell Moccasin TLC Toe-Lace Hunter Boots are very impressive. These boots are definitely an investment, but I’m positive that these will last me a lifetime,  as they can be resoled and repaired at the factory. Russell’s measurement and customization process was spot on. My boots are a perfect fit for me. These are a purpose built boot primarily geared at the serious outdoorsman. So, if you’re looking to upgrade boots to something that will swaddle your feet in style and comfort, I’d highly recommend you visit the Russell Moccasin website and check out their line of excellent footwear.

Russell Boots 4 Russell Boots 6

Colonel Littleton No. 16 Document Case Review – $482.50

I’m always a fan of simplicity…with a touch of uniqueness. It seems to me that the designs from Colonel Littleton combine those elements well. Purpose built products with a bit of flair and a touch of “yesteryear” to them. It’s always a pleasure when we get the opportunity to feature one of their products here at BestLeather. Today we’ll be taking a look at the No. 16 Document Bag with Strap, a thin document case with an adjustable shoulder carry strap.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 7


Colonel Littleton is a small operation out of Lynnville, a Tennessee town about an hour south of Nashville, home to a whopping 327 residents. The Colonel started out by selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair. Colonel Littleton has amassed a pretty dedicated following over the years, in part because their products have a unique, nostalgic feel, but also because their products have proved to be extremely well-crafted. Over the past two years, we’ve reviewed quite a few Colonel Littleton items and found them all to be top-notch. You can read the archives of our Colonel Littleton reviews here. You can also watch a short video about the Colonel Littleton story here.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 1



This document case is made with Colonel Littleton’s dry-milled full-grain American leather, which is always very soft and flexible. The bag is around  12”H x 17”W x just 1.5″ deep, making it quite thin but leaving plenty of room for legal and standard sized documents. While not made as a laptop bag, you could feasibly fit a MacBook Air or similarly thin laptop or tablet in a pinch. The inside of the bag is unlined, leaving a soft grain on the inside. Expect a few little pieces to come off at the beginning until the grain smooths down a bit with use.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 2



The bag is closed with two solid brass snaps, attached to leather straps that circle the entire bag. There are two snaps on each strap, allowing for some expansion to the bag when you need to load it up a bit more than usual. There is a copper metal tube (common to many Colonel Littleton bag designs) that runs across the back of the bag. The leather padded handle and shoulder straps are attached to the tube, which is held onto the bag with brass rivets. This gives the bag a strong backbone and helps keep the bag flat when storing documents.

The shoulder strap is adjustable from 34.5 inches to 42.5 inches, and can be removed via brass pegs if needed. Colonel Littleton offers a strapless version of the No. 16 Document Bag if you feel you don’t need a strap. However, the strapless version doesn’t have the copper tube or carry handle, though it is $200 cheaper.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 5

For me, this is a great bag to use for local meetings and outings. It’s easy to grab this bag, drop my laptop in, throw my journal, notes, earbuds, and a couple of pens into it and take off. To date, that has been the primary role of this bag. It’s ideal when I don’t need to carry a full mobile office with me. I don’t foresee myself carrying this bag on multi-day business trips. In my opinion, it’s simply not designed for that purpose. My No. 40 Campaign Bag is a much better choice for those occasions.

A side note – my No. 16 Document Bag came with one of the Colonel’s full size No. 18 Portfolio legal pads in it. I’m forever changed on my choice of legal pads now. You can get 3 of them for only $13.50, which I consider to be a great deal.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 9



The No. 16 Document Bag is very eye-catching, and has that nostalgic flair that Colonel Littleton has mastered in their product line. This bag is the Saddle Tan color, but it also comes in brown and black with brown trim. This is a document case, so it lays quite flat against the body. So far it’s functioned perfectly in meetings, and makes a very good first impression. As with most Colonel Littleton products, you can have your initials engraved on the metal plate for a small fee of $9.

Expect to get stopped frequently when carrying this bag. It always catches people’s eyes and incites questions. I’ve even had a couple of folks ask if they could touch it and hold it while I was working from one of my favorite local coffeehouses (shout out to Strada Caffe’ of Coeur d’Alene!).

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 8



The No. 16 Document Bag with Strap is yet another impressive product from Colonel Littleton. If you’re looking for a simple document case for meetings, this is an excellent choice that will serve you well and certainly get noticed wherever you go. It’s a pleasure to carry. It’s easy to use and access. The leather is superior and will age well with time and use. In the months that I’ve had my Document Bag, it has already started to darken a bit. It’s definitely a Buy It For Life item that you’ll appreciate the entire time you use it. Then, when you’re done you can pass it on to the next generation.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 3

Colonel Littleton No. 17 Hunt Bag Review – $370

“Sometimes old ways are better than new ways” – that’s a quote directly from Colonel Littleton. In spite of all of the advancements our modern day society has made…all of the technological leaps and bounds that seem to occur weekly, his quote is completely true. The allure of handmade, of time well spent crafting something of beauty is still heralded today. Handcrafted, artisan products are one of the key hallmarks of everything that comes out of the Colonel Littleton workshop and it definitely holds true for the piece we’re featuring for them today – the No. 17 Hunt Bag in American Buffalo.

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 1


Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair. At BestLeather we’ve had the privilege of working with the Colonel and his talented team for well over a year now. And, we’ve featured several of their excellent products. To see more Colonel Littleton reviews, click here.


The No. 17 Hunt Bag is made with beautiful cognac bison leather, with the natural rugged grain that comes standard with American bison leather. Like all the Colonel Littleton products I’ve gotten my hands on, the construction and stitching is impeccable. The bag measures 7 ¾”H x 11”W x 3”D, and the inside pocket measures 6″H x 9 1/2″W x 2 1/2″D with another large pocket along the front. There is a large back pocket that stretches across the back of the bag, and another small pocket under the front flap.  The back pocket is great for keeping your phone or keys when you need quick, easy access.

The bag comes with a crossbody strap that adjusts from 44″ to 52″ with ease. The strap is thin, yet comfortable to wear as a crossbody. At 11″ wide, the bag is a nice medium size that works with all body types. The inside is roomy enough to hold a wallet, keys, phone, and other purse essentials with ease.

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 3


The No. 17 Hunt Bag has a classic hobo crossbody construction with the addition of a hand grip built into the flap. The grip is reinforced with leather and its snug construction means that very little is exposed to the elements. The hand grip gives it visual interest as well as a vintage feel. The stainless steel cinch buckle adds to the bag’s vintage, equestrian look as well. The American Bison leather has a beautiful texture that really sets this bag apart, and gets softer and darker with age. The subtle stitching adds to the western style.


The No. 17 Hunt Bag is yet another top notch product from Colonel Littleton. It’s pricy, but for $370, you’re getting beautiful bison leather and unique hardware, all handmade in Lynnville, Tennesee. If you’re looking for a crossbody purse with a unique western flair, the No. 17 Hunt Bag is a great choice that will last you a lifetime.

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 2
Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 4
Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 5
Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 6

Thorogood Boots Dodgeville Boots Review – $349.95

Boots are best in the footwear department. Yes, that’s a strong statement to make…but, it’s my opinion – take it or leave it. When Thorogood Boots (also known as Weinbrenner) approached us about reviewing another popular pair of boots for them, I jumped at the chance. This time around we’re checking out their Dodgeville line.

Thorogood Dodgevilles 1

About Weinbrenner Shoe Company

Iconic American success stories are awesome and the story of Albert Weinbrenner, son of a German immigrant and cobbler, holds true to form. Albert began his apprenticeship at age 13 working for his father. By his early 20s, in his spare time, Albert was designing work boots specifically for the trade jobs his friends had around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1892, at the age of 27, Albert started his own cobbler business with partner Joseph Pfeifer.

Weinbrenner and Pfeifer enjoyed immediate success – becoming well known for their “jobber” boot. Today Weinbrenner Shoe Company is still based in Wisconsin and employs over three hundred people in the local area.

As alluded to in the opening, this is the second pair of Thorogood Boots we’ve reviewed. The first pair, the Portage CXL Roofer Boots, were very impressive and chosen as the “Best Boot for 2014”. We’ll be issuing an update on those boots soon – but, don’t worry…they’re performing admirably and still look fantastic.

Thorogood Dodgevilles 2

Construction & Function

The Dodgeville Boots are part of Thorogood’s 1892 Collection, which was introduced as a throwback to some of the original work boots designed for the hardworking outdoorsmen of turn-of-the-century Wisconsin. The line reintroduces the beloved No. 60 last, which has become an icon in men’s footwear.

Each boot from the 1892 Collection is made with Horween’s Chromexcel Leather, constructed with a goodyear welt and nitrile cork sole. Each series is inspired by a different “jobber”: farmers, roofers, trappers, and more. The Dodgeville line is inspired by the Wisconsin miners who needed the toughest boots around to stake their claim and make their fortune.

The outsole is padded with a leather and a partial Vibram lug. This makes the shoes quite comfortable for long-term wear and ensures a good long life. The Goodyear welt construction also means that this boot can be resoled and repaired for years to come.

Thorogood Dodgevilles 8

As with the Portage CXL Roofer, the Dodgeville Boots require a noticeable break in period. As my friend Richard Martens – International Sales Manager for Weinbrenner cautioned in the past, “you earn the right to wear a pair of Weinbrenner’s” and it’s a completely true statement. But, don’t be dismayed or turned off by that statement. The process is well worth the reward. Be prepared when you purchase these boots. Initially you won’t wear them for very long. Take your time…increase wear time from day to day. And then, “the day” will occur – it’s the day when you notice that your Dodgeville boots feel fantastic on your feet. In fact, you will probably go about your day’s work and kind of forget about them (until someone comments or asks about them) and then you’ll realize that your break in period is complete. From that point forward, the Dodgeville Boots will easily be regarded as your ‘go to’ footwear of choice.

Thorogood Dodgevilles 4



The subtle cap toe design really sets the Dodgeville apart and makes it a very unique looking boot. All of the 1982 Collection uses the classic No. 60 last, which is a very iconic silhouette in men’s footwear.

The Chromexcel leather, as usual, looks beautiful with its waxy sheen. With Chromexcel leather boots, you can sometimes get what’s called “bloom,” a whitish waxy substance that rises to the surface of Chromexcel leather due to its high oil content. This is normal and easily resolved with a quick wipe from a horsehair brush. So, we’d recommend investing in a horsehair brush when you pick up the Dodgevilles. Be sure to read up on Chromexcel leather here.

Thorogood Dodgevilles 10


The Dodgevilles come in three classic colors: Black, Brown, and Cognac, all versatile and attractive colors. I’ve found that my cognac pair is a quite flexible and timeless color, with brass colored eyelets that give it a great vintage look. Each boot color comes with matching flat waxed laces. Not only does the style catch people’s eye, but they always comment appreciatively on the color too.

Thorogood Dodgevilles 7


Weinbrenner’s Thorogood Dodgeville Boots will truly last you a lifetime. With each component made and assembled in the United States, you know you are getting tip-top quality when you purchase a pair of Thorogood Boots. The Thorogood name has been trusted and respected by hardworking men and women since 1892, and their time-tested techniques result in a sturdy, attractive product that is well worth the price tag. The only issue you’ll have is choosing which color to purchase…

Thorogood Dodgevilles 9 Thorogood Dodgevilles 3

Buffalo Jackson Trading Company Giveaway – $285 Value!

BestLeather is pleased to feature a great giveaway from our friends at Buffalo Jackson Trading Company. We have teamed up with them to give away one of their popular, rugged, durable Elkton Waxed Canvas and Leather Duffle Bags. You can read more about it here. You can also read our review of the small Elkton Duffle.

Enter the contest below and good luck:

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co Elkton Duffle Bag Giveaway – $285 Value!

Feel free to share the contest too – it might earn you some bonus points!

Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-2 Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-1 Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-4 Buffalo-Jackson-Giveaway-3

Nicks Boots 6″ Roberts Boots Follow Up Review

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…” Dang – was Steve Miller ever spot on with that line! 2015 has moved along at warp speed it seems. It’s hard to believe it’s late October already! So, what does that mean? It is just a sign that I’m behind on some follow up reviews. So, here goes an update on my awesome 6″ Roberts Boots from Nick Boots.


These boots rock. There. I’m done.

Seriously, they do. But, let me expound a little bit. I’ve been wearing my Roberts for a little more than a year now. As I mentioned in my first review, the folks at Nicks Boots state that it takes 80-100 hour of using the boots to get them properly broken in. Since getting past that break in, these boots have become more and more comfortable with time and use. At this point, they are completely ‘molded’ to my feet and are definitely an all day boot. These are not lightweight boots. And, the heel is substantial too. But, that “legendary arch” works its magic and comfort rules.


I did remove the decorative tongue insert. It’s just a personal preference – I like the way the boots look without them. These boots look fantastic and show virtually no wear whatsoever. That’s not for a lack of wear either. I’ve used these boots consistently this past year wearing them at least once, twice, or more almost every week.

It does take time to get a pair measured specifically for your feet. But, the time is well worth it along with the financial investment. The return is a pair of boots that you will continue to feel better on your feet each time you slip them on and are easy to maintain as far as keeping up their appearance. If you’re shopping for boots north of the $400 price point ($439 to be exact), you should definitely consider going the custom route with a beautiful, hard wearing pair of Roberts from Nicks Boots. If you’re in a rush, you can order a pair of stock built 6″ Roberts for $429. Personally, I’d spend the paltry $10 more and get a pair made specifically for my feet.



Rossi Boots 343 Musk Boots for Women Review – USD $118

There may be a contender in my family as far as who ends up with the most boots. While I still enjoy a fairly healthy lead, my wife is coming on strong with her own collection. Recently she added a new style of boots to her ‘fashion arsenal’ from Australia’s Rossi Boots. This new addition is the Rossi 343 Musk Boots.



This is the second review we’ve done for Rossi Boots. Our first featured a pair of their men’s boots (which are awesome and will be featured in a follow up review shortly). Based in Adelaide, Australia Rossi Boots knows a thing or two about footwear design. They’ve been in the business since 1910. They’re well-known and extremely popular down under…and we’re trying to help people around our parts discover the awesomeness of their footwear.




The Musk Boots are made with full grain kip leather. Kip leather is a soft, luxurious cowhide. It’s often used in high-end baseball gloves because it offers superior flexibility while still retaining high tensile strength and durability. The color is claret (a deep brown with hints of red mixed in there). Designed as a work boot, they have also become a popular all day, fashionable boot. The V-cut design features a leopard print elastic fabric. The boot features Rossi’s signature air cushioned sole with a molded heel. A lighter, contrasting heavy duty thread is double stitched and provides a nice detail to the overall design.



The Musk Boots are a completely new design for my wife. She’s never had a pull on boot in this style. When they came out of the box, she was immediately pleased with the color and style. While this is a traditional style of boots in Australia and many other areas around the world, it’s not a routinely seen boot here in the US. Her reaction after wearing them a few times is, “it’s a great style, works extremely well in just about any casual setting and with almost any pant style”. While they’re billed as a “work boot”, she uses them as a daily boot. And, they look great on her. She’s received lots of compliments from those at her office and the patients that she sees routinely. The style is not gaudy or over the top, even with the playful leopard print accent. In fact, it’s understated and the boots just exude a look of confidence, comfort, and a relaxed style.



Comfort is king when it comes to any kind of footwear that is billed as having “all day comfort”. The Rossi Musk Boots certainly meet that claim. The air cushioned sole and soft leather definitely provide all day comfort. The elastic V-cut provides flexibility and proper “snug-ness” in fit. Sizing is spot on. Just remember, that it is UK based sizing, so be sure to refer to their sizing chart.

The finger loops on the front and back of the boots make them easy to slip on and off. The over ankle height is perfect and provides good stability when walking over any type of terrain. The sole is provides great grip and isn’t too ‘chunky’ in appearance. Probably one of the best features that she’s noted is the overall weight of the boots. They’re nice and light, which is a huge plus when you’re wearing boots in an all day situation.



My wife’s recommendation? “If you can find these in the US, get a pair.” All of the online retailers I’ve found that sell the 343 Musk Boots are located within Australia. When ordering, you may find the boots for much lower prices than the retail price listed here in the review – but, be prepared for some hefty shipping charges too. So, do your homework and find the best deal possible. At the USD $118 price, the 343 Musk Boots are definitely worth every penny. The leather quality, construction process, comfort, and durability will make you a Rossi Boots customer for life.



Satchel & Page Suitcase Giveaway – $650 Value!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jose C., the very lucky winner of the Satchel and Page Suitcase Giveaway!

Satchel and Page Giveaway Winner

BestLeather is pleased to be partnering with Satchel & Page once again to bring you another great giveaway. This time around, we’re offering you a chance to win one of their brand new designs – the Suitcase! Be sure to follow the steps and enter to win. And, be sure to check out our full review of this awesome bag.

Satchel & Page Vintage Suitcase Giveaway – $650 Value!

Satchel & Page Suitcase Review – $650

Travel is a wonderful thing. I enjoy traveling immensely and fortunately, get to do quite a bit of it each year for work and play. As many know, airline travel within the United States has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the ingenious [cough] decision to charge passengers for checked luggage, many people have turned to carry on only bags. Due to that change, the choices in luggage have been pretty static – small rolling bags and duffels pretty much dominate the space.

Satchel & Page, in an effort to continue creating unique leather products that tap into old, classic, proven designs while incorporating modern amenities, has developed their Suitcase. I’ve had the privilege of using this bag recently on an extended trip to Florida and California.


Behind the Design

BestLeather has reviewed several pieces from Satchel & Page, who is based in Austin, TX. You can read them here. When speaking with Daniel, one of the founders of Satchel & Page, this is what he told us about the new Suitcase:

“This is the headline bag of our new collection and it’s inspired by a suitcase my family still has that was used by my great grandparents when they immigrated to the US from Europe in the 1910s. That old suitcase is a family keepsake and we designed our new collection with that same character and longevity in mind. The other focus of the collection is on elegant design and functionality, which we feel is very well represented in this Suitcase.

We felt that the classic suitcase is a beautiful design that has been forgotten, basically because most suitcases don’t have the functionality and ease of use that we require nowadays. So we designed this suitcase from the ground up. The sides are reinforced so it holds its shape, but the front and back are soft which makes the bag comfortable to carry and air travel friendly. Our Suitcase also has a shoulder strap and converts to a backpack, which is super convenient for travel or daily commutes.”



The bag is made with 6 oz. vegetable tanned leather for the body of the bag, and 8-9 oz. leather for the handle and straps. The rivets are all solid copper. The heavy duty YKK zipper is a two-way design, allowing one entire side of the suitcase to open up. Inside the suitcase you’ll find an attractive tartan lining along with leather patches surrounding the zippered pockets and key clip. The Suitcase comes in deep brown, but they plan to offer black as a stretch goal in their current Kickstarter campaign.



If you’re already a Satchel & Page fan, you’re definitely going to like the Suitcase. It matches all of their other pieces with the same colored leather, hardware details, and stitching.

The overall appearance of the bag reminds me of suitcases you see when watching movies depicting the early 1900s or viewing photographs from the same era. The Satchel & Page Suitcase has a similar look to some that my grandparents still used throughout the 1930s through the 1950s. The biggest differences from those old leather clad suitcases are: the adjustable shoulder strap, the large zipper, the side handle, and the ability to configure this suitcase to be carried as a backpack.

The dark brown leather is luxurious in both look and feel. The hardware and stitching all match with it to create a piece of luggage that is instantly recognized as custom and special. At roughly 20″ wide x 15″ tall x 7.5″ thick, it easily complies with airline carry on rules while still offering plenty of room to haul your essentials. Upon opening the bag, you’re greeted by the great looking tartan lining and leather accents. Inside you’ll find two slot pockets along the bottom that stay closed with elastic – very reminiscent of old school suitcases with the right section having a small key clip too. You’ll also find a thick leather strap used to cinch and secure items into place within the suitcase. The inside of the main flap also contains two flat zippered pockets for storing various items.



My initial trip with the Satchel & Page Suitcase was a pretty lengthy one, but I thought it would be a fitting test of the bag. This trip involved leaving Spokane, heading to Florida to visit my middle son’s potential college of choice, spending a few days in various Disney parks with family, and then going on to a conference in Sacramento, California before heading home. All told, this trip was 11 days in length.

It took a bit of planning on what to pack and how to pack it, but this is what ended up making the cut:

  • 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, 3 pairs of shorts, 1 swimsuit
  • 4 t-shirts, 3 henley shirts, and 2 polo shirts
  • 4 pairs of calf length socks, 4 pairs of short ankle length socks
  • 1 black leather belt, 6 pairs of boxers
  • 1 pair of leather sandals, 1 pair of black wingtip dress shoes
  • 1 hat
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that are used for the bag’s backpack carry option

I do use packing cubes when traveling to maximize my use of space. I used 4 cubes for this trip and it seemed to work out very well. Also, to give you some scale on the items packed – I’m not a small man. I am 6’5” and wear 3xlt shirts. A smaller, average sized person will definitely be able to pack more items into this bag without issue.


The Suitcase is an excellent carry on choice. I had zero issues in fitting this into the overhead bin on all of the flights for this trip. I also received comments upon boarding and exiting every one of my flights. This also occurred when picking up my rental car. The bag is definitely one of those unique pieces that people notice.

The only thing I found somewhat disappointing about the bag was the shoulder strap. The shoulder pad is a great size, but it is slippery. The bottom portion of the pad slipped off of my shoulder every time I attempted to carry it in this manner. Consequently, I ended up just carrying it from the top or side handle most of the time. Other times I slid the shoulder pad down to one end and carried it directly on my shoulder using just the strap. The strap is also not long enough for cross body carry (at least for me). The shoulder pad is a great size and looks nice; it just lacks the ability to have any grip. **UPDATE** The team at Satchel & Page is taking care of this issue in their production pieces by using a softer leather that is broken in so that the pad curves and better conforms to your shoulder when you carry the Suitcase. This should eliminate the slippage issue reported above.



At a price point of $650, the Satchel & Page Suitcase is expensive. It’s definitely an investment. But, it’s an investment that will last the rest of your life. In keeping with Satchel & Page’s dedication to quality, the bag is extremely well built, looks fantastic, and will serve regular or occasional travelers with panache and ease. It’s definitely a Buy It for Life item and comes highly recommended from me. If you act quickly, you can snag one for $495 and save some bucks during the Kickstarter.


Dr Martens Made in England Weaver Shoes Review – $350

It’s always fun to find a shoe that can easily pull double duty. With the new Dr. Martens Weaver Made in England shoe, you get just that dual feature. The Weaver can easily be worn as a casual shoe. In fact, it is a great warm weather shoe due to the woven style and you’re encouraged to wear them sans socks. But, for those times when you need to up your fashion game slightly above ‘casual’, the Weavers are an excellent choice.



This is the second pair of Dr. Martens footwear that we’ve reviewed here. Read our review of their 1460 ForLife Boots here.

Dr. Martens is a cultural icon. They’ve been producing leather footwear for decades. Based in England, their impact on youth culture and beyond can be seen around the globe. They’re innovative, yet steeped in tradition – cutting edge but always paying tribute to their past. Dr. Martens is a brand that seems to cross multiple generations these days. You’re just as likely to see a 40 year old dude sporting a pair of Docs as you are an angst filled teen in one of their latest boot styles.




This pair of Dr. Martens is part of their Made In England series of footwear, which is crafted in their original Northhamptonshire factory. It’s made with what they call “Beaumont” analine calfskin leather on the upper. It’s soft and supple. The upper and sole are sewn together, not merely glued. Combined with their unique Z welt-stitch and heat-sealing process, makes it a unique process to Dr. Martens. This is the only construction that is stitched on the outside and helps footwear take the shape to the foot. The Goodyear welt is chain stitched to the upper and insole. The outsole is then sewn to the welt around the edge and then heat sealed to create a very sturdy, long wearing shoe. The sole is the original Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, providing underfoot comfort and durability since 1960. It is oil- and fat-resistant, tough, and offers good abrasion and slip resistance.



The Dr. Martens Weaver is a great looking shoe. The brogue inspired woven lacing is what really makes it a stand out shoe. It’s an attention getter and elicits comments and questions every time I step out in public with them.

The waxy black leather feels great to the touch. They feel great when wearing these barefoot too.

The contrast between the deep black color of the upper and the natural color of the welt sets the shoes off very nicely. Thin, waxed laces stay out of the way so as not to distract the eye from the unique laced/woven brogue patterns.

Not only is the lace pattern a nice feature on the top and sides of the shoe, but it does an excellent job of ventilation for your feet on those warmer days.





These shoes are comfortable. That should go without saying since they’re Dr. Martens. Their legendary air-cushioned sole provides a cushy, comfortable experience for your feet. It’s a long lasting sole too so don’t be concerned there.


The only apparent drawback I can see with these shoes is they are limited to three seasons for me. Due to the lacing on the shoe, they will not perform well in cold, wet weather. If you live in Florida or California, you’ve got the ideal climate for year round usability with the Weavers.

I only point that out not to necessarily be a negative…just to say I won’t be wearing these again until next spring. And, that is unfortunate because these are some cool, stylish, comfortable shoes that give true all day comfort. But, I’ll be super excited to get them out when the seasons change again!



At $350 the Weavers are somewhat expensive. But, they certainly meet the “you get what you pay for” adage. Attention to detail on these shoes is fantastic. The build quality is excellent. The styling and versatility make them unique standouts. You’ll wear them for many, many seasons. So, they’re definitely worth the initial investment. Your feet will be happy…and you’ll be happy because you’re going to like the way you look with the Weavers on your feet.


Lewis Expedition Bag Giveaway Courtesy of Leather Built – $1600 Value!

Congratulations to Cade W of Olympia, WA!!!

He’s the winner of this amazing bag. Cade, we look forward to seeing a couple of pictures of you with this bag in some awesome Pacific Northwest scenery. Major thanks go out to Brett from Leather Built for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

Lewis Expedition BAg Winner

We’re pleased announce that our friends at Leather Built are giving away an amazing bag here on BestLeather – the Lewis Expedition Bag! Be sure to enter to win. This contest will run the length of October, so get your entry in now! We wish you the best in your chances of winning this fantastic bag!

Lewis Expedition Bag6

The Lewis Expedition Bag – built by The Leather Shop of Seattle, WA – Built like a tank, but with the touch of a fine craftsman, The Lewis Expedition Bag is made with the best leather and hardware available.  Simply put, it is built for some serious exploring. The Lewis is crafted from full grain, vegetable tanned leather and is taken from the bends of the hide, the densest and thickest section of the hide. The Lewis is crafted from one solid piece of leather, meaning fewer seams and more sturdy construction. A large, molded pocket on one side of the bag is perfect for a compass, phone, small knife or other accessory, and also stashes a chain linked medicine vial. The opposite side of the bag has a smaller, molded pocket perfect for keys or small goods and an ingenious tethering system for securing a stainless steel flask. Opening the bag you’ll find a large open space perfect for stowing all of your necessities, along with a small pocket for your Field Notes notebook.


The Lewis is stitched with marine grade polyester thread, three times more durable than nylon thread. The stitching is done in grooved channels, making sure that the thread will never tear in heavy use. The Lewis is made for complete functionality and can be easily converted to a backpack, over the shoulder bag or handbag. It is the ultimate companion for your next adventure.

Leather Built Lewis Expedition Bag Giveaway – $1600 Value!

Giveaway is being graciously sponsored by Leather Built of Meridian, IDLeather Built was founded upon the idea of showcasing the highest quality leather goods built in the U.S.A. We have scoured America in search of only the best leather goods and have found some amazing companies and products that are sure to surprise and delight. One of these is The Lewis Expedition Bag, made for us by The Leather Shop right in Seattle. We have yet to find a bag that is more rugged, beautiful and better equipped for adventure. We wanted to offer The Lewis Expedition Bag in this giveaway to highlight the commitment to highest quality that Leather Built adheres to and showcase one of our excellent products.

Norman Cahn Leatherworks Cabrio Wallet Review – $99.99

It’s always a pleasure to get a second or third piece of stellar leather from a brand we’ve reviewed in the past. It’s an even greater pleasure when you’re receiving a piece from someone who is widely regarded as a true artisan in the leather craft world. I’m pleased to introduce you to the cleverly designed Cabrio Wallet from Norman Cahn Leatherworks.

About Norman Cahn Leatherworks

Norman Cahn is a self-taught leather artisan. He started designing and crafting leather products in 1976. And since that time, he’s refined his skills and continues to strive for perfection in his craft. His expert skills and dedication to creating high quality products is evident in every piece…large or small. We suggest that you visit Norm’s Etsy store in order to take a look at all of the fine leather products he creates. This is the third piece of Norm’s that we’ve had the pleasure to receive for review. Be sure to read our reviews on his Passport Case and Field Notes Cover. This time around, we’re checking out his Cabrio Wallet.



The Horween Leather features a deep, rich burgundy color complimented with chestnut nylon stitching, which is impeccable. It also includes Norm’s signature polished and finished edges that look fantastic. The snap on my model has an antique brass finish. You can choose other snap finishes and thread colors when ordering from Norman Cahn Leatherworks.


This has been a fun wallet to use. It has a non-traditional orientation that seems to instantly get noticed. Just about every time I use it, the clerk, barista, or server comments on it. It’s a noticeably different design…and I like it.

The inspiration behind the Cabrio wallet can be found in your favorite drop top automobile – taking cues from the way convertible top vehicles (aka Cabriolets) operate. When you open the Cabrio Wallet, you’ll notice that the functionality is similar to the way the convertible top on an automobile opens and tucks away back into itself.

This ingenious vertically oriented design only measures 3″W x 4 1/8″H when closed. Even when I have it loaded up with my license, debit card, three or 4 other cards and cash, it maintains a slim profile (less than ¾”). I’ve found it to be a great front pocket wallet option too. The slim nature of the wallet is perfect.




The design, the leather quality, the artisanal build quality all combine to create a very pleasing product. Norm’s logo is tastefully placed on the back of the wallet and, for those of you who are major Horween fans, their stamp is emblazoned prominently on the inside.

The Cabrio Wallet is simple yet sophisticated, minimal yet capable of satisfying most traditional bifold wallet carrying folks demands. I can’t decide whether I want to reserve this wallet as my “professional, dressier occasions wallet” or just use it all of the time. That is still to be determined (although it seems to be in my pocket most of the time now)…even when I’m in casual mode.



The Norman Cahn Leatherworks Cabrio Wallet definitely maintains the superior quality of the pieces I’ve reviewed in the past. To that end, at $99.99, it definitely qualifies as a Buy It for Life item. Be sure to visit the Norman Cahn Leatherworks website – we’re confident you’ll find several must have items there!


REVISIT Journal Review – $210

What’s your favorite National Park? Mine is Yosemite National Park, but it’s hard to choose given all the incredible places America’s park system has to offer. The U.S. National Parks Service has been caring for our park lands since 1916. Today they manage 401 separate parks, monuments, and preserves– over 84 million acres of some of America’s most beautiful and historic places.

REVISIT, a lifestyle brand out of Los Angeles, California, knows how to appreciate these parks. A quarter of their profit goes to directly supporting national parks preservation projects. Today I’ll be looking at the REVISIT Journal.

Revisit Journal 8


REVISIT’s founders were inspired by traveling in the National Parks and recognizing the need to preserve them for future generations. REVISIT operates on a quarter-back model, meaning they have pledged to donate a quarter of their profits to parks preservation in the U.S. National Parks system. Their goal is to both support our parks system and create a conversation about preserving the stories and places that are dear to us as a nation.

REVISIT partners directly with the national parks and their support organizations and currently contribute directly to specific projects occurring in three parks systems across the nation: Sequoia Parks Foundation in California, Olympic National Park in Washington, and Glacier National Park in Montana. In the past, they’ve supported other projects in Acadia National Park in Maine and Independence National Historical Park in Pennsylvania. Take a look at their Vision page to learn more about the specifics of these important projects.

Revisit Journal 11


The Journal is part of the Founder’s Collection, for which REVISIT uses vegetable tanned leather that is hand treated with natural waxes, oils, and water based pigments during the finishing process. The cows are farm-raised and the hides are treated with mimosa tree extract and lime in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The process occurs at REVISIT’s leather finishing factory in Los Angeles, California, the only finishing plant on the West Coast.

The leather used for this journal cover is extremely soft and supple. It has a very smooth, luxurious feel. The brown has a reddish chestnut hue with a subtle sheen.

Revisit Journal 14

Construction & Function

Each REVISIT product is designed and constructed entirely in the United States, at their factory in Los Angeles. You can read a bit about the process on their Artisans page. The journal cover is constructed of one solid, supple piece of leather, envelope style. The flap is secured with a small piece of leather threaded through a logo-emblazoned loop at the front, held together with small brass rivets.


The journal is made to fit a 7″ x 9″ Shinola Journal, which is included. There is also a sleeve for an iPad Mini as well as three standard-sized card slots, a windowed business card holder, and a pen loop.

The supple leather means this journal cover opens easily and lays flat when writing in the notebook. The iPad is meant to slide into a pocket on the left side, however there is a bit of an issue with this. The rivets from the front of the journal also extend into this pocket, meaning there is a little piece of metal just waiting to scratch up your iPad. I’ve found that you can swap the position of the journal and the iPad, but this is a bit of an oversight. Hopefully this issue will be fixed in the next round of design.



The REVISIT Journal is a very useful piece made of a gorgeous piece of leather, all crafted by American artisans. If you’re not planning on using it for an iPad, it would be a great piece for everyday use. $210 is a hefty price for a journal cover, but you are getting a beautiful Shinola Journal that retails for $14, as well as making a direct donation to our priceless National Parks. There’s also a 10% off coupon that pops up on their website for new customers, so be sure to grab that when you pick up your new product from REVISIT.

Revisit Journal 12 Revisit Journal 13

Revisit Journal 15



LederMann Leather is Offering a 25% Discount to BestLeather Readers

Ledermann Sale

It’s always the right time to buy new leather products…right? But, it’s even nicer when you can save some money (or buy more leather with the same money). LederMann Leather has graciously offered to give BestLeather readers (that means all of y’all) a substantial discount on select items on their website. You can save 25% on the following items by using the discount code “Savings” during checkout (be sure to enter it before proceeding to checkout) to receive your exclusive discount.

And, let us know what you ordered from LederMann! They create some great leather products!

Satchel & Page Belt Review – $95

If we have “one ring to rule them all” in The Lord of the Rings, surely we can have one belt? Personally, it would make wardrobe accessory choices much, much easier. The good news is that Satchel & Page is helping us out by launching the Belt and billing it as “Simply the highest quality belt. Guaranteed for life. A belt built to last forever. Leather, hardware, and width options for any occasion. Exceptional quality at every step of the process.”


About Satchel & Page

We’ve had the privilege of working with Daniel and crew from Satchel & Page on several occasions now. We have reviewed their Bomber Jacket and Mailbag – both of which proved to be stellar pieces. And, we’ll be publishing a review of their Café Racer Jacket in the coming months too (along with some other yet to be announced pieces).

Based in Austin, TX Satchel & Page is dedicated to producing handmade, high quality leather products for you to enjoy and pass on to generations to come. They launched their business on Kickstarter with a few iconic bag designs: the Mailbag, Map Case, Gladstone, Briefcase, and Pilot’s Bag and have been expanding their product line with exciting designs – both new and well established.



Over the course of six months, Satchel & Page tested natural vegetable tanned hides from 4 different suppliers. For production, they chose hides originating from within the USA, which aged with the richest patina. And, they are only using the Bend portion of each hide for their belts to ensure consistency in thickness through and through. The Belt is comprised of 10-12 ounce full grain, vegetable tanned leather. They’re thick!


The hardware is military grade brass buckles and Chicago screws. Satchel & Page is using Chicago screws because unlike stitching, snap buttons, or rapid rivets to attach the buckle, Chicago screws will never break. And you can also unscrew them and easily swap out the buckle if you wish. In addition to the antique brass and silver matte finishes, they have developed two finishes that are hand aged by their team of craftsmen – Iron Rust and Copper Patina.

Belt Options - Satchel-Page



Aesthetic & Function

The Belt is available in four leather colors, two widths, and your choice of 4 hardware colors. So many choices and possibilities… The Belt we received for this initial review is a beautiful Mahogany color and features their Iron Rust hardware (buckle and Chicago screws). **Note: Prior to receiving the Belt, it received a light coat of conditioner and now has a richer, darker tone to it. You can see the difference when looking at the image of the same belt (with different hardware) supplied from Satchel & Page below.**

guy with belt

Due to short notice, we were only able to get a small version of the belt and consequently have not actually worn it (it’s too small for my no-petite-at-all-frame).

But, the Belt has made the rounds at home, in the office, and amongst several team members here at BestLeather. Everyone’s initial reaction and assessment has been overwhelmingly positive. “Thick leather”, “gorgeous hardware”, “I like the tapered tip of the belt”, “nice, robust belt keeper loop”, “subtle logo placement”, and more are the words I’ve heard spoken about the Belt.


I have no doubt that this belt will perform its role superbly and admirably all while looking fantastic. And, since it’s vegetable tanned leather, it will get better looking as it ages and is used.


The Belt from Satchel & Page is no doubt a Buy It for Life piece. The quality of the leather coupled with the superior hardware ensures that you’ll be using this belt for a long, long time. Their Kickstarter has about 8 days left on it. They’ve blown past their goal, which is no surprise. There are still plenty of rewards and incentives left and you can still get this belt at the Kickstarter price of just $62 (will be $95 post-Kickstarter). The best option? Spend $275 to get all four belts with all four hardware options. Then you’ll truly “rule” in the belt kingdom.