Pre-orders Available for the New Normal Wireless Leather Headphones

An awesome product caught my eye recently, and I wanted to tell you about it. They’re sweet headphones called the New Normal. They’re wireless. They use hand-stitched Napa leather in the design. They have 8 hours of battery life. They can be customized to fit any ear. And this may be the coolest part–they have an integrated USB so you don’t have to keep a charging cord with you!



Here’s the catch: These babies aren’t shipping till early summer, so I haven’t actually tested a pair myself. That means your judgement on the pics and specs is as good as mine. But if you love the marriage of tech and leather, you might consider it. Especially because pre-ordering will save you $50.

You can read more about them at You might also want to watch this short video. If you do order, make sure to post your feedback below. If not, expect a full review from BestLeather soon!

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