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Sailormade is an accessories brand based in Boston, MA, focusing on high-quality marine inspired accessories for men and women. Their product line includes necklaces, belts, and bracelets, many of which feature nautical inspired hardware. Brand owner Bridget Harriss was attracted to nautical hardware because of its functionality as well as its classic appearance. Today we’ll be taking a look at the men’s Journey Leather Bracelet and the women’s Endeavor Leather Bracelet.

Sailormade Cover



Each Sailormade hook is made with a lost wax casting (also known as precision casting) method. The Brummel Hook is also known as the Inglefield Clip or the Sister Hook. Invented in the 1890s by Lieutenant Edward Inglefield, it was originally used on boats to quickly attach and raise signal flags for communication between ships. The clips can be quickly attached and detached, but only if the hooks are aligned just right – which can only be done by hand, not by wind or water. They are a quick, sturdy attachment, and stay securely fastened especially with tension on either side. Inglefield/Brummel Hooks were quickly adopted by the British Royal Navy, becoming the standard by 1895.

Sailormade Bracelet 4

The “Seed” color has darkened up after 6 weeks of use


The Endeavor is made in New York City with Italian leather and a solid brass Brummel hook. The leather is carefully folded and braided so there are no rough edges. The bracelet is quite smooth and after 6 weeks of near-constant wear, there is no sign of the leather unraveling or unfolding. It has a double wrap fit, giving you two layers of braided leather. The brass Brummel hook is the star of the show, however, adding shine and visual interest. Ladies can even get a sparkly version, known as The Luster.


The Endeavor bracelet is a best-seller for a reason. They are understated yet stylish. I’ve had my eye on the nylon marine rope version for quite a while, without knowing that there was an Italian leather version. This bracelet is stylish enough to dress up or down, or be added to a wrist full of bangles without looking showy.  My “seed” color is a light brown that’s very versatile, and darkens up slightly over time. The bracelet also comes in deep dark brown, midnight blue, and orange. The polished brass goes well with gold jewelry, and since my wedding ring is gold I find myself wearing this bracelet nearly every day.

Sailormade Bracelet 5

The men’s Journey bracelet also has the brass hook with a matte finish, and comes in black, deep dark brown, midnight blue, and orange. For review I received the Deep Dark Brown color and absolutely love it. The dark, classic color goes well with my wardrobe of neutral and classic colors, which is perfect for men looking to add just a touch of class to their style. I wear the Journey bracelet all the time, whether I’m in short sleeves or long sleeves, it adds just enough flair to my style, and gets compliments regularly.

Sailormade Bracelet 7



If you are like me and don’t like big, jangly jewelry, this is the bracelet for you. It lays quite flat around the wrist and doesn’t jiggle, make noise, or get caught on things. The Brummel hook takes a bit of getting used to, but for ladies it’s no harder than the average lobster claw or spring ring clasp on most bracelets. My wrist is a little over 6.5″ and the ladies’ medium fits me perfectly.

For men who aren’t used to clasps, you will definitely need some help the first few times around, but it’s easy to get the hang of. The men’s Journey bracelet is a men’s size large, and fits pretty snugly on a 7.25″ wrist. There’s a sizing chart at checkout, so do be sure to measure your wrist, as you want to ensure that your bracelet fits correctly.


The men’s Journey Leather Bracelet and the women’s Endeavor Leather Bracelet are beautiful, simple accessories. They’re not cheap, but you’ll find yourself wearing them often, if not nearly every day. We have both thoroughly enjoyed our bracelets. It’s a great addition to my jewelry collection and has become a staple in my mix-and-match accessories options.

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