Colonel Littleton No. 16 Document Case Review – $482.50

I’m always a fan of simplicity…with a touch of uniqueness. It seems to me that the designs from Colonel Littleton combine those elements well. Purpose built products with a bit of flair and a touch of “yesteryear” to them. It’s always a pleasure when we get the opportunity to feature one of their products here at BestLeather. Today we’ll be taking a look at the No. 16 Document Bag with Strap, a thin document case with an adjustable shoulder carry strap.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 7


Colonel Littleton is a small operation out of Lynnville, a Tennessee town about an hour south of Nashville, home to a whopping 327 residents. The Colonel started out by selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair. Colonel Littleton has amassed a pretty dedicated following over the years, in part because their products have a unique, nostalgic feel, but also because their products have proved to be extremely well-crafted. Over the past two years, we’ve reviewed quite a few Colonel Littleton items and found them all to be top-notch. You can read the archives of our Colonel Littleton reviews here. You can also watch a short video about the Colonel Littleton story here.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 1



This document case is made with Colonel Littleton’s dry-milled full-grain American leather, which is always very soft and flexible. The bag is around  12”H x 17”W x just 1.5″ deep, making it quite thin but leaving plenty of room for legal and standard sized documents. While not made as a laptop bag, you could feasibly fit a MacBook Air or similarly thin laptop or tablet in a pinch. The inside of the bag is unlined, leaving a soft grain on the inside. Expect a few little pieces to come off at the beginning until the grain smooths down a bit with use.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 2



The bag is closed with two solid brass snaps, attached to leather straps that circle the entire bag. There are two snaps on each strap, allowing for some expansion to the bag when you need to load it up a bit more than usual. There is a copper metal tube (common to many Colonel Littleton bag designs) that runs across the back of the bag. The leather padded handle and shoulder straps are attached to the tube, which is held onto the bag with brass rivets. This gives the bag a strong backbone and helps keep the bag flat when storing documents.

The shoulder strap is adjustable from 34.5 inches to 42.5 inches, and can be removed via brass pegs if needed. Colonel Littleton offers a strapless version of the No. 16 Document Bag if you feel you don’t need a strap. However, the strapless version doesn’t have the copper tube or carry handle, though it is $200 cheaper.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 5

For me, this is a great bag to use for local meetings and outings. It’s easy to grab this bag, drop my laptop in, throw my journal, notes, earbuds, and a couple of pens into it and take off. To date, that has been the primary role of this bag. It’s ideal when I don’t need to carry a full mobile office with me. I don’t foresee myself carrying this bag on multi-day business trips. In my opinion, it’s simply not designed for that purpose. My No. 40 Campaign Bag is a much better choice for those occasions.

A side note – my No. 16 Document Bag came with one of the Colonel’s full size No. 18 Portfolio legal pads in it. I’m forever changed on my choice of legal pads now. You can get 3 of them for only $13.50, which I consider to be a great deal.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 9



The No. 16 Document Bag is very eye-catching, and has that nostalgic flair that Colonel Littleton has mastered in their product line. This bag is the Saddle Tan color, but it also comes in brown and black with brown trim. This is a document case, so it lays quite flat against the body. So far it’s functioned perfectly in meetings, and makes a very good first impression. As with most Colonel Littleton products, you can have your initials engraved on the metal plate for a small fee of $9.

Expect to get stopped frequently when carrying this bag. It always catches people’s eyes and incites questions. I’ve even had a couple of folks ask if they could touch it and hold it while I was working from one of my favorite local coffeehouses (shout out to Strada Caffe’ of Coeur d’Alene!).

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 8



The No. 16 Document Bag with Strap is yet another impressive product from Colonel Littleton. If you’re looking for a simple document case for meetings, this is an excellent choice that will serve you well and certainly get noticed wherever you go. It’s a pleasure to carry. It’s easy to use and access. The leather is superior and will age well with time and use. In the months that I’ve had my Document Bag, it has already started to darken a bit. It’s definitely a Buy It For Life item that you’ll appreciate the entire time you use it. Then, when you’re done you can pass it on to the next generation.

Col Littleton No 16 Doc 3

Colonel Littleton No. 17 Hunt Bag Review – $370

“Sometimes old ways are better than new ways” – that’s a quote directly from Colonel Littleton. In spite of all of the advancements our modern day society has made…all of the technological leaps and bounds that seem to occur weekly, his quote is completely true. The allure of handmade, of time well spent crafting something of beauty is still heralded today. Handcrafted, artisan products are one of the key hallmarks of everything that comes out of the Colonel Littleton workshop and it definitely holds true for the piece we’re featuring for them today – the No. 17 Hunt Bag in American Buffalo.

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 1


Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair. At BestLeather we’ve had the privilege of working with the Colonel and his talented team for well over a year now. And, we’ve featured several of their excellent products. To see more Colonel Littleton reviews, click here.


The No. 17 Hunt Bag is made with beautiful cognac bison leather, with the natural rugged grain that comes standard with American bison leather. Like all the Colonel Littleton products I’ve gotten my hands on, the construction and stitching is impeccable. The bag measures 7 ¾”H x 11”W x 3”D, and the inside pocket measures 6″H x 9 1/2″W x 2 1/2″D with another large pocket along the front. There is a large back pocket that stretches across the back of the bag, and another small pocket under the front flap.  The back pocket is great for keeping your phone or keys when you need quick, easy access.

The bag comes with a crossbody strap that adjusts from 44″ to 52″ with ease. The strap is thin, yet comfortable to wear as a crossbody. At 11″ wide, the bag is a nice medium size that works with all body types. The inside is roomy enough to hold a wallet, keys, phone, and other purse essentials with ease.

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 3


The No. 17 Hunt Bag has a classic hobo crossbody construction with the addition of a hand grip built into the flap. The grip is reinforced with leather and its snug construction means that very little is exposed to the elements. The hand grip gives it visual interest as well as a vintage feel. The stainless steel cinch buckle adds to the bag’s vintage, equestrian look as well. The American Bison leather has a beautiful texture that really sets this bag apart, and gets softer and darker with age. The subtle stitching adds to the western style.


The No. 17 Hunt Bag is yet another top notch product from Colonel Littleton. It’s pricy, but for $370, you’re getting beautiful bison leather and unique hardware, all handmade in Lynnville, Tennesee. If you’re looking for a crossbody purse with a unique western flair, the No. 17 Hunt Bag is a great choice that will last you a lifetime.

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 2
Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 4
Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 5
Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag 6

Colonel Littleton No. 27 Phone Wallet Review – $125.00

By now you’ve heard of Colonel Littleton. The nearly-30 year old company has produced some beautiful designs out of Lynnville, Tennessee by combining high quality materials, historic American flair, and a single artist’s touch – the Colonel himself. This guarantees consistent heirloom-quality products ranging from large goods like the stunning Colonel Littleton No. 40 Campaign Bag to today’s item – the compact yet practical Colonel Littleton No. 27 Phone Wallet.



The No. 27 continues to follow the dogma of Colonel Littleton designs. This full-grain cowhide is hand-tanned at a small local American tannery. The leather in this wallet is dry-milled and buttery soft, yet firm in the hand. It also has a flawless texture though the Colonel is known to not be afraid of leather pieces with lived-in character. The edges are single stitched and each leather piece is lined with polished leather – even the individual pockets. Edges are smooth and finished.

ColonelLittletonNo27a1 ColonelLittletonNo27a2 ColonelLittletonNo27a3


The outside dimensions are 6”H x 4”W closed. Phone pocket dimensions are 5 ⅝”H x 3”W. It fits a naked iPhone 6 into the snug pocket. There isn’t enough room for a phone with a case, unless you have a smaller phone. I tried a Samsung Edge phone, but that didn’t fit. On the other side, you have two card slots and a general pocket for bills, receipts, and anything larger. By combining your phone and wallet into one, you can carry this in your jean or shirt pocket without needing any extra space. That being said, this is about the half the size of an iPad Mini. If you tend to wear fitted clothing and looking for something more slim, this wallet may not be right for you. The wallet also functions as a guard to protect your phone against key scratches and the soft, thick leather acts as a guard and cushion in case of accidental drops. The phone pocket can also be used as a passport wallet when traveling.



The No. 27 comes in a nice gift box. The color is Vintage Brown with subtle variations in tone for a more sophisticated look. Initials can be debossed for free onto the right lower corner in the front, but that also means you can’t return it if you change your mind. Otherwise there is a 30-day return policy. In the back, the Colonel Littleton emblem is proudly emblazed. The outer leather has a very fine texture whereas the inner leather is more coarse although this may be varied between wallets depending on the particular cow used. Overall, the wallet has a basic design but the look and feel of leather and details in the construction and edging make it pretty obvious that this isn’t a cheap clearance item you can buy at the discount stores.




The Colonel Littleton No. 27 Phone Wallet commands a hefty price at $125. That being said, this is one wallet that you will be keeping for a lifetime or handing over to the next generation. It may not be ideal for those who tend to lose their personal belongings or live fad to fad, but the No. 27 makes for a great gift idea for the holidays for someone who’s a stickler for quality.

Colonel Littleton No. 60 Leather Phone Holster – $93

I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I was the moment I opened up my package from Colonel Littleton. The No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster’s luscious black leather may be spectacular and the ball stud closure may be impeccable. But the Moonpie is really what sold me. All jokes aside, I am pleased to be able to review another product from this unique leather company. The Colonel Littleton No. 60 Phone Holster is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 3


Colonel Littleton has been a BestLeather favorite for quite some time now. With a story and history as rich and distinct as their’s it is hard not to like them as much as we do. Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating high quality, leather gift items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with their unique Tennessee flair. And if you were wondering, every package they send out contains a Moonpie.

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 2


The No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster is constructed from Colonel Littleton’s specially tanned American full-grain leather. The black leather is some of the softest I have felt, and its expertly stitched seams really pull the piece together. There is not one single stitch misplaced, broken, or defective. The focal point of the phone holster is the ball stud closure. This high-quality metal ball stud is flashy but not overboard. The closure is extremely durable and easy to open and close. The vertical belt loop on the back is stiff and confident, really giving the impression of great protection and security. Famous for expert craftsmanship and their quality, unique materials, the No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster meets the typical Colonel Littleton standard of excellence.

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 9


The No. 60 iPhone Holster comes in two sizes: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 holster is crafted specifically for the iPhone 6 with a small case or no case at all. If you have large case on your phone, Colonel Littleton recommends buying the iPhone 6 Plus case because of the adequate storage. Because I use my iPhone 6 without a case, I only saw briefly how well the iPhone 6 Plus worked for phones with large cases. Sliding the iPhone in and out of the case is relatively easy but shielded. Every time I have used this case I am pleased with its ease of use. It functions exactly how it is supposed to and that is something I always look forward to in my leather products.

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 5


Colonel Littleton’s leather is consistently beautiful. Because they do not use “condominium cows” for their leather, each piece is unique – full of exclusive nicks, scars, and stretch marks. Although there are no beauty marks on my iPhone holsters, the rich black color is truly gorgeous. The holster does come in two colors; black and brown. Each color is equally high quality. Every time I use this phone holster I get remarks and questions. This phone case definitely makes a statement.

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 4


The Colonel Littleton No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster is truly a remarkable leather accessory. The deep black leather, classy metal hardware, and expert craftsmanship all seamlessly come together to make a great phone case. If you are in the market for an unobtrusive phone holster that still adds enough protection, this case is for you. The iPhone 6 version is $93 and the iPhone 6 Plus size is $105.50, making these cases an affordable quality leather accessory.

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 6

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 8

Col Littleton iPhone 6 Cases 7

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote Review – $355

Over the past few months, we’ve reviewed several Colonel Littleton items, including the No. 18 Portfolio and the No. 40 Campaign Bag. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Wayfarer Tote in Black. There are a number of tote bags on the market, so let’s take a look at Colonel Littleton’s offering.

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote 3


Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair.

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote 7


The beautifully textured black leather is the most remarkable feature of the Wayfarer Tote. The leather, like most of Colonel Littleton’s leather, is tanned in-house from American hides. It’s dry-milled, meaning the leather is tumbled in a dryer to separate and soften the fibers after it’s been tanned and dyed. This makes the leather incredibly soft and supple, inside and out. It’s not too floppy to stand up on its own, but it definitely has a very luxurious feel to it.

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote 4


Like the other Colonel Littleton pieces we’ve reviewed in the past, the attention to detail is extraordinary. Each piece is expertly stitched, making this bag sturdier than the soft leather would indicate on first impression. Both the straps and the bottom of the bag are reinforced for strength.

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote 5



The inside of the Wayfarer Tote is equipped with a zipper pouch and an open divided pocket to store a pens, phone, or other essentials. The rest of the bag is open to carry whatever you need. The straps have a 15″ drop, perfect for carrying over your shoulder. A magnetic snap closure keeps the top of the bag secured and gives it a nice shape as you’re carrying it. At 9″ deep and 12″ wide, the bag itself is rather shallow for a tote, so if you need to carry around folders or papers, this is not the right tote for doing so. However, if you think of it as more of a purse with long straps, it does its job perfectly.

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote 6


The Wayfarer Tote is a classy, subdued accessory that does its job beautifully. You can tell just by looking at it that the leather is extremely soft and high quality. For an extra $9, you can customize your tote with three initials on an oval-shaped nickel plate. I would definitely recommend this; it’s a nice little way to personalize a relatively simple bag. The bag is available in black, saddle tan, or vintage brown, all beautiful, rich colors.

Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote 8


At $355, the Colonel Littleton Wayfarer Tote is definitely a splurge. It’s completely American made with careful attention to detail, and its classic look will never go out of style. The leather is some of the softest I’ve ever felt on a bag. Still, $355 is pretty pricy, but once you feel the leather, you won’t regret it.

Colonel Littleton No. 5 Cinch Belt Review – $120

We’re really pleased to be working with Colonel Littleton. This is the third review we’ve done for them recently and we’re looking forward to bringing you several more reviews of their creative, well made designs. Along with the awesomely made No. 40 Campaign Bag and the No. 18 Tablet Portfolio, we now have the privilege of reviewing one of their unique belts, the No. 5 Cinch Belt.


About Colonel Littleton

As with all of the Colonel’s other items, the No. 5 Cinch Belt is made entirely in their workshop, which is located in Lynnville, TN, population 327. Colonel Littleton has been designing and creating high quality leather goods since 1987.

If you’re ever in the Nashville, TN area it’s well worth the 1-hour trip to stop in at the Colonel Littleton store and peruse all of the fantastic items they make and sell there. And who knows, you may bump into the Colonel himself while you’re there!



In a departure from the leather used on all of Colonel Littleton’s bags, the No. 5 Cinch Belt uses bridle leather from a tannery in Santa Croce, Italy. It is vegetable tanned the traditional, old-fashioned way by processes developed over the centuries. Colonel Littleton uses the heart of these hides to make belts, coasters, desk pads, and a few other products.

The No. 5 Cinch Belt is available with solid brass hardware and 1 3/8″ wide belt strap, which requires a 2″ belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware. Or you can choose your belt to use stainless steel hardware and 1 3/16″ wide belt strap, which requires a 1 5/8″belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware.


The No. 5 Cinch belt is available in two attractive leather options – dark brown or black. The black version also has an attractive stitched edge on it. It comes in three sizes: Small – fits sizes 26 – 32, Large – fits sizes 34 – 42, and X-Large – fits sizes 42 – 50.

There are two pieces of hardware on this belt that combine to create its uniqueness. First the two pronged, “claw” style hardware used to adjust the length of the belt and the level style buckle.



I was a little skeptical at first that the cinch style buckle would perform well. For some reason, I kept thinking that it would not remain closed securely and would pop open constantly. My fears were quickly assuaged and I’ve quickly learned that this lever styled closure is very secure and works perfectly. But, be warned…people will ask about it frequently. It’s unique and not something you see very often. So, be prepared for a little attention when you wear it.

The belt is also easily adjusted thanks to the double “claw” adjustment. Again, I was wary of the claw sticking through the leather and pushing into my side. But, it hasn’t happened yet after 7 weeks and wear and at this point, I think it will never happen. The belt performs perfectly and does its job faithfully day after day, which is just what it’s designed to do.



In addition to performing its expected role of keeping your trousers in place, it also looks splendid. I received the dark brown version of this belt with brass hardware. Simply put, when it’s drawn through the belt loops of my favorite jeans or khakis, it looks fantastic. The combination of the deep, rich brown, brass, and design of the belt combine to create a feeling of rugged luxury. As described on their website, it “could have easily been worn by the U. S. Cavalry or by Teddy Roosevelt on his trek through Africa.”



The Colonel Littleton No. 5 Cinch Belt is a great alternative to the traditional men’s casual belt. It mixed a little bit of unique, a little bit of history, and a lot “cool” to combine into a standout belt that will serve you well through the daily rigors of life. Best of all, it will age well and develop a patina unique to the way you wear it and use it. It’s fairly priced at $120 since it’s made with very high quality leather, beautiful hardware, and it’s made in the USA. Get one for yourself and create some adventure of your own with it.

Colonel Littleton No. 18 Tablet Portfolio for iPad Review – $189.50

Do you ever get something that just makes you feel fancy? Something new that you just can’t wait to use? Maybe it’s a new wallet or a nice manicure or a new pair of shoes. For me, that’s how I felt about the Colonel Littleton No. 18 Tablet Portfolio. When I saw it come in for review, I swooped in and snatched it up for myself.

See, I’m a speech-therapist-in-training, and these days, I carry around an iPad and a notebook for use in the clinic. So when a gorgeous iPad and notebook portfolio comes my way, I claim it for field testing.



Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating unique, heirloom items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with a unique Tennessee flair.



Colonel Littleton primarily uses full-grain, vegetable-tanned, American hides for its products. The leather on the No. 18 Tablet Portfolio is a lovely polished, double-tanned black full-grain leather. The snap closure on the front is made of the same leather but tanned in a chestnut brown color. For an additional $8.00, you can get your initials embossed on this strap. The finish on the leather is great for a portfolio. It’s fairly scratch-resistant and won’t get stained. The stitching is absolutely perfect and makes the whole piece look very polished.



The No. 18 Tablet Portfolio comes in black with brown trim, as seen here. I like the black with brown because it goes with just about anything else I choose to carry. It also comes in all black or all brown for the same price, brown buffalo for $215…or in all alligator for $1650. The same size portfolio is also available without a tablet pouch for $150 if you’re not an iPad user.



I have literally met older speech therapists who had to have shoulder surgery from lugging around so much stuff all day. So I have avowed to try to be as minimalist as possible when it comes to carrying the essentials. Thanks to lightweight technology like iPads, and wonderful portfolios like this one, my shoulders may still stand a chance (though I may be naïve about the amount of paperwork looming in my future). The No. 18 Tablet Portfolio has two brass snaps on the closure that allow it to expand to fit a big stack of documents if need be.



The left side of the portfolio has a business card slot, a tablet pouch, and a diagonal slot for documents. There is a little loop in the center for a pen or pencil. The right side holds a standard legal pad by tucking the cardboard back into two leather straps. The portfolio comes with Colonel Littleton’s Memorandum pad, their proprietary legal pad with brass rivets and thick paper, which you can reorder on their website.



What really stands out about the No. 18 Tablet Portfolio is the attention to detail. The double snap closure, the business card slot, the penholder, even the included legal pad and pencil are unique and customized for this piece. You won’t find another portfolio as distinctive as this one for $189.50. It’s American made, it’s full-grain American leather, and it does its job beautifully. Make sure to order some extra legal pads because you’ll be using this often.


Colonel Littleton No. 40 Campaign Bag Review – $809

Leather – it’s been part of daily life for so many people for thousands of years. You’d think by now that creative uses and designs that implement leather would be tapped out. Well, my friend…it seems that we’re not even close to reaching the creative limits of how leather is used to complement life. We’ve had our eyes on one particular company for a couple of years now that is combining the rich heritage of quality leather goods production and innovation. Now, we have the privilege of reviewing several of their leading products and we’re very excited about it.


About Colonel Littleton

Colonel Littleton was founded in 1987 in Lynnville, Tennessee. Since its inception the Colonel’s leather products have been sought after and are considered heirloom quality. The Colonel himself designs all of the products. To me, it seems that they all combine a bit of history, nostalgia, and a little bit of a twist on regular, conventional thinking…all of which combine to create unique, signature pieces.



Each Colonel Littleton piece is a combination of two great things: expert craftsmanship and high quality materials. And, as a bonus they’re 100% made in the USA.

“The leather from which most of our products are made is from full-grain American hides hand-tanned especially for us at a small, local tannery. They know I don’t want to see leather from what I call “condominium” cows . . . leather that is almost antiseptic in its perfection . . . citified and devoid of character. I want leather from rugged, Americana, John Wayne kind of cows – cows that have rolled in the dirt and kicked up their heels in the herd. Give me scrapes and nicks and insect bites and barbed-wire scratches. Show me some spirit.” The only leather not American-sourced is that which is used in their belts, which is Italian Bridle Leather.




Many of the pieces of hardware are manufactured right on site too. Check out this short little video where the Colonel discusses how he makes the signature latch you see on the featured No. 40 Campaign Bag. The video here is for another bag, but he shows how he uses an antique kick press to make part of the latch…pretty cool!

The construction of the No. 40 Campaign Bag is impeccable. This bag is designed and built to last forever.


The Colonel Littleton No. 40 Campaign Bag is essentially a vertical messenger bag. In spite of its vertical design, it will hold quite a bit. The inside dimensions of the bag are 14.5” high, 12.5” wide, and 3” deep. When opened you’ll find one very large leather organizer/divider that hangs down about 6” and has one large slot, a business card slot, and what appears to be a couple of pen slots. This piece snaps in and out of place. It provides a little separation, which is nice. I have a 13” MacBook Air and it will actually slide in behind the divider. That leaves plenty of room to slip in a charger, cables, my planner, and other assorted items.




If I had a larger computer, I’d just slip it in front of that organizer without issue. There is one slot pocket on the back of the bag too which works well for a magazine, notepad, or a book. At 4.2 pounds when empty, it’s not heavy at all – allowing you to load it up with your items and still transport it with ease.


There are 3 ways to open and keep the bag secured. You can use the single stud latch, unsnap the two straps, or unbuckle the straps – it’s your choice. I’ve found myself just using the latch on those occasions when I am off to multiple meetings and I need to be in and out of the bag several times in a short period. Not having to unbuckle the straps every time is a nice feature. The brass snaps (and all of the hardware) feels very sturdy and should last a long time.


The copper tube that anchors the strap and handle provides a nice, stable, sturdy carry platform. The handle itself is thick and comfortable. The shoulder strap is beautiful and easily adjustable however, it’s just a little too short. I’m a tall guy and will easily acknowledge that without issue. I have the strap on its longest setting and it’s just fine. However, folks shorter than me will find it impossible to adjust it to be long enough to carry the bag cross body. It would be great to see the strap have a few more inches of adjustability.



This is a beautiful bag. The leather is supple and the vintage brown color is great. When you combine this great looking leather with brass and copper hardware, it creates a stunning bag that people everywhere notice every time you carry it. Seriously – every time I have had this bag out with me it has generated questions and interest.


The brass monogrammed shield on the front and the pommel shield on the back with the serial number speak to the dedication Colonel Littleton has to creating heirloom quality pieces that can be handed down for generations to come.



I can see myself carrying the Colonel Littleton No. 40 Campaign Bag for several decades to come. And, my three sons are already vying for who is going to get it when I decide to stop carrying it. Hopefully I get to choose when that date comes – but, even if I don’t and my Maker chooses for me, the bag will still be looking good and fully capable of performing its job for one of my boys and probably one of their kids as well.


The No. 40 Campaign Bag isn’t cheap. At $809, it is an investment. But, rest assured, this is a Buy It for Life item. As the Colonel says, “There are only two things that determine what things are worth – the time it takes to build them and the materials from which they’re made. So, if you want to make it cheaper, all you have to do is put less time and cheaper materials into it and quality suffers. We don’t cut corners to make it for less . . . that’s not what our customers expect from us. They are looking for something of value that is genuine and long-lasting. Many years down the road when someone comes across a product that says “Col. Littleton – Made in Lynnville, Tennessee USA” my goal is that it retain the character and beauty it had the day it was made, and my hope is that people will know that a lot of heart and soul went into it.”

So, buy with confidence from Colonel Littleton. You’ll enjoy your investment and so will the folks who inherit it from you later on down the road.