The Leather Shop Rivet Wallet 2 Review – $57

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The editorial team at BestLeather sees more wallets than just about any other type of leather product. In spite of the volume, we still enjoy them – especially when we get wallets with unique designs, features, or those that utilize an innovative type of leather. Now that we’ve been reviewing products for quite some time now, we’re also in the position to see original designs improved upon. Such is the case with The Leather Shop’s original Rivet Wallet – we now get the opportunity to review the Rivet Wallet 2, which contains some new features and is based on a solid, unique well-respected design.

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About The Leather Shop

Based in Seattle, Washington, The Leather Shop is a collaboration of creative leather artisans and is the home of “MOOSE BRAND” products. They are focused on creating limited product runs of superior quality. Their mantra “time passes, leather endures” is visible in all of the products they proudly and expertly produce.

“Tough, Resilient, Durable, Exclusive, these words epitomize what we work hard to create.” – quoted from their website, this aptly sums up what you’ll experience with a leather piece sporting the Moose Brand.

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In keeping with the original design, the Rivet Wallet 2 is stitch-less. It’s created from two pieces of quality, USA saddle leather. It’s 100% handmade, hand dyed, glazed, and edge burnished. It’s held together with two heavy-duty brass rivets prominently placed on the front of the wallet.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-5

When you take the time to really inspect the wallet, you’ll gain more appreciation for the design and handmade construction techniques used on it. The leather is scored in the sections that wrap around to create more flexibility. It’s an ingenious design, exhibits meticulous craftsmanship, and creates additional visual allure.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-11


The big change from the original Rivet Wallet to the Rivet Wallet 2 is the addition of a second interior pocket. And, the new wallet has a slightly larger footprint at 3″ H x 4.3″ L x .5″ W. It still fits nicely in your hands and even when fully loaded is not bulky in the least. It is nice to have two separate pockets. If you’re like me, there are cards you use more frequently (debit card and loyalty cards) and other cards that don’t get used as often. So, having them in two separate pockets keeps you better organized and allows you to locate those more frequently used cards in an easier manner.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-8


It looks fantastic. And, it gets a lot of attention. Baristas notice, family members notice, cashiers notice…and they all ask about it. It’s a unique design and expertly crafted. As such, it gleans comments.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-10

I received the yellow version and truth be told, I like it. I generally stick with browns or black when it comes to leather, but the Rivet Wallet 2 has caused me to expand my preferences. It’s more of a golden tan/yellow color, but still it’s different for me and I have enjoyed it so far. The Rivet Wallet is also available in tan.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-4


The Leather Shop Rivet Wallet 2 is a superior wallet choice. While they still make the original Rivet Wallet, the 2 is definitely an upgrade and well worth the additional funds. It’s handmade in the USA, features a solid design, amazing craftsmanship, and will last forever. It definitely qualifies as a Buy It For Life item and will serve you well for many, many years to come.

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