Daluca Straps 1 Piece NATO Watch Strap Review – $135

Watch straps get little credit. Most of the focus is on the time piece itself, which is understandable. Although, for an accessory most use everyday, overlooking the strap can compromise your enjoyment of the watch. Most stock bands are boring, cheaply made and uncomfortable. It’s like cruising in your Bugatti on Firestone 500s.  Investing in a quality strap will only add to your watch wearing enjoyment. That’s where the 1 Piece Nato Watch Strap from DaLuca Straps comes into play.

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ABOUT DaLuca Straps

DaLuca straps has been in business since 2009. Based out of San Diego, the brand was born with the mission to provide owners of high end timepieces with quality alternatives to the otherwise stagnant selection on the market. They boast an impressive selection of straps, all handmade and individually named. They also work with discerning customers by offering to tailor the length/width of the strap and options to change the stitching color or buckle finish. DaLuca Straps also carries a wide assortment of other leather goods including belts, wallets and travel cases.

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The band received was the 1 Piece Nato in Brown Chromexcel. The strap is thin and this is a requirement for all NATOs in order to fit between the spring bars and under the case. There are 9 notches along the band that will cover just about every wrist size. Stainless steel hardware is used for the buckle and the 4 ply waxed linen thread stitching is very tidy. The brown Chromexcel offers great contrasts and exhibits that signature pull up wonderfully. The leather is also surprisingly elastic, being able to stretch and conform to my wrist. The simple straightforward fabrication reassures the end user that the strap will last and last.

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NATO straps have British military origins. The 1 piece strap might confuse first time buyers but it actually couldn’t be more simple to install. Just feed the notched end through the spring bar and under the case and back up through the bottom spring bar. No tools needed. After wearing this watch I realized in the first 5 minutes this was simply the most comfortable strap I’ve ever wore. The buttery soft Chromexcel leather is very supple with zero break in needed. Thanks to the amount of notches I was able to find the perfect fit and the watch felt very secure on my wrist with little to no slip.

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The 1 Piece Nato is a very simple design that blends in perfectly with just about any analog watch imaginable. This strap could pair with a Timex Weekender just as well as it could with a Rolex Explorer. The white thread provides just the right amount of contrast to give character and style to the strap without being too loud. The strap does not have a  floating keeper so the excess band is tucked into the metal loops much like a  D-Ring belt, while not very streamlined this method keeps the “tail” of the watch in place.

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The DaLuca Straps 1 Piece NATO Watch Strap is a solid choice for the first time strap buyer. You can’t go wrong with NATO simplicity and luxurious Chromexcel leather. Thanks to the easy installation you can swap this strap to other watches depending on the occasion or your mood. Priced at $135 also makes it more affordable than most handmade straps.  If you want to compliment your timepiece with a comfortable, timeless design, this strap is certainly worth your consideration.

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