Waskerd Slim Strayer Wallet Review – $55

As time progresses it seems that many of the materials and skills that our ancestors used are falling away. Of course they are replaced with more easily produced, less expensive products and materials. We could assume that this is better, but Waskerd has a different philosophy. They make all of their products by hand, and all their materials are from the US. It’s a throwback to the days when most of what you owned was built by someone who you knew. I can say that having the Waskerd Strayer Wallet has proven to me that the old way has advantages. In comparison to my life filled with mass-produced generic products it is fast becoming one of my favorite possessions.

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Construction Technique

Derek, the owner at Waskerd, has made a point to keep his construction processes as far away from the mechanically produced as possible; the result is very high quality leather goods. Everything that he makes is by hand, and just as the old days he emphasises knowing where everything that goes into his products comes from. As a purist he avoids templates, opting to cut and stitch by eye. The wallets can be ordered with custom leather and thread colors as well. Both of these features lend to the town leathersmith aspect of his business and certainly makes each wallet an original.

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The Waskerd Strayer is made out of full grain leather. Full grain leather is the best quality available meaning that this wallet will last for years. In addition it is chrome tanned and after only a few weeks use it is already developing a nice patina. In years to come it will develop personality through my habits of use. A nice touch is the unfinished edges that highlight the way the leather wears. In some cases a manufacturer will leave edges raw in an attempt to skip a step. Since this leather is chrome tanned, the edges fit the look and feel of the wallet.

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Waskerd uses waxed polyester thread. As opposed to cotton it is much more durable (less likely to rot, break or come unraveled, and impervious to ultraviolet rays). Each hole is punched by hand. This is great because even though the stitching is extremely straight, it has a nice bespoke look and feel to it. He uses a saddle stitch for better durability and the corners are cleverly double stitched for better wear.

One of the endearing features of Waskerd’s unique designs are the intricate W sewn into the front of their wallets. This is fantastic and a level of creativity we don’t often get to see.

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Bestleather Conclusion

This is a good wallet. At $55 it is reasonably priced especially since it will last for so long. The one drawback that I have found is that your bills must be double folded in the front. As a result they all need to be pulled out every time you pay cash. For someone who uses less cash and more cards the Strayer is worth looking into more. Their other wallets are also well worth a look.

Click here to check out the Strayer Slim wallet on Waskerd.com.

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