Kenton Sorenson Leather Safety Razor Sheath Review – $30

Shaving with a safety razor is a great feeling. Plopping it back into your dopp kit without a sleeve is unnerving. Who knows what those blades will find… Hopefully not something that leakes toothpaste… Or blood…

I’m not worrying about slitting my finger or toothpaste tube anymore because I have Kenton Sorenson’s lovely vegetable tanned safety razor sheath.

Kenton Sorenson Leather Safety Razor Sheath Review3

 Kenton Sorenson

If you haven’t heard of Kenton Sorenson, I suggest you check him out. There are not many original designers in the leather business, not because of plagiarism – necessarily (there is that out there) – but because there are only so many ways you can bend and stitch leather.

Kenton strikes his own unique style with all vegetable tanned leather, a simply sophisticated design philosophy, and durable construction techniques.


Lets take a look at the ingredients. Pretty hefty vegetable leather, my guess is 5 oz. The thread appears to be nylon and hefty at that. No problems whatsoever with durability. Give your grandson your safety razor with this sheath after a lifetime of use. It will look better.

The edges of the leather are burnished very smooth (burnishing is a lot of work with fine sandpaper to ensure a smooth edge, as opposed to leaving them raw).

Much better than this corndog attempt.

Kenton Sorenson Leather Safety Razor Sheath Review1


When I first put my razor in the sheath it wouldn’t quite go. The leather is tight will need to stretch to conform to your razor. At first I was concerned by the tightness but after using it for a while the leather has molded quite nicely. At first there is a little resistance then the handle snugly pops into its home.

No slicing my finger feeling for the razor. Swell.

Kenton Sorenson Leather Safety Razor Sheath Review5


The below photo epitomizes what I enjoy about Kenton’s products. They are genuinely simple and in that they are dramatically unique. I imagine it makes life easier on the business side to be working with the same kinds of leather too. Functional simplicity is sophistication. Don’t forget that next time you design something, remember, simple.

Kenton Sorenson Leather Safety Razor Sheath Review2BestLeather conclusion

Unless you like your fingers fillayed, toothpaste leaking, and razor blades dulling themselves on your cologne, it’s a no-brainer. And free shipping to boot.

Check it out.

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