Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe Lace Up Oxfords Review – $385

Allen Edmonds is largely a household name. This has long been the case, as the name gained fame after World War II, during which it had produced shoes for the military. This established a base of lifelong followers of the company, and started it on the path to inextricably intertwine itself with American culture. Since then Allen Edmonds has been worn by presidents, prime ministers, and countless celebrities; but the real testament to the company is that their expertly crafted shoes stand up to the hype. We recently got a hold of the Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords, the same style as has been worn by four American presidents on their inauguration days (Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, and G.W. Bush).



The first thing you notice about a pair of Allen Edmonds is how durable they feel. The upper on these shoes is incredibly sturdy for calf skin, though they never seem too heavy. The sole is thick and un-padded solid leather which makes them a bit uncomfortable until they break-in. This can take anywhere from a day or two to a week of wear, being comfortable enough once they have taken to your feet. For a thick formal shoe they are reasonably easy to wear and take care of. I recommend using shoe trees and the appropriate shoe bags for the storage of a shoe of this value and quality. You can greatly extend the lifespan of any pair of shoes by taking proper care of them, and even a quality behemoth like Allen Edmonds need a little TLC.



From simply picking up a pair of Park Avenues you would know that they’re sturdy. Each shoe is weighty and somewhat inflexible because of the construction. Heavily reinforced from toe to heel with a hefty solid-leather sole, the durability of the shoe is unquestionable. Double stitching secures the cap-toe section, with triple stitching in the throat line. The rest is sporadically single or double stitched to ensure that every inch lasts just as long as the wearer does. If resoled every decade or so, this pair of shoes could comfortably last you a lifetime.



Undoubtedly a good looking pair of shoes, the moderate sole and toe width help to keep the contemporary styling modern and classic. The leather is both thick and fragrant, arriving well polished and ready for a special event or just another day at the office. Even after having been worn in the rain several times, this pair has retained much or its factory shine. Nearly perfect calfskin leather comprising the exterior makes the shoes consistently smooth and attractive from every angle. A great choice for special events or formal business settings, the Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford shines as an understated yet classy footwear option.



Most fine dress shoes cost anywhere from just over a hundred dollars to the multiple thousands range, placing Allen Edmonds in the middle of luxury and budget shoe brands. Still, to many $385 is pricey for a single pair of shoes. This is why the durability and longevity of a pair of Allen Edmonds comes in handy, because where one might need to purchase a new pair of cheap dress shoes every two or three years, this single pair of shoes could last you the rest of your life. With style, construction, and comfort all taken into account, the Park Avenue Cap-toe Oxfords are worth the heftiness of its price tag.


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