Kendal & Hyde Debut Kickstarter for Leather Sandals

Kendal & Hyde, Kickstarter extraordinaires, have launched another campaign, this time funded in less than ten minutes. This time around it’s handmade sandals, debuting in two styles, a flip flop and a two-strap slipper. The sandals are made by hand in Mexico, and for every sandal purchase, a similar pair is donated to a humanitarian school system in Rwanda.

“Last year we started making boots with soles made from upcycled used car tires. The idea to use upcycled tire rubber for the soles came from a pair of Mexican huarache sandals my father bought me when I was in high school. It was an almost painful process to source and make the tire soles, but the idea was so cool and unique we could not leave it alone until we did it. (You can now buy our Goodyear Welted boots with tire soles from
We got many requests from our boot customers to make a sandal for summer. Good idea. In true Kendal & Hyde Co. fashion, we set out to make a product that will last—introducing our Two Strap Slipper and Flip Flop sandals.

Our midsole is made with a sturdy 3mm thick piece of sole leather—the same material used in boots and leather-soled shoes. It’s strong and durable, but also has a beautiful, refined look when the edges are polished. We layer the sole leather with 5mm of cork that will compress as you wear your sandal, making an impression to match the shape of your foot, for a comfortable custom fit. On top of the cork we add a 2mm thick piece of neoprene for padding.

Our soles are cut from the sidewalls of used car tires, just like the pair of Mexican huarache sandals I had back in high school. Tire rubber is very strong—believe me, it’s crazy hard work cutting up all these tires and turning them into sandal soles. They are not going to wear out anytime soon. “

Right now you can get a pair for $90, expected to ship out at the end of this summer in several waves. If these sandals are built anywhere close to the sturdiness of Kendal & Hydes bags and boots, they will last you many, many summers.

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I will not recommend anyone to get their product unless they have it ready. Bought their classic attache at march, the promised delivery date as 10 – 12 weeks. I have been waiting till to date in August, and their updates have always been vague and not informative. When the people who have waited for more than 10 months got fed up waiting and started to question them on Facebook, they deleted our comments. I find this is a very horrible gesture towards us who spend money to support and buy their product. They have yet to answer us why… Read more »


They are out of business. Apparently the owner went on a tirade.


Hello! i really liked your post. Please share some more