Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet Review — $115

You know how they say the best chefs don’t just pay attention to taste but also to presentation? When my Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet arrived in the mail, my mind went straight to those masterful chefs. Right away, the extreme attention to detail impressed me—the personalized note, the way it was wrapped as a gift in a colorful cloth and string, even the business card made of leather. The wallet itself just continued this same impressive theme of detail-oriented precision. In fact, it made me want to meet the person who’d put so much care into the making.



About Waskerd

These days most products come from factories and assembly lines, which removes the human touch and personal connection from the process and the purchase. Waskerd’s mission is to re-form the human connection that has gone missing. They run a small, family business and make each of their products by hand, including the sweet wallet I’ve been carrying in my pocket for the last while.



The Brea Zipper Wallet is made from a high-quality 100% full-grain leather. Full-grain means the leather was taken from the outside surface of the hide, which means more character because of beautiful imperfections. It also has the highest durability—it’s the same skin that protects against the elements and barbed wire.


The surface of my Brea is smooth and initially had a slight gloss to it. As I broke it in, the surface got rougher, which made the wallet even more aesthetically pleasing than before. The zipper has a rugged, heavy-duty feel, and I don’t doubt that it’ll last a lifetime.

Waskerd also has a satisfaction guarantee: If you don’t like something about your wallet, they’ll make it right or give you your money back. That’s a promise that’s hard to beat. It makes me trust their quality, and it makes the purchase low-risk for you as well.



While most people like the idea of minimalism, sometimes it can be hard to carry out—too hard getting rid of things. If this sounds like something you’d say, then the Brea Zipper Wallet is for you. It’s small compared to most wallets, but it’s bigger than the ultra minimalist ones, meaning there’s plenty of room for as many cards, bills, checks, coupons, and photos as you might need. I personally like to go as minimal as possible, and this wallet is just slightly large for my taste—that’s really my only critique. If you find yourself in the same boat, Waskerd has an amazing lineup of other wallets, and you’re certain to find one that fits—and all with the same high quality.


One thing I love about this wallet is the zipper, a feature I didn’t realize I’d love till I tried it. The zipper seals up tight, so you can throw it around as you’re traveling and you don’t have to worry about your coin collection or guitar picks slipping out—they’ll be very secure. That’s a bonus you don’t see in most wallets, and something I’ve grown to love the longer I’ve had it.


The Brea also has an interesting design. On the outside, it’s simply one large pocket with a zipper. But inside it contains what they call an “inverted gusset.” As you can see in the pictures, one of the walls of the main pocket is taken inward, spanning the center in an extra fold. This gives you room for additional organization. In short, it turns one large pocket into three, and it does this cleverly, without adding much extra thickness.



The Brea Zipper’s unique design has a lot of style—a certain panache that’s sure to raise eyebrows. The stitching is precise, and yet it has just enough subtle variation to prove that it isn’t some product crunched out by a machine. Again, you’ll notice the human touch, and so will your friends and associates if they have an eye for that sort of thing.

You can get it in a variety of colors too, so you’re certain to find one that matches your taste. I went with the “limousin brown” with white stitching, and I really like it. Has a lot of class.


BestLeather Conclusion

If you’re looking for a minimal wallet that has plenty of room, I highly recommend the Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet. It’s tough, sleek, spacious, and the highest quality, all backed by a promise that guarantees you won’t regret your choice.


Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet Review – $65

Cash is king. It’s a saying heard ‘round the world, all of the time. With that being said, it’s not surprising that there has recently been a rise in the popularity of money clips. With so many new styles out there, what’s the best choice for transporting your greenbacks? Andy Mock, of Blackthorn Leather has come up with a fabulous design called the Rover II Money Clip Wallet.



About Blackthorn Leather

This is the second piece from Blackthorn Leather we’ve had the privilege to review. The first, Blackthorn Leather’s Classic Bifold Wallet, was published back in 2013. Staying true to form, Andy continues to produce high quality pieces made solely in the USA. Read more of how Andy started his business here.



The leather on the Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet is thick, stiff, full grain, 4-5 ounce vegetable tanned cowhide. It is dyed and antiqued beautifully and finished off with a light coat of neatsfoot oil and topped off with diluted Resolene. Stitching is symmetrical and done with Osborne waxed thread. The money clip is fashioned from stainless steel and holds a healthy stack of dead presidents.




Out of the box, the Rover II Money Clip Wallet is stiff. This is not a bad thing at all…in fact it bodes well for the longevity of this wallet. This is durable leather that will break in beautifully and age well. Initially, it will take some time to break it in and over time you’ll be able to fit more cards into the two slots provided. The size of this wallet allows you to choose where you want to carry. You like a front pocket wallet? The Rover II is a great choice for you. Oh…you prefer to carry in the back pocket? Again, the Rover II will serve you well. Either way, you’re in good shape.


Initially I found that two cards per slot was ideal. It was tight, but workable. Again, with time and use you’ll be able to get a few more in each slot. But, if you’re a minimalist having the ability to carry four cards plus cash will be more than sufficient for you.


The fit and finish of the Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet is fantastic. My version came with white thread, which I think provides a nice contrast to the beautiful antique brown leather.

Andy’s dedication to quality leather crafting can be seen in the expert stitching and the polished, nicely skived edges. The Blackthorn Leather logo is tastefully placed and not overpowering. In fact, I think it’s a great looking logo and very apropos for leather goods of this quality. The Rover II Money Clip Wallet is also available in antique mahogany and black.




At $65, the Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet is an excellent buy (the original Rover can be had at $55 if you prefer a single pocket version). Given the high quality materials, the dedication to precision construction, the functionality, and the long wear-ability of the wallet, it’s really a bargain. Add to that free personalization (Andy will stamp three initials on the wallet for you) and free shipping. Be sure to visit Blackthorn Leather’s Etsy Shop and check out all of their other great items too.


The Goods LA – The Hit & The Clique Review – $80 & $25

We always mention that we see a lot of wallets here at BestLeather.org, but it’s true. We see A LOT of wallets. So it’s always fun to see one that stands out a little bit or has a slightly different look. The Goods, based in LA, definitely has a unique offering with The Hit. Let’s take a look at it.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 8
Top notch packaging



The Goods is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that creates essentials for the modern man. Their product line is full of simple, sophisticated products for stylish people on the go. Founded in 2013, The Goods keeps things minimalist, selling only a few products on their website, all of which will be reviewed here on Best Leather. I recently reviewed The Loop, an awesome Macbook cord keeper that I adore, and The Crew, an earbud holder. Today I’ll be reviewing The Hit, their wallet, and The Clique, a key ring.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 1


The wallet, known as The Hit, is made in the USA, of 5 oz. black veg-tanned leather. The dimensions of the wallet are 4″ x 2.75″ x 0.375″.  This is a very very thin wallet, less than half an inch thick, holding up to four credit cards/IDs and a few bills.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 4


There are three distinct pouches, one of which is divided all the way across the top and the other with a little tab for quick access to your cards without looking. Each divider is a piece of cowhide leather lined on one side with black dyed snakeskin. This gives a very cool offset texture, but the snakeskin has started to peel off a little bit at the top. The rest of the wallet has held up quite well, but you have to be pretty careful with your cards so as not to peel off the snakeskin.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 3

The Goods The Hit The Clique 2


The keyring, the Clique, is also constructed in the USA, of 6 oz black veg-tanned leather. It’s a small stainless steel jailer-style keyring attached to a leather case with an elastic loop. You attach your keys to the ring and The Clique holds your keys straight so they don’t create a bulge in your pocket.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 5

I liked The Clique at first because of the way it held my keys snug, but I ended up taking it off after a while. I found that the jailer-style ring kept coming undone with pressure from my heavy front door and all my keys would fall off. If it had a split ring or some kind of locking mechanism, I think it would stay much more secure. If you have fairly lightweight doors or use a remote control, I think this particular keyring would be a lot more functional. Just keep in mind that the weight of a heavy door might pop open the ring if you’re not careful. I noticed that The Goods recently added a new product, The Clip, which features a 1-inch CLASH hook and looks quite a bit sturdier than The Clique.


The Goods The Hit The Clique 6


The Hit is a really sleek wallet. The snakeskin lining makes for a unique texture that I haven’t seen on any other wallet. If you rarely use cash and only carry around a few cards, this wallet is the perfect size because it keeps a low profile in your pocket and holds everything snug. The front pouch holds a few folded bills easily. The Clique definitely looks cool on your keys with the matte black leather, and when you pair it with the wallet and headphone wrap, you feel pretty fancy. These two products, though, The Hit & The Clique, are a bit more style than substance, especially compared to the other products, The Loop and The Crew. They look fantastic, but I think a bit of refining is in order. Looking forward to seeing what The Goods do next, because they have a great aesthetic.

North Star Leather’s Horween Leather Bifold Wallet Review – $65

One of my favorite parts of writing for BestLeather is being able to work and learn with family members and friends. The BestLeather editorial team’s trip to the Las Vegas trade shows was an eye opener, simply because it was myself, my older sister, and our father. Many companies commented on our relationship and how cool it was we were working together, and they loved the fact that we all cared about providing the best leather critique. Today we’re looking at a father-son leather business that offers quality products for small costs, specifically the North Star Leather Horween Leather Bifold Wallet.



Michael Batson, son of Steve Batson, said, “My dad started North Star Leather in 1969 doing street vending in Boston (fringe belts, floppy hats, and other “hippy” items). Little by little he grew the company and eventually moved to the rural south; the small town of Ruby, SC, population 354. That was more than 35 years ago and we’ve been making quality leather accessories here ever since. We have 15 employees (4 of whom are family) and are proud to have been able to keep making our products here in the USA without ever considering outsourcing production to cheaper countries.” This is another great example of a company who started years ago, building themselves up to be a successful craft leather company.

For more information on the North Star Leather company, head on over to their About Us page, you’ll find their lifetime warranty information, a little more company information, and several testimonials from North Star Leather’s customers.



At 4 ¼” x 3 7/8 “, the Horween Leather Bifold Wallet boasts six card pockets, a cash pocket, and two extra pockets behind the row of card pockets. This is definitely not a minimalist wallet, but it carries a lot and folds nicely due to the winged construction of the card pockets. The leather for each pocket is cut with a curve to access cards quickly and with ease. North Star uses a band-knife splitter to cut down on the bulk of each card sleeve, yet never sacrificing durability, which is definitely beneficial.



This wallet was not intended for men with small pockets. Although I really do appreciate the amount of storage it has, there is one issue I have found with this bifold. The large size and substantial girth of the bifold can be a little uncomfortable at times depending on your sitting situation. Most of the time when I will be seated for an extended period of time, I will take the wallet out and set it close by, just to give my left cheek (specifically) a rest. The Bifold can also take a pretty good beating. I have used it fairly hard for about 6 weeks now, cramming two debit cards, my military ID, several giftcards, two rewards cards, a time card, and my driver’s license in the card sleeves. In the inner pocket I stored my gym membership, flight medical, and some coffee shop stamp cards. Despite this intentional hard use, it still is functioning perfectly.



Made of Horween Chromexcel leather, it has a beautiful waxy sheen that improves with use. The wallet reviewed is the Red/Brown Chromexcel. and this color has a really nice hue. Over time it has developed into a darker shade of red, really showing its wear pleasingly. Like all Horween leather I have come across, it immediately feels like a quality product. The stiching provides a nice contrast to the burgundy tint of the leather, giving this wallet a classic look.




The North Star Leather’s Horween Leather Bifold Wallet is a great product. It has met my expectations easily, and it is always a good experience carrying this wallet. If you are someone who needs a lot of storage, but does not want to sacrifice ruggedness or durability, this bifold is a great choice. The best part about this wallet is its price. North Star Leather takes pride in keeping costs low for its customers. When you visit their website you’ll see that they offer this wallet in six different colors. At only $65.00, they put forth some very strong competition to larger, more expensive brands and definitely deserve your consideration.





DannyP. Slim Leather Wallet Review – $109.00

A few years ago, Danny Piterak, CEO and designer of DannyP, started designing wallets and other leather goods after he faced a problem that many of us had… how can you protect the edges of your iPhone 5 without throwing on a tacky case?!  Instead of buying a solution, he created one. His very first goal was to produce a phone wallet designed to prevent accidental scuffs yet allow easy accessibility and sufficient carrying capacity for his cash and credit cards. Together with a bonafide architect, he created his own iPhone wallet using a simple beautiful design with maximum functionality and used these ideals to expand his designs to include messenger bags and laptop sleeves. Today we are fortunate enough to share in his endeavors and take a look at one of his latest creations – the Slim Leather Wallet.




Although all designs are first created and painstakingly perfected in New York City, the leather and labor are sourced from Europe to provide the highest quality product at affordable prices. Manufacturing is performed by a specialized group in a small town in the Czech Republic where producing high-end leather goods has been a century long tradition.  Although some machines are inevitably involved for pinpoint precision, the Slim Leather Wallet is otherwise 80% handmade using four individual pieces of Italian full grain leather. The outer brown leather is naturally treated cowhide that is manually colored using a special wool to create a final wax finish. Because of this hand-coloring technique, each wallet comes in slightly different hues and no two wallets are the exactly the same. The inside of the Slim Wallet is comprised of a sharp electric blue leather which is chrome-tanned full-grain cowhide with a semi-gloss varnish finish. The contrast blue silk polyester stitching gives this wallet long lasting durability with impeccable spacing and placement along the edges of the wallet. When the wallet is held, it feels like a solid, single piece of construction yet is perfectly weight-balanced and sits completely flat – no amateur build here.

Handmade in the Czech Republic. Each credit card slot is hand placed, meticulously cut, and inspected for accuracy .







This wallet does what it designed to do and does it well. At 0.7cm x 9cm x 11.75cm, It is one of the slimmest wallets I have ever held but with a surprisingly good amount of space. It holds up to eight credit cards in individual slots. Each slot is offset from the next which makes for an attractive and accessible feature. There are two additional compartments behind the cardholders for business cards, photos, or receipts. The ideal wallet for the international jetsetter, the main compartment of the wallet accommodates banknotes from the American Dollar, Euro, and British Pound.


One single sheet of leather with finished edges.
More than enough space for your standard US dollar.
Only 7mm thick empty.
Each slot is offset by 1cm for a stylish look and easy access.


Sleek. Sexy. Sophisticated. From the moment I got the package, I was impressed. The wallet comes in a handsome package complete with a DannyP wax stamp. After gently peeling away the stamp and picking up the wallet inside, you really appreciate just how thin and minimalistic this wallet is. Even so, the Slim Leather Wallet flirts with being flashy but remains classy and understated. On the outside, the edges are all finished with an exact color match of the exterior. There is the subtle debossed logo on the front center and a larger logo on the inside, both of which softly blend into the leather. The beautiful brown cognac color will only look better from use and handling. The inside blue leather and stitching gives the wallet a modern and youthful edge for those looking for something other than their dad’s wallet. With so many separate aesthetic elements, it is all tied sharply together by keeping everything simply down to two contrasting colors – from edging to leather to stitching. For traditionalists, the wallet also comes in full brown and black color options. This is an easy go-to gift for any guy who’s hard to shop for with discerning tastes.






The DannyP Slim Leather Wallet can’t be beat for $109. This level of Italian leather with Euro styling can easily cost several hundred dollars from big name labels. Not only is this affordable, but you’re guaranteed to get a handcrafted unique wallet that none of your friends have but all of them will want.


W.H. Earl Westport Four Pocket Billfold Review- $115

Take out your wallet. Notice any cracked plastic on the ID window, tears in the nylon lining or maybe a tag indicating it was made in a country you never heard of until now? Of all man’s personal possessions, his wallet likely sees the most action. When you want something that will hold up to the daily grind year after year, the W.H. Earl Westport Four Pocket Billfold is a good option.


WH Earl Westport (1)


The Westport Billfold is available in a multitude of leathers and thread colors. The wallet reviewed consisted of a Chromexcel horse strip exterior and a Wickett & Craig show harness interior. The exterior Chromexcel provides a great looking shell while the W&C show harness leather is thinner making the wallet easier to handle. Ritza thread is used to keep it all together. The W.H. Earl insignia adorns the inner right pocket. The wallet measures in at 3.25” tall and 4.25” long when closed.


WH Earl Westport (7)


The Westport is pretty stiff initially. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as almost all quality leather requires break in. To speed things up, I just put a few heavy books on top of it before bed every night. The Chromexcel becomes pliable pretty quickly though. This is a hefty wallet and has no problem carrying a full loadout of cards and cash. There are 4 pockets and each can carry 2 cards without issue and you could probably get a few more in if you like to live dangerously. The Westport sits snugly in my back pocket and is surprisingly discreet. And it is a billfold so getting cash in and out is a dream.


WH Earl Westport (5)


The Westport is a masculine wallet that still remains classy. The L pattern of stitching that runs along the exterior looks sharp and gives the wallet dimension. The W.H. Earl branding on the interior provides some intrigue and the wave like cut on the pockets give the wallet a distinct touch that separates it from its mass produced cousins. The rich leather smell is delicious and that Chromexcel exterior is smooth. I highly anticipate the look of this wallet in a year from now as I’m sure it will look better with age.


WH Earl Westport (2)

WH Earl Westport (6)


While most department store wallets run somewhere in the $35-50 dollar price range, the $115 cost might seem high. But given those cheaper wallets usually only last a few years, you’ll most likely spend less in the long run. The W.H. Earl Four Pocket Billfold is a quality piece that really epitomizes the, “Buy the best and only cry once” maxim.

Popov Leather Wallets Review – $35-$60

The market for buying well-made, unique, and durable wallets has exploded over the past three to four years, but that sweet spot of incredible quality and incredible value is still hard to find. Although many companies have tried to hit it, Popov Leather is one of the few who have really pulled it off. Ryan and Jill started their small operation out of Victoria BC, Canada in 2013 with the goal of making quality, minimalist wallets and have been hitting that mark ever since.

Popov 1

I had the chance to test out four wallets from Popov Leather and each one is spectacular. One thing that I simply can’t get over is the overall value of these wallets. Each one is handcrafted and finished in a similar fashion to products from much pricier outfits. I usually don’t gush over a product, but these wallets are certainly deserving of it.


Every single Popov Leather wallet is made with the two of the most trusted names in the business: Horween Leather and Tiger thread. By using these two brands and putting them together with expert care, the people at Popov Leather complete the trifecta of the ideal no-nonsense leather good.

I expected to see a few stitches out of line simply because of the price, but Ryan and Jill have really taken time and care in creating these wallets. They even burnish the edges to a smooth finish! Included with each piece is a lifetime guarantee, but I seriously doubt anyone will ever have to cash in on it after testing out their wallets.

Popov 3


Chromexcel Traditional Billfold Wallet – $60

Popov 4

This wallet does everything to highlight the company’s mission of providing incredible value to their customers. It has great construction, beautiful finish, and an unbelievable price for it all. As for function, it performs just as I would expect a billfold to. There are four card pockets and a single, large bill pocket. Like all new, full-grain leather wallets it took a week or two of use to get loosened up to the point where the cards slid in and out easily. Some might be put off by the lack of lining, but I actually find it to be better for a wallet since it keeps the thickness down.

Popov 5

Chromexcel Leather Card Holder – $35

Popov 8

I love this particular style of wallet. Although it’s called a card holder, it really can function as a complete wallet due to the three pockets which can be used for both cards and cash. I think it is for this reason that it become a relatively popular design among leather companies. It’s small enough to easily slide into the front pocket without making it noticeable and the way the outside piece of leather holds everything together guarantees a snug fit for everything its carrying.

Popov 6
Popov 7

If you are worried that you may not be able to carry everything in it, let me give a bit of perspective. I was able to fit five cards and about $50 into it comfortably. You may be able to cram another card or two into it, but if you carry that many you may want to go with the billfold.

Chromexcel Leather Passport Case – $50

Popov 9

This is probably my favorite wallet out of the bunch. Even though it may be a bit too long for everyday use, I love it because it’s everything you need for international travel without any extras. Many passport wallets I’ve seen are either too thick or try to add more than what I would typically use on a trip. Popov, instead gives just two slots for cards, a nice wide pocket for all types of bills and tickets, and sleeve for your passport. Everything is contained in a slim package that can slip into the back pocket with only a little peeking out the top.

Popov 10

If you’re not a world traveler but want an all-in-one checkbook and wallet, you can modify it a bit to fit a sleeve of checks into the space intended for the passport. Either way, for $50 this wallet is a steal.

Chromexcel Fields Note Cover – $40

Popov 11

I’ve never been one for note taking but Popov’s notebook case really has me wanting to start. The construction is almost identical to the Passport case and functions very similarly. There is a sleeve for the notebook and another sleeve for any other papers you would want to carry around. Also like the passport case, this notebook is pretty easy to fit in pant pockets and will fit into a pack without much notice. The one thing I wish it had was a pen holder. I realize that Popov Leather strives to for minimalism, and it does so beautifully, but a pen slot would be awesome and really add to the functionality of this piece. Even with the lack of a place to put a pen the notebook cover is still a great buy.

Popov 12


As I have said repeatedly, these wallets are incredibly attractive. Popov has created some of the best looking wallets I have seen. They are not particularly unique in design or looks, but they are simply elegant. Depending on the color you choose, the wallets would look just as at home with a suit as they would with a pair of jeans. The style is timeless and will look just as good in 50 years as it did the day it came off the bench.

Popov 13

Ryan and Jill have used minimal amounts of stitching, leaving the leather to really shine in all its glory. It’s very apparent that they take pride in their wallets because the finishing work is top notch. All of the edges are burnished and smoothed to create a simple, clean look while still retaining the rugged handsomeness I appreciate. Popov also offers monograming for only $5 additional on all products to provide that personal touch and identity that many people appreciate.

Popov 12


If there is one word to describe Popov Leather, it would be “value”. No other company that I have seen has provided so much for such a reasonable price. As I have said before, I usually don’t gush over products that I review, but I still can’t get over the quality of material, craftsmanship, and design that Popov gives at this price. If you are in the market for a new wallet, or need gift ideas, you need to take a look at Popov. These two truly make a buy-it-for-life product. They are a young company, but have already proven that they know their stuff. I can’t wait to see what else they do in the future.

Popov 14

Check out these wallet and other great gear from Popov Leather here!

DaLuca Straps Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet – $115

I remember one time awhile back my friends and I were just finishing up at a Chinese American buffet (which I’ll never go back to) and when it came time to divvy up the bill we all pulled out our wallets. If you threw them all on the table and shuffled them around, you’d be hard pressed to tell whose was whose. That might have been the starting point in my fascination with wallets and why I’m excited in reviewing the DaLuca Straps Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet.

DaLuca Snap Wallet (2)


When we looked at the DaLuca 1 Piece Nato Watch Strap we were introduced to the brand’s high standards of quality and appeal. It’s no different with the Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet. The resume is impressive.  Made from Natural Horween Chromexcel leather and sewn using waxed linen thread and Prym 4gb brass snaps. The interior pockets are secured using brass rivets at either end as well. Measurements come in at a compact 4” long and 2.75” tall.


DaLuca Snap Wallet (5)
DaLuca Snap Wallet (6)

  DaLuca Snap Wallet (4)


The DaLuca Straps Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet is made with the minimalist in mind. There is one compartment that houses your cards and currency. You can fit around 4-5 cards depending on how much cash you have. Paper bills should be folded and put behind the cards. Since paper money is taller than cards the money sits higher and is easily retrievable. This wallet can fit just about anywhere. Front pocket, chest pocket…doesn’t matter. The dual snaps might seem excessive to some, but I prefer the security they offer in keeping the goods in place.


DaLuca Snap Wallet (1)



This wallet just exudes rugged style. From the abundance of brass and the truly buttery soft Chromexcel leather, this piece is simply a joy to handle. While waiting for an oil change I found myself subconsciously fidgeting with my wallet as opposed to lurking Facebook which speaks volumes. The DaLuca branding on back looks great and nothing reads better than “Handmade in the USA.”





Us men are simple creatures. We don’t often have the chance to express ourselves through accessories. The wallet is one of the few strongholds we have to showcase our style and ideals without being superfluous. If you value quality, good looks and supporting American ingenuity, look no further than the DaLuca Straps Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet.


Jaqet Flip Wallet Review – $135

The basic model of the standard bifold wallet has remained relatively unchanged for some time. Its proven design leaves little room for innovation, creating an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I enjoy bifolds as much as the next guy, but they often come at the cost of being somewhat bulky. If you need a wallet that’s lean, while still capable of carrying all your cash and cards, you might find the Jaqet Flip Wallet as a welcome breath of fresh air.


Jaqet Flip Wallet (5)


Based out of California, Jaqet has been producing fine leather goods since 2012. With the goal of offering sophisticated, tailored and all around snazzy wallets, Jaqet promises products that will last for years. In addition to wallets, Jaqet offers belts, iPhone cases, iPad portfolios and more. Everything is 100% handmade from domestically sourced full grain leather.

Jaqet Flip Wallet (6)


The wallet reviewed was the Flip in Redwood. All Jaqet’s wallets are hand dyed in house using Jeqet’s proprietary dyeing process. Waxed nylon thread is used for the saddle stitching that runs along the wallet. The metal hardware is a gold nickel finish. Edges are sealed and burnished which means you won’t have to worry about tattering. The wallet measures in at just over 4” long and 3” tall. The entire wallet is crafted from 1 piece of leather to maximize durability and the spring loaded money clip runs right down the center spine.

Jaqet Flip Wallet (8)
Jaqet Flip Wallet (2)



The Flip is a brilliant marriage of two proven methods of carry, the bifold and money clip. When opened you have a slotted pocket on either side. I was able to fit 5 cards comfortably in each slot. Card retrieval can be tricky if you’re looking for one of the cards in the back as you’ll likely have to take the whole stack out. However, smartly placing your frequently used cards near the top will provide for more efficient access. The real draw of the Flip is the spring loaded money clip which can be disengaged to insert paper bills then securely retracted to keep it in place. The wallet is slim enough for front pocket carry and thanks to the wedged design getting it in and out is a dream.


Jaqet Flip Wallet (1)


Jaqet Flip Wallet (3)


The Flip’s fit and finish really make for a truly sleek piece of equipment. I found myself experiencing a sense of anticipation when taking it out to pay for things. I can almost liken it to James Bond making a last minute stop at Rite Aid for detergent. Jaqet’s signature dyeing process emphasises the leather’s grain while also giving it a very smooth feel. The interior Jaqet branding tops off the piece displaying it’s proud handmade in California heritage.


Jaqet Flip Wallet (7)



Made in America and built by hand from quality materials, it’s just the right recipe we’ve come to appreciate at BestLeather. While we see a lot of high quality wallets, it was refreshing to get my hands on something innovative but not over the top. Stylish without sacrificing function is the best way I can summarize the Jaqet Flip Wallet. I look forward to the next time I have to make a quick milk run or tip the waiter. Grab a Flip and you might just see why.


Marlondo Leather Classic Bifold Wallet Review – $34

The Marlondo Leather Classic Bifold Wallet impressed me the moment I tore open the package. The texture in my hands reminded me of my dad’s old baseball mitt. The leather itself smelled like my grandpa’s office. And the tiny imperfections and wear made it seem like an heirloom from an Arizona Ranger.



About Marlondo Leather

Marlondo Leather is a small U.S. company—their leather all comes from America too. Since they care about simplicity, they keep logos and branding on their products to a minimum, which I love. Everything they sell is hand-crafted and designed for durability—tough enough to follow you on any adventure you’re daring enough to pursue.




This classic wallet is made of heavy, 100% full-grain leather. Marlondo brags that it’s “built like a tank and will last forever.” I can’t yet confirm it’ll last forever, but having used it for some time I don’t doubt their claim. It really is built like a tank—rugged, durable—you name it. It’s also sewn with marine-grade thread, meaning it’s hearty enough to make voyages through salt and seawater. I’m willing to bet it’ll take as much punishment as you can and then some.




It has 4 card sleeves and a large pouch along the back for bills, checks, and receipts. At first, the card sleeves were tight when fitting more than one card, but, like a good baseball mitt, they loosened up once I started to break it in. I now fit 11 cards in the wallet. I wouldn’t expect to push it much further than that though, so, if you have more, this might be the perfect time to weed out the ones you never use.


At 4.5″ x 3.6″, its dimensions are rather large—and this may be your main consideration before buying. The full-grain leather is solid, which is good for durability, but at the wallet’s thickest point, you have 8 layers of leather stacked on top of each other plus the thickness of your cards and cash. For many, its large size is a bonus. But for some jeans, it may barely fit into the back pocket. If the large size is a downside and you’re looking for something a little sleeker, I recommend you look at Marlondo’s Business Card/Credit Card Wallet, which has the same durability and classic look but with a lighter form factor (but the tradeoff is that it won’t fit as much inside).




The leather arrived with a few dings and scratches that immediately gave it style. Due to the distinct fiber structures in individual hides, each wallet will be different and unique. As I used mine, it continued to look better and better. It really is a thing of beauty—the sort of classic your grandpa would have used, and one you’re proud of every time you pull it out. Yes, it’s that cool.


Also, you can get it in two colors. The photos here show the color tobacco. You can also get it in dark brown, which looks just as amazing (but darker).


BestLeather Conclusion

I definitely recommend the Marlondo Leather Classic Bifold Wallet. It really is a classic. And at $34, it’s a steal. Not only is it an item that will last a lifetime, it will last for generations. I can already see the park-bench scene where you’re gifting it to your great-grandson.


Lopalo Leather Bi Fold Card Holder Review – $37.50

BestLeather has worked with hundreds of leather companies. Whether they have been making leather goods for centuries, decades, or even just starting out, we enjoy reviewing their products. When we were contacted by Lopalo Leather and learned about the man behind the scenes, we were pleasantly astounded. This is the first leather company BestLeather has had the pleasure of working with that is owned, operated, designed, and built by a 15 year old leather entrepreneur — Aidan Forsyth.



Established in 2014, Lopalo leather began after Aidan made his own wallet because his store-bought wallet had fallen apart. Here is Aidan’s description of his business foundation, “Quickly family and friends wanted wallets and I turned it into a business. I do custom orders regularly in addition to making the designs I have on my site.” Based out of Albany, New York, Aidan uses only USA made materials in his wallet making business. His business is rapidly growing, and he plans on adding several new products and accessories to his website. So, be sure to follow Lopalo Leather throughout this leather journey, and contribute as much as you can. Whether that is advice, ideas, or the purchase of a leather wallet, following a young company like this is always a good thing.



The Bi Fold Card Holder is made with Horween’s Chromexcel leather. The cardholder is 100% handmade, so Aidan himself saddle stitches all of his products. He has an excellent visual representation of what that means on his website. Check it out here. Basically, by using the saddle stitch, the lifetime of the product is greatly increased. If one stitch breaks, the product can still live on comfortably. If a stitch broke on a normal machine stitch, the product’s construction is compromised, and will not last much longer.


The Card Holder is extremely simple. With just two sleeves on the inside for storage, the wallet’s construction is very minimalistic, yet provides adept space for plenty of cards and bills. With this card holder’s minimalist design, you don’t need to sacrifice space for slimness.



There is not much difference in functionality from card holder to card holder. Each one’s purpose is to hold your cards and information, and most of them do it well. The Lopalo Bi Fold Card Holder is a complete example of flawless performance. I have used this product for a solid 10 days and enjoyed every minute of it. At the beginning of its use, the inside pockets were a little tight and stiff, but after using it several times, they have loosened up effectively. I carry on average 7 cards in this wallet, with an occasional bill here and there. The sleeves are certainly not over filled, allowing ample space for those surprise bills.


Here is Aidan’s description of his Bi Fold cardholder: “This minimalistic Bi Fold Card Holder is perfect for someone who wants to carry around their credit cards and a few bills. After the handmade wallet is broken in, you will be able to fit in 3-5 cards on each side. On the front side, this wallet will develop a unique pull up. Each wallet is hand cut, stitched, and finished by me. With proper care, it will last you a lifetime.”

Looking great after about 10 days of full time use.



I think I can safely say that Horween’s Chomexcel leather is ONE of my favorite types of leather. The Bi Fold Card Holder has a fantastic, graceful feel, and the thread color used contrasts seamlessly with the deep brown leather. Lopalo Leather also offers several colors of stitching for their products. White, Royal Blue, Cream, and Dark Green are all choices for the stitching, and judging from pictures I have seen, all are perfect contrast colors to the leather. Over time this cardholder will look better and better, and the one I have now has already started to build a beautiful patina.



When I first accepted the opportunity to review Lopalo Leather’s Bi Fold Cardholder, I was beyond enthusiastic. It’s not everyday you get to work with young people who enjoy the timeless and passion oriented leather industry like we do. I have been utterly impressed with Lopalo Leather and their products. At $37.50, this wallet is a steal for the quality you are receiving. As most of the leather companies know, networking is one of the greatest things you can do in the industry. So if you have any pointers, ideas, or just a word of encouragement, let Aidan Forsyth know. Head over to his website (http://www.lopaloleather.com/), snoop around, check out his high-quality products, anticipate new products, and contribute to a strong, full-of-potential young man and his leather business.

J Michael Ashland Pocket Wallet & Brass Key Fob Review – $100 & $30

This time around we’re going to take a look at a very luxurious combination of leather products from J Michael Ashland – the Pocket Wallet and Brass Key Fob. These are the third and fourth pieces that I get the privilege of reviewing for J Michael Ashland. Be sure to check out his Steerhide Belt and his Mini Bifold Wallet reviews too.


About J Michael Ashland

J Michael Ashland is a designer and full time minimalist leather crafter. From his location in northwestern Oregon he designs and crafts all of his products 100% by hand – no power tools, no machines…at all. Currently J Michael is designing and making several types of belts, wallets, cardholders, and other accessories. And, he’s producing them at a very high quality level that you will immediately appreciate once you are able to touch, feel, see, and use his creations.

In J Michael’s own words: “cut from a hide by blade, marked with dividers, pricked with irons, skived, beveled, saddle stitched with needles, burnished by hand, and then finished with natural oils and Oregon beeswax.”





In keeping with his dedication to using only the best “ingredients” in his creations, the Pocket Wallet is made from Horween Chromexcel. The thread is Tiger thread, which is the same as what he uses on all of his belts, wallets, and key fobs. Tiger thread is thick, bonded, waved, and U.V. coated. It’s also unable to be used in machines. So, all of the stitching is done by hand. When you get your own wallet or belt from J Michael, take a look at the even stitching and the thickness of the thread. It’s very labor intensive and it will give you a greater appreciation for J Michael’s dedication to creating all of his products 100% by hand without the use of any machines.


When the wallet is opened up, facing you, you have one pocket on the right that’s made to carry frequently used cards. Underneath, folded cash. On the left – two pockets for cards. The pockets are a little taller to protect the magnetic strips and designed for the general preservation of the cards. Another nice feature is that J Michael has widened the bend/break area so that even when the wallet is full, it still lays flat.




The matching Brass Key Fob is made from with two types of leather – a thick slab of belt leather in the middle and is wrapped with pieces of Horween Chromexcel. It also includes the same thick, great looking stitching. The brass components are heavy duty and look as if they’ll last forever.


Take about 90 seconds and watch this video. J Michael walks through several of the design elements of his Pocket Wallet in order to give you a solid grasp on its functionality and design.

The Pocket Wallet is an expertly designed piece. It’s clearly evident that much thought was put into the design, layout, and function-ability of it. In spite of its small footprint, it will carry a very large amount of cards and cash with ease. Currently it has 14 cards and seven pieces of paper currency in it. And, there’s room for more if needed. It’s also not a gigantic lump in my back pocket, it still measure under .75” (actually between .6” and .75”).


The Brass Key Fob is also a welcomed departure from many of the key fobs I’ve encountered in the past. My previous experience with key fobs always ends in irritation…because they aren’t long enough. I don’t want to clip my keys to my belt loop and walk around with them rattling away…it reminds me of Mr. Weise – the very kind, very fastidious janitor at my elementary school. He had a jingly set of keys attached to his belt loop that always gave him away…you could hear him coming before you ever saw him. The Brass Key Fob from J Michael is 7” overall, which allows you to clip it to your belt loop and have your keys rest silently in your pocket, which is PERFECT! The Key Fob is made with thick leather that at first is pretty stiff. However, within just a couple weeks of use, it has softened up nicely. However, it’s sturdy enough to assure you that it will not fall apart…ever.



There are no surprises here…both of these pieces look fantastic. The black leather with black thread on the Pocket Wallet looks fabulous. The same holds true with the Key Fob. Both sport J Michael’s logo and signature sailing vessel placed in tasteful locations. As these pieces wear over time they will continue to look great. Both pieces are also available brown and the Pocket Wallet is also available in an attractive natural color.





At $100 the Pocket Wallet is a bit more expensive than many of the wallets we have reviewed so far. However, its price is not out of line either given the nature of its design and construction. The J Michael Ashland Pocket Wallet is built to last for decades. If there was ever a Buy It For Life wallet, this is it. The Brass Key Fob is an excellent add-on, which will serve you well while looking great, and at $30 is a bargain in my opinion.

Also, be sure to enter the giveaway that we’re hosting – it’s free to enter and you’ll win three terrific leather products from J Michael Ashland.


J Michael Ashland Mini Leather Bifold Wallet Review – $60

Wallets are the perfect introductory leather piece. They are reasonably priced, easily customized, and vary with hundreds of styles and materials. Buying a leather wallet for the first time, or before dropping a large sum on a bag, allows potential leather connoisseurs to experience leather, decide what they do and don’t like, and base future leather endeavors off of a small, reasonable, and practical purchase. Believe it or not, the BestLeather staff still enjoys reviewing leather wallets – especially when they’re really good ones. The J Michael Ashland Mini Leather Bifold Wallet is an ideal example of a classic, timeless design with a few great tweaks.



J Michael Ashland is a father, designer, and minimalist leather worker. If there is one thing that sets him apart from his competitors, it’s the fact that he uses no power tools. You’d think his operation would be based out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Amish country for those of you who aren’t aware). But actually he is a fellow Oregonian with a passion for traditional leather working. He has designed and built several production items to assist him in his by-hand leather business.



The Mini Leather Bifold is constructed using supple brown Horween Chromexcel leather and Tiger thread. Tiger thread is regarded as one of the best threads for hand stitching because it is bonded, waxed, UV coated, and not suitable for machine use. J Michael, and many others, believe this method is the finest for quality leather goods, and his products have yet to prove him wrong. He chose to leave a little room in his wallet construction, allowing for maximum storage yet keeping the wallet’s lean imprint. The two inside sleeves have plenty of space for storing your essential cards. However, with the minimalist in mind, the mini wallet is significantly slimmer than the regular J Michael Bifold Wallet, the big brother to the Mini Bifold.



The J Michael Ashland Mini Bifold was purposely designed to be a do-it-all wallet. J Michael has provided me with a few comments on the function and build of his product: “To minimize the size by one inch, the cards are horizontal. The right pocket holds five cards, and the other side may hold two. The leather is flexible and the pockets are purposely a little wider and taller. For people who enjoy flat cash/minimal carry this might be a good option.”


I enjoy wallets with refined, sleek construction. The Mini Bifold is 3.25” x 4.125,” the perfect size for use in a front or rear pocket. I typically keep it in my back pocket simply due to the amount of cards I carry. Someone who doesn’t carry as much as I do will have no problem placing it in their front pocket comfortably.

On a regular basis I carry my driver’s license, military ID, two debit cards, a rewards card, a gift card, and time card for work, as well as any cash I happen to have. The wallet performs seamlessly, and every time I pull it out in front of someone, they comment on its beauty and modern appeal.



Showing off my leather products is always fun. I have received numerous compliments on various leather goods I currently own, but the J Michael Ashland Mini Bifold has broken records in terms of comments and admiration. It is safe to say this wallet is incredibly appealing to men of all ages. It is obvious that a lot of time and passion went it to the making of this wallet. It is a classic build that offers great storage, a slim design, and a lovely shade of brown. The Tiger thread contrasts attractively with Horween’s brown leather. The wallet comes in this brown color as well as an all black version, which is just as stunning.



Shot w/ my iPhone – shows the wallet lighter than it actually is. Looking good after about 8 weeks of use though!


I have been able to use my Mini Bifold for quite some time now. I appreciate every single thing about it and look forward to watching how it ages and holds up. If you are in the market for a classic, timeless wallet design, and want to support a 100% handmade in the USA leather operation, the J Michael Ashland Mini Bifold Wallet is a perfect piece. Priced at $60.00, the wallet is a bargain. Head over to J Michael’s website to check out his other high-quality products, and don’t forget to participate in the J Michael Ashland Giveaway – you might score a nice package of goods worth $235!

Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet Review – $33

You can tell a lot about a man by his wallet. A wallet bulging with loyalty cards, coupons, and a small photo album might signify the sentimental, family guy. A small, sparse bifold might represent the stoic loner. But one thing we all have in common is we usually tend to use a wallet until it falls apart and simply go buy a cheap department store replacement. Tired of the endless cycle I went on a quest to find the last wallet I would ever need and found just that with the Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet in Tobacco.



The Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet is made in Mexico of full grain chrome tanned leather. While I usually prefer vegetable tanning because of its earthier tones and environmentally friendly processes, I think the chrome method suits the wallet more as it makes the leather more pliable and stain resistant, both of which are important for an item I use on a daily basis. Polyester thread is used to to keep everything together, and it is double stitched over high stress areas. There is also a pigskin lining on the interior which makes sliding money in and out easier.



This is where the wallet really comes into its own. It’s there when you need it, and seems to disappear when not in use. At 4” wide and 2.75” tall it’s very discreet yet has the capacity to hold up to 12 cards. The ID window is not only useful for storing your ID, but gym cards, security access cards or any card where you’ll need to expose to a barcode scanner frequently. 2 slots on the sides can hold up to 3 cards each without being too difficult to remove. There is also one slot behind the ID window for additional storage. The wallet can easily slip into your front pocket and even a chest pocket when not in use. The only issue is getting money in and out is a chore. You have to really pinch to access bills and often have to remove the whole wad of cash and wait for any change so you can put it back uniformly. However, since most of my transactions involve credit cards or apps like Google Wallet, I don’t find myself needing paper money as often.



The look of the wallet in general is understated quality. It likely won’t garner any ooohhs or ahhhs when you pick up the tab though. I chose the Chestnut color but carbon, dark coffee brown, and tobacco are also available. The simple, sleek design is efficient and classy. It’s the type of wallet I’d imagine the owner of a ‘69 Porsche 911S using.



Overall this wallet is great for the minimalist looking to simplify their everyday carry. The beauty of this wallet is that it forces you to carry exactly what you need and nothing more. So if you’re ready to drop your George Costanza wallet and go for something more streamlined, the Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet is worth your consideration.

Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet Review – $55

The wallet may have more design variations than almost any other product in the world. They come in virtually every shape and size. And, they are made from every conceivable material. Of course our favorite material is leather. Multi-use wallets score big with me. I like options. Fortunately, the Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet (phew, that’s a mouthful) is one of those wallets that qualifies as multi-use: it’s a perfect standard wallet, an ideal front pocket wallet, and can easily be used as a great, non-conventionally styled business card holder.


About Larsen & Ross

Jaren Larsen, founder of Larsen & Ross, has been involved in creating leather products for over twenty years. Larsen & Ross is based out of a Salt Lake City, Utah suburb and is dedicated to creating products that will last for decades. Jaren is deeply committed to using quality materials and creating a durable product that bucks the current trends of our throwaway, disposable society.




The Three Pocket Minimalist Wallet I received is a matching companion to the Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve reviewed here on BestLeather in December. The wallet features the same great feeling and attractive US-sourced 4/5 oz. full grain leather. It too has the same great pull up quality to it too. The seams are symmetrical and edges are beveled and nicely burnished with beeswax. The wallet comprises two pieces of leather wrapped one inside of the other to create 3 pockets with the middle pocket being the largest.



This wallet has a small footprint (hence the minimalist name). Its overall dimensions are 4” x 2.75”. In spite of its minimalist appearance, it still holds quite a few items due to its clever design. I just pulled it out of my back pocket and here’s what I currently have in it:

  • Main pocket: 5 credit cards and a Costco receipt
  • Outside pocket #1: Driver’s license and insurance card
  • Outside pocket #2: Debit card, gas card, another receipt, and $26 cash

While out shopping earlier today, I carried the wallet in my front pocket with ease. It serves its purpose perfectly, holding a reasonable amount of items with a design that allows you to easily retrieve whatever is needed from any pocket.



It’s a simple little thing, but it looks really sharp. I find myself taking it out of my pocket and placing it on the table with my iPhone 6 case simply because I like looking at them together. The leather’s color and thread are attractive and will age well. If it’s of interest to you, Larsen & Ross does offer two other thread colors: red and blue which allow you to customize your wallet a little bit more and create even more contrast.



I’ve been using Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet for about six weeks now and to date, I can’t think of anything about it that bugs me. It’s just one of those little utilitarian pieces that serves its purpose ideally. The fact that all of the components are made in the USA and the wallet itself is created with pride here in the USA makes it just that much better. At $55 it’s a solid choice for a wallet that gives you several carry options. It’s going to age well and outlast any wallet found in a department store.


Waxhaws Salisbury iPhone 6 Wallet Review – $84

Waxhaws has previously sent us some great leather cases to review – “The Classic” iPhone 6 wallet and the iPhone 5 Signature Wallet. Today we are reviewing a completely brand new design. Instead of using the same case + wallet +leather formula of their previous designs, Waxhaws has added a touch of Salisbury Wool to create an entirely new model iPhone 6 case.


Waxhaws is really all about their Italian full grain vegetable-tanned English Bridle leather. It’s the same whiskey leather used in everything from their iPhone cases to their key cases. The difference this time is in the compartment design and addition of Salisbury Wool. There are two main compartments to this wallet. The exterior is one single panel of leather and the two interior pockets are single sheets of wool. An additional flap of leather is in the interior to create an additional accessory pocket. A single central push tab is used as a closure device.



This wallet has completely different functions than “The Classic” IPhone 6 wallet. There is no case for the phone. Therefore the phone is best left uncased and slim to slide comfortably into the right pocket. The right pocket is designed with a free edge so headphones can be used on the phone while it is secure in the wallet. At the same time, the screen is not displayed so the phone must be taken out of the wallet to be used. The left pocket is a single pocket used for holding cards, bills, and anything you want to fit in there while the accessory pocket can be used for smaller items such as receipts or business cards. The push tab does offer security to keep things from sliding out. Honestly, this would be a nice leather wallet even without a phone. You can then use the extra pocket for a checkbook or anything else.


Compared to “The Classic” iPhone 6 wallet, the Salisbury wallet is more useful as a slim carry for the minimalist who doesn’t plan on using their phone constantly for gaming and casino with new deposit bonuses, talking, movies, or texting. I see this as the perfect go-to for a night out to a show, play, or date where you need to look sophisticated while staying away from your phone.


The Salisbury Wallet also comes with the signature Waxhaws gift box. The exterior of the wallet is plain and simple – all flawless full-grain leather. The interior definitely is a standout. The charcoal grey of the Salisbury wool goes beautifully with the unlined whiskey colored leather interior like the elbow patches on a fine gentleman’s sport coat. The accessory pocket has the Waxhaws logo with fine cross-stitching through the wool. This wallet is definitely the slimmer of the Waxhaws wallet given the lack of a phone casing and has a clean look with even edges (No need for camera cutouts here). The leather is also available in black which adds a more modern and edgy look in contrast to the charcoal wool.



Waxhaws Salisbury iPhone 6 Wallet is sold on the Waxhaws, Amazon, and Etsy websites. Although not as functional as the Waxhaws iPhone 6 Wallet “The Classic” iPhone 6 w/ kickstand, the Salisbury offers a slimmer, sleeker profile with a touch of “wool” sophistication which makes it a great option for those looking to simplify their carry while still looking smart.



The Leather Shop Rivet Wallet 2 Review – $57

The editorial team at BestLeather sees more wallets than just about any other type of leather product. In spite of the volume, we still enjoy them – especially when we get wallets with unique designs, features, or those that utilize an innovative type of leather. Now that we’ve been reviewing products for quite some time now, we’re also in the position to see original designs improved upon. Such is the case with The Leather Shop’s original Rivet Wallet – we now get the opportunity to review the Rivet Wallet 2, which contains some new features and is based on a solid, unique well-respected design.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-2

About The Leather Shop

Based in Seattle, Washington, The Leather Shop is a collaboration of creative leather artisans and is the home of “MOOSE BRAND” products. They are focused on creating limited product runs of superior quality. Their mantra “time passes, leather endures” is visible in all of the products they proudly and expertly produce.

“Tough, Resilient, Durable, Exclusive, these words epitomize what we work hard to create.” – quoted from their website, this aptly sums up what you’ll experience with a leather piece sporting the Moose Brand.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-7


In keeping with the original design, the Rivet Wallet 2 is stitch-less. It’s created from two pieces of quality, USA saddle leather. It’s 100% handmade, hand dyed, glazed, and edge burnished. It’s held together with two heavy-duty brass rivets prominently placed on the front of the wallet.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-5

When you take the time to really inspect the wallet, you’ll gain more appreciation for the design and handmade construction techniques used on it. The leather is scored in the sections that wrap around to create more flexibility. It’s an ingenious design, exhibits meticulous craftsmanship, and creates additional visual allure.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-11


The big change from the original Rivet Wallet to the Rivet Wallet 2 is the addition of a second interior pocket. And, the new wallet has a slightly larger footprint at 3″ H x 4.3″ L x .5″ W. It still fits nicely in your hands and even when fully loaded is not bulky in the least. It is nice to have two separate pockets. If you’re like me, there are cards you use more frequently (debit card and loyalty cards) and other cards that don’t get used as often. So, having them in two separate pockets keeps you better organized and allows you to locate those more frequently used cards in an easier manner.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-8


It looks fantastic. And, it gets a lot of attention. Baristas notice, family members notice, cashiers notice…and they all ask about it. It’s a unique design and expertly crafted. As such, it gleans comments.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-10

I received the yellow version and truth be told, I like it. I generally stick with browns or black when it comes to leather, but the Rivet Wallet 2 has caused me to expand my preferences. It’s more of a golden tan/yellow color, but still it’s different for me and I have enjoyed it so far. The Rivet Wallet is also available in tan.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-4


The Leather Shop Rivet Wallet 2 is a superior wallet choice. While they still make the original Rivet Wallet, the 2 is definitely an upgrade and well worth the additional funds. It’s handmade in the USA, features a solid design, amazing craftsmanship, and will last forever. It definitely qualifies as a Buy It For Life item and will serve you well for many, many years to come.

The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-9
The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-3
The-Leather-Shop-Rivet Wallet2-6

Waxhaws iPhone 6 Wallet “The Classic” w/ Kickstand Review – $84

With the new iPhones’ recent release this year came, a whole new set of iPhone cases charged out from the gates. Many models appeared immediately, made of chemicals and plastics with difficult names such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). There are also many “leather” cases currently being sold for low-low prices. Although they are leather in appearance, many are simply plastic imitations.

The Waxhaws Leather Company once again delivers with a whole new line up of 100% full grain leather iPhone 6 cases using their classic English Bridle leather imported from Italy. Rather than jumping the gun and preemptively mass producing a line of products to be released along the new phone, owner John Fred continues to focus on quality and excellent customer service to provide a product which is both functional, beautiful, and most importantly, all leather. Today we take a look at “The Classic,” an iPhone 6 wallet built (and improved) from the design of Waxhaw’s iPhone 5 wallet.


“The Classic” uses the same Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather described in our Waxhaws Leather Co. iPhone 5 Signature Design Wallet Review to create a combination iPhone 6 case and wallet. There are the same three card slots and a full-length compartment. Like the other Waxhaws design, the full-grain leather is designed to wrap around the entire wallet including the interior instead of using filler materials or cheap linings. As expected, the rubber casing holds the phone perfectly since time was taken to design this wallet with an actual iPhone 6. 3M adhesive is used to seal the casing to the wallet. On top of all this, John has a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty for all his products and provides direct personal communication through e-mail.



This case functions as both a wallet and a phone case. The phone is clearly protected on all sides by its rubber casing as well as the leather. The pockets are useful but it might not be a great idea to cram them full of cards – this will keep the cover from sitting flush with your phone and really, who wants to make phone calls while holding a stack of cards next to their ear? The rubber casing feels firm but with enough give for shock absorption. It fits perfectly with the phone and has cutouts for all the speakers, microphone, headphone jack, and camera. The side buttons are guarded nicely but still easily pressed. There is also enough cut away at the back so that the case does not interfere with photography.


The newest part of this case is the “kickstand” feature. This allows users to have their phone propped up in landscape mode for movies or video chats. This is definitely a great addition to the design. The phone sits up on its first try and does not slip or fall away.



Like the other Waxhaws product, this iPhone 6 wallet came in a nice gift box which really doesn’t need any additional giftwrap. The wallet is called “The Classic” for a reason – it is simplistic and compact. The leather comes with all the fine wrinkles and texture expected of true full-grain leather and the whiskey color will patina well with the oil from your hands. The stitching is whiskey color as well and is perfectly lined around the exterior. Like a fine luxury car, the inside is equally beautiful with a full display of Italian leather, even under the case. The leather is also available in black.




Waxhaws Leather Co. iPhone 6 Wallet w/ Kickstand is sold on the Waxhaws, Amazon, and Etsy websites. Offered at a reasonable (and sometimes special sale) price with free two-day Amazon Prime shipping available, it has earned a 5/5 Amazon rating. The same design is also made for the iPhone 6 Plus.


Rawlings American Handcrafted Passport Wallet Review – $200

I’ve had the privilege of traveling internationally on several different occasions. With each trip under my belt, I’ve gotten a little more organized with how I travel. Even with the advent of electronic tickets, it’s still essential to have a centralized place to manage all of the important papers necessary for traveling abroad. While we’re all accustomed to carrying a wallet of some type, having a travel wallet, or passport wallet while taking off on an international adventure is a must have piece of equipment. The Rawlings American Handcrafted Passport Wallet is an ideal example of what to look for in a travel wallet.


About American Handcrafted

“It’s all in the details – and the artisanal approach to creating exceptional leather goods that pay homage to the manufacturing techniques of yesteryear, when products were created by the hands of our ancestry and made to last.” American Handcrafted is a limited collection of fine leather goods that showcases the fine attention to detail found in quality American hand craftsmanship. American Handcrafted is a brand backed by Rawlings. With 125+ years in the leather industry Rawlings knows a thing or two about producing leather that wears hard and lasts a long time. I’ve only owned two baseball gloves my entire life – both Rawlings gloves. And my Dale Murphy Rawlings glove just keeps getting better and better each year.

American Handcrafted is based out of St. Louis, Missouri and is producing a full line of bags, portfolios, and wallets.



If you take some time to peruse the American Handcrafted website (and you should), you’ll notice that they refer to the color of this leather as bourbon. And they also describe it as “double tanned”. All of their leather is sourced from Tennessee Tanning, a tannery that’s been owned by Rawlings since 1946.


True to the name, this aniline leather is tanned twice resulting in a very deep, fully saturated color that yields a luxurious look and soft, supple feel. The hardware (zipper and snap closure) has a nice, deep antique brass finish that complement the leather nicely. And the heavy gauge stitching is extremely even. The edges are burnished and smooth.


At 4.50”L x .5”W x 9.50”H, it is a large wallet. It’s definitely not a rear pocket carry wallet. But, when traveling, it’s best not to carry a wallet in your rear pocket anyhow. It will slip into an interior jacket pocket or comfortably carry within a backpack or messenger bag. The flap/snap combination works well to keep the wallet securely closed and adds to the stylish look. On the back of the wallet is a well placed slip in pocket that will securely store your boarding pass or other small paperwork for quick access.


The Passport Wallet contains nine individual card slots on the right inner panel. On this site too, you’ll find a full length zippered pocket that will store paper currency of any size along with coins or other small items. The interior of the wallet is lined with American Handcrafted’s signature crimson/onyx striped lining – the same lining used in their amazing business and travel bags. In the center of the wallet you’ll also find a well placed leather loop for holding your favorite writing utensil.

On the left inner panel, you are treated to a mesh id holder and several slots that are capable of holding a couple of passports or a small Field Notes notebook. And, along the back you’ll find a full length slide pocket that’s ideal for storing tickets, boarding passes, or currency.



In addition to the tremendous functionality the American Handcrafted Passport Wallet offers, it’s also an incredibly beautiful piece. Functional art is an apt way to describe it. The bourbon hue of this limited edition leather will continue to gain a richer color and patina with use over the years. The exterior is tastefully enhanced with the classic Rawlings logo debossed in the front bottom right corner. When you turn it over, you’ll again notice a great looking debossed version of the Rawlings logo along with the American Handcrafted logo. Up top, you’re treated to a debossed limited edition, serialized stamp.


It’s when you open up the Passport Wallet that you’re really treated to a visually appealing smorgasbord. The card slots, embroidered Rawlings patch, colorful lining, zipper, and pockets all work together to form an impressive visual.

Simply put, it looks fantastic.


If you’re a frequent traveler, or you just like to have a place for everything and desire to have it contained in an incredibly stylish wallet, then the Rawlings American Handcrafted Passport Wallet is an excellent choice. Given the fact that this wallet is made with superior components and created by expert craftsmen here in the USA, this definitely qualifies as a Buy It for Life item. It’s well worth the $200 price tag and will provide you with an heirloom piece to enjoy and then pass down to the next adventure seeker in your family.

Loyal Stricklin Loyal Travel Wallet Review – $156

It’s amazing how many different types of wallets are out there. Do a quick Google search and you will find countless styles from almost every leather maker. So which do you choose? I won’t answer that for you, but if you are looking for something unique, well made, and useful, Loyal Stricklin provides.

The name says it all for the Loyal Travel Wallet. This is the second wallet from Loyal Stricklin that we have reviewed. Just like the front pocket wallet, this is one of the best wallets for travel that I have seen. The sheer quality will guarantee it will stay true to its owner for many adventures to come.

Loyal Stricklin 1


Loyal Stricklin does not disappoint with their build quality. The wallet is made from 4oz. Horween Chromexcel horsehide and stitched together with sturdy thread. Just like the other Loyal Stricklin wallet reviewed, this one is rugged looking without being rough. Each of the four pieces that make up the wallet are perfectly cut, sewn together, and finished with smooth burnished edges.

Loyal Stricklin 2


The Loyal Travel Wallet easily carries everything that a traveler needs on a vacation. The slots can accommodate up to eight cards, the money pocket is roomy enough to tote a normal amount of cash, and the exterior pocket holds all the boarding passes you would need.

Loyal Stricklin 3

An added bonus is the included field journal and pen, allowing you to always be able to document anything that may happen without needing anything other than your wallet. Travel wallets that can carry all of these things typically are too large to fit in any pant pockets but this one slides right into the back without a hitch; however, it does stick out of the pocket a bit which, for me, is a problem, especially when traveling in tourist areas where pickpockets are rampant. Although, if you like having a chain on your wallet, there is a metal hole built in just for this purpose. For frequent jacket wearers, the wallet fits perfectly in the inside pockets. If you fit into either of these categories then the size will not be an issue.

Loyal Stricklin 4

When buying a wallet, especially one as nice as this one, I look for something that can be used in multiple situations. Outside of travel, I don’t know how much I will personally use this, but my wife loves it. The wallet fits nicely in a typical purse as well as a clutch. It is big enough to hold all the extra paper and accessories (hair ties and bobby pens) that I usually find in her wallet and because she is a list maker, the added pen and journal are perfect. Amazingly enough, Loyal Stricklin’s wallet has nearly replace her basic purse. If it was a half inch longer, it could replace the checkbook too.

Loyal Stricklin 5

Loyal Stricklin 6


This wallet is gorgeous. The Horween leather used has a deep, rich brown color giving it a very understated look. Although you can get this model with colorful stitching, the one that I have blends right in with the rest of the wallet. Loyal Stricklin really hit it home with the design. It doesn’t look like you are going out on an expedition with heavy duty buckles, leather straps, and pouches all over the wallet, but instead, it has a sleek design that hides and secures everything in it making it more at home for daily use.

Loyal Stricklin 7


Loyal Stricklin 8

This is definitely one of the best all-around travel wallets I have ever seen. It provides enough space and pockets to carry the basic travel needs including a journal on the go. The construction is fabulous and well thought out as well. The price is steep for an occasional travel item, but if you find yourself on many adventures or like to carry a journal everywhere, but have no good way to carry it, this is a wallet to consider. If you are in the market for a travel wallet, this is definitely a BestLeather Buy It For Life item.

Check out this wallet and other great gear from Loyal Stricklin here!