A Review of Winter Session’s Snap Wallet – $90

Winter Session was founded in Chicago in 2010 by Roy Katz, Tanya Fleisher, and Tristan Coulter. They began sewing together bags and aprons, with their project slowly gaining momentum as they began working with leather. In 2013, they uprooted and moved west to Denver, Colorado, where Winter Session is now based. Roy and Tanya describe their mission as “to design and produce thoughtful, well-made things in a responsible manner. Operating on a flexible scale, we combine traditional methods and innovative technology to find a balance between utilitarian function, durability and aesthetic appeal. We work hard to create affordable, high quality products meant to last.” And they have succeeded at that, with this, the newest iteration of their Snap Wallet.

Handsome and well worn in after a few months of heavy use.
Handsome and well worn in after a few months of heavy use.

construction and materials

The Snap Wallet from Winter Session is made of 4oz waxed Horween Dublin leather and stitched together with Irish waxed linen thread. The wallet features a single flap with a brass snap.

Horween Dublin is a vegetable tanned leather which is struck through (dyed uniformly through the piece). Dublin is a soft, smooth leather which will continue to soften with time and age, as well as obtain a beautiful patina (as you can see with my wallet after 3 months of constant use).

Beautiful Tobacco Dublin leather from Horween.
Beautiful Tobacco Dublin leather from Horween.

Irish waxed linen thread is actually a specific type of thread, something I did not know of prior to writing this review. I did some Googling and found that Irish waxed linen thread is very popular with jewelry making, as it is easy to slide through small holes and holds a knot very well, as well as its tensile strength. These qualities make Irish waxed linen thread an ideal leather working thread. It is a natural, braided, and waxed cloth thread, which is dyed in this case to an Olive color. Irish waxed linen is a very strong, natural thread which looks handsome and does its job well.


The Snap wallet is, in a word, gorgeous. The leather, in my case, is the Horween Tobacco Dublin, which is a lighter brown, but not as light as you might expect. It has a very beautiful richness to it. This placed with the dark green thread and the brass snap makes this wallet very appealing in a down to earth sort of way.

Two interior pockets.
Two interior pockets.

The wallet has a very simple, clean aesthetic which I am definitely drawn to. Very clean lines, good angles, very simple, very classy.

After a few months of heavy use, it has developed a beautiful patina, which has enhanced the beauty tenfold.

design and function

The Snap wallet features three pockets, two inside the flap and one on the back of the wallet itself. The pockets are all cut with the same angle, an obtuse rounded sort of thing. I really like this. The pockets are uniform and well thought out, as you can reach all of your cards easily without too much hassle. Not to mention it juxtaposes a classy modern touch to a rustic piece of leather, which really adds to the beauty of the piece.

One exterior pocket on the back.
One exterior pocket on the back.

This is an essentials wallet. What I mean by essentials is that you will not be able to truck around 50 cards in this thing. But do you really need 50 cards? I have found that by using a minimal wallet such as the Snap wallet, I have simplified my life. I do not need 50 cards; I really just need 5 or 6 cards and a few bills. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

BestLeather conclusion

The Snap wallet from Winter Session has become my go-to, everyday carry wallet. It holds exactly what I need and nothing more. It has been with me to Europe (Euros as well as GBP and Suisse Franc fit well in this wallet), Seattle, Portland, the Sawtooth Mountains, the Bitterroot Mountains, the Northern Cascades, and it has not looked out of place anywhere. The Snap wallet is classy, functional, beautiful, durable, and overall a great piece to add to your collection. If you are a fan of minimalist wallets, this is for you. If you are a fan of bifolds but want to simplify, this is for you. If you have 50 cards and are insistent that you need all of them, maybe this is not for you, but I would still recommend it as a treatment for your hoarding habit. At $90, the Snap wallet fits right into the usual price range for wallets of this type. You are paying for handmade quality with some of the best materials available and it is absolutely worth your money.

Check out the Winter Session Snap Wallet here.

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