Kodiak Leather Buffalo Leather Pilots Bag- $249

A quality and stylish briefcase is a real attention grabber and is a key element to a fashionable men’s and women’s wardrobe. Briefcases can hold the minimal – laptop and a few folders or the carry all – books, tech, folders and even cloths as an indispensable travel companion. 

Kodiak Leather’s Pilot Bag seems to fit the bill for both office and travel in its style, function and durability. 

About Kodiak Leather Co.

Kodiak Leather Co. of Utah is a startup in Lehi, Utah founded by Jared Morse, an outdoorsman who was frustrated by the lack of reasonably priced leather bags that would hold up through all the wear and tear of daily use. This inspired Jared to create Kodiak Leather Co. and our custom leather bags. After finding only the highest quality leather and hardware, he set out to build a bag that would last a lifetime.

Fast Forward 4 Years…
After having 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns, the Buffalo Leather Satchel, The Classic Weekender Duffel, the Sitka Leather Messenger, and the most recent Yukon Garment Bag,  they have come full circle on offering a wide variety of travel bags , briefcases (similar to the satchel and the messenger), as well as some smaller, everyday carry items like journals and wallets.


The Pilot Bag is made from a thick top grain buffalo leather and a high grade thread. Premium brass hardware and YKK zippers are used in the bag.

The bag is available in 2 leather finishes: antique brown and dark walnut (pictured). The dimensions of the bag are 5 “deep x 18″ length x 14″ height. The bag has 2 zippered exterior pockets and 2 pouch pockets with a magnetic snap closure. Behind the flap that covers the pouch pockets there is a pocket that has a velcro tab to keep it closed.

There are 2 zippered main compartments with a laptop pocket and dividers. There are also interior side slots for cards, a device pocket and 2 pen holders.

The interior of the bag is lined with a dark brown fabric liner. On the sides of the bag is a strap and buckle system to cinch in the bag.

The removable strap is a combined use of quality nylon and leather. In addition to the removable strap there are two regular top handles with a 2 snap closure.


This bag can easily serve as your carry all office and travel companion to hold a laptop, cords, accessories, books, folders, clothes, and even camera gear. The outside pockets and flaps make ideal spots for wallets, passports, keys, passes, newspapers and other small gear to place in while traveling. Heck, having a newborn son, I would even consider it as a very convenient and classy baby bag that could make many other dads envious.  


The buffalo leather used for this bag is soft and lightweight and has a very stunning antique distressed finish. The zippers, as stated above, are of high quality making it easy to zip and open when full. Although some many prefer more buckled hardware as opposed to the magnetic snap closures on the front pocket, I appreciate the convenience of getting in and out of the pockets quickly. I’m not a huge fan of the velcro tab in the front pocket but understand why it was put there. I see the velcro wearing out in time but it is a very small detail that does not bother me in the grand beauty and construction of the bag. 

The bag overall has a great feel to it when carried with the snapped handle or the shoulder strap. The weight is evenly distributed and as mentioned before, is not super heavy like a lot of leather bags on the market. I feel confident in saying that my shoulder and back will not suffer if carrying this bag for a longer period of time (unless of course you have very heavy cargo).


Let’s be real- most leather briefcases come with a hefty price tag. Understandably so given the materials and labor that goes into making them. What I am very impressed with about this pilots bag and all of Kodiak Leather Co. products is a very fair price that does not, in my opinion, sacrifice the quality or integrity of the product. The Pilot Bag is a welcome addition to my leather bag collection and one that I look forward to using for many years and handing down to my son. Check it out this bag -here- as use code: ‘ABANACH20’ to receive a generous discount for taking the time to read this review!

Pad & Quill Large Leather Backpack Review – $289

For the last five years I have been on the hunt for the perfect backpack for travel, adventure, and something that would hold up over time that I could hand down to my children and perhaps even my grandchildren. You know one of those bags that when you see it, it looks like its been through years of adventures and travel and has all the character. When I fist laid my eyes on the waxed canvas and leather backpack from Pad & Quill I was just about breathless as my vision for this bag finally found me.

About Pad & Quill

Kari and Brian, founders of Pad & Quill, are out to make their mark on the world of eCommerce. Instead of outsourcing their products to the lowest bidder, they have a strict code that they want all of their products to adhere to, which you can read about here. They have a 25-year warranty on their bags, showing their commitment to longevity. From their website:

“We think there are folks out there who have the same sense of awe as we do when they behold a beautiful thing. Who marvel at how a handful of seeds can become a majestic stand of Baltic Birch, that are then transformed, in artisan hands, into a gorgeous, organic product. There are friends who share our sense of adventure and love to have a bag they pull from their closet with 15 years of travel written upon it, and miles to go. Pad and Quill products will never resemble a trinket pulled from a fast food bag.”

This backpack is an absolute beautiful piece of design and construction. The inspiration for this bag came from a cafe racer motorcycle in which vintage materials mixed with a modern design. Whether on a bike, hike or just and adventure, this backpack is just a real eye catcher.  Read more here.


The backpack is made out of a robust 24 ounce waxed canvas, full-grain American bridal leather, parachute grade nylon stitching, and nickel hardware. The bag measures 15 inches wide by 16.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches deep. The front pocket is about 9.5 inches across by 7 inches high and secures with a nickel eye. The exterior has 2 side pockets. On the interior there is a back slot with a leather strap closure for a laptop or portfolio. I have a 15-inch Macbook Pro and it fit in the pocket with no problem at all. On the front of that pocket is a large pocket suitable for an Ipad or other items, a smaller pocket and 2 pen slots. Empty, the bag weighs a little shy of 4 pounds. The bag closes with a nylon drawstring and the leather top secures with two buckles. The shoulder straps are lightly padded and adjustable with nickel buckles.


This is a good size bag that can both serve as an every day carry commuter bag, a hiking companion as well as a weekender. I had no problem packing enough clothes for a two night trip recently with plenty of room to spare. The backpack is very comfortable as I have already taken it on 2 long hikes.

At first I was concerned that the bag was going to look too square but was happy of how it was able to fit rolled up clothes and books with ease.

Although the interior is basic without all the zippers and multiple pockets, It has the essentials,- a roomy padded laptop pocket and a few pockets to organize you smaller gear. The side pockets and front pockets are also great for the easy to access items like water bottles, sunglasses, passports and often in my case, doggy treats!


Being a tall guy (6’1) I always loath when backpacks don’t fit my frame well and look too ‘dinky’ and I was very impressed with the look and feel of this bag, At first I even thought it was going to be too big. But after the first few outings and trips, I was rest assured that this was the perfect fit without being awkwardly bulky but also having a rugged and hefty character.

I love that the bag has just the basic pockets, and really lends to a rustic and minimal feel.

I always try to find a less desirable feature or function to a bag but in this case I could not find one. I just love every detail and am thoroughly impressed with the durability of materials and parts.


If you are looking for a stylish, rugged, and beautiful bag that fits a lot without the awkward bulges or uneven weight distribution, I can’t speak any more highly of this bag. The price is right!! Check it out -here-.

Sailormade Endeavor & Journey Leather Bracelet – $114

Sailormade is an accessories brand based in Boston, MA, focusing on high-quality marine inspired accessories for men and women. Their product line includes necklaces, belts, and bracelets, many of which feature nautical inspired hardware. Brand owner Bridget Harriss was attracted to nautical hardware because of its functionality as well as its classic appearance. Today we’ll be taking a look at the men’s Journey Leather Bracelet and the women’s Endeavor Leather Bracelet.

Sailormade Cover



Each Sailormade hook is made with a lost wax casting (also known as precision casting) method. The Brummel Hook is also known as the Inglefield Clip or the Sister Hook. Invented in the 1890s by Lieutenant Edward Inglefield, it was originally used on boats to quickly attach and raise signal flags for communication between ships. The clips can be quickly attached and detached, but only if the hooks are aligned just right – which can only be done by hand, not by wind or water. They are a quick, sturdy attachment, and stay securely fastened especially with tension on either side. Inglefield/Brummel Hooks were quickly adopted by the British Royal Navy, becoming the standard by 1895.

Sailormade Bracelet 4
The “Seed” color has darkened up after 6 weeks of use


The Endeavor is made in New York City with Italian leather and a solid brass Brummel hook. The leather is carefully folded and braided so there are no rough edges. The bracelet is quite smooth and after 6 weeks of near-constant wear, there is no sign of the leather unraveling or unfolding. It has a double wrap fit, giving you two layers of braided leather. The brass Brummel hook is the star of the show, however, adding shine and visual interest. Ladies can even get a sparkly version, known as The Luster.


The Endeavor bracelet is a best-seller for a reason. They are understated yet stylish. I’ve had my eye on the nylon marine rope version for quite a while, without knowing that there was an Italian leather version. This bracelet is stylish enough to dress up or down, or be added to a wrist full of bangles without looking showy.  My “seed” color is a light brown that’s very versatile, and darkens up slightly over time. The bracelet also comes in deep dark brown, midnight blue, and orange. The polished brass goes well with gold jewelry, and since my wedding ring is gold I find myself wearing this bracelet nearly every day.

Sailormade Bracelet 5

The men’s Journey bracelet also has the brass hook with a matte finish, and comes in black, deep dark brown, midnight blue, and orange. For review I received the Deep Dark Brown color and absolutely love it. The dark, classic color goes well with my wardrobe of neutral and classic colors, which is perfect for men looking to add just a touch of class to their style. I wear the Journey bracelet all the time, whether I’m in short sleeves or long sleeves, it adds just enough flair to my style, and gets compliments regularly.

Sailormade Bracelet 7



If you are like me and don’t like big, jangly jewelry, this is the bracelet for you. It lays quite flat around the wrist and doesn’t jiggle, make noise, or get caught on things. The Brummel hook takes a bit of getting used to, but for ladies it’s no harder than the average lobster claw or spring ring clasp on most bracelets. My wrist is a little over 6.5″ and the ladies’ medium fits me perfectly.

For men who aren’t used to clasps, you will definitely need some help the first few times around, but it’s easy to get the hang of. The men’s Journey bracelet is a men’s size large, and fits pretty snugly on a 7.25″ wrist. There’s a sizing chart at checkout, so do be sure to measure your wrist, as you want to ensure that your bracelet fits correctly.


The men’s Journey Leather Bracelet and the women’s Endeavor Leather Bracelet are beautiful, simple accessories. They’re not cheap, but you’ll find yourself wearing them often, if not nearly every day. We have both thoroughly enjoyed our bracelets. It’s a great addition to my jewelry collection and has become a staple in my mix-and-match accessories options.

Sailormade Bracelet 1 Sailormade Bracelet 2


Pre-orders Available for the New Normal Wireless Leather Headphones

An awesome product caught my eye recently, and I wanted to tell you about it. They’re sweet headphones called the New Normal. They’re wireless. They use hand-stitched Napa leather in the design. They have 8 hours of battery life. They can be customized to fit any ear. And this may be the coolest part–they have an integrated USB so you don’t have to keep a charging cord with you!



Here’s the catch: These babies aren’t shipping till early summer, so I haven’t actually tested a pair myself. That means your judgement on the pics and specs is as good as mine. But if you love the marriage of tech and leather, you might consider it. Especially because pre-ordering will save you $50.

You can read more about them at http://newnrml.com. You might also want to watch this short video. If you do order, make sure to post your feedback below. If not, expect a full review from BestLeather soon!

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. Leather Sunglass Straps Review – $27.95

Buffalo Jackson Trading Company is all about the American values and style which any rugged gentleman would have. Their Leather Sunglass Straps in medium whiskey is a clean stylish way to keep any guy looking effortlessly cool, even in a wind tunnel.



These medium-sized sunglass straps are made with a single strip of 100% full grain cowhide measuring 15 ½ inches long and 7/8 of an inch wide. On the outside, the Buffalo Jackson logo is proudly center displayed in bold capital letters. On the inside, there is a thin layer of pigskin lining glued and sewn together with dark brown nylon stitching which travels along the entire border of the strap. A debossed stamp on the inside declares its country of origin as “Old Mexico” which must mean… Mexico. The leather smells fantastic like a good piece of leather should.

BuffaloJacksonSunglassStrap1 BuffaloJacksonSunglassStrap3


These straps do what they’re supposed to do. They keep your sunglasses on your neck. The strap wraps relatively close to most heads with about a 2-inch margin of free space. I much prefer this than to those cotton or nylon lanyard straps that flop way back and irritate your neck. On maximum pull between my two hands, there is very little stretch which is likely due to the pigskin lining. When putting the straps onto my basic Ralph Lauren sunglasses, they hold on to the arms well with good snug tension and don’t fall off even if I swing the sunglasses around a bit. They do come off easily enough with a little force. I haven’t used it long enough to test the long-term stretch of these straps but the pigskin seems like a very tight no-stretch lining so I am going to assume these will last longer than my glasses.



The look of these straps holds true to the rugged gentleman goals of Buffalo Jackson. The width and large branding of this leather will keep these straps for the more casual outing to the beach, hiking, or fishing, whereas I see the slimmer Elkton strap on the website better suited for the polo or golf game. The colors of the nylon, pigskin, and leather are all near identical and the leather will lend itself to some pretty sweet patina overtime through rain, sweat, and hand oils. This strap is “Whiskey” color and there is a darker “Dark Walnut” option as well.



The Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. Leather Sunglass Strap is a good buy at $27.95 for those looking for a versatile go-to strap. With minimal care, this casual accessory will definitely last a while and look better with abuse. Pick the XL size for Rayban Wayfarers or other XL sunglasses.

Iron & Resin Elk Bobber Gloves Review – $72

Riding motorcycles is definitely one of my favorite things in this world. There is nothing like hopping on my bike and cruising in to town or hitting some twisties. Every motorcyclist knows that he/she needs several things before they are truly prepared to ride. A helmet, protective jacket, and a solid pair of gloves are the three items, in my opinion, that are essential to every rider. Today we are going to check out the Iron & Resin Elk Bobber Gloves.



“Born in a small, Southern California, blue-collar beach town, graced with world class point breaks and seaside racetracks, where ghosts of a once towering oil industry still linger in the shadows. Iron & Resin is the brainchild of several friends who, after decades of collective experience building successful clothing brands, decided to turn back the clock and start anew. The result is a small, hand built collection of goods that draws heavily upon the founder’s own lifestyles and experiences.

Forged in California… In a mass produced, disposable world, Iron & Resin is a product of “one-off” culture. Where men still build, by their own hands, the craft they ride, be it water or land. Our goods are carefully hand crafted and printed one at a time in California.”

Iron & Resin #2


My motorcycle is all black. Both of my riding jackets are all black. My helmet is all black. It only makes sense that I ride with black leather gloves. The stylish Elk Bobber gloves are constructed from black 100% Premium Grain Elk Hide leather. With only three main components: the leather, stitching, and metal anchor piston rivet; the Elk Bobber gloves are very simple. Their simple design, rolled cuff, and no-nonsense feel are my favorite things about them. Iron & Resin has done an excellent job combining performance, comfort, and durability into this attractive leather glove.

Iron & Resin #3


The Elk Bobber gloves have been my primary riding gloves for several months now. The comfort level is far above any other riding gloves I have worn. The seams do not bug my fingers or rub them raw, I have adequate squeezing range of motion, and the length is suitable for wearing under a jacket and also comfortably without one. I have encountered one small issue with these stunning gloves. After longer periods of use, the black dye in the leather rubs off into your hands, and is frequently difficult to remove. To many this may seem petty, but if I’m going to show up to meetings or work, I cannot have black all over my hands. Over time the severity has significantly decreased, but know that it is something you will have to adjust to/prepare for during the beginning of the Elk Bobber’s life.

Iron & Resin #4


As I said before, the Elk leather is some of the softest, most comfortable leather I have worn. The gloves have already formed to my hands and started to develop the worn, masculine look. I have several riding friends who have tried these gloves out, and even purchased some themselves. They are truly an attractive, solid addition to any motorcyclist’s riding gear, whether they ride a street bike like myself, or a classic Harley.

Iron & Resin #6


It is obvious that passion, time, and superior materials went in to the making of the Iron & Resin Elk Bobber gloves. Even though the gloves do leave a few black marks during the “new” stage, it is a small price to pay for such, comfortable, attractive, and capable leather gloves. At $72.00, the Elk Bobber is a reasonable investment that will absolutely last a lifetime of riding. Head over to Iron & Resin’s website to check out their other leather gloves, and even some other hand built lifestyle goods.

Iron & Resin #6





Iron & Resin Café Gloves Review – $72

When you get your first two-wheeled freedom machine (aka motorcycle), it’s an awesome experience. I owned my first motorcycle in college. When I graduated, I quickly upgraded to another cruiser and used it daily to commute into the San Fernando Valley. One of the best things I ever did for my daily rides was purchase a good set of leather gloves. Of course gloves aren’t just for riding motorcycles…but some gloves just go with motorcycles better than others. Such is the case with the Iron & Resin Café Gloves.


About Iron & Resin

“Born in a small, Southern California, blue-collar beach town, graced with world class point breaks and seaside racetracks, where ghosts of a once towering oil industry still linger in the shadows. Iron & Resin is the brainchild of several friends who, after decades of collective experience building successful clothing brands, decided to turn back the clock and start anew. The result is a small, hand built collection of goods that draws heavily upon the founder’s own lifestyles and experiences.

Forged in California… In a mass produced, disposable world, Iron & Resin is a product of “one-off” culture. Where men still build, by their own hands, the craft they ride, be it water or land. Our goods are carefully hand crafted and printed one at a time in California.”




The Iron & Resin Café Gloves come in what they refer to as a ‘gold’ color. It’s an attractive color, but I’d say it’s more yellow than gold. But, I’m not going to nitpick. The gloves are 100% deerskin leather. If you’re not familiar with deerskin, it’s super soft; a fact that makes them ideal for gloves. Not only is it soft, but it’s durable too. The gloves are double stitched and feature an extra layer of leather across each palm.




I received a pair in their extra large size and they fit perfectly. They’re snug in the right places and offer just the extra protection and insulation that I want when riding. And, their style affords me the ability to wear them off of my bike too. Their traditional look doesn’t look out of place with a good leather jacket on those cool mornings or evenings. On the motorcycle they are protective, yet soft enough to afford ease of movement and function while riding (which is extremely important). And riding is where these gloves truly belong…it’s part of the Iron & Resin DNA.



The first thing people do with these gloves is touch them…and comment on how soft the leather is. Then, of course they slip their hands inside and comment even more on the softness. Finally they ask, “where did you get these?” And, I happily suggest they visit the Iron & Resin website. I also point out they have several different colors, leathers, and styles of gloves available (be looking for another BestLeather review on their Elk Bobber Gloves).


The color of the Café Glove definitely draws attention. But, it’s the deerskin leather that really grabs people’s attention.

The Iron & Resin logo name is stamped on both gloves and, in my opinion, gives them a cool, heritage look. They also have a piston and anchor logo pin in one of the gloves…another cool little feature.



Even if I didn’t ride motorcycles, I would still be very interested in these gloves. I just like the style – I like the design – I really like the deerskin leather – and the fit and finish is ideal. At $72 the Iron & Resin Café Gloves are a bit more than you’ll spend on gloves from a big box store, but the quality, style, and ‘cool factor’ is unrivaled. I look forward to using them on most every ride from here on out.



Orox Leather Co. Proletariat Hat Review – $70.00

From the makers of the Medicus Dopp and iPad Sleeve 2 & Air comes the one-of-a-kind Proletariat Hat by Orox Leather Co. In a world (and a leather review blog) of leather bags, wallets, belts, and shoes, a casual leather hat is not the easiest thing to find but a quality leather hat is practically nonexistent. Luckily for us, Orox Leather Co. has put together a hat using a little bit of history, a good amount of hard handwork, and a whole lot of quality materials.



All Orox goods are handmade in Portland Oregon. Like the iPad Sleeve and Medicus Dopp, the leather found on the brim and double ring adjustment strap on the back is the classic oil tanned full grain leather from Minnesota. The front strap is full grain English Bridle leather from Pennsylvania dyed to the same color as the brim. The front strap has the Orox debossed logos subtlety pressed on the sides and both front and adjustment straps are held into place by genuine copper rivets. The shell of the hat is waterproof waxed canvas from New Jersey.





The term “proletariat” is thought to have been first been used in the Roman times during their census taking to describe the working or labor class of citizens. Appropriately, this hat has a utilitarian and versatile design. The waterproof canvas protects in the rain and doubles as an emergency water bowl for your dog according to the website. I tested this second part out with my friend’s dog. I couldn’t get the dog to drink, but the hat did hold water. The most superficial layer of the canvas did get wet but it clearly did not soak through. Just don’t think about putting the hat immediately back on if you were to use it as a water bowl. The relatively flat shape of the top allows you to flip the hat on a table to also act as a valet for holding your keys, wallet, and phone when you’ve gotten home after a long day. This hat is also one size “fits most” for heads measuring 22-24’’ in circumference by adjusting the leather strip in the back.



I recently did a quick Google image and eBay search for “leather” + “hat.” I found that you can easily get a Stetson cowboy hat, an urban streetwear baseball cap, or a biker hat in leather. But unless I want to look like I’m from Texas, in a music video, riding a motorcycle, or into some weird S&M stuff, there’s no good option out there. Fortunately this proletariat hat works both functionally and aesthetically. It looks like a mix of a cadet cap, Stetson cap, and a newsy cap so it definitely works with a casual everyday outfit and to be honest, it would also work in Texas, in a music video, on a motorcycle, and… well you get the picture. It also looks great on men (selfie texted and approved) and women (evidence below). The hat also comes in Black/Black, Brown/Brown, and Gray/Black.



The Orox Leather Co. Proletariat Hat is fairly priced at $70. Comparatively, leather Stetson’s range run in the hundreds and waxed canvas hats usually start around $40-$50. If you love hats, waxed canvas, or leather, this is a great collectible yet wearable item.


Matoirs Vintage Style Tooled Women’s Bag Review – $197

Here’s a review of a beautiful piece that caught my eye from a designer and leatherworker on etsy from Australia. Melanie Hudson of Matoirs Leather Products has been selling handmade and hand tooled leather bags for about 2 years now but working with leather since she was very young, assisting her father binding leather books. Her etsy shop features vintage style handbags that are hand tooled or hand painted with detail and rich beautiful colors. Continue reading “Matoirs Vintage Style Tooled Women’s Bag Review – $197”

Saddleback Leather Bucket Backpack & Umuragi Legacy Bag Giveaway – Ends Oct 30th

****The first winner has been selected. Congratulations to Jonathan P! Jonathan P has chosen to receive the Bucket Backpack. Our second winner, Nancy B. will receive the Umuragi Legacy Bag. Congratulations to both of our winners! Thanks to everyone who entered! And, stop by the site frequently…we have another giveaway coming soon!****

Saddleback Leather is partnering with BestLeather to give away not just one, but two of their new products – a Classic Bucket Backpack and an Umuragi Legacy Bag. Both of these are amazing pieces and are sure to be best sellers. And, with all of Saddleback’s expertly crafted leather products, they will most likely outlast you – so, be sure to plan ahead as to who will inherit your new Saddleback gear.

kellynolte-02-11-0002-CN-20140324080224-01 kellynolte-01-20-0008-CN-NP-20140811110330-01

We will be choosing two winners – whoever is chosen first will get their pick of which piece they want to receive while the second winner will receive the other piece by default.

Please continue to read below and learn more about these great pieces being offered by Saddleback Leather for you to win. They are also offering 35% off on select items.

Here’s the scoop on the Classic Bucket Backpack:


  • Simple and strong design for our lightest backpack yet
  • Leather drawstring closure for a quick in and out
  • Back panel reinforced with pigskin lining for added strength where needed
  • Removable top handle can be used for over arm carry
  • Interior unlined tablet pocket & lined cell phone pocket keeps things organized
  • Drawstring color may not match your Bucket Backpack color
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Because of natural oils shade of leather may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Exterior: 16″H x 10 ½”W x 8 ½”D
    • Interior: 15″ H x 10″ W x 8″ D
  • Empty Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Is available in Carbon, Chestnut, Dark Coffee Brown, and Tobacco

The Umuragi Legacy Bag

This is a purse designed by Suzette Munson. Instead of carrying the Saddleback Leather brand, it proudly displays the Love41 moniker. You may not be fully aware of Love41 and its commendable mission. So, we encourage you to visit the Love41 website and learn about how this company is making a positive impact in Rwanda, Africa and beyond. Here are the details about the Umuragi Legacy Bag:


  • Love 41’s most durable purse
  • Unique no-stitching, riveted construction
  • Umuragi means legacy in Kinyarwandan (the language of Rwanda), befitting a bag you can hand down to future generations
  • Two small interior pockets for keys, cell phone, and other accessories
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap and turn-lock closure
  • Antiqued brass hardware
  • Made with thick, vegetable tanned full grain leather
  • Love 41 products are covered by a 41 year warranty
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item will be donated to Africa New Life Ministries
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Adjustable strap length: 37 ¼” – 52 ¾”
    • Exterior: 13“ W x 7 ½“ H x 4” D
    • Interior: 12 ½“ W x 7 ½“ H x 2 ¼” D
  • Empty Weight: 3 pounds
  • Is available in two colors: Carbon Black or Tobacco Brown

Saddleback-Leather-Giveaway-10-2014-1 With Holiday shopping already beginning to ramp up, this contest’s timing is excellent. The contest will run for 21 days, starting today, October 9, 2014 and ending on Thursday, October 30, 2014.


Please be sure to follow all of the steps to ensure that you are entered to win. Enjoy! We look forward to seeing who wins. And, please be sure to comment below and let us know what your plans are for these products should you win one.

What do you think?

Craft & Lore The Pilgrim Wallet Review – $70

How many times do you go online looking for a leather wallet only to find yourself despondent about the minimal number of choices available? If you’ve ever actually looked, the answer is likely never. There are thousands of companies from huge corporate retail magnates to mom and pop shops in Michigan all peddling the same bi fold and tri-fold. They are cut from one piece of leather or two, faux alligator skin, finest saddle leather in the world, gold leaf encased “fine leather wallets”. Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with many of these options, except that maybe there are so many. The fairly simple reason for this market maelstrom of product: wallets are about the easiest thing to make from a piece of leather. Fold a piece over and sew it and you’re already halfway done. This is the challenging market climate the small, one-man outfit Craft and Lore finds itself in. It is the solo project of artisan Chad Von Lind, a budding fine-goods company based in the lake town Coeur d’Alene, ID. His product in question is “The Pilgrim Wallet,” a large wallet or small travel clutch intended for road trips, rugged expeditions, and the like.

Craft & Lore Pilgrim Wallet 8


Craft & Lore Pilgrim Wallet 3

The wallet is made from two pieces of solid leather: one 4 to 5 oz piece that forms the surrounding shell and structure of the wallet and a much thinner piece of ⅔ oz calfskin that separate the passport and notes compartment from your cards. The two are saddle-stitched together by hand using .35” waxed polyester cord, making the joint close to as sturdy as the leather itself. The closure is accomplished with an antique brass snap. Two pieces of leather were used in the construction of the entire piece. This traditional simplicity, though not uncommon in the leather-working world, greatly enhances the strength of the wallet. Although the supple nature of the material initially made me question its lasting power, it is in fact very strong, flexible, and will likely outlast me.


Craft & Lore Pilgrim Wallet 2 It is intended specifically for travel, in the style of a trucker’s wallet. It’s a little too big to fit into my back pocket comfortably, is not quite as streamlined as your everyday bi fold, and doesn’t hold bills all that naturally. On the other hand, none of these are the point. This wallet was designed to see you through a lot of gallivanting. My passport and field notes fit together like a glove along with about twenty plastics total. With only the passport and eight or nine cards there was still enough tension to keep everything in its place well enough. The aforementioned softness of the leather makes it a pleasure to both hold and behold, and the brass snap is satisfying enough. Personally I wouldn’t carry this around everyday without a bag or backpack, but can imagine that it would become indispensable on any adventure.


Craft & Lore Pilgrim Wallet 5 Von Lind is open about his love for “simple unassuming things that are built beautifully and built to last,” and that influence is clear in the wallet. The leather is a rich, solid dark brown with no flourishes save a thin pinstripe around the outside flap and a tasteful logo on the bottom right interior. At a glance the wallet might seem outdated; few have carried wallets this size since the west still needed settled. That all serves as part of the attraction though, once you realize it is meant to be a heritage relic, a fine piece of artistry in the new wave of modern-vintage. The piece as a whole screams Americana and minimalism both to great effect. In its simplicity it is elegant; in its elegance it is functional.


Craft & Lore Pilgrim Wallet 4 Along with a small fleet of similar creations, Craft & Lore has built a nice product out of great materials and simple construction. The wallet is geared toward travel oriented use and that intention should not be ignored; it would be a bit clunky as an everyday carry and would likely hold either much more than you needed or far too little. That being said, it is a good choice for a travel wallet and an attractive piece of leather-working. At $70.00 the price is a little steep considering the limits of its practical use. However, if you find yourself looking for a convenient and attractive place to keep your cards, cash, passport, and small notebook with a little money to spare, keep this traditional offering from Craft & Lore in consideration.