Jaqet Flip Wallet Review – $135

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The basic model of the standard bifold wallet has remained relatively unchanged for some time. Its proven design leaves little room for innovation, creating an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I enjoy bifolds as much as the next guy, but they often come at the cost of being somewhat bulky. If you need a wallet that’s lean, while still capable of carrying all your cash and cards, you might find the Jaqet Flip Wallet as a welcome breath of fresh air.


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Based out of California, Jaqet has been producing fine leather goods since 2012. With the goal of offering sophisticated, tailored and all around snazzy wallets, Jaqet promises products that will last for years. In addition to wallets, Jaqet offers belts, iPhone cases, iPad portfolios and more. Everything is 100% handmade from domestically sourced full grain leather.

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The wallet reviewed was the Flip in Redwood. All Jaqet’s wallets are hand dyed in house using Jeqet’s proprietary dyeing process. Waxed nylon thread is used for the saddle stitching that runs along the wallet. The metal hardware is a gold nickel finish. Edges are sealed and burnished which means you won’t have to worry about tattering. The wallet measures in at just over 4” long and 3” tall. The entire wallet is crafted from 1 piece of leather to maximize durability and the spring loaded money clip runs right down the center spine.

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The Flip is a brilliant marriage of two proven methods of carry, the bifold and money clip. When opened you have a slotted pocket on either side. I was able to fit 5 cards comfortably in each slot. Card retrieval can be tricky if you’re looking for one of the cards in the back as you’ll likely have to take the whole stack out. However, smartly placing your frequently used cards near the top will provide for more efficient access. The real draw of the Flip is the spring loaded money clip which can be disengaged to insert paper bills then securely retracted to keep it in place. The wallet is slim enough for front pocket carry and thanks to the wedged design getting it in and out is a dream.


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The Flip’s fit and finish really make for a truly sleek piece of equipment. I found myself experiencing a sense of anticipation when taking it out to pay for things. I can almost liken it to James Bond making a last minute stop at Rite Aid for detergent. Jaqet’s signature dyeing process emphasises the leather’s grain while also giving it a very smooth feel. The interior Jaqet branding tops off the piece displaying it’s proud handmade in California heritage.


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Made in America and built by hand from quality materials, it’s just the right recipe we’ve come to appreciate at BestLeather. While we see a lot of high quality wallets, it was refreshing to get my hands on something innovative but not over the top. Stylish without sacrificing function is the best way I can summarize the Jaqet Flip Wallet. I look forward to the next time I have to make a quick milk run or tip the waiter. Grab a Flip and you might just see why.



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