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I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I was the moment I opened up my package from Colonel Littleton. The No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster’s luscious black leather may be spectacular and the ball stud closure may be impeccable. But the Moonpie is really what sold me. All jokes aside, I am pleased to be able to review another product from this unique leather company. The Colonel Littleton No. 60 Phone Holster is a one-of-a-kind creation.

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Colonel Littleton has been a BestLeather favorite for quite some time now. With a story and history as rich and distinct as their’s it is hard not to like them as much as we do. Colonel Littleton is based out of Lynnville, Tennessee, a town with a population of 327. The real Colonel Littleton himself got his start selling vintage cufflinks in 1987, which sparked an interest in creating high quality, leather gift items. Now, 28 years later, Colonel Littleton makes bags, belts, hats, wallets, knives, cologne, and more, all with their unique Tennessee flair. And if you were wondering, every package they send out contains a Moonpie.

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The No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster is constructed from Colonel Littleton’s specially tanned American full-grain leather. The black leather is some of the softest I have felt, and its expertly stitched seams really pull the piece together. There is not one single stitch misplaced, broken, or defective. The focal point of the phone holster is the ball stud closure. This high-quality metal ball stud is flashy but not overboard. The closure is extremely durable and easy to open and close. The vertical belt loop on the back is stiff and confident, really giving the impression of great protection and security. Famous for expert craftsmanship and their quality, unique materials, the No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster meets the typical Colonel Littleton standard of excellence.

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The No. 60 iPhone Holster comes in two sizes: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 holster is crafted specifically for the iPhone 6 with a small case or no case at all. If you have large case on your phone, Colonel Littleton recommends buying the iPhone 6 Plus case because of the adequate storage. Because I use my iPhone 6 without a case, I only saw briefly how well the iPhone 6 Plus worked for phones with large cases. Sliding the iPhone in and out of the case is relatively easy but shielded. Every time I have used this case I am pleased with its ease of use. It functions exactly how it is supposed to and that is something I always look forward to in my leather products.

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Colonel Littleton’s leather is consistently beautiful. Because they do not use “condominium cows” for their leather, each piece is unique – full of exclusive nicks, scars, and stretch marks. Although there are no beauty marks on my iPhone holsters, the rich black color is truly gorgeous. The holster does come in two colors; black and brown. Each color is equally high quality. Every time I use this phone holster I get remarks and questions. This phone case definitely makes a statement.

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The Colonel Littleton No. 60 iPhone 6 Holster is truly a remarkable leather accessory. The deep black leather, classy metal hardware, and expert craftsmanship all seamlessly come together to make a great phone case. If you are in the market for an unobtrusive phone holster that still adds enough protection, this case is for you. The iPhone 6 version is $93 and the iPhone 6 Plus size is $105.50, making these cases an affordable quality leather accessory.

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