Ewing Dry Goods Minimalist Wallet – $60

Bear Fat and Beeswax. This got my attention. The Ewing Dry Goods store prides themselves on products Made in USA and burnishing the edges with a mixture of bear fat and beeswax. The mixture gives the leather that extra edge standing up to moisture and abusive elements. This is what you would expect from a leather crafter in Alaska.

Ewing Minimalist Wallet
If this has your attention too, you probably are not interested in ordinary, plain products you can purchase from your local big-box store. You enjoy merchandise that represents adventure, character and quality. This is a good time for you to learn about the Minimalist Wallet by Ewing Dry Goods. They call it the “perfect little wallet that holds only the essentials: your cards and some cash.”


The Minimalist Wallet is made from one piece of 7oz Horween Chromexcel. This is some of the finest leather made in America. It is folded in half and hand-sewn with artificial sinew and the edges are burnished and rubbed with bear fat and beeswax. This is heavy construction and build to last.


Ewing claims the Minimalist Wallet is “the perfect little wallet” but if it were, it would be expandable to daily use. It is a great wallet for on-the-go; dashing out with just a driver license, a card or two and some cash. When Best Leather received the wallet, I stuffed five cards in it and some cash and was quite impressed.

Ewing Minimalist Wallet With Cards
The wallet is fun. It makes you rethink what you need to carry on a daily basis and it seems to be reshaping me into a true, if not reluctant, minimalist. But, then, in my pursuit to make the Minimalist into a daily wallet, rather than sacrifice entirely, I set out to see if it could carry more and found the wallet holds eight credit cards, gift cards and license and still has room for cash. This was amazing because even one or two cards by themselves remained snug in the wallet, yet when stuffed with eight, the cards could still move in and out with ease.

At this point, this reviewer was convinced. I have had several thin wallets but none that could hold eight cards. The Ewing Dry Goods Minimalist Wallet is, indeed, the perfect little wallet. But, then again, business cards. . . how do we get the wallet to hold eight cards and a dozen business cards, as well? Just wondering.


Seven ounces of Horween Chromexcel leather has a good look and feel and it is most assuredly durable, even if taking a lot of abuse. As mentioned before, the edges of the leather are burnished with bear fat and beeswax. This gives it a smooth, almost melted appearance and highlights the matte black color of the wallet we reviewed.

The Ewing Dry Goods Minimalist Wallet comes in Black, Burgundy, Brown and Dark Olive. This reviewer likes the black and it goes well with the black Survivor Clip.

Minimalist Wallet and Survival Clip
All Ewing Dry Goods products are stamped with their logo – if size permits. The logo is handsome, featuring the horizontal portions of a large capital “E” set into the right side of a Spruce tree.


The product is good. This reviewer enjoys the look and feel – and the fact it holds enough cards to be a daily wallet. It is built of the finest leather and will last many years. It is a fine little wallet and is well worth the investment.

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