Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Builder’s Billfold Review – $120

The movement of earth and construction of buildings and monuments through which we conduct our daily lives is the work of serious men. These same serious men require reliable, solidly built tools and adornments to quarry the stone and cut the timber these structures require.

Joining this lineup of robust equipment is the Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Builder’s Billfold. Rugged, yet stylish and sporting some serious hardware, this wallet will echo the attitude and good looks of its owner. It is important to note that the wallet I received is a prototype and has undergone some changes since this writing.


About Thrux Lawrence

I recently had the chance to visit the Thrux Lawrence shop in downtown Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, for a product photoshoot. Walking into the store, you get an immediate sense of style and sheer authenticity. From the onsite, old-school barber shop to the pool table to the leather workshop populated by hand tools and vegetable-tanned leather hides, Thrux Lawrence is a unique and inviting stop for custom leather (and other) products.

Tanden Launder founded Thrux Lawrence in 2012 with the idea of crafting high-quality, limited release clothing and accessory lines that are made in America. After touring the shop and viewing all of the collector’s items on display, it’s easy to see how his love of vintage goods has translated into the products they produce today.



The Thrux Lawrence Builders Billfold is as serious as it is solid. It weighs 7.4 ounces (207 grams), making it the three hundred pound offensive lineman in the world of wallets. The leather strap that connects the wallet to the solid brass swiveling trigger snap is 3.5 millimeters thick on average. The snap hook is far stronger than any item of clothing you might attach to it and is secured to the leather strap by a hand-hammered brass rivet.

The wallet is constructed of 3 ounce oil-dyed leather and stitched with nylon-bonded black thread, creating two slots for cash and eight compartments for credit cards, man cards, and identification. There are two additional compartments for storing cash and other similar-sized items with no need for folding. The wallet measures 7 ½” x 3 ½” closed, and while it will fit in the back pocket of your jeans, it might find a more comfortable nest in a cargo pocket or the inside pocket of your jacket.


If I was asked to point out an area for improvement on this wallet, it would be where the leather strap is connected to a cord to attach it to the wallet. The cord is strong and well-reinforced on the wallet side with a brass grommet protecting the leather. I’d like to see the same grommet reinforcing the tie-off of the cord and leather strap. The snap on one edge of the wallet is great for keeping it closed. The only thing I worried about was snagging the other edge of the wallet on a piece of clothing or a bag when hastily stored, as it hangs open a bit. A second snap opposite the first would eliminate this concern.


The wallet fit comfortably in the back pocket of my work pants, though I don’t think sitting on it would remain comfortable for very long. The strap was long enough that I could clip it to my belt and store the wallet in the inside pocket of my jacket.

If you’re someone who appreciates being able to carry all of your credit cards, cash, and punch cards in one place, this is the right wallet for you. It is designed to be able to take a beating, and with the card slots facing inwards, there is little chance they’ll fall out. This wallet is one you’ll be able to carry for years, if not decades.



This wallet is big and sturdy; it is designed for the outdoorsman who wants to keep his stable of credit cards, identification, and business cards all in one place. Its appearance and feel give the owner a sense of ruggedness, such that this wallet might be at home clipped to the saddle of a Dutch Warmblood riding out on a windswept prairie. It conveys a sense of ruggedness and quality that anyone looking for a full-size wallet will appreciate.



The Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Builder’s Billfold is good looking, tough, and will go anywhere on the trail you do without fear of it succumbing to the elements. It’s also available in brown leather. With a couple minor hardware changes to the snaps and grommets, this wallet would be the perfect addition to any working man’s wardrobe. As it stands, it is an excellent wallet that you wouldn’t be disappointed with should you choose to add it to your collection. For an investment of $120, you’ll be purchasing a wallet that will last you for your lifetime of hard work and on-the-go-style.


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