Colonel Littleton No. 5 Cinch Belt Review – $120

We’re really pleased to be working with Colonel Littleton. This is the third review we’ve done for them recently and we’re looking forward to bringing you several more reviews of their creative, well made designs. Along with the awesomely made No. 40 Campaign Bag and the No. 18 Tablet Portfolio, we now have the privilege of reviewing one of their unique belts, the No. 5 Cinch Belt.


About Colonel Littleton

As with all of the Colonel’s other items, the No. 5 Cinch Belt is made entirely in their workshop, which is located in Lynnville, TN, population 327. Colonel Littleton has been designing and creating high quality leather goods since 1987.

If you’re ever in the Nashville, TN area it’s well worth the 1-hour trip to stop in at the Colonel Littleton store and peruse all of the fantastic items they make and sell there. And who knows, you may bump into the Colonel himself while you’re there!



In a departure from the leather used on all of Colonel Littleton’s bags, the No. 5 Cinch Belt uses bridle leather from a tannery in Santa Croce, Italy. It is vegetable tanned the traditional, old-fashioned way by processes developed over the centuries. Colonel Littleton uses the heart of these hides to make belts, coasters, desk pads, and a few other products.

The No. 5 Cinch Belt is available with solid brass hardware and 1 3/8″ wide belt strap, which requires a 2″ belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware. Or you can choose your belt to use stainless steel hardware and 1 3/16″ wide belt strap, which requires a 1 5/8″belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware.


The No. 5 Cinch belt is available in two attractive leather options – dark brown or black. The black version also has an attractive stitched edge on it. It comes in three sizes: Small – fits sizes 26 – 32, Large – fits sizes 34 – 42, and X-Large – fits sizes 42 – 50.

There are two pieces of hardware on this belt that combine to create its uniqueness. First the two pronged, “claw” style hardware used to adjust the length of the belt and the level style buckle.



I was a little skeptical at first that the cinch style buckle would perform well. For some reason, I kept thinking that it would not remain closed securely and would pop open constantly. My fears were quickly assuaged and I’ve quickly learned that this lever styled closure is very secure and works perfectly. But, be warned…people will ask about it frequently. It’s unique and not something you see very often. So, be prepared for a little attention when you wear it.

The belt is also easily adjusted thanks to the double “claw” adjustment. Again, I was wary of the claw sticking through the leather and pushing into my side. But, it hasn’t happened yet after 7 weeks and wear and at this point, I think it will never happen. The belt performs perfectly and does its job faithfully day after day, which is just what it’s designed to do.



In addition to performing its expected role of keeping your trousers in place, it also looks splendid. I received the dark brown version of this belt with brass hardware. Simply put, when it’s drawn through the belt loops of my favorite jeans or khakis, it looks fantastic. The combination of the deep, rich brown, brass, and design of the belt combine to create a feeling of rugged luxury. As described on their website, it “could have easily been worn by the U. S. Cavalry or by Teddy Roosevelt on his trek through Africa.”



The Colonel Littleton No. 5 Cinch Belt is a great alternative to the traditional men’s casual belt. It mixed a little bit of unique, a little bit of history, and a lot “cool” to combine into a standout belt that will serve you well through the daily rigors of life. Best of all, it will age well and develop a patina unique to the way you wear it and use it. It’s fairly priced at $120 since it’s made with very high quality leather, beautiful hardware, and it’s made in the USA. Get one for yourself and create some adventure of your own with it.

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