Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review – $119

Avund Goods is an artisan leather goods maker with a singular focus on designing and crafting the finest leather goods. I have had the opportunity of spending the last few weeks with their Forsta V Wallet.Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review09


Packaging is often not a major consideration of most goods makers. There are exceptions to this though, and often when there is a lot of attention spent on the packaging of a product, you know that the product itself is going to be special (think Apple products or the Nest thermostat). Elegant packaging, elegant products.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11901

After opening the UPS package from Avund, I was welcomed by simple brown packaging paper, with the Avund Goods stamp, tied with blue lace. After opening the packaging, I was welcomed again with the wallet wrapped in a small burlap pouch. I immediately thought that this is a company that knows what it is doing and how to set itself apart. Needless to say, I was excited to get to the goods.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11904

attention to detail

It was clear after spending a few minutes with the Forsta V Wallet, that Avund spares no attention to detail. The wallet is made from 100%, full grain vegetable tanned leather, which arguably produces the most durable leather. The wallet is a gorgeous light golden brown leather, with a V-shaped slot in the middle, where you can keep several credit cards on each side. I currently have 4 cards per side and I could probably squeeze one more to each side if I wanted.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review12

The wallet is a classic bi-fold, with the bill compartment just tall enough for your cash. If I had it my way, I’d make the wallet about ⅛ of an inch taller, so I could carry a few more bills without them hanging over the edge, but this design forces me to not try and stuff more than I should in my wallet. The wallet is intentionally slim, but substantial enough to carry the necessities.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11917

Porsche of wallets

You can tell a big difference when you drive a finely tuned, precision machine like a Porsche and when you sit behind the wheel of a Chevy Sedan. Similarly, you can immediately tell a big difference between the Forsta V and your run of the mill leather wallet. The Forsta V is leaps and bounds more sophisticated and crafted. Every edge of the wallet has been either highly burnished with beeswax, or beveled to create an elegant look, and in most cases both. Even the finely beveled edges have been burnished to a crisp black. The blue, waxed linen thread is stitched evenly and is straight as an arrow. In fact, it took Avund three weeks of testing and prototyping to determine the appropriate hole configuration for the most pleasing aesthetics and performance.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11913

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11910

The Forsta V is made from one solitary piece of leather, folded over twice. This eliminates the need for unnecessary stitching and therefore less chance of a stitch coming loose or a seam breaking. This simple design further ensures that the wallet will last a lifetime. Also, the V that is cut out of the middle of this piece of leather, is actually used to craft another product that Avund sells, the Changer V. Talk about efficient use of materials.


The confluence of these details is analogous to the crafting and putting together of that famous little sports car, a product that is sure to please and is sure to work just like it is supposed to.

Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review - $11918

bestleather conclusion

The Forsta V from Avund Goods is an expertly crafted wallet with high attention to detail and design. You would be hard pressed to find a wallet this is better made and that is more sophisticated. It really is the Porsche of wallets.

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Avund Goods Forsta V Wallet Review11

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