Meet Looptworks: An Environmentally Friendly Design & Production Studio Out of Portland, OR

Looptworks is a Portland-based bag and pack company made entirely from pre-consumer upcycled materials. Instead of sourcing brand new materials, Looptworks takes perfectly usable “waste” materials from around the globe to create unique products. You can find some more information about this process on their blog. The holy grail for Looptworks is to become a completely closed-loop company. We are impressed with these guys and their true commitment to sustainable product manufacturing.

Looptworks has two lines of all-leather products, the Loopt Classic Line, and the Luv Seat Line, as well as small leather goods made with repurposed Italian leather from the accessories industry.


All of the Loopt Classics styles are made with excess leather from the motorcycle jacket and chaps company, Langlitz Leathers. Langlitz is a 68 year old custom motorcycle gear company based in Portland, Oregon. They have a large amount of scrap leather as a result of their manufacturing, and the partnership with Looptworks keeps that high quality leather from going to waste.

Loopt-Duffle-Front Loopt-Tote-Three-Quarters Loopt-Toiletry-Case-Open



In order to conserve fuel, Southwest Airlines wanted to replace its heavy leather airline seats with a lighter weight material, and they wanted to ensure that the 40 acres of iconic blue and tan leather went to good use. Looptworks upcycled this material into the LUV Seat Collection. Each LUV Seat item has its own visual personality acquired from the seat’s journey. By repurposing the leather, this bag conserves over 4,000 gallons of water and avoids 72% of CO2 emissions.

Three-Quarters_grande Southwest-Backpack-Three-Quarters_grande SW-TOTE-SIDE_grande

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