Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Review ($70)

The Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet is a handyman of full grain leather wallets. This leather wallet can handle a small notebook, a cell phone, a passport, cash, cards, and receipts. It’s got storage.


The Saddleback Passport Wallet is pretty heavy duty with the 2mm full grain leather and pigskin lining in the cash section. Saddleback uses multiple layers of their full grain leather for the main pocket and one for each smaller pocket.

Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Tobacco on leaves


The main claim of this wallet – the RFID shielding – is pretty easy to test. Go to your electronics store and explain to the manager you need to test the shielding of this wallet and ask him if you can try stealing something small enough to put in it. This is slightly tongue in cheek, but also true. It works.

This wallet has six pockets:

  • two credit card slots
  • two flaps for papers
  • one large slot for cash
  • one large flap for passport or phone

Because of its capaciousness this Saddleback Passport Wallet can get hefty and big quick so plan on carrying it in a jacket pocket.

Saddleback Leather RFID Passport case1

The Passport Wallet does not handle small notebooks, like the Field Notes, quite as well as I would like. You can fit one into the cash pocket though and it will stick out about 0.05cm.

Saddleback Leather RFID Passport case3

You carry the smartphone in the cash pocket.

Saddleback Leather RFID Passport case2

Also, you can fit your smartphone in the right flap – the iPhone 5 will fit snugly.


Like many of the other Saddleback Leather wallets, the Passport Wallet is well made and very functional but also quite bland. The leather is durable but visually, it’s just “meh”. I would much prefer some Horween Chromexcel leather for my wallet.

Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Tobacco with passport

Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Tobacco red


Best Leather conclusion

We like it, even if it is slightly bland. The aesthetics are somewhat offset by being able to stuff ridiculous amounts of paper, cards, cash, and passports into it.

Check it out on the Saddleback Leather website.

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Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Tobacco

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