Wenning & Co. The Swick Wallet Review – $45

The Swick Wallet from Wenning and Company is a minimalistic approach to a wallet.  It serves to carry what is necessary and not a lot more.  I received the wallet from Wenning & Co about a week ago, and have enjoyed using it since then.

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The Swick Wallet is made from three to four ounce, full grain, vegetable tanned leather.  Vegetable tanned leather is done the old fashioned way, over several months, with quality ingredients, to ensure long lasting life.  Most leather out there today is chrome tanned, which takes hours, instead of days and months, and in many cases results in a far inferior product.  Wenning and Company’s choice in leather is an indication of their commitment to high quality products.  They also purposely use un-dyed leather, which has a certain beauty all of it’s own.  This color of leather tends to patina over time into a rich bronze color.

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The wallet is hand stitched with waxed nylon thread.  The stitching on my wallet is straight and evenly spaced.  I have been using the wallet for about a week now and there are no signs of weakness in the stitching, or any other part of the wallet.  The wallet measures 4 1/4 inches x 2 3/4 inches when closed.  It is therefore slim enough when you close it that it can be carried in your front or back pocket with comfort.

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On the wallet that I received, there was a scar on one side, and what looks like some veining on the other side.  This didn’t bother me at all.  Many leather company’s out there will ensure that their leather appears perfect, but this seems to dismiss the fact that leather comes from creatures who had a life, who roamed around, and who occasionally met a barbed wire fence.  To me, this gives the item a little more of a story, and is a better representation of where the leather really came from.

Wenning & Co Swick Wallet Review - $458

The only gripe I had with the wallet is when I first received it, I noticed that it was glued under the stitching, and a small section separated towards the inner flap.  It is actually common for hand sewn items to be glued in this way, but perhaps a stronger adhesive would have been more appropriate.  This didn’t affect the function or form of the wallet in any way, and there has been no problem since.


Wenning & Company purposely makes their products to be minimalistic.  This wallet carries the essential ingredients of any wallet – some credit cards, driver’s license and a little bit of cash.  In this day and age with items like Coin coming out (store all of your credit and bank cards onto one card), minimalist wallets will become more popular.  If you are wanting a wallet to carry a wad of cash, or to put all of your receipts in, this wallet is not for you.  If you’re wanting to keep it simple and basic, the Swick Wallet is a good choice.

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At $45, the Swick Wallet is at an attractive price point for a quality, handcrafted item.  There are certainly alternatives at that price point, but Wenning & Company’s use of quality materials, and solid construction means that you’ll get good bang for your buck.

best leather conclusion

If you’re looking for a simple, quality bifold wallet to hold your essentials, The Swick Wallet from Wenning & Company fits the bill.

Visit Wenning & Co.’s beautiful site here.

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