Rossi Boots 343 Musk Boots for Women Review – USD $118

There may be a contender in my family as far as who ends up with the most boots. While I still enjoy a fairly healthy lead, my wife is coming on strong with her own collection. Recently she added a new style of boots to her ‘fashion arsenal’ from Australia’s Rossi Boots. This new addition is the Rossi 343 Musk Boots.



This is the second review we’ve done for Rossi Boots. Our first featured a pair of their men’s boots (which are awesome and will be featured in a follow up review shortly). Based in Adelaide, Australia Rossi Boots knows a thing or two about footwear design. They’ve been in the business since 1910. They’re well-known and extremely popular down under…and we’re trying to help people around our parts discover the awesomeness of their footwear.




The Musk Boots are made with full grain kip leather. Kip leather is a soft, luxurious cowhide. It’s often used in high-end baseball gloves because it offers superior flexibility while still retaining high tensile strength and durability. The color is claret (a deep brown with hints of red mixed in there). Designed as a work boot, they have also become a popular all day, fashionable boot. The V-cut design features a leopard print elastic fabric. The boot features Rossi’s signature air cushioned sole with a molded heel. A lighter, contrasting heavy duty thread is double stitched and provides a nice detail to the overall design.



The Musk Boots are a completely new design for my wife. She’s never had a pull on boot in this style. When they came out of the box, she was immediately pleased with the color and style. While this is a traditional style of boots in Australia and many other areas around the world, it’s not a routinely seen boot here in the US. Her reaction after wearing them a few times is, “it’s a great style, works extremely well in just about any casual setting and with almost any pant style”. While they’re billed as a “work boot”, she uses them as a daily boot. And, they look great on her. She’s received lots of compliments from those at her office and the patients that she sees routinely. The style is not gaudy or over the top, even with the playful leopard print accent. In fact, it’s understated and the boots just exude a look of confidence, comfort, and a relaxed style.



Comfort is king when it comes to any kind of footwear that is billed as having “all day comfort”. The Rossi Musk Boots certainly meet that claim. The air cushioned sole and soft leather definitely provide all day comfort. The elastic V-cut provides flexibility and proper “snug-ness” in fit. Sizing is spot on. Just remember, that it is UK based sizing, so be sure to refer to their sizing chart.

The finger loops on the front and back of the boots make them easy to slip on and off. The over ankle height is perfect and provides good stability when walking over any type of terrain. The sole is provides great grip and isn’t too ‘chunky’ in appearance. Probably one of the best features that she’s noted is the overall weight of the boots. They’re nice and light, which is a huge plus when you’re wearing boots in an all day situation.



My wife’s recommendation? “If you can find these in the US, get a pair.” All of the online retailers I’ve found that sell the 343 Musk Boots are located within Australia. When ordering, you may find the boots for much lower prices than the retail price listed here in the review – but, be prepared for some hefty shipping charges too. So, do your homework and find the best deal possible. At the USD $118 price, the 343 Musk Boots are definitely worth every penny. The leather quality, construction process, comfort, and durability will make you a Rossi Boots customer for life.



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