Great Video From Moore & Giles On How Their Leather Is Made

Moore & Giles uses leather tanned in Italy. On a recent trip to their tannery they made this fantastic video featuring each step of their leather making process. What I found particularly interesting is the modern equipment featured in the film compared to some other renowned tanneries such as Horween that seem like not much has changed for a hundred years.


Included for comparison; this video by Trunk Club of the Horween facility.


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  1. Moore and Giles is not located in Italy, it is in Virginia. This must be a place they source their leather from.

    • You are right, Matt. Thank you for pointing that out. Funny, I was just editing the article when you pointed that out.

      • Oops, now I feel like a jerk! I only commented because I live in the area. Cool stuff, T.J.!

      • Not at all! Thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate the input. I don’t know everything. Please point out any other errors you may see.

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