Waltzing Matilda BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier Review – $180

Wine consumption in the United States has now topped France. In May of 2014, Wine Spectator announced this news:

“It’s official: The United States drinks more wine than any other nation on earth. Americans consumed 329 million cases in 2013—a 1 percent increase over 2012, and 18 percent, or 51 million cases, over 2005—making the U.S. now the world’s top wine market by volume, according to data from Impact Databank.”

So, it should come as no surprise that the marketplace is flooded with accessories of every kind for wine connoisseurs. But, if you’re looking for a unique, standout method of transporting wine to your next night out, look no further than Waltzing Matilda and their BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier.

“A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rose instead, it all depends upon your appetite.” Billy Joel had it right – why settle for just one bottle? Take two with you next time…


About Waltzing Matilda

“Everything we make is handcrafted in the USA in small micro-factories and meant to last forever. We make a strong effort to use repurposed and recycled materials found during our travels. We don’t compromise. We are creative, adventurous, and humble, and sincerely want to stimulate the senses with our pieces. Every hide is handpicked and has unique features and marks that add to the character and beauty of each product. We hope you love your new piece of art, and that it travels with you for a long time. Please let it age gracefully.” – Waltzing Matilda website

This is the second piece we’ve reviewed for Waltzing Matilda. When you have a chance, be sure to check out their amazing Tom’s Bag too.



As with all of Waltzing Matilda’s products, the BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier is 100% handmade. Even the hardware for the adjustable shoulder strap is hand forged by a local Philadelphia area blacksmith. The stitching runs true to form too…highly visible, thick, with nice seams. The version of this carrier displayed on their website features stitching that anchors the strap to the main body of the bag sewn in the form of the WM logo…a nice, clever touch. However, the version I received does not have that same stitch pattern. Instead it is heavily anchored with double stitched rows on each side of the strap that form a nice, symmetrical look.


The leather, described as a gaucho color, is the same leather that is used on their Avery MacBook Sleeves (look for that review soon). The BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier is created using the leftover pieces from the production of the Avery Sleeve. The folks at Waltzing Matilda don’t like to waste anything…and we certainly benefit from it. While the Dual Bottle Carrier may be made from “scraps”, it certainly doesn’t diminish the visual appeal of the bag.



The Waltzing Matilda BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier is a purpose-built piece. It’s designed for a specific, singular purpose – to transport two bottles…whether they be wine, sparkling cider, or even Torani syrup bottles for flavoring your latte, this bag will transport them.

Each bottle is swathed in soft, protective leather and will keep your bottles upright and prevent them from contacting each other. The bag is easy to carry thanks to the easy to adjust shoulder strap. At 13”H X 10”W X 4.5D the BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier will easily handle full size wine bottles. With the circumference of each “silo”, you should be able to even fit Magnum size bottles.



It’s a great looking bag for sure. I’d carry it to just about any function be it formal or not. I had a friend of mine who is much more of a wine aficionado than I give me her reaction to the Waltzing Matilda BYOB Dual Wine Bottle Carrier. Here’s what she said: “this bag invokes sort of a John Wayne/cowboy/driving my Porsche thru the Napa Valley/mountains kind of thing. It definitely deserves to be filled with a great red and a big, oaky, butterball kind of white.”

So, now I want a nicely appointed Porsche (with outstanding leather interior of course) and time for a road trip to Napa Valley.



If you enjoy wine and enjoy taking it with you – either to give as a gift, to consume in a BYO restaurant, or to take on a romantic picnic the Waltzing Matilda BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier is perfect. $180 is not much to pay for a handmade, well made statement piece that utilizes 100% US-sourced materials. Best of all, it’s unique and no one else is going to show up at the party with the same bag, at least the first time…because once your friends see it and you tell them you got it from Waltzing Matilda, they’re going to order one too.

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