Backcast Outfitters Easy Wallet Review – $15.00

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There are times when you want to go out but do not want to carry your wallet or purse with you. The Backcast Outfitters Easy Wallet is designed to hold three credit cards. So, if you want to grab your license, a couple of cards and some cash so you can travel light, this is the wallet for your night out.



The Easy Wallet is made from American full grain leather and sewn as one piece. It has a soft, pigskin lining to help slide the cards in and out. In the bottom is a cut-out, or thumb push, to help remove cards quickly and easily. It is stitched together with parachute grade thread, so it will not be coming apart very easily.

The wallet is 2.75 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall and less than a half inch thick.

This is a well made wallet, and Backcast Outfitters has a Lifetime Warranty on their products. They call it the “’til the cows come home” warranty. Judging by the wallet Best Leather received, I don’t think they are going to be worried about many warranty returns anytime soon.


The wallet is light weight and slides easily into any pocket, front or back – jeans, shirt, vest, or backpack. It was designed with fly-fishermen in mind or anyone else who wants to travel light – with just the necessities. I used the wallet to carry a license, cash and a spare card, just in case the cash ran out. It was the perfect tool and much lighter than carrying around my regular wallet.

BackcastEasyWallet02This wallet doesn’t have to be your full-time wallet. In fact, it is not designed for this. The intended purpose is to be a light wallet when you need something for on-the-go. I found it to be a great wallet for carrying the essentials and traveling light – and I was able to get four cards and some cash in it. My wife uses it when she wants to leave her purse at home.


The Easy Wallet is simplicity in style. It is made from one piece of leather, folded and sewn together. The lines are simple and pleasing. The logo on the front is attractive and even if you are not a fly-fisherman, you will enjoy the design of the beginning of the cast, on the back. This is a good looking, thin wallet.

The wallet used for this review is Hopper Tan, which is a light brown color. It is also available in Badger Brown, which is a dark brown color, similar to chocolate or tobacco. So, whether you prefer light colors or dark, one of these Easy Wallets will complement your style.


The Backcast Outfitters Easy Wallet is well constructed, light to carry and a great accessory for when you are on-the-go. Men and women will find this to be a practical wallet. The product is good and it carries an easy price tag at just fifteen bucks.


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