Larsen & Ross Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve Review – $60

It’s always exciting when new technology is released. The new iPhone 6 has been a huge hit and with it came a flood of new case and sleeve designs. At, we let the “dust” settle a bit on the initial wave of cases and sleeves and now we’re beginning to review some of the standouts. Whether these cases/sleeves are being reviewed because they’re standouts in design, price, uniqueness, or simplicity we’re planning to review quite a few of them. Our hope is to provide you, the reader, with lots of options to choose from should you choose to purchase the most current iteration of the iPhone. We’ve reviewed a couple of other iPhone 6 case options that include wallet capability, so now we’re going the opposite direction and just focusing on the Larsen & Ross Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve.


About Larsen & Ross

Jaren Larsen, founder of Larsen & Ross, has been involved in creating leather products for over twenty years. Larsen & Ross is based out of a Salt Lake City, Utah suburb and is dedicated to creating products that will last for decades. Jaren is deeply committed to using quality materials and creating a durable product that bucks the current trends of our throwaway, disposable society.



The Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve is created with US-sourced 4/5 oz. full grain leather that has a great pull up. What is “pull up”? Pull up defines a quality of certain aniline leathers, which are deeply impregnated with oils and waxes. When the leather is bent or pulled, the oils shift causing lighter tones and color variations. This creates a generally please effect that gives the leather additional character. Pull up leathers are indicative of good durable tanning and finishing processes where the leather is well moisturized and protected by all of the oils impregnated into the hide. And pull up leathers age well and looking more interesting as they distress over time.


Jaren uses a waxed polyester thread for the stitching. The sleeve is 100% handmade. The hand-stitched seams are very even, although you can definitely see a little variation here and there. However, in my opinion, that’s just verification of the 100% handmade status of this piece. The leather is evenly cut and the edges are beveled and hand burnished with beeswax.

I don’t believe any type of cement or sealer is used to secure the two pieces of the sleeve together on the edges as there is some separation and gap that appears here and there. To some that may detract from the design, but to others it simply reinforces the minimalist approach to creating and using the sleeve.



I like this sleeve. It’s simple, features a low profile, feels nice, looks great, and functions perfectly. It holds my iPhone 6 snugly in place and protects it – just the way it is supposed to.

It’s not a bulky case. This is extremely important in my opinion since the new iPhone 6 is so much larger than its predecessors. In fact, it’s so much larger that I was not completely sold on upgrading to it. However, I did decide to make the jump (or as I feel, make the leap backwards a few steps closer to the old early 90s “candy bar style” of cell phones). Thankfully, I’m able to use the Larsen & Ross Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve, which doesn’t create much additional bulk at all.



Aesthetically, the sleeve looks great. The leather is a reddish-brown color bordering on chestnut and the leather’s grain is very appealing. Scuffs and small scratches easily buff out with your finger due to the pull up feature of this leather. My version features the brown thread color. However, you have the choice to have your sleeve come with red or royal blue stitching, which I imagine will create some nice contrast.

In line with its minimalist design, the sleeve often goes under noticed…which is fine, but it is certainly not under appreciated. Once people do notice it, it yields comments because it’s different than the myriad of cases that you see most people sporting on their iPhones.



The Larsen & Ross Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve is a solid performer. Its $60 price is not out of line at all – especially when you consider the price of many of the overhyped plastic cases that are on the market. It’s hand made using quality materials and will definitely outlast the usability of the technology it holds. The question is, what will you use it for once the iPhone 7 is out? I already have plans for mine (it also houses portable hard drives nicely). This same style of sleeve is available for the 5, 6, and 6 plus on the Larsen & Ross website too. **Order one before January 2nd and you’ll enjoy a 20.15% discount in honor of the new year making the case a steal at $47.91. In fact, all Larsen & Ross products may be ordered now and receive this same discount. 

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