Colonel Littleton No. 17 Hunt Bag Review – $370

“Sometimes old ways are better than new ways” – that’s a quote directly from Colonel Littleton. In spite of all of the advancements our modern day society has made…all of the technological leaps and bounds that seem to occur weekly, his quote is completely true. The allure of handmade, of time well spent crafting something of beauty is still heralded today. Handcrafted, artisan products are one of the key hallmarks of everything that comes out of the Colonel Littleton workshop and it definitely holds true for the piece we’re featuring for them today – the No. 17 Hunt Bag in American Buffalo.

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Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair. At BestLeather we’ve had the privilege of working with the Colonel and his talented team for well over a year now. And, we’ve featured several of their excellent products. To see more Colonel Littleton reviews, click here.


The No. 17 Hunt Bag is made with beautiful cognac bison leather, with the natural rugged grain that comes standard with American bison leather. Like all the Colonel Littleton products I’ve gotten my hands on, the construction and stitching is impeccable. The bag measures 7 ¾”H x 11”W x 3”D, and the inside pocket measures 6″H x 9 1/2″W x 2 1/2″D with another large pocket along the front. There is a large back pocket that stretches across the back of the bag, and another small pocket under the front flap.  The back pocket is great for keeping your phone or keys when you need quick, easy access.

The bag comes with a crossbody strap that adjusts from 44″ to 52″ with ease. The strap is thin, yet comfortable to wear as a crossbody. At 11″ wide, the bag is a nice medium size that works with all body types. The inside is roomy enough to hold a wallet, keys, phone, and other purse essentials with ease.

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The No. 17 Hunt Bag has a classic hobo crossbody construction with the addition of a hand grip built into the flap. The grip is reinforced with leather and its snug construction means that very little is exposed to the elements. The hand grip gives it visual interest as well as a vintage feel. The stainless steel cinch buckle adds to the bag’s vintage, equestrian look as well. The American Bison leather has a beautiful texture that really sets this bag apart, and gets softer and darker with age. The subtle stitching adds to the western style.


The No. 17 Hunt Bag is yet another top notch product from Colonel Littleton. It’s pricy, but for $370, you’re getting beautiful bison leather and unique hardware, all handmade in Lynnville, Tennesee. If you’re looking for a crossbody purse with a unique western flair, the No. 17 Hunt Bag is a great choice that will last you a lifetime.

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