Ewing Survivor Clip key management Review – $65.00

A key clip might not be the most exciting thing on your wish list. But, it is an essential item and Ewing Dry Goods has come up with a couple ways to handle your key management concerns. The Survivor Clip is a great tool, and we will also take a quick look at their Laced Key Clip. All materials are Made in USA and the product is manufactured in Juneau, Alaska.



The Ewing Dry Goods Survivor Clip is made with Black American Latigo leather. The hardware is an American made HK style gun clip. The edges of the leather are burnished with bear fat and beeswax which give it a smooth, almost melted appearance.

The Survivor Clip is designed to clip over your belt. There is a concealed snap that keeps the hardware from standing out and distracting from the rugged look of the leather.



The Ewing Dry Goods Survivor Clip is heavy duty. I use this clip for my truck key – keeping this key separate from the other keys for security reasons. If I put it in my pocket it acts like a giant key fob, making it easy to identify the key. Most the time it is hung from my belt and I have found it to stay clipped and intact no matter how much abuse is served.

The gun clip is easy to work and makes it convenient for one-handed removal and deposit of the key. Now, it’s a habit I don’t even think about.

The hidden snap makes it easier to clean the leather. This is due to not having a clip hang up from the leather but also because there is no rim for junk to get caught up in.

Although this review is about the Survivor Clip, we also tested the Laced Key Clip, which sells for $40.00. The brass on this clip is vintage and the beads are glass trade beads. So, every one is different depending upon the brass and beads available. The lace is latigo leather. Designed for men or women, this is a handsome – or beautiful – key clip.

ewingLacedKey01My wife uses the Laced Key Clip and she loves it. It is a great fob in her purse, and she says the leather is nice and soft to the touch.


The Survivor Clip comes in black. The hidden snap is a nice feature because there is no chrome or brass hardware interrupting the black motif. For those who don’t like black, Ewing Dry Goods makes the Survivor Clip II – it comes in natural leather.

All Ewing Dry Goods products are stamped with the logo (if size permits). The logo is nice, featuring the horizontal portions of a large capital “E” set into the right side of a Spruce tree.


The product is good. The Survivor Clip by Ewing Dry Goods is tough. For a lighter look, the Laced Key Clip will help you manage your keys–just don’t expect it to come out of the same endurance tests as the Survivor Clip. Though both products are made for men and women, the Laced Key Clip is much lighter than the Survivor Clip and my wife loves it. I like the rugged style and feel of the Survivor Clip.

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