Orox Leather Co. Proletariat Hat Review – $70.00

From the makers of the Medicus Dopp and iPad Sleeve 2 & Air comes the one-of-a-kind Proletariat Hat by Orox Leather Co. In a world (and a leather review blog) of leather bags, wallets, belts, and shoes, a casual leather hat is not the easiest thing to find but a quality leather hat is practically nonexistent. Luckily for us, Orox Leather Co. has put together a hat using a little bit of history, a good amount of hard handwork, and a whole lot of quality materials.



All Orox goods are handmade in Portland Oregon. Like the iPad Sleeve and Medicus Dopp, the leather found on the brim and double ring adjustment strap on the back is the classic oil tanned full grain leather from Minnesota. The front strap is full grain English Bridle leather from Pennsylvania dyed to the same color as the brim. The front strap has the Orox debossed logos subtlety pressed on the sides and both front and adjustment straps are held into place by genuine copper rivets. The shell of the hat is waterproof waxed canvas from New Jersey.





The term “proletariat” is thought to have been first been used in the Roman times during their census taking to describe the working or labor class of citizens. Appropriately, this hat has a utilitarian and versatile design. The waterproof canvas protects in the rain and doubles as an emergency water bowl for your dog according to the website. I tested this second part out with my friend’s dog. I couldn’t get the dog to drink, but the hat did hold water. The most superficial layer of the canvas did get wet but it clearly did not soak through. Just don’t think about putting the hat immediately back on if you were to use it as a water bowl. The relatively flat shape of the top allows you to flip the hat on a table to also act as a valet for holding your keys, wallet, and phone when you’ve gotten home after a long day. This hat is also one size “fits most” for heads measuring 22-24’’ in circumference by adjusting the leather strip in the back.



I recently did a quick Google image and eBay search for “leather” + “hat.” I found that you can easily get a Stetson cowboy hat, an urban streetwear baseball cap, or a biker hat in leather. But unless I want to look like I’m from Texas, in a music video, riding a motorcycle, or into some weird S&M stuff, there’s no good option out there. Fortunately this proletariat hat works both functionally and aesthetically. It looks like a mix of a cadet cap, Stetson cap, and a newsy cap so it definitely works with a casual everyday outfit and to be honest, it would also work in Texas, in a music video, on a motorcycle, and… well you get the picture. It also looks great on men (selfie texted and approved) and women (evidence below). The hat also comes in Black/Black, Brown/Brown, and Gray/Black.



The Orox Leather Co. Proletariat Hat is fairly priced at $70. Comparatively, leather Stetson’s range run in the hundreds and waxed canvas hats usually start around $40-$50. If you love hats, waxed canvas, or leather, this is a great collectible yet wearable item.


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